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Jefferson County, from Henry in 1839, Henry from Des Moines in 1836.

1840 Jefferson Co, IA Census

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Birdie McNutt from CD 153 U.S. Census Index; Mid-West, Great Lakes. from Automated Archives, Inc. c 1994)

Samuel Combs - No Twp. 12010-01-00001

02 Jan 1842 (Jefferson Co IA) Combs, Mary Jane married BONNETT, Jacob

(Marriage CD - Source record still needed)

1850 Jefferson Co, IA Census

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Birdie McNutt from 1850 Federal Census for IOWA, Jefferson, Johnson, Jones and Keokirk, Counties T-432, Roll 185)

17th day Nov. 1850 by W.G.McLean for Jefferson Co. IA

2/2 Combs, Samuel 52 mw Farmer 1750 KY
Delilah 45 fw KY
Samuel 19 mw IL
Jacob 11 mw IL
Delila 06 fw IL
Martha 06 fw IL
Arvis? 03 fw IL
Combs, James 17 mw IL

Des Moines Twp

page 97; 7 Nov 1850 by R.W. Steel

98/101 Combs, Graham 48 mw Farmer PA
Jane 48 fw OH
Anjeline 19 fw OH
John 17 mw OH
James 16 mw OH
Mary 13 fw OH
Rachael 11 fw OH
Diannos 09 fw OH
Sam'l 06 mw OH
Eliza 04 fw OH

Anjeline, John, James, Mary and Rachael attending school w/in year

Notes: Graham Coombs, born Feb. 6, 1808, s/o of John Coombs and Rachel PINDELL of Fayette Co, PA. His date of birth is found in John and Rachel's Family Bible. (We have also included his census record in the 1850 Van Buren Co census). The children are the same with the exception of Danl who is shown as David, also age 6. Graham Coombs is previously found in the 1840 Fayette Co, PA census with a wife and 6 children (3 boys and 3 girls). His 1840 census also includes his father John (by name), age 87, listed as a veteran (RW).The family had not been in Iowa for very long. Graham Coombs is not listed as a voter in the Jefferson Co. voter list for the 1848 national election. He is also not listed in the 1846 Jefferson Co, IA State Census, nor in the 1847 or 1849 Van Buren Co, IA State Census but does appear in the 1856 Van Buren Co State Census, listed as a chairmaker. According to descendants, Graham married Jane Carr (source record needed). The Coombs family did intermarry with the Carr family of Fayette Co., PA. The 1803 will of Joseph Coombs (grandfather of Graham Coombs) identifies two daughters named Mary CARR and Hannah CARR. Graham and Jane are buried in the Winsell Cemetery in Des Moines Twp (see below) along with their daughter Mary Coombs WINSELL.

Lineage of Graham Combs (b 6 Feb 1808, d 1860): Son of RW John Coombs and Rachel PINDELL of Fayette Co, PA, son of Joseph Coombs II (d 1803) and Ann UNKNOWN of Fayette Co, PA, son of Joseph Coombs I of Tonoloways. See Fayette Co, PA records for more information. It has been stated by some that this line descends from Richard Coombs of Maryland; however, no documentation exists to support a relationship between the Tonoloways Coombs and Richard Coombs. Also see Combs &c DNA Study for the latest information about the Tonoloways Group.

1854 Jefferson County, Iowa State Census

FHL# 1022206 Items 2-16, HQ # V221-5 IAGenWeb State Census Project)

Fairfield Twp

p. 3a

Combes Samuel 3m; 5f; 1 voter; 8 total

1856 Jefferson Co, Iowa State Census

(IAGenWeb State Census Project)

Des Moines Twp

p. 1090; 18 July 1856

25/25 George W Calfee 38 M X 10 Va Farmer X X
Sarah J Calfee 27 F X 10 Ind
William A Calfee 8 M 8 Iowa
Henry H Calfee 6 M 6 Iowa
James F Calfee 3 M 3 Iowa
Mary Combs 19 F 5 Pa
Margarett Cloak 8 F 5 Ill

1860 Jefferson Co, IA Census Index

(Combs Researcher Birdie McNutt from 1860 IOWA Census Index: United States Selected States/Counties, Family Tree Maker's ®TM, Family Archive CD #318, Broderbund Banner BlueDivision, © 1995)

Delilah Combs: Cedar page 012
Thomas M. Combs: Jefferson Cedar page 012

1860 Jefferson Co, IA Census

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Birdie McNutt from 1860 Federal Census IOWA, Jefferson and Jones Counties. M-653 - Roll 328)

page 11/12

83/83 LOCK, John 30 mw farmer 2400-400 Ireland
Mary 35 fw Domestic Ireland
Samuel, May and Jane Iowa
Combs, Thomas M. 14 mw OH Attended school w/in year

84/84 Combs, Jacob 21 mw Farm Laborer IA
Nancy 21 fw Domestic IA

85/85 HAYS, William 26 mw Farmer VA
Harriett 22 fw Domestic IA
Eli S. 8/12 mw IA
BENNETT, Margery? A. 15 fw IA

86/86 Combs, Delilah 55 fw Domestic 400-150 KY can not read or write
Martha 17 fw IA
Elizabeth A. 13 fw IA
Catharine 10 fw IA

1870 Jefferson Co, IA Census

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Birdie McNutt from 1870 Federal Census IOWA, Jefferson County, Roll 399 Series M593)

page 010

155/148 Combs, Delila 67 fw Keeping house 1500-100 KY can not read or write

156/160 Combs, Jacob 30 mw Farmer 200 IA
Nancy 30 fw domestic IA
Alice 07 fw IA
Harvey 06 mw IA
Charles 03 mw IA
Samuel 02 mw IA
Delila 2/12 fw IA

page 068

99/99 Combs, Andrew 24 mw farmer 400 IL
Mary 18 fw Keeping house IA
LINDLEY, Isaac 14 mw Farm Laborer PA
ROBINSON, Emett 19 mw Farm Laborer IA

Bucannon Twp

Fairfield PO

p. 59/28, June 15, 1870

199/199 SUTTON Asbery 26 mw Farmer, PP=$600 IA
Jane 27 fw Keepinghouse PA
Perry 4 mw IA
Mary 1 fw IA
Rhoda 55 fw no occupation OH

Notes: Asbury SUTTON married Diana Coombs 11/2/1865 (date of lic) in Van Buren Co, IA. Her name appears to have been Diana Jane, perphaps after her mother, who is also shown as both a Diana and a Jane (1856) in census records. Diana is the d/o of Graham Coombs and his wife Jane. Asbury and Jane had four children before she died in 1874 (per Mark Hogan) or on July 5, 1875 per the 1899 Osceola Sentinel obituary of her husband. According to Mark Hogan, she is buried in Teeters Cemetery. A bio for Asbury SUTTON can be found in the Rootsweb biography message board (posted anonymously 13 Aug 2000). The bio references excerpts from records of James C. Sutton, Clackamas, OR. Asbury Sutton enlisted in the Union 5th Iowa Infantry, Company H on July 17, 1861. He was wounded and the injury to his heel enabled him to receive a pension in 1867. Asbury and Dianna had four children: Perry b. Sept. 30, 1866, Mary Everella (Molly) b. August 8, 1869; Jesse Edgar b. September 17, 1871; and John Graham b. 1875. Dianna died in childbirth of son John Graham. Asbury's mother, Rhoda SUTTON (widow of Jesse) lived with the family and helped to raise the children. The bio states Asbury removed to Marion Co, Iowa, and then to Clarke Co, Iowa, by 1881. Census records for Union Co, IA show Asberry lived in Newhope Twp in 1880 and that he had already remarried. A SUTTON family is found in records with the Coombs of Fayette Co, PA, but it isn't known if the two Sutton families are related. Asbury was the son of Jesse Sutton and Rhoda YOUNG Barker. Mark Hogan posted the May 18, 1899 Osceola Sentinel obituary for Asbury SUTTON (Rootsweb obit board) that states his wife died July 5, 1875.

200/200 Comes James 26 mw Farmer, PP=$285 PA
Manda 25 fw Keepinghouse Iowa
William 4 mw IA
George 2 mw IA
Asbery 412 mos mw IA in Feb.

Notes: James Coombs (s/o of Graham) married Amanda ARMENTROUT (license dated 11/2/1865 Van Buren Co, IA). The bio for Asbury SUTTON referenced above also states he and James were very good friends. They obtained their marriage licenses on the same day, they served together in the Iowa 5th, and they lived next door to each other for at least several years. James and Amanda are next found in 1880 Wayne Co, IA census.

James Coombs is listed in the Combs &c Civil War Database: Combs, James 5th Reg’t, IA Inf Co H Pvt/" The official website for the Iowa 5th Infantry lists both James Combs and Asbury Sutton. He is also listed in the 1885 Ex-Soldiers, Sailors and Mariners database as Jas Coombs, Private Co H 5th, res. Harvard (p. 246, database as previously named).

James Coombs , H 5 Iowa Inf. received a Civil War pension, dated March 27, 1878, No. 251 133 / 161.620 (Source: Original card images, Civil War Pension File Index,

1885 Jefferson County, Iowa State Census

FHL# 1021483, HQ# V221-82 IAGenWeb State Census Project)

Fairfield Twp

ANC img 6 p. 171

35/42 MOORMAN Thomas 72 10 18 N ˝ NE 75 M M Farmer Ohio N N X
Leah B 56 F M Ohio N N

35/42 Combs Claude 10 M S Neb N N

Cemetery Records

Winsell Cemetery, Des Moines Twp, Sec 33

COOMBS Graham (1808 1860) Winsell Des Moines Twp. Jefferson

COOMBS Jane (1810 1895) Winsell Des Moines Twp. Jefferson

COOMBS John (1832 7-23-1923) Winsell Des Moines Twp. Jefferson

(Source: WPA 1930s Graves Registration Survey

COOMBS Graham 1808 1860 Jane Rec# 123

COOMBS Jane 1810 1895 Graham Rec# 123

COOMBS John 6 Apr 1832 23 Jul 1923 Rec #124

Source: IAGenweb/Jefferson Co

Mary Coombs WINSELL b 1836, d Jan 27, 1921

(Source:, Jefferson Co, IA Grave Records, Winsell Cem, Des Moines, Iowa)