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Madison County, IA was created from Indian Lands in 1846. Organized in 1849. The County Seat is Winterset.

All Census Records - USGenWeb Census Project or USGenWeb Archive Project unless stated otherwise.

1849 Madison Co, Iowa State Census

pg. 1 of 2

William Combs 4
Jacob Combs 6

(IAGenWeb State Census Project)

Note: This census is a number of persons in Household enumeration only. Certified on 6 Oct 1849.

1850 Madison Co, IA Census

District 18

pg. 277

716/772 Combs Jacob 30 M Farmer 1,800 OH
Sarah 29 F OH
Barbara 11 F OH
Ben Frank 9 M MO
Lucinda 7 F MO

pg. 278

721/778 BRINSON Lewis 33 M Farmer 400 KY
Combs Joseph 35 M 100 OH
BRINSON Lucinda 28 F IN
Elizabeth 10 F IN
Matilda 8 F IN
Nancy 6 F MO
Marion 4 M MO
Martin 2 M MO
Mary 1 F IA

Note: Baum's also in the neighborhood.

(USGenWeb Census Project)

1851 Madison Co, Iowa State Census

pg. 1
William Combs 5
Jacob Combs 6

pg. 2
Joseph Combs 1

(IAGenWeb State Census Project 1851-IA-Madison.txt)

Note: Similar to 1849 State Census of Iowa. Certified on 29 Sep 1851.

1854 Madison Co, Iowa State Census

Madison Twp

pg. 9 Ln. 4

Combs, Jacob
4 m; 4 f; 2 voters; 2 militia; 8 total

p. 10 ln.14

Combs, Wm
1 m; 4 f; 1 voters; 1 militia; 5 total

(IAGenWeb State Census Project)

Note: ENUM DATE: about 1 July 1854 by Wm Combs.

1856 Madison Co, Iowa State Census

Madison Twp

pg. 380

13/14 Jacob Combs 36 M 10 OH Laborer
Elizabeth 27 F 11 IN
Lurinda 12 F 11 Mo
Mary 5 F CA
Benjamin 13 M Mo
Jacob 5 M IA
Isaac 1 M IA
George 1/2 M IA

pg. 410 & 412

33/163 Henry Combs 35 M 11 OH Laborer
Eliza 24 F 7 Mo
Sarah 14 F 7 Mo

33/163 Polly Combs 9 F 7 MO
***** 6 F 6 IA
George 2 M 2 IA
***** F IA

(Transcriber's comment: Much of this page is illegible)

(IAGenWeb State Census Project)

1860 Madison Co, IA Census

Center Twp

p. 39

280/280 JAMES James 28 M Farmer 100 IN
Lucinda 16 F MO

Note: This is, most likely, Stephen JAMES who m. Lucinda F. Combs d/o Jacob and Elizabeth Combs, 30 Jun 1859. Stephen JAMES could be s/o Benjamin JAMES in HH#282/282 and sister to Sally JAMES who married Benjamin Combs (brother of Lucinda F. Combs) on 28 Dec 1865.

282/282 JAMES Benjamin 52 M Farmer 2,000 500 NC
Hannah 37 F OH
Josiah 18 M IN

p. 40 (con't)

282/282 JAMES Lydia 17 F IN
Sally 15 F IN
Susan 12 F IN
Martha 10 F IN
Solomon 5 M IA
Almon 2 M IA
Rhoda 2 F IA

Note: Sally JAMES marries Benjamin Franklin Combs (s/o Jacob & Elizabeth Combs, below in HH#166/166) 28 Dec 1865. See 1870 census for HH#59/59.


983/983 Combs William 71 M Farmer 2,000 500 PA
Barbara 75 F MD
Joseph 39 M Oh

Note: William & Barbara BAUM Combs

Madison Twp

pg. 23

166/166 Combs Jacob 40 M X Farmer 4,000 500 Oh
Elizabeth 33 F Oh
Benj F 17 M Mo
Sarah J 14 F IN
Jacob G 10 M Ia
Isaac G 5 M Ia
George W 4 M Ia
Sarah A 2 F Ia
Thomas J 1 M Ia

(USGenWeb Census Project)

Jacob is next found in 1870 census of Miami Co, KS

1870 Madison Co, IA Federal Census

Douglas Twp

pg. 8/14b

59/59 Combs Benjamin 28 M W Farmer 600 450 Missouria (sic)
Sally 25 F W Keeping house IN

Pg. 9/15a (con't)

59/59 Combs Jacob O 3 M W At home IA
Martha A 2 F W At home IA
Isaac D 6/12 M W At home IA Feb

pg. 19/20a

132/132 Combs William 81 M W Farmer 800 375 PA
Mary L 36 F W Keeping house MO
Barbara E 14 F W At home MO
James L 10 M W At home KS
Mary L 3 F W At home IA


p. 56b

51/52 JAMES Stephen 38 M W Farmer 15,200 672 IN
Lucinda 26 F W Keeping house MO
Benjamin 5 M W At school IA
Jacob 2 M W At home IA
William 6/12 M W At home IA b. Jan
Solomon 15 M W Works on farm IA

Note: Lucinda F. Combs d/o Jacob and Elizabeth PITMAN Combs m. Stephen JAMES, 30 Jun 1859

1880 Madison Co, IA Census

Madison Twp

pg. 40

127/127 HAXTON Oliver P W M 16 Husband Farmer IN PA OH
Emily W F 43 Wife Keeping house IN KY KY
Juliettia W F 13 Daughter Helps Ma IL IN IN
Oliver P W M 6 Son IL IN IN
Combs James W M 20 Servant IA IN IN

Douglas Twp

pg. 3

22/22 McDONALD W S W M 32 Farmer OH Penn OH
B E W F 24 Wife Keeping house Mo OH Mo
L E W F 6 Daughter IA OH Mo
R L W M 3 Son IA OH Mo
Combs Mary W F 13 S-in-law At school X IA OH Mo
HAINES F M W M 18 Servant Farm laborer OH OH OH

Lincoln Twp

p. 82D 26 Jun 1880

65/67 JAMES Stephen W M 48 Farmer IN NC NC
Lucinda W F 36 . Wife House keeping MO OH OH
Benjamin F W M 15 Son At school IA IN MO
Jacob W W M 13 Son At school IA IN MO
William E W M 11 Son At school 3 IA IN MO
Mary E W F 4 Daughter IA IN MO

Lee Twp

pg. 10

87/90 Combs Jos W M 63 Pauper Farmer OH PA MD (comm: Poor farm resident)

(USGenWeb Archive Project)

Note: Page states "Madison County Poor Farm" before the Household and Family dwelling Jos Combs is listed with numerous others, which also is same as "Madison Co, Insane Asylum". A little history of "The Farm" can be found on the IAGenWeb site.

pg. 30

86/87 McMANUS Bridget W F 45 Keeping house X Ire Ire Ire
DURRIGEN Thomas W M 17 Son Farmer Ia Ire Ire
Cecilia W F 15 Daughter At home Ia Ire Ire
James W M 11 Son At home Ia Ire Ire
Combs Benjamin W M 20 Farm laborer Farm laborer MO IN IN

Webster Twp

pg. 26

232/236 HINES John W M 27 Farmer IA (comment: No entry - F/M birth)
Mary L W F 26 Wife House keeping MI CT R I
SIMPSON Simeon W M 34 Farmer IN NC PA
Susan W F 38 Wife House keeping OH OH OH
Combs Thomas E W M 14 Step son Att. sch MO KY OH
CAIN John W M 36 Boarder Farmer OH KY OH

1885 Madison Co, IA State Census

Webster Twp

pg. 535

13/13 SIMPSON S 39 M M Farming IN (First name is Simeon.)
Susan 42 F M Ill
Combs T E 19 M S Mo (First name is Thomas E.)

Residence: Twp.75 Rng.29 Sect.29 SW NE

(IAGenWeb State Census Project)

1895 Madison County Iowa State Census

Douglas Twp

Page 12

78/84 Combs J L 34 M W M Kansas Chris [mil.] [vote]
Elvira 23 F W M IN Chris


Transcriber's Note: First name is James L.

(USGenWeb Census Project)

1910 Madison Co, IA Census

USGenWeb Census Project

Center Twp. Winterset City, Ward 1

p. 1B

24 /24 Combs, James L Head M W 49 KS OH MO Farmer Truck
Elvira Wife F W 37 IN OH OH

Note: Married 17 years no children.

1920 Madison Co, IA Census

Center Twp - Winterset, 2nd Ward

p. 160A

South 1st Ave

208/222 Combs James Head R M W 59 M KS OH MO Yes Laborer Day W
----- Wife F W 47 M IN OH IN

Transcriber's note: First name missing - S/B Elvira.

Information from Buchanan County, Missouri Courthouse records, provided by Combs Researcher Michael Wilson (See Also ):

(1) William and Barbara Combs "of Madison County, Iowa," sold land to Michael ROUF 2 SEP 1859. Location: N ½, SE 1/4; Section 3, Township 57, Range 34

MW Notes: Barbara Combs signed with a mark (Source: Buchanan County, Missouri Deed Record "V", page 263). The Northwest Missouri Genealogical Society (412 Felix, St Joseph, Missouri [582-233-0524]) document this transaction in their "Government Land Patents - Buchanan County" as the original land holder.

(2) Jacob and Sarah Combs "of Madison County, Iowa" sold land in Section 2, Township 57, Range 34. (Source: Buchanan County, Missouri Deed Record "F", page 406). The Northwest Missouri Genealogical Society document this transaction in their "Government Land Patents - Buchanan County" as the original land holder.

Source Records Needed for: William Combs, b 1778, PA, d 28 Jun 1872, Madison Co, IA, possibly(?) s/o Job & Elizabeth SPANGLER Combs of Shenandoah Co VA?

"Combs, William, Sr. (farmer) born 1789 PA, died June 28, 1872 age 82 at Madison Co., IA, married about 1808 in Ohio to wife Barbara BAUM, born 1786 in MD or NJ, died Aug. 20, 1868 at Madison Co., IA in Winterset. Both are buried at Winterset Cemetery. They had one child, a son Joseph Combs born May 10, 1817 in OH and he married Lucinda BRINSON Sep. 6, 1837."

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Bob Combs from E. A. Ring's 1971 "Ancestors, Descendants, and other Relatives of Joseph Henry Ring and Sarah Ann Combs," p. 76)

Note: See 1850 Census pg. 278; Joseph Combs living with Brinson Family. Then 1860 living with William Combs. Not found in 1870 census. In 1880 census living in "Madison County Poor Farm".

Family History provided to her granddaughter, Combs Researcher Barbara James Rowe, by Calla Viola ROBINSON James, b 27 Jul 1897; m Calvin Bernard JAMES, 17 Apr 1914. Calla was 13 years-old when Lucinda Combs James died and probably knew the JAMES Family as a child:

Lucinda F. Combs, b 09 Dec 1843 in Missouri, d 10 May 1910 in Winterset, Madison Co IA; m 30 Jun 1859, Stephen JAMES, b 18 Mar 1832; d Winterset, Madison Co IA.

Benjamin Combs (brother of Lucinda), b 28 Dec 1845, m Sally JAMES b. 3-30-1845, on 28 Dec 1865.

See Also Early Combs of Kansas re the 1867 marriage of Margaret "Maggie" Combs to D. H. PAGE (marriage record?)

Source: History of Madison County, Iowa, and Its People page 288

The first persons to settle in Douglas Township were the three Baum brothers, Irvin, Martin and Lewis, the latter two of whom were single men; also Jacob, William and Joseph Combs and their sister, Irene B. Combs. This party all came together from Andrews County, Missouri, in May, 1846, and settled in the same neighborhood, in the east part of Douglas Township, between the Cedar and North River, with the exception of Joseph Combs. The land on which Jacob Combs located later became the property of William Forbes, that of William Combs where the widow Evans later resided, and the Joseph Combs place finally found its way into the possession of the Monaghans. The Irvin Baum farm passed into the hands of the Webbs; Martin Baum's place became the McDonald farm near the Howerton Branch and the Lewis Baum farm was where Jacob Evans later resided. These people were all of the democratic persuasion and probably to that fact may be ascribed the reason for the name given the township. Joseph Combs never married and some years after leaving here removed to Marion County, where he died. Jacob Combs sold out to one Smith and went to Oregon. He later returned to Iowa and died in Marion County. William Combs removed to Saline County, Kansas, and finally met his death by being run over by a train near Spokane, Washington. Irvin Baum, after some years' residence here removed to Spokane and the other two Baums immigrated to Kansas.

Submitted by researcher: Constance Combs

Source: HISTORY: Madison County, Iowa From the A.T. Andreas Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa, 1875.


Among others who came during the Spring of 1846 were Irwin Baum, Martin Baum, Jacob Combs, John Butler, Lemuel Thornburgh, J. B. Bedell,…


Madison County was defined by an act of the Territorial Legislature, approved January 13, 1846, but it was not fully organized until April, 1850. William Combs, David Bishop, and Wm. Gentry were the County Commissioners to locate the seat of justice, who selected the site of Winterset in July, 1849, for the seat of justice, then the premises of John Gulberson, who received for it the sum of $194.50., from the county. It is said to have obtained its name in this wise; The day was quite cold and blustry, and the Commissioners had been upon the ground all day and met in Berger's house for the purpose of giving it a name. A score or more of names were suggested, and Summerset was the favorite, whereupon Combs, who had been nodding under the influence of a fluid popularly known as “sod corn,” suddenly broke out with, “I think we'd a darned sight call her Winter- (hic)-set;” and his suggestion was unanimously adopted. The town was surveyed and platted July 18, 1849, by Alfred D. Jones, assisted by P. M. Boyles and Enos Berger. Wm. Combs, and Wm. Butler.

Submitted by researcher: Constance Combs

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives