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Peoria County established in 1825 from Fulton County and unorganized Fulton Land.

1840 Peoria Co, IL Census

USGenWeb Census Project


LaGrange Pct

p. 46 ln. 4
Coombs John 1 m5-10; 1 m40-50; 1 f<5; 1 f5-10; 1 f20-30; 1 f60-70; 6 total 1 in agr

1850 Peoria Co, IL Census

USGenWeb Census Project

REEL NO: 432-123

No Twp

p. 270a

2115/2168 Combs, John 52 M Farmer 3,360 VA
Eliza J. 16 F VA
Elisabeth 50 F OH
BARRET John 16 M Farmer VA

p. 272a

2146/2200 Combs, David 50 M Farmer 2,000 VA
Anna 50 F CT
Joel 14 M IL
HUTCHINSON Abram 21 M Laborer VA
SMITH Eleanor 17 F NY

1860 Peoria Co, IL Census

USGenWeb Census Project

REEL NO: M653-217

Rosefield Twp - Kickapoo P.O.

p. 514

1035/1021 Combs, John 61 M Farmer 5,600 5,125 VA
Elizabeth 38 F OH
Hannah 8 F IL

Rosefield Twp. - Rosefield. PO

p. 532

1162/1147 Combs, David 60 M Farmer 1,000 8,000 VA
Anna 66 F CT

1870 Peoria Co, IL Census

USGenWeb Census Project

REEL NO: M593-266

Hollis Twp - Hollis P.O.

p. 106A

42/42 McCUNE Absolom 30 M W Ships Carpenter MO
Luhama ? 24 F W wife IL
Ednie 2 F W IL
Octavius 26 M W Carpenter MO
Combs, Cha's 24 M W Day Laborer IL
LEE Friendship 31 M W Day Laborer NY

Rosefield - Edwards Station P.O.

p. 48A

19/19 Combs, John 72 M W Farmer 3,000 2,000 VA
Elizabeth 48 F W Wife OH
Hanora Elvina 17 F W sch IL

1900 Peoria Co, IL Census

USGenWeb Census Project

MICROFILM#: T623-333

Chillicothe - North Chillicothe Town

p. 34B

48/48 Combs, Joseph Head W M June 1861 38 IL Scotland PA R.R. Brakeman
Emma Wife W F Feb 1864 36 M IA Ger Ger
Alice E. Daughter W F Aug 1888 61 S IA IL IA sch

Notes: Ger - Germany married 7 yrs; 1 child; rents home

MICROFILM#: T623-334

Peoria - Peoria City

2nd Ward, 4th Precinct

p. 41B

712 Franklin Street

181/192 Combs, Jonah K. Head W M Oct 1865 34 IL IL IL R.R.
Leonora Wife W F Nov 1864 35 M PA PA PA
Minnie Adopted Daughter W F Jan 1885 15 S IL MO IL
HAINLINE Herbert L. Boarder W M Oct 1875 24 S IL IL IL Meat Packer
FLANEGAN Henry W. Boarder W M Aug 1862 37 S IA OH OH Commercial Traveler

Notes: Married 6 yrs; 0 children.

Third Ward, Second District

212 Fulton

p. 56B

20/47 BLAKE, W. S. Head W M May 1852 48 M 3 MO OH OH Hotel Keeper
Mary Mrs. Wife W F Apr 1857 43 M 3 2 2 VA VA VA Housewife
Coombs Arthur Boarder W M Apr 1883 17 S TN VA VA Tinner

Note: Boarder in household with many others

3rd Ward

1206 South Adam Street

p. 96A

151/173 RIDGEWAY Rebakha Head W F June 1846 53 W 3 2 IL OH IN Seamstress
Combs Charles H. Boarder W M Oct 1866 33 W IL IL IL Day Laborer
Combs Pery L. Boarder W M Sept 1888 11 S IL IL IL sch

p. 96B (con't)

151/173 Combs William R. Son W M Mar 1893 7 S KS IL IA sch

210 Pecan Street

p. 97A

161/184 Combs Gilbert Head W M Nov 1869 30 IL IL IL Brakeman R.R.
Minnie Wife W F Jan 1870 30 IL PA PA
Pearl Son W M July 1891 8 S IL IL IL sch
Lesley Son W M Mar 1893 7 S IL IL IL sch
Lillie Daughter W F Feb 1897 3 S IL IL IL
Selie Daughter W F May 1899 1 S IL IL IL

Notes: Married 10 tyrs; 4 child; 4 alive; rents home

7th Ward, 1st District

p. 48B

203 Pecan Street

122/144 McDANIAL Lucy Head W F July 1836 63 OH OH OH Boarding House Keeper
Dolly Daughter W F Feb 1863 37 S OH NJ OH
Combs Frank A. Boarder W M Dec 1870 29 S IL OH OH Stationary Engineer
Combs Herbert Boarder W M Aug 1877 22 S IL OH OH Laborer Furnace Co.
THOMSON Alexander Boarder W M May 1847 53 M IL IN IN R.R. Engineer

p. 63A

218½ Centre St.

165/190 Combs Isabella Head W F Dec 1845 54 IL Vermont Vermont
Alfred C. Son W M Nov 1869 30 IL IL IL Day Laborer
Joseph K. Son W M Jan 1880 20 S IL IL IL Day Laborer
Maude B. Daughter W F June 1888 11 S IL IL IL sch

Notes: Isabella, Widowed; 7 children; 7 alive; rents home; Alfred, widower.

1910 Peoria Co, IL Census

USGenWeb Census Project

MICROFILM#: T624-315

Chillicothe Twp - North Chillicothe Village

p. 29A

East Side Benedict St.

80/80 COMBS Jesse A. Head M W 35 IL IN PA English Conductor Railroad
Ida Wife F W 37 IL IL NJ
Herbert Son M W 17 S IL IL IL sch
Aileen Daughter F W 4 S IL IL IL
Hannah Mother F W 74 WD PA PA PA

Notes: Married 15 yrs. 2 child. 2 living owns home, free mortgage; Hannah 5 childre, 3 livimg.

Chillicothe Township

p. 38A

Rome or River Road

53/53 ROSCOE Julius Head M W 30 M1 8 IL Germ Germ Carpenter Odd Jobs
Mary Wife F W 44 M2 8 4 3 IN OH IN
COMER John Step Son M W 11 S IL Unk. IN sch

p. 38B (con't)

53/53 ROSCOE Nattie Daughter F W 4 S IL IL IN sch.

Notes: Married 8 yrs; Mary; 2nd Marriage, 4 children, 3 living. Rents home.

Peoria City - Ward 1, Precinct 1

p. 103B

1908 Adams St.

275/288 OLIVER Gracie Head F W 31 WD 14 3 2 Iowa PA PA
Pearly Daughter F W 12 S NE IL Iowa

p. 104A (con't)

275/288 OLIVER Clarence Son M W 19 S KS IL IA
COMBS Fred Roomer M W 22 Dakota Unk Unk Live Man
COMBS Olie Roomer F W 19 IA PA PA
ROSSETTER John Roomer M W 31 S IL Ger Ger Carpenter Val Jobst
KNABLE Herman Roomer M W 43 WD Ger Ger Ger Foreman Steam B Minev
Valranne Roomer F W 14 S IL Ger U.S.
COMBS Verna Roomer M W 3/12 S IL IL Iowa

Notes: Fred Combs & Olie married 1 yr. 1 Child, 0 living. Question: What relationship is Verna Combs, 3 month old child, to Fred & Olie Combs?

Peoria City - Ward 1, Precinct 2

p. 117A

1317 N. Washington Ave.

221/230 COMER Charles E. Head M W 43 OH Unknown Unknown English Foreman R.I.R.R. Yards
Flora Wife F W 36 OH OH NY

Notes: Married 19 yrs, 1 child, 1 living, Owns home.

p. 117B

218 Voris

234/242 COMES Perry L. Head M W 21 M1 0 IL Unk Unk Drives Wagon For Standard Oil
Amelie Wife F W 19 M1 0 0 0 IL Eng Eng BOTTON Viola M. Sister In Law F W 11 S IL Eng Eng

Notes: Married 1 yr. 0 children, rents home.

Peoria Township - Peoria City - Ward 6, Precinct 4

p. 238B

617 Martin Street

381/387 COMBS, Charles Head M W 44 IL IL IL English Teamster City
Mary Wife F W 34 IL VA AR
William Son M W 17 S KS IL IL Laborer Cooper Shop
Charles Son M W 3 S IL IL IL
Celie B. Niece F W 14 S IL IL IL
Lillian M. Niece F W 11 S IL IL IL

Notes: Married 10 yrs. 1 child., 1 living, (? although 2 sons in HH); rents home.

Peoria Township - Peoria City - Ward 6, Precinct 4

p. 242A Supplemental Sheet

610 Martin Street

_/_ GABLE Philip Head M W 47 M 23 Ger Ger Ger Cigar Making Cigar Factory
Mary Wife F W 45 M 23 3 Ger Ger Ger
Clara Daughter F W 21 S IL Ger Ger
Francis Daughter F W 20 S IL Ger Ger
Perl Daughter F W 9 S IL Ger Ger
COMBS Charles Boarder M W 25 S IL IL IL

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives