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County Tyrone (Tír Eoghain, Eoghan's land), gets its name from the ancient division of the north-west of the country between the two sons of Niall of the Nine Hostages, Conall and Eoghan. Most of what is now Donegal became Tír Conaill, Conall's land, while the remainder went to Eoghan. The present Co. Tyrone represents only the core of these lands. (Irish Times)

Leckpatrick Parish

DateNameAgeConditionOccupationResidenceFather's NameProfessionMinister1st Witness2nd Witness
12 Dec 1845John McCOMBEFullBachelorFarmerLegacurryDavid McCombeFarmerMoses ChambersSamuel GourleyThomas ???
Sarah STEWARTFullSpinster_____Killynanght or LetrimMich. StewartFarmer
8 Jan 1868John Wray POLLOCK19BachelorBakerStannylaneThomas PollockFarmerJoseph LeitchWilliam DoraghDavid G. Fulton
Eliza McCOMBFullSpinster_____MilltownWilliam McCombFarmer
6 Aug 1884Robert BATESFullBachelorMerchantStrabaneRobert BatesFarmerRobert MitchellJohn BatesRobert McCombe
Mary A. McCOMBEFullSpinster_____Milltown ArtigarvanWm. McCombeFarmer
24 Oct 1889Robert McCOMBFullBachelorFarmerMilltownWm. McCombFarmerRobert MitchellWilliam PollockJane Pollock
Margaret KNOXFullSpinster_____BallyskeaghJohn L. KnoxFarmer

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