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Franklin County was created by Kansas Territory from non-county areas in 1855. It became fully organized on 15 Mar 1858 and was an original county when Kansas was admitted to the Union as a state on 29 Jan 1861.

Extracted from the "Pomona Enterprise," Pomona, Franklin Co, Kansas, 20 Nov 1896:

21 Nov 1896 ("Pomona Enterprise," Pomona, Franklin Co, Kansas) "Perry Okla., Nov 21 - since the suicide of H. W. THOMAS a week ago at Sinnett, twenty miles east of here where he was postmaster it has been discovered that the name he bore was assumed, his real name being Thomas W. HAGAN who was formerly postmaster at Williamsburg, Kan., who became dissipated and defaulted in office. It is reported that he on one occasion shot at his wife, a Miss Combs on account of which and other cruelties she procured a divorce, and he came to the territory. During his earlier life he was a law student in the officer of General PALMER of Illinois - KC World." (Annals of Pomona, Franklin Co, KS)

Notes: Williamsburg, KS is also in Franklin County. Perry, OK, is in present-day Noble Co, OK. County for Sinnett P.O. not yet determined. Miss Combs has not yet been identified.


Among those to locate early at Le Loup or Ferguson, were the following persons: J. A. STONEBRAKER, who in company with Mr. FERGUSON built the first house in 1870; William Hog, George MORALLY and Dr. Combs. The Postoffice was established in 1870, Mr. STONEBRAKER being appointed first Postmaster. In the same year J. A. STONEBRAKER opened the first store.

(William G. Cutler's History of KS, Franklin County)

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