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Ottawa County created by Kansas Territory from Non-County Area (2) and attached to Riley County in 1855; Ottawa Co not fully organized. Became fully organized in Jul of 1866.

William G. Cutler's History of Kansas, Ottawa County


Caution: Graphic description of a tornado's fury.

“On the 9th of June, 1881, two years after the storm last mentioned, the southern part of the county was visited by a cyclone. The course of the storm was toward the east, and just after crossing the Saline, one mile north of the county line, it took the form of a cyclone, continuing thus for about four miles. Within that distance, in the order given, the houses of Messrs. POWELL, PHILLIPS, FROTHINGHAM, PETERS and DAVIS were all destroyed. Mr. PARKER's, only a part of which stood within the path of the cyclone, partially escaped. There were three occupants of Mr. L. F. FROTHINGHAM's house; himself and wife, Mary T., and Mr. George Combs, her cousin, all of whom were killed outright; the timbers of the house were scattered for miles. The body of Mr. FROTHINGHAM was found 450 feet from the site of the house, terribly mutilated and disfigured, the end of a board having been driven half way through his head. Mrs. FROTHINGHAM was thrown about seventy-five yards, her face and head badly bruised, and her cousin was still nearer the house - not so disfigured, but dead. They must have been killed at once. Some of the other families were severely injured, but all recovered. The cyclone lost its rotary motion and force within three miles of Bennington. It was accompanied by very heavy hail.”

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