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Josh Bell Co., KY was established in 1867 from Knox and Harlan Cos., KY. By 1876, the county's name had changed to Bell.
Note: Bell Co., KY Cemeteries extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from Bell Co, KY GenWeb Archives previously from the following url:, are now located at the Bell County KY Kinfolk site.
Wednesday, September 27, 1899 extracted by Carolyn Wimp from The Breckenridge County News

Middelsboro, Ky., Sept. 20-Sedley Webb killed J.M. Combs in Leslie County. Webb was slightly wounded by Combs. They fell out over a quarrel among their children. Webb has not been arrested.
1900 Bell Co., Ky Census (Provided by Researcher Nell Dwyer to Combs Researcher Debi Houser)

District 12

HH 81
KNUCKLES, George M. 31 Ky
Lizie (w) 30 Ky
Manda J (d) 6 Ky
William C (s) 3 ky
Combs, Howard (bdr) 20 Ky

1910 Bell Co., Ky Census (Provided by Researcher Nell Dwyer to Combs Researcher Debi Houser)

Dis 20 Straight Crk Left Fork

HH 46
WOODWARD, Luster 22 Ky
Laura (w) 15 TN
Combs, Andrew 16 Ky hired hand

dis 25 Yellow Crk/Bennetts Fk

hh 44
Combs, William C. 38 OH
Maggie (w) 28
Lousina (d) 5 WV
Vergia M. (d) 4
Lawrence (s) 15 months TN
WILLIAMS, Lucinda (bdr) 60

Dis 27 Clear Crk (Big Bear Crk/Little Clear Crk)

HH 186
Combs, Mason 26
Luciel (w) 22
BROUGHTON, Florence (bdr) 10
SHINK, Frank (bdr) 22 VA

Notes: Mason Combs, son of Clinton and Louanna BAKER Combs is on the 1900 Perry Co, KY Census. According to Combs Researcher Jimmie "CrashedOne" Combs, in a book written by Robert Mason Osborne Combs, the author states he was the son of Dr. Mason Combs by his second wife, Marguerite OSBORN (married abt 1917), and that Mason married first about 1917 [sic] Lucy BROUGHTON. Based on the above, however, it appears that the first marriage took place prior to this census.

dis 29 Middlesboro/ City Hall

HUBER, Fredrick 55 Germany
Rosie (w) 51 Switzerla
[many servants and boarders]
Combs, Bob E. (black) 21 TN

District 32 Excelsior {Sugar Run}

hh 219
Combs, Wm bdr 40 TN
[boarding with Levi PEACE family]

HH 244
Combs, Will bdr 32 VA
[boarding in boardinghouse of J.E. BURKE]

HH 257
Combs, Julia Cook Colored 48 NC
[boarding with Joe BOONE, colored]
08 Nov 1913 KY Death Certificate. William Combs; white male common laborer; don't know if married, single, widowed or divorced; age 60; born 1853 place-don't know; died 7 Nov 1913 Eddyville, Ky Penitentiary, Lyon Co., Ky; died of arteriosclerosis; signed--TRAVIS 8 Nov 1913 Eddyville, Ky; former or usual residence Bell County; son of don't know b don't know & don't know b don't know; buried Eddyville, Ky 9 Nov 1913; undertaker A. C. STANLEY Eddyville, Ky; informant Clay SMITH Eddyville, Ky (Abstracted by Combs Researcher Debi Houser from microfilmcopy)

Notes: See 1888 Breathitt Co., KY. Could this William Combs have been the same involved in themurder by Linville J. Combs of his sister?
1920 Bell Co., Ky., Census extracted by Sue Elfving
Ed#4 p. 14a, Pineville, Precinct #1, dated Jan. 14 and 15 1920 #25/263 Line 1

Combs, Mason head, m, w, 36, md., R/W, KY KY KY, Physician, Gen Prac.
Marguerite wife, f, w, 32, md. R/W, KY KY KY<
..Bertrum son, m, w, 8, s, att sch
..Floyd C son, m, w, 6, s, att sch

SE Note: Dr. Mason Combs, the father of the recently deceased Mason Combs of Pineville, Ky. Their son, Mason, was not yet born. Lucille BROUGHTON was the first wife of Dr. Mason Combs and the mother of sons Bertram and Clint. Marguerite OSBORNE was the second wife.
11 Nov 1924 transcribed by Laura Brenner from Middlesboro News, Middlesboro, Bell, Ky Tuesday, November 11, 1924; Headline: News From Three States; Article Title: Revive Ancient Election Battle; Subtitle: Democrats and Republicans of Clayhole Precinct Dig Up the Old Battle Axe

Jackson, Ky., Nov. 11--(AP) An election battle of three falls back--when four men were killed and seventeen were wounded in a fight between democrats and republicans--is revived today in the Clayhole precinct election cases, set for trial with the opening of the fall term of the Breathitt circuit court today. On July 15, a continuation to November of the remainder of the cases, brought back to the Breathitt court after having been sent to the Boyd circuit court on a change of venue, was granted.

The pistol battle marked an alleged successful attempt to prevent an election in the precinct on November 8, 1921. Asbury Combs, Cleveland Combs, Ethan Allen, democrats and George McIntosh, republican were slain. The ballot boxes were destroyed and the balloting terminated.

Several months later, the grand jury returned indictments against Leslie Combs, French Combs, Shade Combs and George Allen, Jr., charging them with murder in connection with the death of McIntosh.

At the same time, Willard Barnett, Willi Davis, Will Campbell, Alfred Barnett, Amby Barnett, Marion Barnett, Ed Davis, Ed Combs and Chester Davis, republicans were indicted for murder in connection with the deaths of the three democrats. All of the defendants were later indicted on charges of conspiracy to prevent an election.

The Clayhole precinct is in Breathitt county of which Jackson is the county seat. A change of venue to Boyd county was obtained when it was alleged that the two factions had tried to effect a compromise by which the indictments were to be dismissed.

At the first trial in Cattletsburg, Boyd county, the four democrats were found guilty and sentenced to prison for terms ranging from five to fifteen years. The nine republicans who testified against them in the conspiracy charge pleaded immunity on the ground that they had incriminated themselves in their testimony. Subsequently, the conspiracy charges against them were dismissed.

On appeals decided by the Court of Appeals, the sentences against the democrat defendants were reversed, the court ruling that the defendants were denied the right to offer testimony purporting to show that the republicans had planned an attack on Clayhole precinct, the largest democratic precinct in the county, thereby elect the republican ticket or a large part of it.

The action of the lower court in dismissing the conspiracy charges against the nine republicans also was reversed by the Court of Appeals. The court held that the statute under which the dismissals were granted did not refer to common law offenses.

Will Barnett, the first of the republicans to go on trial in Catlettsburg in Feb. 1923, was found guilty of manslaughter and conspiracy. He was sentenced to two years' imprisonment and when in June of that year, the Court of Appeals denied his motion for a new trial he accepted his sentence. Trials of the other defendants were postponed until the February, 1924 term of court.

The cases were then called again; they were transferred to Breathitt county and docketed for the July term of circuit court, and again continued to November.
1938? Extracted by Barbara Rivas from History of Bell County Kentucky Vol II by Henry Harvey Fuson p. 50: Those Who Died in Service in the World War or Have Died since the War

Dr. Mason Combs, Pineville
Bell Co., KY Cemeteries (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from Bell Co, KY GenWeb Archives; Please see note above)

Pineville Cemetery, Bell Co., Ky

Eliza Combs Knuckles 01/25/1877 -10/28/1970 buried next to
George Matt KNUCKLES 12/31/1867 - 05/30/1960

DH: This couple are listed on the 1900 Bell Co., Ky Census and have Howard Combs living with them as a boarder. Could she have been Liza Combs, b ca 1877, and sister of Mason Combs who follows (and see 1880 Perry Co, KY Census)?

These were all buried next to each other.

Mason Combs 1883 1938
Margaret Osborne Combs 1888 1959
George Bertram Combs 1911 1993
Floyd Clinton Combs 1913 1970
Lucille Broughton Combs 1887 1915

DH Notes: According to a book written by Robert Mason Osborne Combs, his father Dr. Mason Combs was married 1st to Lucy BROUGHTON and 2nd ca 1917 to Marguerite OSBORNE. Mason and wife Luciel [sic] are listed on the 1910 Bell Co., Ky Census. Mason may be the son of Clinton "Grizzler" and Lou Ann BAKER Combs on the 1900 Perry Co., Ky Census as born in June 1884 per Jimmie "Crashedone" Combs

Elsie Combs THORPE 11/17/1913 - 03/07/1972 buried next to
Raymond THORPE 07/17/1913 - 02/22/1966

Andy Combs 03/15/1888 - 12/29/1975

Mary Taylor Combs 06/06/1917 - 06/12/1979

Melvin Combs, Jr. 1930 - 1984

Yeary Cem., Bell Co., Ky

these are buried next to each other

Eugine Clyde Combs 02/15/1930 - 07/01/1970
Muriel Ann Combs 07/08/1941 - 08/10/1971
Emma Sara Combs 09/27/1897 - 07/02/1956
Jim Combs 11/17/1895 - 07/10/1957
Walter E. Combs 10/12/1926 - 07/03/1973

Hurst Cem., Bell Co., Ky

Charlie Combs 11/02/1902 08/- 07/1964 buried next to
Rosa Lee Combs 10/07/1903 - 04/08/1973

Hensley Cem., Bell Co., Ky

Elick J. Combs 05/04/1948 - 07/19/1981 buried next to
Troy Lee Combs 1967 - 1967

Wallsend Cem., Bell Co., Ky

Mason Combs Napier 05/02/1913 -06/12/1952

Mattie Combs 06/12/1901 - 11/18/1969

Buell Cem., Bell Co., Ky

Ruby Irene Combs 1923 - 1929

Green Hills Memorial Gardens, Middlesboro, Bell County, Kentucky

Harold V. Combs 1923 - 1990