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Bourbon was established in 1786 from Fayette. In 1789, Mason was est. from Bourbon; in 1793, Clark from Bourbon and Fayette; in 1794, Harrison from Bourbon and Scott; and in 1800, Nicholas from Bourbon and Mason.
1800 Bourbon Co, KY Tax List
Thomas Combs
(Source needs to be added!)
Original Tax Lists Clark Co., Ky. Tax Lists 1793-1797, 1799-1809, on FHC Microfilm #0007930 Extracted by Sue Elfving from

p. 2
Apr 21Combs Saml R............1wm>21, 0wm16-21, 2blk>16, tot blk=5, 8hr/m
1. 382&1/4a(2nd) Clark Co., Howards Crk, N=John Holder same
2. 700a(2nd) Bourbon Co., Stamin, N=Holden & Walton same same
3. 499a(3rd) Madison Co., 3 Fks K R, N=Ambrose Barnett same same
4. 928(1st) Clark Co., Lulgelgrud, NE=Marquis Callimes same same
[In Marquis Combs name in 1801]


Second List p. 2
May 27Combs Saml R............1wm>21, 0wm16-21, 2blk>16, tot blk=3, 9hr/m
1. 382 & 1/4a (2nd) Clark Co., Kentucky R, N=Jno Holden same
2. 750a (2nd) Bourbon Co., Storm, N=J. Holder & Walton same same
3. 928 (1st) Clark Co., Lulbugrud, NE=Marq Callimes same same 1804;
List #1 - Jno Madison<
p. 2
Combs Samuel..........1wm>21, 0wm16-21, 2blk>16, tot blk=3, 10hr/m, 1 stud horse
1. 382 a(2nd) Clark Co., Ky R, N=J Holder same same
2. 700a(2nd) Bourbon Co., Stoner, N=H H Walton same same
3. 928a(3rd) Clark Co., Lulbergrud, N=Maquis Combs [see 1805] 1805
List 1 page 3
Jun 15 Combs Saml R..........1wm>21, 0wm16-21, 2blk>16, tot blk=4, 12hr/m, 1 stud horse
1. 382a(2nd) Clark Co., Kent R, N=John Howard same Jno Holder
2. 700a(2nd) Bourbon Co, Stoner, N=Holder & Walton same same
1806 According to Duncan Research, Mary "Polly" Combs, daughter of William Combs, wife of Henry DUNCAN (married 1803 Lincoln Co., KY) were residing in Bourbon Co., KY when their son, James DUNCAN was born (See Duncan Families).
1809Original Tax Lists Clark Co., Ky. Tax Lists 1793-1797, 1799-1809, on FHC Microfilm #0007930 Extracted by Sue Elfving from

List #1
p. 2
Jul. 15 Combs Samuel R......1wm>21, 2blk>16, tot blk=4, 12hr
1. 767a (2nd) Clark Co., Ky. R., N=Howard, Holder, same
2. 700a (2nd) Bourbon Co., Stoner, N=Holder & Walton, same, same
3. 2000a (3rd) Clark Co., Redwine, [no survey, pat, entry name data]
1810 US Census, Bourbon Co., KY (Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick)

Thomas Combs, pg 79: 31010-20010-00

1810 Original Tax Lists Clark Co., Ky. Tax Lists 1793-1797, 1799-1809, on FHC Microfilm #0007930 Extracted by Sue Elfving who notes: There is Only 1 List

Jun. 23 Combs Saml R..........1wm>21, 2blk>16, tot blk=3, 10hr
1. 2000a (3rd) Clark Co., Redwine, N=R. GRAHAM same same
2. 350a (2nd) & 350a (3rd), Clark Co., Howd Creek, N=John Howard, John Holder, same
3. 700a (2nd) Bourbon Co., Stoner Cr., N=Jno Holder & Walton, same, same
1820 US Census Index, Bourbon Co., KY: No Combs
25 Jul 1825 - Apr 1826 (Bourbon Co KY Wills and Admins. - Will Bk G page 351) Will of Elizabet CLEMONS names Jane NORRIN, wit Margaret Combs, Esther NORRIN, Ann BLACK dated 25 Jul 1825, proven Apr 1826 (Extracted by Jean Smallwood from Source: Bourbon Co Wills and Abstracts who adds that the compiler added the notation that Elizabet was neè Elizabeth Combs with no source given)

Notes: Margaret is unidentified; could this surname instead be NORRIS? See Margaret FENWICK of St. Mary's Co., MD (d 1817) who m (1) James MANNING; (2) Phillip Combs; and (3) Clement NORRIS. Margaret's son, Robert, d 1818, KY (See Scott KY)
25 Nov 1826 Bourbon Co., KY Marriages. Andrew TURNER and B. Combs (Combs Researcher Gunderat Combs from Marriage Index)
1830 US Census Index No Combs
02 Jan 1844 John V. MOORE & Phebe A. COMBS (History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, William Henry Perrin, Editor, O. L. Baskin & Co., Chicago, 1882. p. 544)

Note: No clear as to which county they were married in. Phebe A. Combs was the daughter of John & Lydia (-----) Combs of Montgomery Co KY. The biography of John V. MOORE of North Middleton, Bourbon Co, KY, indicates he lived on the Montgomery-Bourbon County Line.
3 Apr 1849 Several Researchers indicate that Sarah Combs (daughter of John & Seth BULLITT Combs, Sr.) was born 6 June 1774, Stafford Co VA, died 3 Apr 1849, Bourbon Co., KY; married ca 1790, Richard BLANTON. Seeking source for same. See alsoClark Co KY
1850 Bourbon County Census (Transcribed by Debi Houser)

pg. 309
HH 649
Jason COMBS 30 Ky
Hannah 21 Ky
James H. 4 Ky
Martha C. 6/12 Ky

Notes: According to Combs Researcher Michael R. Wilson, this is Jason B. Combs, son of John & Lydia UNKNOWN Combs of Montgomery Co KY.

HH 654
John V. MOORE 27 Ky farmer
Phoebe A. 24 Ky
Richard F. 6 Ky
Fulton R. 1 Ky

Note: Phoebe A. COMBS was married in 1844 to John V. MOORE (See above).

HH 655
Elizabeth COMBS 14 Ky

Note: Who was Elizabeth? She does not appear to have been either Jason's daughter or a niece? A sister perhaps?
1870 Bourbon Co Ky Census (Transcribed by Deb Coombs)
Middletown Pct p. 317

HH 74/73
Robert RICE, 25, M, Black, Farm Hand, $350, $100, KY, cannot read or write
Sarah E., F, Black, Domestic Servant, KY, cannot read or write
Maggie, 3, F, Black, KY
Sue, 1, F, Black, KY
Belle MITCHELL, 10, F, Black, Domestic Servant, KY
Laura COMBS, 14, F, Black, Domestic Servant, KY

Millersburg p. 332

HH 8/7
Mrs. Mary BAXTER, 46, F, Keeping House, Scotland
Lizzie KINMAN, 75, F, KY
George (BENLDEN?), 9, M, KY
James BATTIS, 14, F, Black, Domestic Servant, KY, cannot read or write
Cyntha COMB, 20, F, Black, Domestic Servant, MO, cannot read or write

Paris Pct p. 380

HH 255/253
Leslie COMBS, 40, M, Black, Farm Laborer, KY, cannot read or write
Caroline, 30, F, Black, Domestic Servant, KY, cannot read or write
Adaline, 12, F, Domestic Servant, KY, cannot read or write
William, 10, M, at home, KY, cannot read or write
Lizzie, 8, F, KY
James, 1, M, KY
Henry, 3, M, KY
Moses HOLIDAY, 17, M, Black, Farm Laborer, KY, cannot read or write
Thomas GOFF, 27, M, Black, Farm Laborer, KY, cannot read or write

2nd Ward Paris p. 435

HH 11/10
Ambrose CUMMINS, 63, M, Carriage Maker, $6000, $400, KY
Eveline E., 45, F, KY
George, 21, M, Carriage Painter, KY
Charles F., 19, M, Carriage Painter, KY
Elija F., 14, M, Blacksmith, KY
Mary F., 13, F, at home, KY, attended school
Joseph C., 10, M., at home, KY, attended school
Fannie COMBS, 40, F, Black, Domestic Servant, KY

1910 Bourbon County Soundex (Extracted by Debi Houser)

Selphi BRECKINRIDGE 28 B Kentucky
America HALL 42 Kentucky
Omer COMBS 08 brother Kentucky

Leslie COMBS 74 B Kentucky
Maggie 56 wife Kentucky
Thomas WILLIAMS 11 stepson Kentucky

William COMBS 39 B Kentucky
Annie B. 39 wife Kentucky

William COMBS 44 B Kentucky
Cynthia 34 wife Kentucky
Morris BRANDERBERG 20 stepson Kentucky
6 Mar. 1926 Commonwealth of Kentucky, state board of health, bureau of vital statistics, Certificate of death: Place of death: Volume 018 Cert 08876 Deathvol 26 County: Bourbon, Vot pct: Middletown #2, City: Paris nr. Jackson, Full name: Maggie Combs, Sex: F, Color; Col'd [Colored], Marital status: Widow, Age: 55, Occupation: Housewife, Birthplace: Pendleton Co. Ky., Name of father: Geo CONRAD, Birthplace: Ky., Maiden name of mother; Rachel (no other info), Birthplace: Ky., Informant: Alice CURTIS, Address: Paris, Ky., Filed: 4-9, 1926, Lena Talbott, registrar, Date of death; Apr 6, 1926, I hereby certify that I attended the deceased from 3-6, 1926 to 3-6, 1926 that I last saw her alive on 3-6,1926 and that death occurred on the date stated above at 5:15 A.M., Cause of death: Myocarditis, Contributory: Interslitial nephritis (sic), Signed: Samuel DeRaums (sic) M.D., 4-9-1926, Address: Paris, Ky., Place of burial: Paris Ky., Date of burial: 4/10, Undertaker; E.J. MARTYN, Address: Paris, Ky. (Death certificate furnished by Combs researcher Lynda Combs Gipson Transcribed and posted by Combs researcher Jimmie "CrashedOne" Combs)
7 Aug 1949 Kentucky Death Certificate: Cert # 15627 for Saffie COMBS: Resides 19 N. Maple St., Winchester, Clark Co Ky Color, widowed, female; Ocupation: domestic; born: 10 Mar 1873 Bouborn [sic] Co KY died: 7 Aug 1949 Winchester, Clark Co Ky of cerelus-vascular accident; buried: Reeves Mera---, Winchester, Ky by Haggard and Ja.; daughter of Tom WASHINGTON. Informant: Carlline BASCUS. (Transcribed by Debi Houser)

Important: All Records collected for this county have not been added here as yet.