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Christian County, KY was formed in 1796 from Logan County., KY. In 1799, Muhlenberg Co. was established from Christian and Logan, and Henderson and Livingston were established from Christian that same year. In 1820, Todd Co. was est. from Christian and Logan, and Trigg from Caldwell and Christian.

See also Christian County Biographies and Cemetery Records

13 Nov 1798 (provided by Barbara Rivas from: Kentucky Land Grants by Willard R. Jillson: William McCombs 200 Acres Christian Co., KY Book 11:259 on Little Fk, Canoe watercourse
14 Nov 1798 Survey Book No. 1 p 112 Christian County Court Clerk's Office Hopkinsville, KY (submitted by Barbara Rivas)

Surveyed for Jno McCombs 200 Acres of land by virtue of the Commissioners Certificate No 3706 in the county of Christian on Cannoe Creek. Beginning at the bank of said creek on an Elm tree in the line of Jno Slover, thence with his line South 62 West 178.8 poles to a gum and Black oak thence South 28 East 178.8 poles to a sweet gumm, thence North 62 East 178.8 poles to a Cotton wood, thence North 28 West 178.8 poles to the beginning Nov. the 15th 1798
Jno McCombs    )
                             ) CC
Wm McCombs   )                    William Ward D S
                                                   for Young Ewing Surveyor
Land Grants Christian Co., KY provided by Barbara Rivas from Kentucky Land Grants by Willard R. Jillson:

27 Jul 1804 Jno McCombs 400 Acres Bk 24:423 Spring Creek
23 Oct 1804 Henry McCombs 400 Acres Bk 23:339 Muddy Fork
25 Nov 1805 Kentucky Land Grants. Book 28. Christian Co. James Combs, 278 acres, Tradewater

Notes: Not identified. Did this land remain in Christian County?
15 Oct 1807 (provided by Barbara Rivas from Kentucky Land Grants by Willard R. Jillson): Jno McCombs 150 acres in Christian Co., KY Bk 20:279 Dry Fk, Sinking
1810 Christian Co., KY Census Index: No Combs
1810-1817 Christian County, KY Tax Lists (Combs Researcher, Debi Kendrick)

1st number white males 21 & over; 2nd number black males over 16; 3rd number total blacks; 4th number horses; 5th number acres; watercourse

1810 & 1811 No Combs listed.

Richard Combs _ _ _ 2 _ blank

Richard Combs 1_ _ 1 _ blank

Richard Combs 1 _ _ 2 _ Muddy Fork

Richard Combs 1 _ _ 2 _ Muddy Fork

Richard Combs 1 _ _ 1 _ blank

Nov 1811 Christian Co., KY Will Book A 1797-1811, 4th page from back of book (provided by Barbara Rivas): Inventory of the estate of John McCombs

Order Book B 1808-1814 Letters of Administration Matthew McComb estate of John McComb
01 Feb 1813 Richard Combs married Polly DUNNING. (Extracted from Christian County, KY Records #2, Marriages 1797-1850, by Jean Smallwood who adds: This marriage has also been indexed as Caldwell Co., KY)
21 Aug 1816 (extracted by Combs-Payne Researcher Helen McKnight from Christian Co., KY Deed Bk H p. 283) "I Dennis PAYNE of Christian Co., KY, appoint my brother William H. PAYNE, of same, as attorney-in-fact to settle, receive, etc., my part in estate of Cuthbert Combs, dec'd late of Clarke Co., KY or Sally Combs, deceased, the wife of Cuthbert." Test: Benjamin Combs.

HMcK Notes: William H., Dennis and Elizabeth PAYNE, children of William and Mary GRYMES Payne, married siblings, Seth, Nancy and Benjamin Bullitt Combs, children of Cuthbert & Sarah EVANS Combs, Sr.
9 Oct 1817-5 Jun 1818 This Indenture made and entered into this twenty ninth day of October eighteen hundred seventeen between Mathew McComb administrater of John McComb Henry McComb Polly McComb Elizibeth Pedigrew & Sithia McComb of the one part & William Easting of the other part both of the county of Christian and State of Kentucky sheweth (sic) that the above mentioned Mathew McComb Administrator as aforesaid Henry McCombs Polly McComb Elizabeth Pedigrew & Sithia McComb for and in consideration of the sum of three hundred Dollars to them in hand Paid the recipt whereof they do hereby acknowledge hath bargained and sold unto and do by these presents grant bargain sell alien in fees convey & confirm unto the aforesaid William Cravens a sertin (sic) (certain) tract or parcel of land containing one hundred and fifty acres be the same more or less which land was panted in the name of John McComb assignee of Samuel Means upon a certificate of the Christian county court No 961 granted to said Means in December 1802 by survey bearing date the fifteenth day of October one thousand eith hundred and seven lying and being in the county of Christian on both sides of the Dry part of the sinking forks of Settle River and bounded as follows. to wit. Beginning at two Ashes on the banks of the creek corner of a two hundred acre survey made for Robert (Aliphint?) and running thence with his line down the creed S40W one hundred poles to a stake thence south 60 (degrees) East 80 poles to a stake thence N 17 East one hundred and thirty two poles to a stake in the line of a two hundred acre survey made in the name of Rebeckah Reeder thence with said line South 78 (degrees) West 32 poles to a hickory and red oak corner to said Survey thence with another line thereof N 12 W 130 poles to a stake thence N 67 W one hundred and fifty six poles to a stake thence S 24 (degrees) W one hundred and twenty poles to a stake thence South 48 (degrees) East 34 poles to a post oak Peter McDaniels corner thence (Oliphants line?) North forty east seventy two poles to a white oak at a sink hole thence with his other line South fifty East one hundred and seventy nine poles to the Beginning To have and to hold the aforesaid tract or parcel of land with all and singuler (sic) the appurtenances thereunto belonging unto the said William Cravens his heirs and assigns forever and the aforesaid Mathew McComb Administrator of sd Henry McComb Polly McComb Elizabeth Pedigrew & Sitha McComb for themselves their heirs and assigns & doth covenant and agree to and with the aforesaid William Cravens to warrant and forever defend said tract or parcel of land unto the said William Cravens and his heirs or assigns & from and against the claim or claims of all and every person claiming in through (..?) by them or by virtue of their claim In testimony whereof we have herunto set our hands and seals this day and date above written
attest                                Mathew McComb
Robert Cravens              Henry McComb
Joseph Cravens              Polly McComb
                                          Elizabeth Petigrew
                                          Sytha McCombs
Christian County Clerks Office June 15th 1818 The forgoing Indenture of bargain and sale from Mathew Henry Polly & Sithia McComb and Elizabeth Pettigrew to William Cravens was on this produced to me John Clark Clerk of the county court for the county aforesaid and proven by Robert & Joseph Cravens two subscribing witnesses thereto to be the act and deed of said Mathew Henry Polly & Sitha McComb & Elizabeth Pettigrew the grantors therein named for the purposes therein and the same was Ordered to Record In testimony whereof and that the same together with this certificate are truly recorded in my office of said County court I have hereto set my hand Jn Clark
27 Oct 1817 William Cravens and Mathew McCombs gave bond for the marriage of William Cravens and Polly McCombs, Christian Co., KY

27 Oct 1817 The within named Wiliam Cravens being of Lawfull age and Polly McCombs being proven to be upwards of Twenty years ___by the Oath of Mathew McCombs her Brother a License issued accordingly this 27th Oct. 1817 Teste Jno. Clark, Clk. (submitted by Barbara Rivas)
1820 Christian Co., KY Census Index: No Combs
13 Jul 1827 William Combs married Rosetta HAMMOND (Extracted by Combs Researcher Jean Smallwood from Christian County, KY Records #2, Marriages 1797-1850,)

Notes: William, son of Benjamin B. and Elizabeth PAYNE Combs (See 1836 below)
1830 Christian Co., KY Census Index: No Combs
09 Jul 1833 David B. Combs married Rebecca M. BURRUS (Extracted by Combs Researcher Jean Smallwood from Christian County, KY Records #2, Marriages 1797-1850,)

Notes: David Bullock Combs (son of John & Betsy Bingham BULLOCK Combs and grandson of Cuthbert & Sarah EVANS Combs, Sr. of Clark Co., KY) and Rebecca MASSIE Burrus (daughter of Roger Tandy & Cynthia MILLS Burrus). See also 1836 Todd Co., KY and 1850 Johnson Co MO
Christian Circuit Court May term 1836 (From "Christian County, Ky Newspaper Abstracts Vol. A" by Bettie Sellars. (Combs Researcher, Debi Kendrick )

William R. PAYNE for himself, and as next friend of Clarissa Combs and Narcissa Ann Combs, infant children of Benjamin B. Combs, deceased, complaintants Against William H. PAYNE and Cuthbert Combs, administrators of Benjamin B. Combs, deceased, George CAMMAC, Edward PAYNE, Eli Combs, William DOZIER, and Sally his wife, late Sally Combs, Paul J. EVANS, and Polly his wife, late Polly Combs, and William Combs, the last six of them whom are heirs of Benjamin Combs, deceased, together with Cuthbert Combs, on of the administrators aforesaid, Defendants. In CHANCERY

This day came the complaintant aforesaid by his counsel, and having exhibited and filed his bill herein, and it appearing to the satisfaction of the court that the said William DOZIER, and Sally, his wife, late Sally Combs, are not inhabitants of this commonwealth, and they have failed to enter their appearance herein and answer the complainants bill; therefore on motion of the complaintant it is ordered that unless asid absent defendants appear here on or before the first day of the next August term of this court and answer the complainants bill, the same will be taken against them for confessed and the prayer thereof decreed.

John H. PHELPS, Cl'k

Notes: Benjamin B. Combs (son of Cuthbert & Sarah "Sallie" EVANS Combs) married Elizabeth "Betsy" PAYNE (daughter of William & Mary GRIMES Payne). William and Sally Combs Dozier married 01 Jul 1820, Clark Co., KY. Paul & Polly Combs Evans m 19 Dec 1816, Clark Co., KY. One William DOZIER (not known if same) is on 1840 Callaway Co MO Census (where other descendants of Cuthbert & Sarah are also later found); however, William who married Rosetta HAMMOND in 1827 appears to be same who is on 1860 Marion Co., IL census. Who was George CAMMOCK? (See also early Combs-Cammock Families) William H. PAYNE was husband of  Seth Combs, (daughter of Cuthbert & Sarah EVANS Combs, Sr.) and Cuthbert Combs, Jr. was her brother.
1840 Census, Christian County, Ky - (extracted by Combs Researcher, Debi Kendrick )

Eli COMB 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0

William Combs 2 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1

Notes: Eli Combs (son of Benjamin B. & Betsy PAYNE Combs?), b ca 1813, Fayette Co., KY ; married bef 1837, Maria HAMMOND, also b Fayette Co., KY (1850 Christian Co., KY Census, 1852 Christian Co., KY Vital Stats; and 1932 Christian Co KY death certificate of son, Enoch). William Combs, born 1790-1800(?), KY, was also a son of Benjamin B. and Betsy. Not located on 1850 Christian Co., KY Census, but by 1860 were in Marion Co, IL.
1850 Census, Christian County, Ky - (Combs Researcher, Debi Kendrick )

Eli Combs 37 Ky farmer
Maria 33 Ky
William 14 Ky
Newton 11 Ky
Rosetta 6 Ky
Susan 4 Ky
James E. 5/12 Ky

Notes: Eli & Maria HAMMOND Combs, son of Benjamin B. and Betsey PAYNE Combs
1860 Census of Christian County, Ky - (extracted by Combs Researcher, Debi Kendrick )

Eli Combs 47 SC farmer
Maria 43 Ky
Newton 21 Ky
Rosetta 15 Ky
James E. 11 Ky
John 7 Ky
Eli 4 Ky
Mary 1 Ky

Notes: From Christian Co., Ky Vital Stats Unnamed Combs born Oct 1852 daughter of Eli & Maria HAMMONDS Combs; Unnamed Combs died Oct 1852 daughter of Eli & Maria Combs; Unnamed Combs born 6 Nov 1853 son of Eli & Maria HAMMONDS Combs; E.B. Combs born 26 Jun 1856 son of Ely & Hannah HAMMONDS; Margaret Combs born 27 May 1859 daughter of Eli & Maria HAMMONDS Combs; Margaret Combs died 1 Sept 1860 of chills, daughter of Eli & Maria Combs; Mary Combs born 27 May 1859 daughter of Eli & Maria HAMMONDS Combs; Mary Combs died 15 Sep 1861 age 3yrs, of disease of lungs, daughter of Eli & Maria Combs

Wm. Combs 24 Ky farmer
Margaret 19 Ala
Mr. J. PIDCOCK 60 Ky farmer
Sarah " 22 Ky

Note: William COMBS 22 born Trigg Co., KY, marriedd 10 Oct 1857 Margaret GRAY 17 b Ala
27 Mar 1867 COOMBS, John married HAMMONDS, Susan (Extracted from var. Marriage CD'S from Combs Researcher Pat Orton)
1870 Christian Co., Ky (extracted by Combs Researcher, Debi Kendrick )

Hamby Pct. -
Ann Combs 72 Eng housekeeper
Jinnie 13 NY at school
Frankie 12 Ky domestic (black)

4th Civil Dist
Samuel Combs 30 Ky farm labor (black)
Ann 27 Ky (black)
Thomas ANDERSON 19 Ky (black)

Mt. Vernon Pct.
William Combs 37 Ky farmer
Margaret 27 Ala
Susan M. 8 Ky
Charles E. 4 Ky
Robert C. GREY 25 Ky farm labor
Judy PETTY 13 Ky domestic (black)

Notes: Unnamed Combs born 21 Nov 1861 Christian Co., KY, daughter of William and Margaret GRAY Combs; parents born Christian Co., KY

Eli Combs 62 Ky
Mary 57 Ky housekeeper
James 21 Ky farm labor
Rosetta 23 Ky
John 17 Ky
Eli 13 Ky

Notes: John C. Combs, son of Eli, married 10 Feb 1875, Todd Co., KY, Emma MC GEHEE (probably sister to Ella MCGEHEE who married John's brother Eli. 1900 Todd Co Census : John COOMBS 11/1853 married 25 yrs KKK, Emmer 7/1859 10-9 KKK, Rena 4/1884 KKK, Verna 8/1885 KKK, Willie R 12/1888 son KKK, Laura 11/1891 KKK, Albert 3/1894 KKK, Archie 4/1897 KKK, Minnie BRYANT 1/1876 md 3 yr 0-0 KKK daughter, Cross BRYANT 11/1876 md 3 yr KKK son-in law, Jinnie STOVER 3/1879 0 yr 0-0 KKK daughter, Willie STOVER 3/1871 md 0 yr KKK son-in-law. Additional Todd Co Marriages , probably associated with this John Combs and Eli Combs family: Minnie Combs married 1897 Cross BRYANT, Laura S. Combs married 1910 H. L. NUNLY, John Combs, Jr. married 1900 Bessie MC GEHEE.

3rd Civil Pct

Sam M. BROWN 38 Ky
Jennie C. 30 Ky
Chapman 8 Ky
Wallace 7 Ky
Lizzie B. 3 Ky
Graves S. 48 Ky farm labor
James Combs 22 Ky

George COOMBS 40 Ky boarding house
Elizabeth 34 Ky
William E. 17 Ky farm labor
Jacob 15 Ky
John M. 7 Ky
Augustus 1 Ky
Edward 65 Ky

Note: Other people are listed with George (about 10) but they are all boarders of his boarding house. This is George B. COOMBS, born in Nelson Co., KY, son of Edward W. Combs and Mildred MASON who married in Nelson County, KY 22 Jun 1829. George B. COOMBS married Elizabeth HAM (daughter of Jacob and Catherine YOUNTS Ham) 19 Nov 1851 in Muhlenberg Co., KY. (See his Christian Co., KY Biography)
16 Apr 1879 (From "Christian County, Kentucky Newspaper Abstracts, Feb 1879-Oct 1879", by A.B. Willhite, from The South Kentuckian, Hopkinsville, Ky, Tues., April 22, 1879) "Mr. William E. Combs of Christian County, was married to Miss Sallie DAWES from near Linton, the 16th inst., by the J.F. REDFORD."

Notes: William E. Combs, son of George B. & Elizabeth HAM Combs.
18 Nov 1879 (From "The South Kentuckian, Hopkinsville, Ky, Tuesday, Nov 18, 1879" taken from Christian County Ky, Newspaper Abstracts Oct 1879-Mar 1880.(Combs Researcher, Debi Kendrick)

All about a woman
On Thursday evening, about a quarter past six o'clock, a sharp report rang out on the air in the neighborhood of Pool's barber shop, which was followed by groans and another report in a few seconds. The people rushed to the scene of the firing and found Jacob H. Combs lying upon the floor of the barber shop dying, and Jas. P. FERGUSON standing at the door with a double barrel shot gun in his hand, and calling for the police to take as he was ready to give up. Horror was pictured upon every face. No one present knew FERGUSON or why he had perpetrated the rash deed. Combs expired in a few moments, weltering in a pool of blood. His wounds were awful to look upon. Four buckshot had passed through his right arm at the elbow, shattering the bone in two or three places, and seven had entered his side. This was the work of the first shot. He was sitting by the door next to the barber shop, when he received this wound and jumped up and ran into the barber shop. FERGUSON followed and stepped into the room, took deliberate aim and emptied twelve buckshot into the back of his head. He fell upon his face and lived only a few minutes. The broken bones protruded from his arm, and the brains from his head. The whole thing was a mystery till the following facts were elicited. We give them as they are current on the streets though the truth of some of them is disputed by the friends of the parties. Combs has been visiting the sister of FERGUSON, and the killing was for her alleged seduction. Combs friends say he never promised to marry the girl, and that it was not a case of seduction; but FERGUSON'S friends claim that after finding out the girls condition he promised to marry her and set the night of the shooting for the marriage. As he did not procure the license FERGUSON and his brother-in-law called upon Combs about six o'clock to know the reason why he did not come, as the company had been invited. Combs told them that he would not marry the girl, and if they raised a fuss about it he would expose the whole thing. After some words between them FERGUSON walked out, remarking, "I don't regard my life worth a bubble and don't know how you prize yours." He then went to John YOUNG'S gun store, bought a shot-gun, loaded it with twelve buckshot in each barrel and calmly walked back to Combs' meat shop, where he found him and enacted the bloody tragedy as detailed above. These are the facts as reported on the streets, whether they are true or not remains to be proven at the trial."

Notes: Jacob, age 15 in 1870, son of Eli and Maria HAMMONDS Combs?
1880 Christian Co., KY Hamby Pct. - (extracted by Combs Researcher, Debi Kendrick )

Hopkinsville 2nd set

George W. COLLINS 28 Oh Oh Oh house painter
Ellen 30 Tn Tn Tn
Charles F. 6 Ky Oh Tn
George W. 4 Ky Oh Tn
Robert F. 2 Ky Oh Tn
Emma FERGUSON 20 Ky Tn Tn sis-in-law
Mattie " 16 Ky Tn Tn sis-in-law
Harry Combs 5/12 Ky Ky Ky uncle-in-law? b Jan

John Combs 17 Ky Ky Ky butcher single living in Hotel

Union School House

W.E. Combs 27 Ky Ky Ky Farming
S.M. 25 Ky Ky Ky wife
G.D. 3/12 Ky Ky Ky son
J.L. HAM 24 Ky Ky Ky labor
E.W. Combs 75 Ky Va Va grandfather

Note: William E. COOMBS, husband of Sally M. DAWES and son of George B. & Elizabeth HAM Combs; grandson of Edward W. and Mildred MASON Combs who married 22 Jun 1829, Nelson Co., KY, later of Muhlenberg Co., KY prior to removing to Christian County.

Casky Dist.

James Combs 30 Ky Va Va
Fannie 27 Ky Va Va
Tom 2 Ky Ky Ky

Ely Combs 24 Ky??
Ella 20 Ky ? Va
Walter 9/12 Ky Ky Ky b Sep

Note: This is probably the 20 Dec 1878 Todd County, KY marriage of Eli Combs and Ella MCGEHEE. Also, Todd Co., KY 1900 Census : Ella Combs, 4/1860 7-6 KVV (widow), Walter 10/1879 KKK, Lawrence 2/1882 KKK, James 4/1884 KKK, Ancle 4/1886 KKK, Eula 9/1888 KKK, Lya V 5/1893 KKK, John 10/1881 KKK nephew, James McGEHEE 7/1864 KVV brother)

G.B. Combs 50 Ky Ky Ky widowed farmer
Guss 11 Ky Ky Ky son
Warner 3 Ky Ky Ky son
H.C. DILLMAN 49 Ky Ky Ky brother-in-law
E.L. 48 Ky Ky Ky sister
G.D. 25 Ky Ky Ky nephew
Butler 22 Ky Ky Ky nephew

Pembroke Magisterial District Enumerated on 22 June, 1880 By R. G. Prayor (transcribed by Birdie McNutt)

ROSE, William G. WM 48 Farmer TN TN TN
Annie WF 50 wife Keeping House TN TN TN
James M. WM 21 son Laborer TN TN TN * married Mattie Combs the nxt yr
George D. WM 18 son Laborer TN TN TN
John H. WM 15 son Laborer TN TN TN

BM Note: James M. (ROSE) was married to Mattie COMBS, daughter of William COMBS, of Todd County, Ky. on January 11, 1881. (Source: County of Christian, Kentucky; Historical and Biographical. Edited by William Henry Perrin. F. A. Battey Publishing Co., Chicago and Louisville, 1884.)
22 Jun 1882 COOMBS, G B married HESTER, Nannie (Extracted by Combs Researcher Pat Orton from var. Marriage CD'S)

Notes: George B. Combs, son of Edward Wink and Mildred MASON Combs, m 17 Aug 1882 per his Christian Co., KY biography (See below).

1900 Census Christian Co., KY (transcribed by Birdie McNutt)

Magisterial Dist No 3. Pembroke Twp, taken by Douglas Grham on 31 June 1900
HH# 344/353
ROSE, James M. head WM May 1859 41 M19 TN TN TN Implement Dealer
Mattie M. wife WF Oct 1861 38 M19 6-5 KY KY KY
Denna M dau WF Jun 1881 18S KY TN KY
Willie D. dau WF May 1886 14S KY TN KY
Nova? T. dau WF Nov 1890 9S KY TN KY
Charles P. son WM Apr 1894 6S KY TN KY
William G. son WM Sep 1899 8/12 KY TN KY

BM Note: James M. (ROSE) was married to Mattie COMBS, daughter of William COMBS, of Todd County, Ky. on January 11, 1881. (Source: County of Christian, Kentucky; Historical and Biographical. Edited by William Henry Perrin. F. A. Battey Publishing Co., Chicago and Louisville, 1884.)
1910 Census Christian Co., KY (transcribed by Birdie McNutt)

Magisterial (3) SD 2; ED 10; Sheet #4. Enumeratd 27 April 1910 by Eli Andrew Penn?
ROSE, James M. head MW 49 TN TN TN Farmer Gen Farm
Mattie S. wife FW 48 KY KY AL none
Charles P. son MW 16S KY TN KY Farm Laborer
William G. son MW 10S KY TN KY none

BM Note: James M. (ROSE) was married to Mattie COMBS, daughter of William COMBS, of Todd County, Ky. on January 11, 1881. (Source: County of Christian, Kentucky; Historical and Biographical. Edited by William Henry Perrin. F. A. Battey Publishing Co., Chicago and Louisville, 1884.) See also 1932 Christian Co., KY Death certificate below of her father.
1920 Census Christian Co., KY transcribed by Renee Walker

Place: Bennetts, Christian, Kentucky; Roll: T625_565; Page: 4A; Enumeration District: 12; Image: 599

Ara COOMBE (COOMBS), Head, Rents, M, W, 30, M, Can read/write, KY, KY, KY, Speaks English, Farming, Farm, Own Account, Schedule 05
Florence, Wife, F, W, 25, M, Can read/write, TN, TN, KY, No occupation
Lenord O, Son, M, W, 7, S, Attending school, Can read/write, TN, TN, TN, No occupation
Lain, Daugh, F, W, 5, S, Can read/write, TN, TN, TN, No occupation
Adran, Son, M, W, 3/12, S, KY, KY, TN, No occupation

Voting Precinct 2. Brown Street, City of Hopkinsville, Enumerated 2nd & 3rd January, 1920 by George S. Grimes. 7277 SD2; ED23; Sheet #2A
ROSE, J. M. Head MW 60M TN TN TN Grocer Retail Grocery
Mattie wife FW 58M KY KY KY none

BM Note: James M. (ROSE) was married to Mattie COMBS, daughter of William COMBS, of Todd County, Ky. on January 11, 1881. (Source: County of Christian, Kentucky; Historical and Biographical. Edited by William Henry Perrin. F. A. Battey Publishing Co., Chicago and Louisville, 1884.) See also 1932 Christian Co., KY Death certificate below of her father.
1930 Census Christian Co., KY (transcribed by Birdie McNutt)

Hopkinsville City, Magisterial District 3.SD 34-5; ED10; S#6B. Enumerated Apr 7&8 1930 by J Leland Clark
ROSE, Mattie head 69Wd KY KY KY none
Bunia dau 46S KY KY KY Laborer keeping house
Willie son 39Wd KY KY KY
Laborer Tobasso (Willie D. above, listed as Dau)
Novia dau 30S KY KY KY Laborer Grocery (Nova above)
Charlie son 44S KY KY KY Laborer Farmer (Charlie P.)
Gable son 31S KY KY KY Laborer Truck D. (George Gable)

BM Note: James M. (ROSE) was married to Mattie COMBS, daughter of William COMBS, of Todd County, Ky. on January 11, 1881. (Source: County of Christian, Kentucky; Historical and Biographical. Edited by William Henry Perrin. F. A. Battey Publishing Co., Chicago and Louisville, 1884.) In the 1930 Census James M. ROSE, Mattie (COMBS)'s husband has died and she is living w/her children as a widow. See also 1932 Christian Co., KY Death certificate below of her father.
17 Jul 1932 William Combs; KY Death cert.# 18381; white male married ; age 100 yrs 5 mos 6 ds; born 11 Feb 1832; died 17 July 1932 Christian Co., Ky of cerebreal hemorrhage; son of Eli Combs born Lexington [Fayette Co], Ky & Mariah HA----* born Lexington, Ky; informant George Combs of Hopkinsville, Ky; buried Grays Cem 18 July 1932; undertaker Ward F. FUQUA of Hopkinsville, Ky (Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick who adds Mary/Maria HAMMOND per earlier Christian Co., KY records)

Note: William Combs resided in Todd Co., KY in 1880. See his daughter Mattie in census records with her husband James Rose above in 1900 through 1930 above.
Cemetery Records

Except where otherwise noted, extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Houser from "Cemetery Records of the Northern Portion of Christian County, Kentucky" by Anna Hunsaker Meador.

Gray Cemetery

Tandy Yates Combs 1888-1965

Eliza K. HENDERSON, w/o James Combs 6-15-1849 3-15 1891

Raymond L. Combs 1-29-1907 11-27-1964
Mary L. Combs 1-3 1914

Lawrence Eugene Combs 2-13-1882 7-3-1925

Amy A. Combs 1-16-1924 only date

Walter P. Combs 11-25-1915 9-28-1953

Eugene M. Combs 9-12-1919 9-2-1951 Ky Tec 5 US Army WWII

Walter Combs, Jr. 12-17-1952 12-17-1952

Florence A. Combs 1879-1958

Thomas H. Combs 12-7-1907 7-30-1962 Ky Pfc US Army WWII

Walter P. Combs 10-2-1880 6-17-1933

Margaret Combs 1843-1895
William M. Combs 1832-1932

Elizabeth Combs 1904- blank

Katherine Combs 1900- blank

Ellen Massie Combs 8-23-1871 6-9-1961
Charles Edgar Combs 3-25-1867 6-26-1951

Lou Wade Combs 1869-1898

Thomas Hester COOMBS 8-1-1876 5-14-1959
Mrs. Thomas H. COOMBS 1875 no date

Doll Elie Combs 1856-1900
Ella Bell Combs 1860-1938

Annie Lee COOMBS 5-1-1891 7-18-1892

Old Petersburg Cem., Mannington, Ky

Taylor COOMBS d 2-20-1937

Antioch Cemetery

Fannie Combs 6-26-1853 11-24-1885

Johnson Church Cemetery

Acie Combs 10-4-1904 6-12-1922

Vernie COOMBS 6-21-1902 3-13-1916

Zettie Lucile Combs 7-1-1913 4-13-1916

Oria Ilene Combs7-23-1916 12-16-1916

Charles M. Combs 2-11-1869 2-8-1937
Dora A. Combs 12-29-1870 11-11-1930

Anne E. Combs 10-30-1879 12-30-1916

Judge Chapel Cemetery

David Frank Combs 8-2-1902 only date
Golda WILSON Combs 4-17-1903 3-22-1932

Ida Lou Combs 1-1877 10-19-1950
David D. Combs 4-6-1855 4-29-1929

Margaret Ann Combs 10-28-1934 7-25-1936

Rock Bridge Cemetery

Hettie COOMBS 10-10-1872 only date
Samuel C. COOMBS 6-10-1865 4-22-1935

Darrell W. COOMBS 1-16-1939 1-18-1939

Morman Church Cemetery

Bennie Goff Combs 6-7-1908 4-3-1967
Myrtle SHARBER Combs 9-26-1905 only date

Taken from "Cemetery Records of the Southern Portion of Christian County, Ky"

Smith Cemetery

George W. COOMBS 12-5-1891 3-21-1954
Katie COOMBS 1-3-1898 only date

Adrian L. COOMBS 1-31-1919 3-8-1923

Asa H. COOMBS 12-10-1888 5-25-1963
Florence COOMBS 11-25-1895 4-4-1931

George B. Combs 4-9-1830 5-9-1905 [son of Edward W. & Mildred MASON]
Nannie E. Combs 11-5-1851 10-7-1927 [Nannie E. HESTER]

Powell Cemetery

Anne R. COOMBS 6-6-1922 8-15-1974

Anthony COOMBS 1-3-1951

Burgess COOMBS 3-24-1920 8-15-1974

Rosedale Cemetery, Pembroke, Ky

Carrie Combs 1871-1936

Q.F. Combs 1870-1925

Sadie Combs daughter of Carrie and Q.F. 4-17-1898 1-9-1903

T. Fowler Combs 9-17-1895
Myrtle B. FEAGAN Combs 9-9-1902

Barker D. Combs 7-11-1906 11-25-1971
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Green Hill Memorial Gardens

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Riverside Cemetery, Hopkinsville, KY

Section D

E. W. COOMBS 10 Sep 1805 - 20 Feb 1884 - born in Nelson Co., KY

Notes: Edward W. Combs m Mildred MASON 22 Jun 1829, Nelson Co., KY

Christian County Biographies

(Christian Co., KY, 1884) GEORGE B. COOMBS was born April 9, 1830, in Nelson County, Ky., where he was reared. He has devoted his time until late years to the pursuits of the farm, principally in Muhlenburg [sic] and Christian Counties. In 1849 he removed from his native county to Muhlenburg [sic] County, where on the 19th of November, 1851, he married Miss Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob and Catherine (YONTS) Ham. She was born and reared in Muhlenburg [sic] County, and died in Christian County, July 5, 1879, leaving seven children, one of whom has since died. The living are: William E., John M., Augustus B., Katie, Ruth and Warner COOMBS. Mr. COOMBS, on the 17th of August, 1882, was married to his present wife, Nannie E. HESTER, a native of Christian County, born in 1850, and who has borne him one child - Annie R. COOMBS. In 1869 Mr. COOMBS removed to this county and located in the south part, where he now owns a farm, and where he remained until he removed to Hopkinsville, in 1882. For the past six years he has been engaged in the butcher business on an extensive scale, supplying all the meats consumed by the Western Insane Asylum. He is a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and the Knights of Honor. The parents of our subject were Edward W. and Mildred COOMBS (nee MASON). These parents were natives of Nelson County, Ky., where the mother died in 1836. Soon after her death the father met with an accident whereby he lost a leg, which event of course changed the course of his life. Until 1851 he remained in Nelson County, serving several years in official capacity, but at the latter date went to Muhlenburg [sic] County, Ky., remaining with the family of his son George B., and there by appointment he served as Assessor of Internal Revenue. He had a family of three children: George B., Elizabeth, wife of H. C. DILLMAN, and Rebecca, wife of J. S. VAUGHT, of Ohio County, Ky. He was he youngest of a family of sixteen children, all of whom lived to extreme old age. He died in February 23, 1884, in his eightieth year, at the residence of Mrs. DILLMAN, in this county. (County of Christian, Kentucky, Edited by William Henry Perrin, F. A. Battey Publishing Co., 1884, pp. 358-359)

Notes: See 22 Jun 1829, Nelson Co., KY marriage of Edward & Milly MASON Coomes. Edward is not found in Nelson County in 1850, but in Spencer.

(Christian Co., KY, 1884) James H. DILLMAN was born in Muhlenburg [sic] County, Ky., January 24, 1863, and is a son of Henry C. and Elizabeth (COOMBS) Dillman. His father held several important positions, among others, Collector of Internal Revenue. His father, David DILLMAN (grandfather of subject), represented Muhlenburg County in the Legislature one term, and was also Collector of Internal Revenue. James H., the subject, still remains at home with his father, and manages the farm, while his father is United States Mail Agent. James was married December 2, 1883, to Miss Ophelia HANBERY, the oldest daughter of John W. and Eliza HANBERY. (County of Christian, Kentucky, Edited by William Henry Perrin. F. A. Battey Publishing Co., 1884, p. 530.)

Notes: Elizabeth COOMBS Dillman was the daughter of Edward Wink & Mildred MASON Coombs who m in 1829 in Nelson Co., KY.