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of Fulton Co., KY

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Fulton Co., Ky is located in the southwest corner of the state bordering Tennessee and the Mississippi River. It was established in 1845 from land that was previously Hickman Co., Ky.
1850 Fulton Co., Ky Census (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Debi Houser)

Hickman Township

pg 115

Nicholas Combs 38 M farmer Tn cannot read or write
Catharine 37 F TN
Louisa 15 F KY
William MATTHEWS 17 M laborer TN
Lemuel COHORN 35 M none Ky
Darthula 22 F KY

pg 116

John Combs 47 M farmer Va cannot read or write
Mary 35 F Ky cannot read or write
Rufus 15 M TN
Mary 13 F TN
John 11 M TN
Sarah 8 F TN
Nancy 2 F TN
Bythena PERKINS 60 F VA
Sebastian S/YOST? 40 M PA
Lee RING 21 M KY

pg 136

Mary Combs 36 F $1000 TN
Calvin 16 M farmer TN
Nicholas 14 M KY
Samuel 9 M KY
1860 Census Hickman PO Fulton Co., KY (transcribed by Deb Coombs)

Series: M653 Roll: 367 Page: 465
HH 413/413
John H. Legget, 28, M, farm l(aborer), TN
Louisa J., 24, KY
Nicholas C., 5, M, KY
Wm. N., 2, KY
HH 414/414
Nick Combs, 46, farm laborer, /100, TN
Catharine, 45, TN
NOTE: Is Louisa J. Legget above the daughter of Nicholas Combs and Catharine... Nicholas and Catharine had a daughter Louisa in the 1850 census

Series: M653 Roll: 367 Page: 475
Mary Combs, 45, TN
Nich, 25, KY
Frank Bradly, 19, KY
SM Combs, 20, M, KY

Series: M653 Roll: 367 Page: 476
Calvin M. Combs, 29, M, farm laborer, TN, cannot read or write
Martha, 25, F, IN
Robt J., 2, M, KY
Jackson, 8, M, KY
1870 Fulton Co., Ky Census (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Deb Coombs)

Hickman PO pg. 233
HH 248/340
Nicholas COMBS, 34, M, Farmer, $5880, $1126, KY
Harriet F., 29, F, Keeps House, KY
Mary K,. 7, F, KY, attended school
Lonza, 5, F, KY
John G., 3, M, KY
Susan A., 1, F, KY

Series: M593 Roll: 462 Page: 240b
HH 95/123
Jno H. Leggate, 39, M, farmer, TN
Louisa J., 34, F, keeps house, KY
Nicholas C., 14, M, at school, KY
William N., 12, M, at school, KY
Jessa P., 9, M, at school, KY
Kate F., 6, F, KY
Lucy H., 3, F, KY
Sarah A. Brown, 50, F., ret. (retired?) s?, KY

(SEE Note above: Is Louisa a daughter of Nicholas Combs and Catharine?)

Series: M593 Roll: 462 Page: 241
HH 96/124
Nicholas Combs, 62, M, farmer, 800/1100, TN
Catherine, 58, F, keeps house, TN
1900 Census Soundex Fulton Co. Ky for Combs soundex code C512 . (Funished by Lynda Combs Gipson and posted by Jimmie "CrashedOne" Combs)

Mag dist # Hickman
Combs, Nicholas White (month unreadable) 1805 95 Tennessee
Combs, Kate W Oct 1811 88 Tennessee
1900 Census Fulton Co., KY, (Transcribed by Deb Coombs )

Series: T623 Roll: 521 Page: 289 ed 43 sh 7A
HH 120/120
Nicholas Combs, head, Feb 1805, 95, M, 65, TN, VA, VA, landlord
Kate, wife, Oct 1811, 88, M, 65, 1, 1, TN, TN, SC
HH 121/121
John H. Leggate, head, Mar 1833, 67, M, 45, TN, NC, TN, farmer
Louisa J., wife, Dec 1834, 65, M, 45, 10, 6, KY, TN, TN
Nicholas C., son, Nov 1857, 42, KY, TN, KY, farm labor
J Price, son, Aug 1860, 39, KY, TN, KY, farm labor
Callie, dau, Aug 1871, 28, KY, TN, KY
Cleveland BROWN, boarder, Feb 1883, 17, TN, TN, KY, farm labor

NOTE: IS Louisa Leggate a daugher of Nicholas Combs?

1st Ward Hickman, Fulton Co., KY Series: T623 Roll: 521 Page: 229 ed 40 sh 4A
HH 71/73
George Combs, head, Oct 1867, 33, M, 13, MS or NC: looks like one is written on top of other, MS, VA, tobacco(?), (?)
Hattie, wife, Jan 1867, 33, M, 13, 2, 2, TN, Unk, Unk
Lotta, daughter, Dec 1889, 10, S, KY, NC, TN
Roy, son, Sep 1891, 8, KY, NC, TN

1st Ward Hickman, Fulton Co., KY Series: T623 Roll: 521 Page: 228
Oliver Combs, head, Jan (year unk) wd, MS, MS, MS, carpenter
Nettie, daughter, Dec 1873, 26, S, 2children, 2 children living, VA, MS, VA
Halbert, son, Apr 1879, 21, S, TN, MS, VA
Genova, niece, Jun 1889, 10, MS, MS, MS
Lanora, sister, Jan 1863, wd, no children, MS, MS, MS
Rubena ELERSON, grandaughter, Apr 1896, 5, S, KY, KY?, MS
(not named) Spain, grandaughter, May 1900, 2?/12, KY, TN, MS
Important: All Records collected for this county have not been added here as yet.