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Jackson Co., KY was established in 1858 from Rockcastle, Laurel, Owsley, Madison, Clay and Estill Counties.
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4 Sept 1859 Jackson Co., Ky Birth: Name: Jerusha Combs, sex Female, daughter of ?Lenard? Combs & Rachel TURNER. (Jackson Co., KY Vital Statistics on microfilm transcribed by Combs Researcher Debi Houser)

Note: "?Lenard?" Combs is actually Daniel Garrett Combs, son of Samuel & Nancy CORNETT Combs.
1860 Jackson Co., KY Census

D. G. COMES 25
Rachael 27
Jerihah F. 1

Note: Daniel Garrett Combs was the son of Samuel and Nancy CORNETT Combs. His wife Rachel's maiden name was TURNER. Jerihah F. is Jerusha Frances b 4 Sept 1859 Jackson Co., Ky per Vital Stats.

Samuel COMES 62 TN
Nancy 57 KY
Andrew 17
Malinda 13

Notes: Samuel Combs was the son of Nicholas and Nancy GRIGSBY Combs. Nancy CORNETT was Samuel's wife and both can be found on the 1870 Owsley Co., Ky Census.

#290 PENNINGTON, Levi 38
Rachael 36
Elihu 16
Manervy J. 14
Preston 13
Elander 11
Martha 9
Mary 7
John 5
Orlena 2
(Provided by Jackson Co., KY Researcher Jan Loomer)

Notes: m 11 Oct 1842, Perry Co., KY, Rachael Combs. See Owsley Co., KY for additional.

Civil War Notes for Levi Pennington and his widow Rachel:

According to the Civil War Widow's Pension File for Rachel Pennington, widow of Levi Pennington, said soldier served as a Sgt., Lt., and Captain in Col. Garrard's 7th Regiment of the Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, McNeal's Co. "C". The service record states he died 31 Dec. 1862 or 1 Jan. 1863 in battle and that he died at Vicksburg. An affidavit from Emanuel Arnold, resident of Moore's Creek, stated Levi died on the 29 of Dec. 1862 at Chickasaw Bluffs near Vicksburg. He further states that Levi was promoted to Captain but died before he received his commission. Pension file papers do show he was awarded his commission. Arnold states that his old Capt. sent his sword and overcoat home to his wife. Rachel first applied for a pension on 18 Jan. 1864 in Jackson Co, Ky, and was granted a pension on 14 March, 1864. Rachel stated in her initial application that she was a citizen of Jackson County but her current Post Office address was Memsboro x Road [??] in the County of Laurel. She stated she was married about 1842 in Perry County. She always gave her PO address as Jackson County in later affidavits as she reapplied several times to receive increases in the pension to which she was entitled. She was required to list on a Form Declaration the names and dates of births for her children who were not yet age 16 at the time of their father's death. Those listed were: Mary, born July 30, 1852; John, born March 23, 1856; Orlena, born April 1, 1858, and Minatree L, born 25 March 1861. The first time she listed these children, she included Martha, born Dec. 1849 which was then rubbed out and so noted by the official as having done so. This may mean that Martha was deceased by the time of her father's death or by the time of the pension act. She is not shown on any of the later listings of the children. On 22 Aug. 1900, Rachel listed her age as 75 or 79?. Nancy Arnold and M J Balis gave an affidavit confirming the children's ages and dates of birth. Emanuel Arnold deposed as to the soldier's date of death and promotion to Captain, and Henry Cook and Louis Hall attesting to knowing Rachel in 1884. One Martha A Gambill (age 50) and W B Gambill (age 17), not related, also deposed for Rachel on 29 Aug. 1900. Rachel Pennington died 5 June 1908. (Source:, original Civil War pension images, CW Application No. WC 15992. Abstracted for Combs &c by Sue Elfving.)

Note on the Battle of Chickasaw Bluffs: General Sherman launched his attack on the bluffs on 29 Dec. 1862 and suffered a very bad defeat losing many men although his forces greatly outnumbered the Confederate forces.

1870 Jackson Co., KY Census (Provided by Jackson Co., KY Researcher Jan Loomer)

Pond Creek Precinct

#111 PENNINGTON Rachel 46
John 14
Orlena 12
Lincoln 9

Notes: Widow of Civil War soldier Capt. Levi Pennington who was killed in 1862 at Chickasaw Bluffs near Vicksburg.

#112 PENNINGTON Preston 23
Susannah M. 24 N.C.
Levi 2 ½
Martha Ball 16
3 Sep 1877 Jackson Co., KY Vital Statistics. Marriages. (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick) General Combs, age 23, b Ky, resides Clay Co., farmer, parents born Ky, 1st marriage, married Mary BAKER age 21, b Ky, resides Jackson Co., parents born Ky, 1st marriage

Note: General George Washington Combs (a.k.a. General Combs), son of John & Rachel BAKER Combs (See 1860 Owsley KY Census). General and Mary are listed on the 1880 Clay and 1900 Jackson Co., Ky Census.
1880 Jackson Co., KY Census (Provided to Combs Researcher Debi Houser from Jan Loomer and Norma Adams)


BOWLING, Cidney 32, Blacksmith
Marinda 31
Sarah E 10
Allice 8
Robert I 6
Charley 3
Armina 6/12
Combs Albert 21 servant
Combs, James 19 "

Note: Albert and James Combs were sons of Nicholas and Polly BOWLING Combs. Nicholas was listed on the 1870 Laurel Co., Ky Census. Search Words: Sidney

Combs, Robert 25
Sarah 19

Note: Robert Combs was another son of Nicholas and Polly BOWLING Combs. Robert married 1879 Laurel Co., Ky to Sarah DUNCIL. Researcher Marilyn HANSEN stated that Robert and Sarah moved to Jellico, Tn around 1900.

Hunley, Samuel 67
Elizabeth 67
Sarah 25
Kenneth 13
George 8

Note: Samuel HUNDLEY, son of James & Sally COMBS Hundley (Combs), married Elizabeth COMBS, daughter of George "8" Combs and Lydia HARRELL (Source: Deed of 10 June 1852 in Perry Co., KY Deed Bk D p. 536-7 The couple was in Owsley Co., Ky. in 1870. Elizabeth was a COMBS per the 1856 Owsley Co. KY Vital Statistics Birth Record of daughter Susan C. HUNDLEY (see below).

Combs, Jasper 28
Susan C. 23
Malinda J. 8
Mary E. 6
Robert 4
Martha L. 2

Note: Jasper Combs appears to be the son of William & Lethia Ann BEGLEY Combs of Perry Co., KY (1850 Census, age 1). Jasper Combs b 1850 d 1935, buried in Walnut Hills Cem., Jackson Co., Ky along with his wife Susan Catherine, b 1858 d 1925. Jasper appears on the 1860 and 1870 Owsley Co., Ky Census, and the 1910 Clay Co., Ky Census. According to Jackson Co., KY Researcher Jan Loomer, Jasper Combs' wife's maiden name was Susan Catherine HUNDLEY, b ca 1857. She stated she didn't know who her parents were since no HUNDLEY'S appeared in Jackson County who were old enough to be Susan C.'s parents. Though on further review, Jan discovered Samuel HUNLEY (see above) In checking records for adjoining county Owsley Co., Ky., Samuel and Elizabeth COMBS Hundley had a daughter Susan C. HUNDLEY, born 19 Dec 1856. Susan Catherine's headstone in Walnut Hills Cem. in Jackson Co., Ky lists as "Catherine Combs 1858-1925" It appears that Susan Catherine HUNDLEY married Jasper Combs son of William Combs and Lethia Ann BEGLEY. More research is needed to prove that Susan C. was a HUNDLEY.

Susan 34 NC
Monroe 7
Rachel 8/12

Note: Preston was the son of Levi and Rachel Combs Pennington.

Luanna 13 ?wife
Rachel 58 mother

Note: Rachel Combs Pennington was the daughter of Levi Pennington.
1890 Veterans Schedule Index (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Houser)

Tarlton COMBS pg 057, Pond Creek

Note: Who is this?
3 June 1889 (PC-DBI:52-53). Deed of conveyance between Milton Combs and Pollyann Combs his wife of Jackson County of the first part and Samuel COUCH of Perry County of the second part...for $150 in hand paid...sells and conveys land...beginning on 2 sycamores...Scalom James COLWELLS BAKERS line...containing 50 acres more or less...signed Milton x Combs, Pollyann x Combs. Acknowledged 3 June 1889 and recorded 13 June 1880 (Source: Abstracted from original by Sue Elfving, FHC Microfilm #0968257).

SE Notes: Appears to be Milton, son of Byram and Mariah MESSER Combs. They are found in the 1880 Perry County census next to Green COLWELL and in Jackson County in 1900 census.
6 Feb 1894 (OC-DB6:264) Henry Combs of Lee Co, Ky, Jasper Combs of Jackson Co., Garrett Combs, Lee Co.; Daniel Combs of Owsley Co., Nancy Combs (late Nancy HAMMONS) of Lee Co., and Samuel Combs of Owsley, all heirs of William Combs (decd) to James J Combs of Owsley, heir of William Combs (deceased)..for and in consideration of heirship Lot #5 in division of the landed estate of William Combs deceased, 15.5a on Elk Lick Fk of Sturgeon Creek...also Lot #4 which was layed off to Garrett Combs heir of William Combs (deceased) and by these presents do hereby convey for the consideration of $95..20.25a on Elk Lick Fk of Sturgeon Creek...Also Lot #1 which was laid off to Henry Combs and by these presents is conveyed for $110..14a on Elk Lick Fk of Sturgeon Creek..Also Lot #2 which was laid off to Nancy Combs (late HAMMONS) who was an heir of William Combs deceased and by these presents convey for $110..14a on branch of S. Fk of Ky. River (Source: Owsley Co, Ky. Deeds, typed manuscript, FHC Microfiche #2526180 extracted by Sue Elfving).

SE Notes: William Combs deceased, son of Samuel & Nancy CORNETT Combs.
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