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 of Pendleton Co., KY

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Pendleton Co., KY was established in 1798 from Campbell, and Bracken Counties, KY. Campbell was formed from Harrison, Mason, Scott Counties, KY. Bracken was formed from Campbell and Mason Co., KY
1830, 1840, 1850, 1860 Census Pendleton Co., KY: No Combs found
1870 Census Cataba PO, 16 Jul 1870, Precinct 3, Pendleton, Kentucky; Roll: M593_494; Page: 430 HH 140/136 (transcribed by Deb Coombs from image of original census)
Dennis Combs, 35, m, black, working on a farm, KY, cannot read or write
Nancy, 35, f, black, keeps house, KY, cannot read or write
Henry T., 10, m, black, KY, cannot read or write
Mary A., 5, f, black, KY
James C., 2, m, black, KY
1880 Census Boston, Pendleton, Kentucky; Roll: T9_438; Family History Film: 1254438; Page: 503.3000; Enumeration District: 166; HH 206/210 (transcribed by Deb Coombs)
Benjamin F. Combs 28, married, farmer, KY KY KY
Mary F. Combs 25, wife, married, KY KY KY
Ann E. Combs 7, daughter, KY KY KY
Mary F. Combs 5, daughter, KY KY KY
Stella L. Combs 1, daughter, KY KY KY

See Benjamin in the 1900 Pendleton Co., KY Census.
1900 Census Mag Dist 6, 5 June 1900, Falmouth, Pendleton, Kentucky; Roll: T623 547; Sheet: 4A-4B; Enumeration District: 62 HH 74/76 (transcribed by Deb Coombs):
Benjamin Combs head Feb 1847, 53 m, 26, KY KY KY farmer
Sallie Combs wife Apr 1853 47 m 26 9 8 KY KY KY
Frank Combs son Apr 1884 16 s KY KY KY at school
Hazy A Combs daughter Mar 1887 13 s KY KY KY at school
Ada B Combs daughter Jul 1890 9 s KY KY KY
E Sherman Combs son May 1893 7 s KY KY KY
Rufus S Combs son Sep 1894 5 s KY KY KY
Charles A Combs son Jan 1898 2 s KY KY KY
Grace L Combs grandaughter Oct 1893 6 s KY KY KY

Note: Benjamin Combs and family are next in Kenton Co., KY in 1910; See his 23 May 1934 death certificated in Kenton Co., KY for further clues to identification. Note also that this is the only census in which his wife is named Sallie; in all other census she is named Mary F. He married Mary Frances Milner, Harrison Co., KY; see her 6 Dec 1940 Kenton Co., KY Death Certificate. See also the 9 Jan 1941 Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH Death Certificate for his son Edward Sherman Combs.
1930 Census Borton, Pendleton, Kentucky; Roll: 774; Sheet: 1B; Enumeration District: 12 (transcribed by Deb Coombs)
Junior Combs, 25, single, GA GA GA, labor steam railroad
(residing in a camp beside the railroad)
23 Apr 1951 Kentucky Death Certificate for Betty Lou Combs: female, white, child; born 28 Feb 1951, Pendleton Co., KY; Father: Steve Combs Mother: Dorothy Simmons; Informant: Mrs. Steve Combs; Burial: 25 Apr 1951 Butler Cemetery, Butler, Pendleton Co., KY (transcribed By Deb Coombs)
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