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Powell Co., KY was established in 1852 from Clark, Estill and Montgomery Counties, KY. The town of Stanton was earlier in Clark Co., KY

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14 July 1853 Powell Co., KY Vital Statistics Births. Caroline Josephine Combs daughter of William M./Sarah S. HARDWICK
1 Sept 1853 Powell Co., KY Vital Statistics. Marriages. James E. Combs age 22, born Ky, resides Powell md Margaret FRENCH age 22, born PA, resides Powell, by Thomas WHITE
16 June 1854 Powell Co., KY Vital Statistics. Births. William D. Combs son of James E./Margaret A. FRENCH
28 July 1855 Powell Co., KY Vital Statistics. Births. (blank), male, son of William M. Combs & Sarah HARDWICK
11 Jan 1856  Stanton, Powell Co., KY. Born: John C. Combs son of Cuthbert B. & Sallie DANIEL Combs, Jr., grandson of Cuthbert & Sally EVANS Combs, Sr. (Family Bible Record of John C. and Fannie HARDIN Combs)
3 Mar 1856 Powell Co., KY Vital Statistics Births. James ?Orear? Combs son ofJames E. /Margaret FRENCH
3 Feb 1857 Powell Co., KY Vital Statistics. Births. Matilda Combs daughter of William M ./Sarah HARDWICK
25 Nov 1857Powell Co., KY Vital Statistics Deaths. James W. Combs age 2, died of croup, son of James E. Combs

Notes: Probably same as James ? Orear? born 3 Mar 1856?
7 Jan 1858 Powell Co., KY Vital Statistics. Births. Rosannah Combs daughter of Marcus A. /Susan ADAMS

Notes: Marcus Alfred, son of Cuthbert B. and Sallie DANIEL Combs, Jr., grandson of Cuthbert & Sallie EVANS Combs, Sr., married 17 Mar 1840, Clark Co., KY, Susan ADAMS.
9 Oct 1858 Powell Co., KY Vital Statistics. Births. Mary Josephine Combs daughter of James E./Margaret FRENCH
1 Jan 1859 Powell Co., KY Vital Statistics. Births. Sarah Combs daughter of William M./Sarah HARDWICK
1860 Powell Co., Ky Census (Transcribed by Powell Co., KY Researcher Patsy Roe and provided to Combs Researcher Debi Houser for Combs Research)

Family 47
Combs M. A. (800) 54 m KY
Susan 38 f KY
William 19 m KY
Rob 17 m MO [Robert]
Benjamin H. 14 m MO
Elizabeth 11 f KY [Sarah Elizabeth]
Lucy 9 f KY
Frankey 7 f Ky
John 4 m KY
Rosanah 2 f KY

DK Note: Marcus Alfred Combs (son of Cuthbert & Sallie DANIEL Combs, Jr., grandson of  Cuthbert& Sally EVANS Combs, Sr.), born 22 Nov 1806, Clark Co., KY; died 6 Mar 1894, Callaway Co, MO; married 14 Mar 1840, Clark Co., KY, Susan ADAMS. Marcus and Susan are on the 1850 Clark Co., KY census, but removed to Callaway Co, MO for a short period, then back to KY, then back to Callaway.

Family # 120
Combs, James E (150) 28 m KY
Margret [FRENCH] 28 f KY
William O. 6 m [William D., born 16 Jun 1854, Powell, and died in 1870]
Mary J. 2 f
FRENCH, Zach 12 m
Susan 14 f

Family 342
Combs P. J. (300) 27 m KY
Amanda [TAYLOR] 21 f
John C 6/12 m
ROSE David P (2000) 29
Sarah 25
John 6
Rob P. 3
William B. 7/12

Notes: Could this be Paul J. (or Paul I.) Combs, son of Cuthbert "Cud" Combs by his first wife, Rebecca ALLEN (1850Clark Co., KY Census)?

Family 356
Combs William M (2100) 30 m KY (Tavernkeeper)
Sarah S. [HARDWICK] 34
James E. 9
Caroline J. 7
John W. 5 [b 28 Jul 1855, Powell?]
Francis 3 [possibly Matilda, b 3 Feb 1857,Powell?]
Sarah A 1 0

DK Note: Could he be the William M. Combs listed on the 1850 Montgomery Co., KY census (age 21) in the home of Daniel BIRCH? Son named after James E. in HH#120? Also note naming patterns may match those of James E. and Caroline PAISLEY Combs of Logan Co., KY. Not yet found in 1870.
26 Mar 1861 Powell Co., KY Vital Statistics Births. Algin B. Combs son of James E. Combs born Clark Co. & Margaret FRENCH born MD
19 July 1861 Powell Co., KY Vital Statistics Births. Archidald? Combs (f) daughter of M.A.Combs b Clark Co & Susan ADAMS born Clark

Notes: Archdale, a.k.a. Arkadial, Arkie Dile,etc., daughter of Marcus Alfred & Susan ADAMS Combs.

12 Sep 1861 Powell Co., KY Vital Statistics. Births. Daniel G. Combs son ofPaul Combsb Clark Co & Amanda TAYLOR born Estill Co.
17 May 1866 Stanton, Powell Co., KY. Marriage:  Robert Combs & Susan Ann PHIPPS (Combs Researcher Barbara Rivas)

BR Notes: Robert Combs, born 26 Nov 1842 Millersburg, Callaway Co., MO; died 7 Mar 1932 Yale, Payne Co., OK; married 17 May 1866 Stanton, Clark Co., KY, Susan Ann PHIPPS; son of Marcus (Marquis) A. & Susan ADAMS Combs. (Barbara Rivas Combs Family Tree) See Also Family Bible Record of Robert & Susan Ann PHIPPS Combs.

29 Jul 1866 Stanton, Powell Co., KY. Married: William E. Combs and Sarah Jane FORMAN (Combs Researcher Barbara Rivas who adds that William E. was the son of Marcus A. & Susan ADAMS Combs)
1870 Powell Co., KY Census (Partial extraction (birth states missing) Provided to Combs Researcher Debi Houser by Researcher Patsy Roe - all Combs in Powell this census year)

Precinct 2 Stanton Post Office

#116 James E. Combs (500-400) 39
Margaret [FRENCH] 38
William D. 16
Mary J. 12
Sarah S. 9
Algin B. 7
Nancy T. 3

Notes: Was Sarah S. named after Sarah S. HARDWICK, w/o William M. Combs?

#8 Precinct 2 City of Stanton

Sylvester Combs (1100-275) 31
Mary 19
Lilly 2
Yancey (1) 6/?

Notes: son of Cuthbert "Cud" and Lydia/LydiceDAVIS Combs; appears in their census household in Estill Co., KY in 1860,and he and wife, Mary F. (no marriage record located as yet) are on the1880 Estill Co., KY Census.

hh#103/103, p. 15/141, PO Stantin, Pct #2, July 15, 1870 transcribed by Sue Elfving from NARA Microfilm Series M593, Roll #495, p. 41/15
SNOWDEN, Jerry 32, male, farmer, b. Ky,  RE=$700/PP=$300
Barbara 33, female, keeping house, b. Ky
William G 8, male, b. Ky
Ordelecti(?) 1, male, b. Ky
Matilda 77, female, b. Ky

SE NOTE: Matilda Combs married James Snowdon Madison Co., KY 12 Feb. 1820 (See also1850 and 1860 Census Estill Co., KY for James Snowden and Matilda, the parents of Jerry. Apparently James H. Snowden had died between 1860 and 1870.

1874 Powell Co., KY Vital Statistics. Marriages. (water damaged) Seth Combs age 24 born Clark Co., parents born Clark Co., resides Clark Co., 1st marriage, married Theisa DANIEL, age 22, born Powell Co, parents born Clark Co., resides Powell, 1st marriage.

Notes: Seth Combs was the son of James and Polly Combs and are listed on the 1860 Montgomery Co., Ky Census.

26 Jan 1874 Powell Co., KY Vital Statistics. Births. Mattie B. BOONE daughter of William J. BOONE born Clark Co. & Caroline Combs born Powell Co.

Notes: Might this be Caroline Josephine, daughter of William M. and Sarah S. HARDWICK Combs?

5 May 1874 Powell Co., KY Vital Statistics Births. John L. Combs son of William Combs born Powell Co & Martha RAINEY born Breathitt Co.
10 Aug 1874 Powell Co., KY Vital Statistics Deaths. James E. Combs, Jr. age 22 [b ca 1852], born Powell Co., married, farmer, died from suicide, son of W. M. Combs born Powell Co. & Sarah born Montgomery Co.

Notes: James E. Combs, son of William M. and Sarah S. HARDWICK Combs, born ca 1851 per 1860 Powell census, missing from 1870? No marriage record located as yet.
10 Oct 1874 Powell Co., KY Vital Statistics Deaths. John L. Combs, Jr. age 4 1/2 months, born Powell Co., died of locked bowels, son of William Combs b Powell Co &Marthab Breathitt Co.
1 Nov 1874 Powell Co., KY Vital Statistics Births. twins, Mason & Shade Combs children of Sylvester Combs born Estill Co. & M. M. SCHOLL born Clark Co.

Notes: Sylvester and Mary F.(?) SCHOLL Combs? See 1880 Estill Co., KY Census, including re name of Shade-Sclidell.
1880 Powell Co., Ky Census (Transcribed by Researcher Patsy Roe forCombs Researcher Debi Houser)

Precinct #2

James Combs Black 11 son
(in household of Jackson JONES)

#58 Giddeon Combs 35 farms KY KY KY
Ellen [SCHOLL] 23
Sylvester C. 6 son
Carrie T. 4 dau
Annie B. 3 dau

DH Note: Giddeon [sic] Combs, son of Cuthbert and Lydia DAVIS Combs per his 1918 Fayette Co., KY Death Certificate. See 1870 Estill Co., KY Census.

#124 William M. Combs 51 farm KY KY KY
Sarah 32 wife
Sadie 21 dau
Jo Lane 19 dau
Belle 17 dau
Roland 13 son
Minnie 11 dau
Emma 9 dau
Rodney R 7 son
Thomas 5 son
Samuel T 2 son

DH Note: William M. Combs' wife in 1860 Powell was Sarah, age 34. Is the above a possible mistranscription of her age or is this a different wife? This family missing in 1870 so far.

#189 Alley Combs 20 KY KY KY
Cynthia 16 wife
Genora B 2/12

DH Note: Alley Combs is probably Algin B.Combs, son of James E. & Margaret FRENCH Combs.

# 190 James E. Combs 49 farms KY KY KY
Margaret [FRENCH] 49 wife
Stanley 19 M? dau
Nannie 12 dau
Thomas 9 son

DH Note: Stanley appears to be the same as Sarah S. Combs listed in 1870.

#192 William Combs 24 farm labor KYKY KY
Phoeba A 17 wife
Lela A. 2 dau
Nancy LARISON 16 servant

DH Note: William appears to be the son of James E. and Margaret FRENCH Combs.
1890 Ky Veterans Schedule Index: Wilson COMBS pg 164 Precinct No. 4
20 Oct 1895 Lee Co. Marriage: Roland COMBS, age 27, born Powell Co., Ky, 2nd marriage; Letha MAY, age 19, born Perry Co. KY. (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Lynda Combs Gipson)

Note: Roland COMBS was the son of William COMBS and is listed on the 1880 Powell Co., Ky Census.
18 May 1896 Lee Co. Marriages: Alley COMBS, age 36, born Powell Co., Ky, 2nd marriage; married 18 May 1896 Lizzy SPENCER, 1st marriage. (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Lynda Combs Gipson)

Note: Algin "Alley" B. COMBS was the son of James E. and Margaret FRENCH Combs.
1900 Powell Co., Ky Census (transcribed by Researcher Pat Roe and provided by Combs Researcher Debi Houser)

# 243 Thomas Combs head 29 m 3 years farmer
Effie wife 22 no children

DH Note: Thomas Combs is probably the same 9 yr old Thomas listed with James E. and Margaret FRENCH Combs.

# 325 James E. Combs Head 69 WD
Lizzie BELLAMY Servant 45 WD 2 children 2living
Annie May dau 6
Laura Allice 10/12

Note: James E. Combs was married Margaret FRENCH.

#491 Joe Combs head 45 married 22 years
Elizabeth wife 51 9 children 6 living VAVA VA
Sammie P son 17
Mary dau 11
Mahala ? dau 9
Green BANKS boarder 21
1910 Powell Co., KY Census (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Houser unless otherwise noted.)

South Fork Precinct

HH 152/154
John M COMBS 32
Elizabeth 34
William 12
Earl 10
Audney 9
Ethel 7
Loena 5
Arnold 3
Edna 1
(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Carter Combs - Partial transcription)

District 188

Visit 154
John M Combs 32 W KY
Lizzie 34 wife KY
William 12 son KY
Earl 10 son KY
Audrey 9 dau KY
Ethel 7 dau KY
Leona 5 dau KY
Arnold 3 son KY
Edney 1 dau KY

Note: John Monroe COMBS, son of Frederick and Louisa CHRISTIAN Combs, married 11 Mar 1897 Menifee Co., Ky to Martha Elizabeth LAWSON, daughter of Francis Marion and Josephine RUTHERFORD Lawson. John is listed with his parents on the 1880 Morgan Co., KY Census and with his wife on the 1900 Menifee Co., KY Census.

District 185

Visit 195
Pheobie COMBS 47 W KY
John 17 son KY
Goodloe 15 son KY
Otta 12 son KY
Fannie 10 dau KY
Lether 7 dau KY
Clara 6 dau KY

Notes: Pheobe Belcher Combs, was the widow of William D. COMBS, son of James E. & Margaret FRENCH Combs. She and William are found on the 1900 Breathitt Co., KY Census. Later, Pheobe and daughters Leatha and Clara are found living on the 1920 Wolfe Co., KY Census with William SPENCER. Pheobe is listed as BROWN.

Visit 196
Ol??e Combs 25 W KY
Nettie 17 wife KY
James NR son KY

Note: This is actually Cleveland COMBS, son of William D. & Phoebe BELCHER Combs. His wife was Nettie LARRISON/LARISON per the 1991 Butler Co., OH death certificate of James above.

District 186

Visit 5
Thomas Combs 39 W KY
Effie 31 wife KY
Mary L Hutton 23 sis-in-law KY

Notes: Thomas Combs, son of James E. & Margaret FRENCH Combs, was married to Effie HATTON per her death certificate. (See below)

03 Feb 1912 Kentucky Death Certificate of Willey Combs, white male widow, occupation farmer, age 65, born 3 Feb 1847 Breathitt Co., KY, died 3 Feb 1912 Powell Co., KY, died of vascular heart disease, son of don't know & Siler BOHEM? born don't know, buried West Bend, KY, undertaker Frank STONE, West Bend, KY, informant Silas Combs, West Bend, KY (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Debi Houser from microfilm copy)

Notes: The 1850 Breathitt Co., KY censusis not particularly forthcoming. The only remote possibilities seems to be Joseph and Delilah Combs Combs w/son, Wiley, 4; or Edwin [a.k.a. Edin] and Sylvania HARRELL Combs w/son William, 1. Given the following record, Joseph and Delilah may be most likely.
31 Mar 1913 Breathitt Co. Marriage Chester COMBS, age 32, single, farmer, born in Montgomery Co. resides in Montgomery Co. Ky, son of Seth COMBS; married 31 Mar 1913 to Nora BOONE, age 33, third marriage, born in Powell Co. Ky, resides in Indian Fields, Ky, daughter of Thomas OGDEN and Lucy OGDEN. Married in Jackson, Ky in thepresence of Gracie INGLE and Mattie LITTLE. (Transcribed by Lynda Combs Gipson from microfilm.)

Note: Seth COMBS born ca 1850 Montgomery Co. Ky, was the son of James and Polly COMBS of the same county.
19 Feb 1914 Breathitt Co. Marriages: Goodloe COMBS, age 21, single, farmer, born in Powell Co. Ky, resides at Filmore, Ky, son of Hillis COMBS, Estill Co., KY & Phobe COMBS, Wolfe Co., KY; married to Mollie CHILDERS, age 15, single, born in Lee Co. Ky, resides in Filmore, Ky, daughter of Charlie CHILDERS,Wolfe Co. Ky & Cinda CHILDERS, Lee Co. Ky Remarks: Bride's father gave consent. Married at the home of Charlie CHILDERS, Breathitt Co. Ky. in the presence of Curtis SPENCER and William BREWER. (Transcribed by Lynda Combs Gipson from microfilm.)
5 Feb 1915 Kentucky Death Certificate: James COMBS, white, male, single, age 42 yrs; born 1873 unknown; died 5 Feb 1915 Powell Co., Ky of tuberculosis of bowles following or complicating pulmonary tuberculosis; s/o Wiley COMBS b unknown and unknown COMBS b (blank); informant: Clint COMBS of West Bend, Ky; buried West Bend 6 Feb 1915 by J. E. ?Everman? of West Bend, Ky; filed 6 Feb 1915 Mrs. B. F. BERRY registrar. (Transcribed by Debi Houser)

DH Note: Wiley and Celia COMBS are listed on the 1870 Lee and 1880 Breathitt Co., Ky Census. In 1880, they have a son James age 7 living with them. 1900 Owsley lists Wiley as a widower and his daughter Massie is living with him. Wiley is probably the s/o Joseph and Delitha COMBS of Breathitt Co., Ky. Wiley's dc (Powell Co) has already been posted to the list but his father's name wasn't listed and his mother's name was hard to read but appeared to look like Siler BOHEM.
1920 Powell Co., KY Census (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Carter Combs - Partial transcription)

Slade Precinct

John M COMBS 42
Elizabeth 40
Earl 20
Audney 18
Arnold 15
Ethel 13
Leona 11
Buford 8
Ernest 6
Estelle 4
Opal 1
Lavenia Josephine 66 Mother-in-law

Note: John Monroe COMBS was the son of Frederick & Louisa CHRISTIAN Combs.

9 Apr 1923 Kentucky Death Certificate: #12231 of Preston Combs; white male married; age about 65 [bca 1857]; born not known in Ky; died 9 Apr 1923 Powell Co., Ky; son of Joseph Combs born Ky & not known; informant Adley Combs of West Bend, Ky; buried West Bend 10 Apr 1923; undertaker J. C. EVERMAN of West Bend, Ky (Combs Researcher Debi Houser)

Notes: Is this Preston Combs, born 15 Jun 1859, Breathitt Co., KY, son of Joseph & Delilah Combs Combs?
13 Mar 1926 Commonwelth of Kentucky, Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics: Certificate of Death, Volume 017 Cert 08367 Deathvol 26 Place of Death: Powel, vot pct #2, Town: Stanton, Reg dist nr. 1201, Prim reg dist nr: 7209, Full Name: Mary N. Combs, Sex: Female, Color or Race; White, Marital status; Married, Date of birth: 15 Oct (nothing else)(so must be born abt 1888), Age: 38 yrs, 5 mos, Birthplace: Wolf Co. Ky., Name of father; J.C. Gilley, Birthplace: Va., Maiden name of mother: Susan Bush, Birhtplace: Wolf Co. Ky., Informant: Sam Combs, Address: Stanton, Ky., Filed: 3/13, 1926, Guy M. Crona, Date of Death: March 13, 1926, I hereby certify that I attended deceased from Feb, 1926 to Mar 13, 1926, that I last saw her alive on March 13, 1926 and that death occurred on the date stated above at (blank). Cause of death: Cancer Colon. Duration: 3 mos. Signed: I. W. Johnson M.D. March 13, 1926, Address: Stanton, Burial: Torrent, Ky., Undertaker; J. S. Einln (sic) Address: Stanton, Ky. (Death Certificate provided by Combs researcher Lynda Combs Gipson Transcribed and posted by Combs researcher Jimmie "CrashedOne" Combs)
19 Oct 1931 Kentucky Death Certificate of Thomas Combs, white, male, married, farmer; Age: 60 yrs 8 mos 9 dys; Spouse Effie Combs; Born: 14 March (no year listed) Ky; Died: 19 Oct 1931 Stanton, Powell Co., Ky; buried: Hatton Creek 20 Oct 1931; son of James Combs born Ky & Margrett FRENCH born Pa; no informant (Combs Researcher Debi Houser)
9 Jan 1936 Kentucky Death Certificate: of Sye Combs of West Bend, white, male, married, farmer; Age: 55 yrs 3 mos 27 ds; Spouse: Sarah Combs; Born: 12 Sept 1880 Ky; Died: 9 Jan 1936 West Bend, Powell Co., Ky; buried West Bend 10 Jan 1936 by J. C. HERMAN of Stanton, KY; son of Wiley/Willy Combs born Ky & Celia Combs born Ky; informant: Arthur Combs of West Bend, Ky (Combs Researcher Debi Houser)
22 May 1941 Kentucky Death Certificate: of Effie Combs of Stanton, Ky , white, female, widowed, housekeeper; Age 63 yrs; Spouse: Thomas Combs; Born Ky; Died 22 May 1941 Stanton, Powell Co., Ky; buried Hatton Creek 23 May 1941; daughter of John Henry HATTON born Ky & Susan RANDELL born Ky; informant: Ephraim HATTON of Stanton, Ky. (Combs Researcher Debi Houser)
25 Nov 1945 Kentucky Death Certificate: #24413 of Harrison H. Combs white, male, widowed resides: Virden, Powell Co., Ky age: 102 yrs 6 mos 22 ds occupation: farmer born: 3 May 1843Perry Co., Ky died 25 Nov 1945 Virden, Powell Co., Ky of senility son of Jerry Combs born Ky & Sally GRISBY [sic] born Ky informant: Wade Combs of Clay City, Ky buried Combs 26 Nov 1945 by (couldn't make out the name) filed 3 Dec 1945 Roth Patton, registrar (Combs Researcher Debi Houser)

Notes: Harrison Combs, age 2 (b ca 1848), appears in the 1850 Perry Co., KY Census in the HH of his parents,Jeremiah C. "Chunky" and Sallie GRIGSBY Combs, and in the 1860 Perry Co., KY Census, age 13, in the HH of his mother, Sallie GRIGSBY, and step-father, Hiram C. WOOTEN. In the 1870 Perry Co., KY Census, he is listed as Harrison Combs, age 22, with wife, Peggy, age 35, and son, Wade, born May 1870 (probably a namesake of Harrison's brother, Wade). A Samuel ALLEN, age 10, is also in the 1870 HH and may indicate that Peggy was a widow ALLEN. Also, one of those listed in Josiah H. Combs' Combes Genealogy under "Old Persons Interviewed" was a Harrison Combs, born 1848, Powell [sic] Co., KY. Not yet determined which Harrison Combs this was, but probably the above? Seeking transcription (if any) of this interview!
25 Nov 1957. Herald Leader, Lexington, Fayette Co., KY. Obituary. Mrs. Polly Ann Combs , Stanton [Powell Co., KY], Nov 24----
Mrs. Polly Ann Combs, 84, a widow, died early Saturday night at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Elmer JOHNSON, at Virden. Other survivors include three other daughters, Mrs. C. W. MILLER, Irvine; Mrs. Dewey WILLIAMS, Dayton, Ohio, and Mrs. Nick CAMPBELL, Miamisburg, Ohio; four sons, Taylor Combs, Waltersville; Robert Combs, Spring Valley, Ohio; Ashford Combs, Middletown, Ohio; and Alex B. Combs, Louisville; four brothers, John FUGATE, Hazard [Perry Co,KY]; Andy FUGATE, Haddix; Jerry FUGATE, Darfork, and L. H. FUGATE, Waltersville. Funeral services will be conducted at 11 a. m. (CST) Monday at the Hearne Funeral Chapel by the Rev. Paul DAY and the Rev. George W. COOK, Burial will be in the Combs Cemetary in Powell County. The body is at the funeral home. (Combs Researchers John W. and Karen Campbell)

JWKC Notes: There is also a side note scribbled in the margin that says: "Aunt Maggie was left out, they put her husband, Taylor Combs as being a son." Polly Ann (FUGATE) Combs was our grandmother, wife of Wade Combs. Our mother was Vina Combs b. 4 Feb1906 in Perry Co. KY, died 6 Oct. 1989, in Camden, Preble Co., OH. She was married to Nick CAMPBELL born 27 March 1903 in Dice, Perry Co., KY, died 13 March 1986 in Miamisburg, OH. They were married 17 Feb. 1923 in Engles, KY. My mothers parents were: Wade Combs born 4 Jul.1870 in KY. died 22 May 1948 in Powell Co., KY, married Polly Ann FUGATE date unk, she was born 1872 in Dice, Perry Co., Ky, died 23 Nov. 1957 in Irvine, Powell Co., KY. Their children were: James Monroe born 1898; Nancy born 1902; Robert born 1905; Vina, born 4 Feb. 1906; Canzalia 24 Dec. 1908; Sally Ann born 1 feb. 1912; Belvie (Lucinda) 10 Nov.1913.

Important: All Records collected for this county have not been added here as yet.