The first Europeans arrived in the area in 1543 with DeSoto. France claimed the land, however, when La Salle explored in 1682. By 1763, Ascension Parish was Spanish Territory, and three years later the government issued the first land grants. Louisiana joined the United States with the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Donaldsonville, the current parish seat, was the capital of the state for a short period beginning in 1830-31.

1803 (from Louisiana Genealogical Register, Dec 1988 issue, pp. 303 & 312)

Property owners in Ascension Parish at the time of statehood:

COMES (See Marie Landry)
LANDRY, Marie (widow of Jos. COMES)

Ascension Parish Marriage Records

(extracted by Combs Researcher Sharon Natoli from Louisiana Parish Records 1766-1844)

COMES Marceline17 Nov 1816BRAUD, Arthemise
COMES Thomas17 Nov 1816BOURDIER, Marie Clara
COMES Celesin4 Oct 1817CIRE, Pierre
COMES Celine10 Oct 1817CIRE, Pierre
COMES Roselle11 Aug 1846COMES Juste
COMES Camille19 Aug 1851BRAUD, Estelle
COMES Just23 Nov 1858BRUAD, Corrine
COMES Joseph Edward13 Nov 1877BAUER, Madeline

Chronology of Records

1810 Ascension Parish Census Index

P. 11
Madam COMES 11110-22010-09

1820 Ascension Parish Census Index

Bayou Lafourche

P. 10
Marcelin COMES

1830 Ascension Parish Census Index

Page 32
Hebert COMES

Page 39
Marselin COMES

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