Orleans County, one of twelve original Counties of Orleans Territory drawn by the Territorial Legislature on April 10, 1805. It included the present-day parishes of Orleans, St. Bernard, Plaquemines and Jefferson. By Act of Congress of April 8, 1812, Louisiana was admitted into the Union, to take effect April 30, 1812.

Unless stated otherwise records are from USGenWeb Archives Project - Orleans Parish, LA

1791 (Extracted from CD by Sharon Burnette pending transcription of record)
Orleans Parish, LA [Tax List?]
Rosita COMBS

1810 Orleans Parish, LA Census

p. 249

[Chartres Street]

[p.191/ln.53] Thomas [Thos] COMBS 30010-00010-00

Note: Bracketed [information] from USGenWeb Census Project Transcription. Also image available.

1811 New Orleans City Directory

Combs Thos. menuisier, cabinet maker 33 Chartres

Combs Thomas menuisier, cabinetmaker 2nd house from Ursuline

Note: Two entries (same person?).

31 Dec 1812 Combs Dare 66 yrs - C 12/31/1912 156 757

(Orleans Parish Death Index)

9 Feb 1815 (Fannie Combs Gough Ms.)
New Orleans. Died: "Cornelius COMBS, b. March 2, 1783; died in New Orleans Feb 9, 1815 from effects of wounds received in Battle of New Orleans."

Notes: This is incorrect as Cornelius COMBS did not die until 10 Oct 1865 in Maryland; however, according to Combs Researcher Linda Bloomfield, who was able to examine the original Combs Bible at the Maryland Historical Society on April 14, 1995, D. Perry COMBS, the missing 13th child omitted from the manuscript, is listed in the Bible as born 10 July 1785, died 9 Feb 1815.

23 Aug 1815 Combs J. C. 30 yrs M W 08/23/1915 164 294

(Orleans Parish Death Index)

17 Sep 1819 Comb Josephine 22 yrs F W 9/17/1819 1 30

(Orleans Parish Death Index)

1820 Orleans Parish, LA Census Index

New Orleans City

p. 057

Note: USGenWeb Census Project transcribes as COOMER, NN [no name] 1 male 25-44 on CONTE STREET.

4 Aug 1828 (Extracted by Combs Researcher Sharon Natoli from Louisiana Parish Records 1474-1912; searchword HAMILTON)
Orleans Parish Marriage Records:
COMES, John & AMILTON, Marcelite

Notes: Ouachita Parish Marriage records include COMES, John & AMILTON, Marcelite, dated 7 Aug 1828.

1830 Orleans Parish, LA Census Index

p. 009
Hennry COM

p. 142
Widow COMB

p. 173

16 Apr 1839 Coombs Eliza -- F W 16 Apr 1839 13 617

(Orleans Parish Death Index)

7 Jan 1844 (Extracted by Combs Researcher Sharon Natoli from Louisiana Parish Records 1474-1912)
Orleans Parish Marriage Records:
COUMES, Paulin & CHANDON, Nanette

21 May 1844 (Louisiana BLM Records)
COMBS, Franklin Y N Louisiana 2177 Y 5/21/1844 New Orleans 1 6 5/ 1 S 8 E N Louisiana 166.5 Point Coupee LA0130_.334

25 Dec 1845 Combe Hermina 2 yrs F W 12/25/1845 11 51

(Orleans Parish Death Index)

30 Jun 1847 Combs Jane 25 yrs F W 6/30/1847 11 411

(Orleans Parish Death Index)

30 Jul 1847 Snelling Jane Combs 25 yrs F W 7/30/1847 11 411

(Orleans Parish Death Index)

Note: Same as above?

ca 1848 (Extracted by Combs Researcher Billie Combs from a book listing burials at the City Cemetery, Brownsville, TX, Sept 8, 1873 to March 29, 1900)
New Orleans, LA. Born: Mrs C.B. COMBS, 39 years old, died Sept 7, 1887, born in New Ols. [Couldn't read the cause of death].

22 Dec 1848 Coombes Samuel 35 yrs M W 12/22/1848 11 1215

(Orleans Parish Death Index)

1851 New Orleans City Directory

Combe, Bertrand & Co. Franklin Exchange c.h. Elysian Fields op. R.R. depot, t. my. d. Bourbon b. Toulouse & St. Peter

Combe J. Craps b. Montegut & Clouet

Combes Jacques 240 Craps

Combs H. M., Miss dress-maker 13 Villere b. Common & Gravier

11 Sep 1854 Combe Bertrand 35 yrs - W 9/11/1854 16 201

(Orleans Parish Death Index)

20 Oct 1855 Combs Robert 34 yrs M W 10/20/1855 17 240

(Orleans Parish Death Index)

20 Jul 1857 Combe Laure Chazotte 33 yrs F W 7/20/1857 18 479

(Orleans Parish Death Index)

04 Dec 1859 Combe Jacques 64 yrs M W 12/4/1859 20 462

(Orleans Parish Death Index)

1860 Orleans Parish LA Census


Wm. Combs(?) 22 M " MA

1861 New Orleans City

Combe Susan, Mrs. 318 Baronne

Combes Jaques Cot. Press n. Goodchildren

Combs Etienne 297 Chartres

23 Jan 1863 Cameron E. Edouard William Henriette M. Combs M W 01/23/1863 33 737

(1863 Orleans Parish Birth Index)

20 Apr 1864 Comba Stephen 21 yrs - W 04/20/1864 25 606

(Orleans Parish Death Index)

3 Sep 1865 Comb Matilda Barbara Peter Ann Clark F W 09/03/1865 38 302

(Alphabetical Birth Indexes for Orleans Parish 1796 - 1900)

06 Mar 1866 Cooms Mary McStay 33 yrs F W 3/6/1866 31 356

(Orleans Parish Death Index)

1866 New Orleans City Directory

Combe L. D. com. mer. d. 330 Baronne

Combe Susan d. 318 Baronne

Combs Etienne, Mrs. d. 57 Hospital

Combs Peter laborer 50 Piety, d. 3

13 Sep 1876 (Extracted by Combs Researcher Sharon Natoli from Louisiana Parish Records 1474-1912)
Orleans Parish Marriage Records:
COMES Lucinda & CAPER, Ernest

1877 New Orleans City Directory

Combe L. D. com mer d. 330 Baronne

Combe Susan d. 318 Baronne

Combs Etienne, Mrs. d. 57 Hospital

Combs Peter laborer 50 Piety, d. 3

27 Nov 1880 (Extracted by Combs Researcher Sharon Natoli from Louisiana Parish Records 1474-1912)
Orleans Parish Marriage Records:

Sep 1882 - Dec 1883 8071 " " Frank Henry Combs 30 M/W cor. Derbigny & Kelerec New Orleans Clerk M Delirium of Persecution 2 yrs Malarial Fever *

List of Persons Adjudged to be Insane by the Civil District Court for the Parish of Orleans

11 Jun 1883 Zimmermann Jenny Louis Mary Combs F W 06/11/1883 101 246

(1883 Orleans Parish Birth Index)

30 Aug 1884 Combe Frank A. 22 mos - C 08/30/1884 85 882

(Orleans Parish Death Index)

17 Feb 1885 Combe Gertrude 02 mos - C 02/17/1885 86 789

(Orleans Parish Death Index)

04 Apr 1885 Combs Mary Louisa 52 yrs - W 04/04/1885 86 885

(Orleans Parish Death Index)

15 Apr 1886 Combe Adrien Joseph Adrien Mary E. Christine M W 04/15/1886 83 1127

(Alphabetical Birth Indexes for Orleans Parish 1796 - 1900)

04 Jul 1886 Comber Thomas H. P., Mrs. 43 yrs F W 07/04/1886 89 636

(Orleans Parish Death Index)

8 Feb 1887 Zimmermann Mary Louis Mary Combs F W 02/08/1887 101 247

(1887 Orleans Parish Birth Index)

11 Aug 1891 Cooms Charles Thomas William Henry Annie Schindeldecker M W 08/11/1891 92 576

(Alphabetical Birth Indexes for Orleans Parish 1796 - 1900)

18 Mar 1892 Betz Wilhelmina Combs 55 yrs F W 03/18/1892 101 496

(Orleans Parish Death Index)

14 Jun 1900 (Extracted by Combs Researcher Sharon Natoli from Louisiana Parish Records 1474-1912)
Orleans Parish Marriage Records:
COUMES John B & BERGEZ, Jeanne

3 Aug 1900 Combs James K Jr James K Ramona Gonzalez - - 08/03/1900 124 746

(1900 Orleans Parish Birth Index)

12 Dec 1902 Combs Catherine James K. Romona Gonzalez F W 12/12/1902 124 745

(1902 Orleans Parish Birth Index)

13 Sep 1910 (The Elizabethtown News [Hardin Co, Ky], extracted by Carolyn Wimp)

Mrs. Bettie COOMBS Saxby, the only daughter of the late Dr. W.F. COOMBS of Hardin Co. [KY] and sister of Dr. Horace COOMBS of Cave City, and wife of Rev. SAXBY of New Orleans, died of cancer at the Nashville sanitarium Aug. 25, aged 57 years. She had many friends in this, her native county, was consecrated christian and perfectly resigned to her last sad affliction. She will be sadly missed by her devoted husband in whose work she enlisted so faithfully."

03 Aug 1918 Combs George 38 yrs M C 08/03/1918 172 1064

(Orleans Parish Death Index)

1937 Comb Eva 1937 209 181

(Orleans Parish Death Index)

1937 Combs Jimmey 1937 209 2936

(Orleans Parish Death Index)

Orleans Parish Death Index

Name of DeceasedAgeSexColorDoDVolPage
Betz Wilhelmina Combs55 yrsFW03/18/1892101496
Comb Josephine22 yrsFW9/17/1819130
Comb Eva1937209181
Comba Stephen21 yrs-W04/20/186425606
Combe Bertrand35 yrs-W9/11/185416201
Combe Frank A.22 mos-C08/30/188485882
Combe Gertrude02 mos-C02/17/188586789
Combe Hermina2 yrsFW12/25/18451151
Combe Jacques64 yrsMW12/4/185920462
Combe Laure Chazotte33 yrsFW7/20/185718479
Comber Thomas H. P., Mrs.43 yrsFW07/04/188689636
Combs Dare66 yrs-C12/31/1912156757
Combs George38 yrsMC08/03/19181721064
Combs J. C.30 yrsMW08/23/1915164294
Combs Jane25 yrsFW6/30/184711411
Combs Jimmey19372092936
Combs Mary Louisa52 yrs-W04/04/188586885
Combs Robert34 yrsMW10/20/185517240
Combs Wilhelmina55 yrsFW03/18/1892101496
Coombes Samuel35 yrsMW12/22/1848111215
Coombs, James K.36 yrs-W01/24/19081421176
Cooms Mary McStay33 yrsFW3/6/186631356
Morgan, Eliza Coombs-- F W16 Apr 183913617
Snelling Jane Combs25 yrsFW7/30/184711411

Alphabetical Orleans Parish Grooms' Marriage Index

Comb Andrew J.38Dillon Ellen2107/05/189518 479
Comber Thomas H. P.-- Millar Mrs. Jennie--03/14/1876 5 576
Combs Henry23Harrison Pauline1603/08/189820 495
Combs John Dudley22Kelley Katie2511/05/188511 503
Combs, Joseph Alexander--Lydia Edmonston--08/18/190426104
Comer Alexander37Hale Lucinda3612/15/188813 511
Comer John--Cloe Annie--02/05/187614 210
Coombs, George--Ardel Wilson--03/18/191335314
Coumes John B.22Feehan Mary1703/02/188913 679
Louis William Davis24Combs, Catherine Geraldine2001/13/1924481653

List of Interments in all the Cemeteries of New Orleans from 1 May to 1 Nov 1853

St. Louis No. 2

Comb Odile 5 mos u o 1-Jun

Charity Hospital

Combs James 21 yrs New York f 3-Aug

Lafayette Cemetery

Come_s Child of Mrs. New Orleans o 12-Oct

Compiled Service Records - 8th Louisiana Infantry

Company C - 8th Louisiana Infantry
The Attakapas Guards - St. Martin Parish

Combs, Adelma Pierre


Note: These indexed records can be ordered from the New Orleans Public Library, use the link (in Source) for more information. Also, according to the New Orleans Public Library website, they were filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah and can be obtained from any Family History Center.

Louisiana Inventories 1803-1877 (Index)

Source: New Orleans Public Library, City Archives, Index to Orleans Parish

1817 Combe, Jean Bte.

1851 Comer, P. F.

1855 Comer, S. F.

1821 Coombs, Joseph

1855 Coombs, R.

Louisiana. First Judicial District Court Suit Records, 1813-1835.

Source: New Orleans Public Library, Index to Suit Records





New Orleans Parish Index to Parish Court Suit Records 1813-1835

Source: New Orleans Public Library, New Orleans Parish

#124 Coombs, Joseph v George & Syler

#1623 Combe [widow] & Morey, Jean Baptiste v Rodrigues, Abraham

#7474 Combe, Michel v Lartet, M. , F. Grand Guillot

Index to Civil Suit records 1807-1813 City Court of New Orleans

Source: New Orleans Public Library, City Archives



#2673 THOMAS COMBS v HIS CREDITOR (25 names)

#2784 Ursin DROUET v Joseph DRUOET, L. COMBS, John GOODWIN

#2800 Francis COMBE v Madame DUFOUR

#2806 Francoise COMBE v William DUFOUR

Submitted by Sue Elfving

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