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Except where otherwise noted, all Charles County tax lists were prepared and annotated by Combs &c. researchers from transcriptions generously provided by Charles County Researcher John B. Lomax (See also some individual Combs &c. Charles County tax list extractions can be found in the Charles County Combs Records (1600s, 1700s, etc.). All annotations in [brackets] are John's. All other annotations are by Combs &c. Researchers. See below for new Charles County Tax List Search Engine

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Index to Charles County Annotated Tax Lists
1733 Tax Lists
Port Tobacco, Upper West Side
Port Tobacco, Lower West Side
Port Tobacco, East Side
Durham Parish, Upper
Durham Parish, Lower
William & Mary Parish, Upper
William & Mary Parish, Lower
Newport, Upper West Side
Newport, Lower West Side
Newport, East Side
Benedict Leonard
1758 Tax Lists*
Durham, Lower
Newport Hundred, East Side
Pamunkey Hundred
Portobacco Parish, West Side
Trinity Parish, Upper Hundred
William and Mary Parish, Lower Hundred
1783 Tax Lists (coming soon)
*All 1758 tax lists are not extant. These are those that have survived.

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