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Wayne County was established in 1796. At its founding, the County's borders stretched from the County seat in Detroit, to encompass almost all of Michigan, as well as northern Indiana, the eastern edge of Illinois [including what is now the city of Chicago], and a small wedge of Wisconsin. There had been settlers in the area since Detroit was founded by French explorers in 1701.

Also see BLM Land of Michigan - Wayne County.

1820 Wayne Co, MI Census Index

Isaac A. Combs

1820-1821 Detroit, Wayne Co, MI Voters Lists

Isaac A. Combs (also in River Huron on a tax roll of Wayne Wayne & Washeraw Counties, Michigan Territories). (Extracted by Combs Researcher Robert George from Michigan Territorial Papers)

1825 Moguay, IN, Wayne Co, Michigan Territory Voters List

Isaac H. [sic] Combs

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Robert George from Michigan Territorial Papers)

1830 Wayne Co, MI Census Index

Page 021
Jacob Combs

Page 023
Isaac A. Combs

Page 027
Thomas Combs


Page 038
George COOMS

3 Dec 1830 Wayne Co, MI. BLM Land

Bartlett Combs
Jacob Combs
Thomas Combs

7 Aug 1837 Wayne Co, MI. BLM Land. Isaac Combs

1840 Wayne Co, MI Census Index

Detroit Twp

Page 172
George Combs

Page 198
Alonzo COMBO

Ecorse Twp

Page 327

1850 Wayne Co, MI Census Index

Detroit Cty

Joseph Combs



Taylor Twp

Isaac Combs

1870 Wayne Co, Census Index
Including City of Detroit

Found at Library of Michigan. You can also view images of this census from here (pdf format).


Combs Cathrine 709-710 349

Combs Jackson 709-710 349

City Of Detroit

Detroit Ward 8

Coombs Horan 714-715 187R

Detroit Ward 9

Coombs Alonazo 714-715 232R

Combs William 714-715 299

Detroit Ward 10

Combs John 14-715 383

1910 Wayne Co, MI Census

Series: T624 Roll: 682

6 Ward Detroit

Page: 131

190/213 Arthur Coombs, head, 26, M1, 1, Canada, Cnd, Cnd, Engineer, cold storage plant
Emma (or Irma) W., 24, M1, 1, 0, 0, MI, Germany, Germany

(the M1 means married one time, for one year, and Emma has had no children)

Deb Coombs