Clark County was established in 1836 from Jefferson, Des Moines and Jackson, all attached to and formed a part of Lewis County.

Clark County MO Marriages

17 June 1838 Combs, William to Eliza EWING

(Source: Missouri Marriages submitted by Barbata Stacy Mathews, specific source not provided)

11 Mar 1866 NOE, Isaac m. COMBS, Sarah Elizabeth

25 Dec 1866 HANSLOW, George m. COMBS, Catharine Ann

06 Oct 1874 COMBS, Daniel m. MOSELY, Agnes

09 Sep 1877 COMBS, Thomas m. LOREN, Amanda

14 Nov 1881 COMBS, Daniel W. m. HECKER, Ida M.

28 Dec 1881 COMBS, Byron E. m. COFFRIN, Missouri B.

04 Aug 1882 COMBS, Willard m. STOVER, Bell

24 Mar 1886 WATSON, George m. COMBS, Mary

24 Jan 1887 HUMPHREY, R. J. m. COMBS, Beatrice V.

03 Apr 1891 SELF, Irving E. m. COMBS, Alice C.

15 Jan 1894 STEVENS, Irvin L. m. COMBS, Maude

05 Oct 1895 BUELL, Robert A. m. COMBS, May

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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