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Harrison County was created in 1845 from Daviess Co. It is located in northwest Missouri and borders Ringgold and Decatur Cos., Iowa. There was a courthouse fire in 1874 but few records were lost. The county seat is Bethany. NOTE: COMERS were more numerous than Combs in this county. COMER records have not been abstracted, but the COMER name should be considered when evaluating these records.

1880 Harrison Co, MO Census


p. 48C

Michael COMBS Self M Male W 37 IN Farmer OH OH
Agnes COMBS Wife M Female W 31 IN Keeping House KY SC
Ellsworth COMBS Son S Male W 12 MO Works On Farm IN IN
Charlot COMBS Dau S Female W 10 MO IN IN
Oleva COMBS Dau S Female W 8 MO IN IN
William COMBS Son S Male W 6 MO IN IN
Lucy COMBS Dau S Female W 2 MO IN IN

(Source: FHC 1880 Census Transcription)

Notes: Possibly Michael Combs, s/o of Robert Combs of Delaware Co, IN and later Union and Fremont Cos, IA. Michael Comes married 5 Dec 1867 Agnes HACKER. They have not been located in the 1900 census but appear to be the same as in the 1910 Worth Co, MO census wherein they stated they had 7 children with 6 living. Son Ellsworth may be same as in this Worth Co, MO death notice: COMBS, Ellsworth --died 10 June 1908, aged about 35. He was drowned in the Grand River near Denver, MO. He was an epileptic & had gone fishing & had a fit & rolled down the bank into the river as told by a youngester (sic) who saw the happening. Burial in the Lamb cem.

Sources: HARRISON COUNTY, MISSOURI MARRIAGE RECORDS, Book A, 1845-1881, Compiled by the Harrison County Genealogical Society, 1983, cited below as Marriages, 1845-1881. Note: "Book A has a single line entry which gives the name of the groom, bride , minister, date of marriage and date recorded. If there is a page number given to the right of the Bride and Groom, this means the marriage is also found in Book B. Book, B has the marriage license written out. Many times it tells where the Bride and Groom each lived, where they were married, date of marriage and if they were of age."

HARRISON COUNTY, MISSOURI MARRIAGE RECORDS, 1881-1899, Compiled by Harrison County Genealogical Society, 1988, cited below as Marriages 1881-1899.

MARRIAGE RECORDS, HARRISON COUNTY, MISSOURI, Oct 1899 - Feb 1917, Compiled by Harrison County Genealogical Society, 1995. No Combs entries.

INDEX IN THREE PARTS TO WANAMAKER HISTORY OF HARRISON COUNTY, MISSOURI, 1921, Compiled by Harrison County Genealogical Society, 1995. No Combs entries in the History Section before 1850 or the Surname Index to Every Name in the Biographical Section. The History Section after 1850 includes Howard T. Combs on p. 216.

HARRISON COUNTY MISSOURI CEMETERY RECORDS, Compiled by Harrison County Genealogical Society, 1985, cited below as Cemetery Records.

RIDGEWAY: THEN AND NOW, 1880-1980, Alice Jean Allen, Editor, cited below as Ridgeway History. There is no index to this book, but the family biographies are listed in alphabetical order.

5 Dec 1867 COMES, Michael Agnes HACKER 124 (Marriages 1845-1881, p. 12)

3 Mar 1872 Combs, Frank Christina DOWNEY 240 (ibid.)

2 Feb 1896 Combs, Robert B. Bertha E. WHISLER Book 4, Page 57 (Marriages 1881-1899, p. 12)

6 Nov 1896 Infant dau of R. S. & B. Combs buried in Ridgeway Cemetery (Cemetery Records, p. 190)

1938 Robert S. (sic) Combs, 1868-1938, Ridgeway Cemetery (ibid.)

1946 Bertha Combs, 1873-1946, Ridgeway Cemetery (ibid.)

Note: Ridgeway Cemetery, also known as Henry Cemetery, is located on the northern edge of the village of Ridgeway, MO. To reach the cemetery, turn west off Route T onto the last gravel road in town. The cemetery is on the north side of the road.

R.B. Combs FAMILY (Ridgeway History, pp. 124-125)

R. B. (Bert) and Bertha Combs were married at the family home east of Ridgeway in a double wedding with her sister, Ollie, and Ernest PONTIUS in 1896. They all lived in South Missouri for several years but returned to Ridgeway about 1902. Bert carried the mail on rural routes for 16 years. Bertha was very active in the Christian Church and served many years as Sunday School Superintendent. In 1920 they moved, with their daughter Opal, and family to Canada. They spent some time there and then in the northwest and Wyoming before returning to Ridgeway in 1934. Bert passed away in Ridgeway in 1938 and Bertha in 1946.

GERALD PONTIUS FAMILY (Ridgeway History, pp. 183-184) Gerald and his twin sister, Grace, were born…northeast of Ridgeway to Ernest and Rachel (COOPER) PONTIUS. He went with his parents to Canada in 1913. His mother died in 1918 and Gerald and Grace came to Humeston, Iowa to live with an uncle until their father married again in 1920 to Orpha WHISLER. They went back to Canada and returned to Missouri in 1923. [CLS: Information edited because of the potential of including living individuals]

R.D. STONE FAMILY (Ridgeway History, pp. 208-209) Dean and Opal STONE graduated from R.H.S. in 1916. Opal was the only daughter of Bert and Bertha Combs. Dean was raised by his uncle, John A. STONE, his parents having both died before he was 3 years old. After marriage they lived on a farm near Bethany until moving to Canada in 1920. After time spent there and in Wyoming they returned to Ridgeway in 1934 where all four of their children graduated from R.H.S. Dean will be remembered for his active participation in sports, mainly track and football. In 1945 Dean and Opal moved to Kansas and later to South Missouri where they spent many happy years. Dean was forced to retire because of a heart condition so in 1970 they moved to a home in Des Moines, Iowa where Dean died in 1975. Opal now lives in a Retirement Home in West Des Moines. She often comes to Ridgeway to visit her aunt, Mrs. Orpha LABA. [Information edited because of the potential of including living individuals]

JOSEPH WHISLER FAMILY (Ridgeway History, pp. 218-219) Joseph WHISLER, son of John and Elizabeth THOMAS WHISLER, married Emaline, daughter of Flemmon and Abigail RHODES DALE, in Indiana. About 1875 they moved to Decatur Co., Iowa with two daughters. There they had five more children. The family moved to the Pleasant Valley neighborhood about 1895 where Joseph died in 1899. In 1905, the widow and two youngest children moved into a new home in Ridgeway. This home was in the immediate family until 1980. Many of the children lived near Ridgeway. Bertha married Bert Combs who was a mail carrier. Their only child, Opal, married Dean STONE…Olive (Mrs. Ernest PONTIUS) died while her only child, Chester, was small. Arthur's family story is elsewhere. Esta married Ben ELLINGTON…Carl Omar married June STONER…Omar lost his wife and two oldest sons within two days during the flu epidemic of 1919. He later married Carry CAMPBELL and lived in North Dakota where they both died. Orpha became Mrs. Ernest PONTIUS…after being left a widow she married Charles LABA. Jesse's family is mentioned elsewhere. Mrs. Emaline WHISLER married William STONER in 1920 and died in 1932. Joseph, Emaline, her mother Abigail LEOPOLD are buried in the Ridgeway Cemetery as are other family members.

Note: [Information edited because of the potential of including living individuals]

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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