Madison Co MO was established from Cape Girardeau & St. Genevieve Cos MO in 1819, losing some western territory to non-county area in 1825, exchanged some southern land with Shannon in 1843, and in 1857 lost further western land to Iron County.

Note: Numerous Madison Co MO families came to this county from Green Co KY

21 Aug 1834 (Madison Co MO Marriage Records, Vol. A., p. 9) Jesse SKAGGS and Elizabeth Combs (Combs Researcher Greg Graham who adds that a book by Ida Lancaster on Sarah SKAGGS Graham's line indicates that Elizabeth was b. June 30, 1817 and d. November 5, 1891).

20 Jul 1836 (Marriage Records of Madison Co., MO, Vol.B, Page 15) Silas (B?) Combs m. Elizabeth J. WHITWORTH; 7-20-1836. (Combs Researcher Greg Graham)

Madison Co, MO Land (partial extraction from BLM - Eastern States)

Township 33N Range 8W, Sections 8 & 17 (adjoining)

11/4/1837 Madison Co, MO BLM Land Patent. Patent Description MO3460__.020 Cancelled: N Document Nr. : 4963 Misc. Document Nr. : Patentee Name: Combs, SILAS (of Madison Co, MO) Warrantee Name: Authority: April 24, 1820: Cash Entry Sale (3 Stat. 566) Signature Present: Y Signature Date: 11/14/37 Metes/Bounds: N Survey Date: Subsurface Reserved: N Land Office: JACKSON Comments: Legal Land Descriptions (Nr. Aliquot Parts Sec/Blk Township Range Fract. Sect. Meridian Acres Counties): 1 SESE 8/ 33-N 8-E N 5TH PRINCIPAL MERIDIAN 40 acres.

BENNETT, E H 05/10/1827 713 MO0580__.123
Combs, SILAS 10/30/1857 23141 MO3810__.261
Combs, SILAS 11/14/1837 4963 MO3460__.020
Combs, SILAS 02/01/1848 9294 MO3540__.450
GREEN, ALFRED 04/15/1857 21459 MO3790__.365
GREEN, JAMES 10/30/1857 21668 MO3790__.462
HAWN, BENJAMIN 06/16/1856 20727 MO3730__.189
MOORE, KING W 12/30/1835 1644 MO0600__.053
MOORE, WILLIS K 04/10/1843 8054 MO3520__.235
MOORE, WILLIS K 03/01/1848 9971 MO3560__.014
SKAGGS, DRURY 10/30/1857 23473 MO3820__.074
SPIVA, CYNTHIA 09/01/1848 9366 MO3560__.214
SPIVA, WILLIAM 09/01/1848 9367 MO3560__.215
UNDERWOOD, DAVID E 08/01/1853 14681 MO3650__.113

8/10/1841 Patent Description MO3500__.391 Cancelled: N Document Nr.: 7245 Misc. Document Nr. : Patentee Name: UNDERWOOD, CHETESTER Warrantee Name: Authority: April 24, 1820: Cash Entry Sale (3 Stat. 566) Signature Present: Y. Signature Date: 8/10/41 Metes/Bounds: N. Survey Date: Subsurface Reserved: N Land Office: JACKSON Comments: ---- Legal Land Descriptions: Nr. 1 Aliquot Parts Sec/Blk Township Range: NWNE 17/ 33-N 8-E. Fract. Sect.: N Meridian: 5TH PRINCIPAL MERIDIAN: Acres: 40

10/30/1857 Madison Co, MO BLM Patent. Patent Description MO3810__.4547 Cancelled: N Document Nr.: 23345 Misc. Document Nr. : Patentee Name: UNDERWOOD, CHITESTER Warrantee Name: Authority: April 24, 1820: Cash Entry Sale (3 Stat. 566) Signature Present: Y Signature Date: 10/30/57 Metes/Bounds: N Survey Date: Subsurface Reserved: N Land Office: JACKSON Comments: Legal Land Descriptions (Nr. Aliquot Parts Sec/Blk Township Range Fract. Sect. Meridian): 1 NENE 17/ 33-N 8-E N 5TH PRINCIPAL MERIDIAN 0 MADISON & 2 SWNE 17/ 33-N 8-E N 5TH PRINCIPAL MERIDIAN 80 acres.

BOSTON, JOHN 09/10/1859 27277 MO4040__.144
Combs, SILAS 01/01/1850 11467 MO3590__.125
Combs, SILAS 10/30/1857 23141 MO3810__.261
GARDNER, WILLIAM W 06/16/1856 20883 MO3730__.237
UNDERWOOD, CHETESTER 08/10/1841 7245 MO3500__.391
UNDERWOOD, CHITESTER 10/30/1857 23345 MO3810__.454
WHITWORTH, JOHN A 01/03/1856 19672 MO3720__.042

Notes: Of those named above, Silas Combs is unidentified, but probably from Greene Co, KY, given that his land is in same sections as both (a) Chichester UNDERWOOD who m (1) 20 Jan 1813, Greene Co, KY, Sally Combs; and (2) 1827, Greene Co, KY, widow, Polly Combs, who was mother of Fielding Richard Combs, b ca 1823, Greene Co, KY; and (b) David UNDERWOOD, s/o Chichester and Sally Combs Underwood (if Underwood Cemetery annotations below are correct).

1840 Madison Co, MO Census Index

1840 Madison Co, MO Census

Original images,, abs by SE

p. 46/009

Silas Combs
1m 20-30
1f <5, 1f 20-30 [listed amongst the TIDWELLS]

p. 010

Dicey Combs
1m 15-20;
1f <5; 1f 5-10; 2f 10-15; and 1f 20-30

Combs Researcher Greg Graham who adds that she does not show up in 1850 census.

p. 48/011

1m 15-20; 1m 40-50
1f 40-50

Siotha RIVES
1m <5; 2m 5-10
1f 5-10; 1f 10-15; 1f 30-40

Notes: Adjacent to each other, Chichester UNDERWOOD who married Polly Combs and Siotha Combs REEVES who married Thornsberry REEVES, all of Green Co, KY. See 1850 census records for more detail. There were numerous SKAGGS families nearby in the census listing.

p. 50/013

Benjamin STACY
2 m<5, 3m 5-10, 1m 20-30, 1m 30-40
1f 10-15, 1f 20-30

Notes: Interesting to find Stacys in Madison Co. There were Grahams and Skaggs on the same page.

23 Sep 1849 (Marriage Records of Madison Co., MO, Vol. C, Page 29)

Fealden COMES m. Sarah Jane CLIFTON; 9-23-1849 by Peter WILLIAMS, a Baptist Minister.

GG Notes: Fealden COMES is Fielding Richard Combs (b 5/21/1823, Green Co KY) according to Cemeteries of Madison Co and my family records, but the official marriage records show the name above. Peter WILLIAMS was the father of the bride. Sarah Jane was the widow of Wiley CLIFTON who d 1846-1849 in Madison Co, MO. Fielding Richard was the s/o Unknown & Polly [Mary?] UNKNOWN Combs (who in 1827 in Green Co KY m next Chichester UNDERWOOD). See Also below and Bible Record of Margaret Adelia Combs Graham. Sarah may have had one child by Wiley CLIFTON, b in 1846.

Combs Researcher Greg Graham

1850 Madison Co, MO Census

Original census images,, abs by SE

No Twp Listed

p. 199a/396; 16 Sept 1850

52/53 Chelester UNDERWOOD, 57, M, Farmer, RE=$150 NC
Mary, 52, F VA

Notes: Polly Combs, possible d/o of William Combs Sr and Mary “Polly” SKAGGS, married (bond dated 6 April 1827) Chichester UNDERWOOD in Green Co, KY. Although she states here she was born in Virginia, her 1860 record states Ky.

p. 203a/404; 19 Sep 1850

105/107 Silas COMBS 35 M Farmer 300 KY
Elizabeth [WHITWORTH?] 31 F GA
Nancy A 10 F MO
Sarah H 9 F MO
William J 6 M MO
James K 5 M MO
Mary 2 F MO
John H 6/12 M MO

GG Notes: Fielding R. Combs and Sarah WILLIAMS Clifton were married in Madison Co., Missouri in Sept of 1849, but they were not there for the Oct., 1850 census. The birth locations of Fielding's children shows he was back in Madison Co. by 1861. I did not find him in the 1860 census index in Madison Co., but I am going to recheck this. Madison Co. MO was a major migration spot for former Green Co, KY residents. The GRAHAMS, DESPAINS, SKAGGS moved there in significant numbers and there were several other families.

p. 225A/448; 2 Dec 1850

418/420 Elisha SPIRY, 58, M, Farmer, RE=$600 NC
Siotha, 45, F TN
Bartheny, 18, F MO
Charine A, 16, F MO
George, 16, M, Laborer MO
Herod, 14, M MO
John, 12, F MO
Emily, 8, F MO
Sintha, 12, F MO
Huldy, 8, F MO

Notes: Siotha Combs REEVES, d/o of William Combs Sr and Mary SKAGGS of Green Co, KY, remarried in 1849 to Elisha SPIVY per descendant Michael MILLER, and they had one child named Christian. Probate records for Thornsberry REEVES show he died 1835 leaving 4 children: Herod, George, Barbara, and Parthenia. There is a mystery in that the DC of Siotha's daughter Emily Jane states her parents were Siotha Combs and Berry REEVES. Emily was born 17 Aug. 1841 and married Thomas Jefferson SKAGGS. Parthena REEVES married first Benjamin HAWN and secondly William COUNTS. Although Siotha states she was born in Tennessee, her 1860 census shows Ky.

Also Note: UNDERWOODs, WITHWORTHs and SCAGGS' living in proximity (same page). See USGENWEB Census Project.

1860 Madison Co, MO Census

Castor Twp

Fredericktown PO

p. 91, 25 July 1860

611/611 Cheetester UNDERWOOD, 68, M, Farmer, RE=$500, PP=$200 NC
Mary, 63, F, Wife KY
William R UNDERWOOD, 14, M MO
Jeremiah DAVIS, 23, M, Farmer, RE=$500, PP=$200 TN
Vina DAVIS, 16, F, Wife MO
Lively HENDERSON, 20, F MO

p. 99, 1 Aug 1860

711/177 Chrisham SPIVA 71, M, Farmer, RE=$100, PP=$300 NC
Syotha, 59, F, Wife KY
Elisha REEVES 2, M MO

713/713 Fielding R Combs, 37, M, Farmer, RE=$300, PP=$200 KY
Sarah J, 32, F, Wife MO
Mary J CLIFTON, 14, F MO
Felice S Combs, 10 MO
Sarah E Combs, 8 MO
Peter W Combs, 6 MO
James F Combs 4 MO
William F Combs 1 MO

Notes: Fielding Richard Combs, s/o of Polly Combs UNDERWOOD married Sarah J WILLIAMS Clifton. He is missing in the 1850 census although married in 1849 in Madison Co.

1876 Madison Co, MO State Census

Source: Missouri State Census Collection, 1844-1881 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2007. Original data: Missouri State Censuses. Jefferson City, MO, USA: Missouri State Archives. Submitted by Barbara RIVAS


4109 George Combs 21 to 45
4110 Thomas 18 to 21

Twp 33

The photos of this census are very difficult to read, both from the poor contrast and from the bad writing.

8059 F B Combs over 45 male
8060 S J over 45 female
8061 P W 21 to 45 male
8062 J F 18 to 21 male
8043 10 to 18 male ((This looks like MA or MJ but very hard to tell))
8044 J H 10 to 18 male
8045 D S 10 to 18 male
8046 E F under ten years female
8047 under ten years female (This looks like MA but very hard to tell)
8048 C W under ten years male

8110 Silles Combs over 45 (bad transcription, should be Silas)
8111 Elizabeth over 45
8112 Thomas 21 to 45
8113 18 to 21 male ((This looks like MA or MJ but very hard to tell))
8114 C E 18 to 21 male (can't read)
8115 V J 18 to 21 female

26-27 Sep 1864 Civil War Service (Union-Federal) 50th MO Infantry Regt., Company F., U.S. Fielding Richard COMBS , Pvt., and William I. COMBS, Pvt., both served at the Battle of Pilot Knob, Missouri (Consolidated Roster of Union Units at Pilot Knob

(Extracted from the Cyrus A. Peterson, Battle of Pilot Knob Research Collection by Combs Researcher Barney K. Combs who adds that there is also a John S. COMBES, Cpl., 3rd. MSM Cavarly, Co. C , listed in this source).

Notes: Researcher Karen Gruhala adds that according to an unnamed source (typewritten sheet), William I. Combs was a son of Silas and Elizabeth Izely Whitworth Combs, and Elizabeth I. COMBS filed a Mother's Pension Claim 4 September 1988 for William I. COMBS who died 23 August 1878 in Liveland [sic, but probably Loveland, Larimer Co], Colorado. According to this same source, Elizabeth lists her husband as Silas Combs, born 25 Oct. 1814 and surviving children:  Nancy A. born 1 June 1834, Sarah H. born 4 April 1841, George R. born 9 March 1851, Thomas F. born 28 Dec. 1853, Olivia J. born 31 May 1854, Marshall L. born 28 June 1856, and Charles E. born 6 July 1858. Karen has begun the process of getting a copy of the pension claim.

1870 Madison Co, MO Census

Original census images,, abs by SE

Castor Twp

Fredericktown PO

p.13/306 June 27 1870

101/103 Siotha SPIVA, 59, F, Keeping House, RE=$270, PP=$100 KY
Elisha, 13, M, At School MO

From Historical Madison Co., MO - 1818-1989 Published by The Heritage and Landmarks Commission and the Madison County Historical Society, pp. 247-249:

William D. Combs FAMILY. “William Dewayne “Dub” Combs was born 9 July 1921 in Olathe, CO the son of Gilbert Otto and Lulu Belle HELTIBRAND Combs… Dub's heritage can be traced back to his great grandfather Fielding Richard Combs, born in Green County, KY, married Sarah Jane (WILLIAMS) Clifton, 23 Sept 1849 in Madison County, MO. Fielding enlisted from Madison County on the Union side in the Civil War, and served with Company F, 50th Missouri Infantry at the Battle of Pilot Knob.”

“The children of Fielding Richard and Sarah Jane Combs:
Felice b. 1850 m. John W. REVELLE
Sarah Elizabeth b. 1852 m. John LINTON
Peter Winston b. 1854 m. Mary Olivia WHITE
James Franklin b. 1856 m. Francis EDMONDS
William Feldin b. 1859 m. Flora VENABLE
John Hansford b. 27 April 1861 m. Edna Evelyn MILLER
David Silas b. 1863 m. Nancy Ella SETTLES
Celia Francis b. 1866 m. Charles Von GRUNIGAN
Margaret Adelia b. 1869 m. Lafayette GRAHAM
Columbus Washington b. 1772 m. Margaret SETTLES

“Dub's Grandparents are John Hansford Combs and Edna Evelyn MILLER.”

Combs Researcher Greg Graham adds that Fielding Richard Combs died 07 Oct 1901 in Madison Co MO, and that his research, including above sources, indicate the following children:

FELICE, born abt 1850
SARAH ELIZABETH, born abt 1850
PETER WINSTON, born 3-18-54
JAMES FRANKLIN, born abt 1856
WILLIAM FELDON, born abt 1859
JOHN HANSFORD, born 4-27-1856
DAVID SILAS, born 7-5-63
CELIA FRANCIS, born abt 1866
MARGARET ADELIA, born 10-26-68
PHILIS ANN, birth date unknown, died 1870

Notes: None of the given names of the sons reflect those shown in Green Co KY around the time of Fielding Richard's birth; however, note also that he apparently named no daughter after either his mother or his step-father, but that he may have named David Silas after David UNDERWOOD and Silas Combs.

Underwood Cemetery, Madison Co, MO

T33N, R8E, Section 17 Highway J to W At end of W turn right on Co Rd 208. Past second house on right, up private lane to the right of the house (where gate is for property) & follow lane to the cemetery. *Asterisk denotes an unmarked gravesite

*Combs, Fielding Richard 21 May 1823-7 Oct 1901 Marr: 1) Sarah J CLIFTON on 23 Sep 1849 2) Mrs Eliza Ann ACOB on 14 Jun 1891 3) Narcissus DELLINGER

*Combs, Flora No Marker

*Combs, Flossie May 30 Oct 1903-8 Jul 1923 D/O Jas. FRANKLIN & Frances (EDMONDS)

*Combs, Narcissus 18290-14 Oct 1905 (nee BUTTS) Mar: 1) Jefferson Barnet CRITES in 1847 2) Wm A FRANCIS 1853 3) Thos DELLINGER 30 Nov 1874 4) Fielding R Combs on 1 Aug 1894

*Combs, ??? Soldier killed in W W I

*UNDERWOOD, Cheltister (Chet, Chedum) 1793 @NC-after 1880

UNDERWOOD, David E. 27 Mar 1818 @Green Co. Ky-6 Mar 1904 S/O Chetister (Chet, Chedum) & Polly H/O Lively O.

*UNDERWOOD, Mary (Polly) 1798@VA.-before 1880 W/O Chet

Note: Mr. Miller does not clarify how it is known who is in the unmarked graves and/or source for additional details.

(Extracted by Combs Researcher C. Hammett from Underwood Cemetery, enumerated and annotated by Michael Miller for the US GenWeb - see copyright restrictions)

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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