Monroe County was established in 1831 from Ralls County and non-county area.

1833 Will of John R. PRICE of Fayette Co, KY, is proved in both Fayette Co, KY and Monroe Co, MO, mentioning property in Monroe and naming, among others, daughter, America COMBS and son-in-law, Burr COMBS (Combs Researcher Kathy England)

Notes: John PRICE m 1805, Clark Co, KY, Mariam COMBS, d/o Benjamin and Sarah RICHARDSON Combs. Their daughter, America L., m 1 Jan 1830, Fayette Co, KY Aaron Burr COMBS, s/o Samuel Richardson and Theodosia HOLDER Combs, and gs/o Benjamin and Sarah RICHARDSON Combs.

1840 Monroe Co, MO Census Index

Jackson Twp

p. 130
Ignatius COOMES

p. 139

Washington Twp

p. 145

Indian Creek Twp

p. 150

Notes: Census transcriptions still needed. Aaron Burr COMBS, s/o Samuel Richardson & Theodosia HOLDER Combs of Clark Co, KY, m 1 Jan 1830, Fayette Co, KY, America L. PRICE, d/o John R. & Mariam COMBS Price of Fayette Co, KY. Field was apparently Fielding COMBS, brother of Mariam COMBS Price and h/o Mary FOREMAN. Neither Ignatius, nor Jud have been identified as yet.

24 Nov 1842 Monroe Co, MO. Aden ATTEBERRY married Sarah Ann COMBS

(Early American Marriages: Missouri to 1850, Jordan R. Dodd, et al, Precision Indexing Publishers, Bountiful, UT)

18 Jan 1843 COMBS, Elizabeth married McFARLAND, Commadore in Monroe County, Missouri


13 May 1847 COMBS, Marquis T. married SUMMERS, Magdaline on 13 May 1847 in Monroe County, Missouri


Notes: Could this be Marquis T. COMBS, s/o John H. and Sophia B. (Bullock?) COMBS Combs of Clark Co, KY?

1850 Monroe Co, MO Census

transcribed by Combs Researcher Greg Graham

261/261 STEVENS William 50 M Taylor 1,000 VA
STEVENS Lucy (I or J) 16 F MO
STEVENS William 10 M MO
LONG Edward 23 F None KY
LONG Mildred 21 F VA
LONG Lucy J 1 F MO
SCOTT Robert M 23 M Merchant VA
SCOTT Elizabeth 19 F VA
COMBS Amanda 45 F KY
Combs Alvin R. 17 M KY
Combs Eliza M 16 F KY
Combs Elizabeth S 14 F IL
Combs James M 12 M I

Notes: Is this Amanda BOSTICK m 6 Jan 1832, Clark Co, KY, James P. COMBS? See also Dwelling 621 re possible duplicate enumeration.

395/395 COMBS Fielden 59 M Farmer 1300 KY
Combs Mary 55 F KY
Combs William L 21 M Teacher MO
Combs Rachel 19 F MO
Combs Mary 16 F MO
COMBS John S 17 M Farmer MO
COMBS Henry C 12 M MO

Notes: Fielding Combs, h/o Mary FOREMAN & s/o Benjamin & Sarah RICHARDSON Combs of Clark Co KY, came to Monroe Co from Ralls Co MO in 1839 (See also below)

406/406 COMBS A B 43 M Farmer 2500 KY
Combs America 43 F KY
Combs Elenore 18 F KY
Combs Theodocia 16 F MO
Combs Sarbell 14 F MO
Combs Aliot [Elliot?] 12 M MO
Combs A B, Jr 10 M MO
Combs America 8 F MO

Notes: Aaron Burr & America PRICE Combs.

621/621 COMBS James 35 M Merchant KY
Combs Coretia 28 F KY
Combs Emilya [Amelia?] 13 F KY
Combs Gabriella 9 F KY
Combs James N 11 M MO
Combs Ellinora 7 F MO
Combs Ann M 6 F MO
Combs Opheliaa 4 F MO
Combs Agnes 2 F MO
Combs Amanda 45 F KY
BOWLING Albert 23 M Clerk KY
ELLIOTT John C. 21 M Student KY

1851-1856 (Missouri Land Patents 13:312) F. Combs, Monroe Co, Palmyra Abstract, T55R10WS08 NE1/4SE1/4, 40 A. (Combs of Missouri Land Records)

1851-1856 (Missouri Land Patents 13:335) F. Combs, Monroe Co, Palmyra Abstract, T55R10WS10 N1/2SW1/4, 85 A. (ibid.)

1851-1856 (Missouri Land Patents 13:312) F. Combs, Monroe Co, Palmyra Abstract, T55R10WS09 NE1/4SE1/4, 40 A. (ibid.)

19 Aug 1851 America L Combs, wife of A.B. Combs listed as daughter in will of Fielding O. PRICE 19 Aug 1851, Monroe Co., MO. A.B. Combs (Adm) ( 38. Extracted from Missouri Pioneers, Volumes 1 thru 30 and Volume 1 of Marriage Records Of Missouri (a companion set to Missouri Pioneers) by Combs Researcher Vince Griffin)

Notes: Combs Researcher Kathy England reports that Fielding was not America's father, but brother, and that his will actually read: "I give and bequeath to my two sisters Sally STOUT the wife of Robert STOUT and America L. COMBS the wife of A.B. COMBS…" and also included bequest to his mother, Marium PRICE (John R. PRICE, d ca 1833, Fayette Co, KY, m 1805, Clark Co, KY, Mariam COMBS).

07 Oct 1854 Fielding Combs (Sec) Eli PATRICK, intestate 7 Oct 1854, Monroe Co., MO ( 36. Extracted from Missouri Pioneers, Volumes 1 thru 30 and Volume 1 of Marriage Records Of Missouri (a companion set to Missouri Pioneers) by Combs Researcher Vince Griffin)

27 Mar 1856 James COMBS (Sec) Benedict J. GOUGH, intestate 27 Mar 1856, Monroe Co., MO (37. Extracted from Missouri Pioneers, Volumes 1 thru 30 and Volume 1 of Marriage Records Of Missouri (a companion set to Missouri Pioneers) by Combs Researcher Vince Griffin)

19 Jun 1856 William L. COMBS (Sec) John SEARS, intestate 19 Jun 1856, Monroe Co., MO (39. Extracted from Missouri Pioneers, Volumes 1 thru 30 and Volume 1 of Marriage Records Of Missouri (a companion set to Missouri Pioneers) by Combs Researcher Vince Griffin)

Notes: Combs Researcher Kathy England notes that William L. was probably same who was  s/o Fielding and Mary FOREMAN Combs (See also the Edna F. Hightower Collection re Monroe Co, MO).

1860 Monroe Co, MO Census

Source: Heritage Quest original census images, M653 Roll: 635

Woodlawn Twp

p. 81

530/530 J W Combs, 28, M, W, Physician, KY, RE=$560, PP=$100
P A Combs, 20, F, W, KY

Clay Twp

p. 101

674/674 Preston A LARRS(sp?), 33, M, W, Farmer, RE=$480, PP=$355
Catharine A, 25, F, W, KY
Francis A, 2, F, W, MO
John Combs, 18, M, W, Farm hand, KY

Washington Twp

p. 125

834/834 Silvestus Combs, 54, M, W, Farmer, KY, RE=blank, PP=blank
Lucinda, 44, F, W, KY
John W, 17, M, W, KY
James L, 13, M, W, KY
Henry, 12, M, W, KY
George, 9, M, W, KY
Lancaster, 6, M, W, KY
Alice M, 3, F, W, KY

Notes: Close neighbors are George A and Ann GOUGH, James and Sarah WORLDING, and the GREENWELLS. One James Combs was security for the Benedict GOUGH estate in 1856. Silvester and wife Lucinda previously found in Scott Co., KY., 1850 census. He is possibly the son of James Combs of Scott Co., KY. and St. Mary's Co., MD, and his first wife Matilda.

Indian Creek Twp

Indian Creek PO

p. 151, Aug. 9, 1860

1024/1024 A B Combs, 32, M, Farmer, KY., RE & PP blank
America , 53, F, KY
A B, 17, M, Farmer, KY
Laura, 21, F, KY
Mary, 26, F, KY
Americus, 15, M, KY

1026/1026 Eliott Combs 21, M, Farmer, KY. RE=blank, PP=$20
Lydia, 22, F, PA

Notes: Eliott, likely same as found in AB Combs' 1850 household.

Jackson Twp

p. 177

1219/1222 Amanda Combs, 54, F, no occupation, KY, RE=$300, PP=?00,
[Elizabeth], 23, F, IL

1219/1223 Eliza M Miller, 26, F, KY, RE=$800, PP=blank
Amanda, 2, F, MO
Sarah C, 5/12, F, MO

Notes: Could this be the same Eliza M Combs living with Amanda in the 1850 census? Perhaps she married and possibly widowed.


1460/1496 William W Howell, 25, M, Farmer, In, RE=$400, PP=$375
Martha J, 23, F, IN
William L, 7?, M, MO
Sarah Combs, 62, F, NC

p. 228

1548/1599 Fielding Combs, 69, M, Farmer, KY, RE=$1700, PP=$1390
Mary, 62, F, KY
John M, 26, M, Farmer, MO
Rachael PATRICK, 30, F, MO
John L, 7, M, MO
Neally E, 5, F, MO

Notes: In 1854, Fielding was security for probate of Eli Patrick.

p. 231

1569/1611 Wm L Combs, 31, M, Farmer, MO, Re=$1120, PP=$430
Nancy, 26, F, KY
Lesley N?, 4, M, MO
Mary E Smith, 6, F, MO
Francis B Smith, 18, M, Farm hand, KY

04 Feb 1873 Paris [Monroe Co], MO. Newspaper article.

Gen. Leslie Combs, of Kentucky, it is said, has taken a bath every morning of his life for the last twenty years, and has never worn an overcoat during this time. He is eighty years old, and hale and hearty…He is a borther [sic] of Mr. Fielding Combs of this county, who is in his eighty-third year, and who hasn't bathed every morning for twenty years, and wears an overcoat, especially on such days as last Tuesday.

(Combs Researcher Janice Pearson)

March 25, 1873. Paris, Monroe Co, Missouri Weekly


We learn that the dwelling house on the farm of Mr. Fielding Combs, some six miles North of this place, was destroyed by fire, last Thursday night. The farm, we understand had been rented to Mr. Wm. BEAUCHAMP, whose father had taken a wagon load of household goods to that place that day, and who remained in the house that night alone. During the night sometime the house took fire, and the old gentleman being rather hard of hearing, was not awakened by the fire until the roof was almost ready to fall in, when he made his escape through a window, not being able, under his excitement, to open the door. The house was a new frame building, having been erected but a few years since, by J. S. Combs, who, we understand, had traded it to his father, Mr Fielding Combs.--The fire is supposed to have originated from a defective flue. We know nothing as to the extent of the loss sustained."

(Combs Researcher Janice Pearson)

Sept 9, 1873. Paris, Monroe Co, Missouri Weekly.

Another Pioneer Gone

It becomes our painful duty to record the death of another of our old and valued citizens, in the person of Mr. Fielding Combs, who departed this life at 9 o'clock, on Thursday last, in the 83rd year of his age. A more honorable, upright citizen, our county did not possess. His word was as good as his bond. He was a brother of the venerable Gen Leslie Combs, of Kentucky, with whom he served with great gallantry in the war of 1812, and both were taken prisoners at Gen. Dudley's defeat at the battle of River Raisia. He removed to Missouri from Kentucky in 1819, and settled in Ralls county, when there was but a single inhabitant on the ground now occupied by the city of Hannibal, and that was the person who kept the ferry at that point.--From thence he moved to Monroe county in 1839, and settled upon the farm he occupied at the time of his death, some five miles north of this place. He had been a member of the Presbyterian church some 45 years. He died after a very short illness. Was taken with cholera-morbus on the Saturday previous to his death, from which he partially recovered. On Wednesday night he was attacked with paralysis of the throat, was unable to swallow anything, and never afterwards spoke. Thus has passed away one of the pioneer settlers of Missouri, one who shared largely in the trials and hardships incident to frontier life. He acted well his part in life, and died respected by all who knew him. He leaves a rich legacy to his devoted children--that of an exemplary life, strict integrity and a spotless character. “He rests from his labors and his works do follow him.”

(Combs Researcher Janice Pearson)

According to the History of Randolph and Macon Counties, MO, National Historical Company, 1884,-Pg 1118: "Fielding Combs, wife Mary (FOREMAN) Combs and son, Benjamine who was born in 1816, left Clark County, Ky and arrived in Ralls County, MO in 1819."

According to his War of 1812 pension file (SC-2737), Fielding COOMBS died 4 Sep 1873, served in John C MORRISON'S Kentucky Militia, lived in Monroe Co, MO. He and his brother, Leslie Combs, were s/o Benjamin & Sarah RICHARDSON Combs of Clark Co, KY.

See History of Monroe County - Bio of William Leslie Combs

1880 Monroe Co, MO Census

Family History Library Film 1254704
NA Film Number T9-0704


South Fork

p. 518C

Thadeus COMBS Self M Male W 46 KY Farmer KY KY
Minerva Wife M Female W 38 KY Keeping House KY KY
William Son S Male W 14 MO Works On Farm KY KY
Mary Dau S Female W 13 MO At Home KY KY
Dora Dau S Female W 10 MO KY KY
Wm. S. Father M Male W 70 KY Retired Farmer VA VA
Mary E. MotherL M Female W 65 KY Retired Housekeeper VA VA


p. 573B

Sybelia COMBS Self M Male W 25 MO Grocer KY KY
Ruth Wife M Female W 24 MO Keeps House KY MO
Ruby HICKMAN Nephew S Male W 8 MO MO MO
Vina WINGURTTEN Other S Female B 17 MO Servant MO MO


p. 622A

William L. COMBS Self M Male W 51 MO Farmer & Co. Surveyor KY KY
Amanda B. Wife M Female W 46 KY Keeping House KY KY
Efel Estel Son S Male W 10 MO MO KY
Georgia A. DIXON Other S Female B 22 MO Servant KY KY
Hugh DIXON Other S Male B 1 MO --- MO

p. 627D

John S. COMBS Self M Male W 45 MO Farmer KY KY
Mary E. Wife M Female W 35 KY Keeping House KY KY
Cora B. Dau S Female W 12 MO MO KY
Mary B. Dau S Female W 7 MO MO KY
Fielding E. Son S Male W 4 MO MO KY
Hattie Dau S Female W 10M MO MO KY
Charles EVANS BroL S Male W 30 KY Farm Laborer KY KY

p. 630B

Gustavus R. WITHERS Self M Male W 38 MO Farmer VA VA
Susan O. WITHERS Wife M Female W 35 MO Keeping House VA VA
George WITHERS Son S Male W 9 MO MO MO
Wallen WITHERS Son S Male W 1M MO MO MO
Mary THURMAN Other S Female W 16 MO At School KY KY
Jane KIPPEN MotherL W Female W 80 VA VA VA

Newton COMBS Other S Male MU 16 MO Farm Laborer KY MO


p. 642C

Sylvester COMBS Self M Male W 72 KY Farmer MD MD
Lucinda Wife M Female W 64 KY KY KY
George Son S Male W 29 KY Farms KY KY
Lanester Son S Male W 26 KY Farms KY KY
John GSon S Male W 12 MO KY MO
Osker GSon S Male W 9 MO KY MO
Anna GDau S Female W 7 MO KY MO


p. 673A

Rufus K. COMBS Self M Male W 70 KY Farmer KY KY
Sallie Wife M Female W 65 KY Keeping House KY KY
Belle Dau S Female W 17 MO At Home KY KY


p. 705B

Jas. T. COMBS Self M Male W 36 KY Farmer KY KY
Nancy Wife M Female W 38 MO Keeping House KY KY
Lizzie Dau S Female W 13 MO KY MO
Wm. A. Son S Male W 10 MO Farmer KY MO
Effa Dau S Female W 8 MO KY MO
Noltey Son S Male W 4 MO KY MO
Emmet Son S Male W 3 MO KY MO
May Dau S Female W 1M MO KY MO

[Next HH]

Jno. C. COMBS Self M Male W 38 KY Farmer KY KY
Sarah C. Wife M Female W 28 MO Keeping House KY KY
Asa Father W Male W 71 KY Farmer VA VA
Harrett F. Sister S Female W 46 KY Keeping House KY KY
Vinnie ADAMS SisterL S Female W 9 MO KY KY
Claud SNELL Son S Male W 4 MO MO MO
Wm. DANSEY Other S Male B 11 MO Farm Boy MO MO

1900 Monroe Co, MO Census

FamilySearch - Record Search - Pilot Site

South Fork Twp

Sheet 8B; 20 Jun 1900, George S. McGee

173/173 Combs, J. W. head WM May 1834 56 M35 KY KY KY Farmer
Minerva wife WF Feb 1842 58 M35 3/2 KY KY KY

Clay Twp

SD: 2, ED: 108

Sheet 6B; 12 jun 1900, U. Q. Brown

121/121 Combs, John C. WM May 1842 58 M31 KY KY KY Farmer
Sarah wifeW Nov 1851 48 M31 0/0 MO KY KY
Snell, Claude E., S-Son WM mar 1876 24 S MO KY KY
Combs, Notley S., nephew WM Nov 1876 24 S MO KY MO
Magruder, Nellie WF Jan 1892 8 S MO MO MO

Jackson Twp

SD: 2, ED: 111

sheet 1A; 6 and 7 Jun 1900, John W. Burton

1/1 Combs, Nannie B. head WF Jan 1834 66 W 4/2 KY KY KY
Estill E Son WM Jul 1873 26 S MO MO KY Farmer

sheet 3B; 13 Jun 1900

69/70 Combs, Mary E. Head WF Jun 1845 55 W 5/5 KY KY KY Farmer
Mary B. Dau WF Jul 1873 26 S MO MO KY
Addie E. K. Dau WF Aug 1879 20 S MO MO KY
PATTEN Wm G. Son WM Dec 1885 14 S MO un KY


SD: 143, ED: 112

sheet 8A, 14 Jun 1900, John W. Hill

Combs Lucy Boarder BF Apr 1805 95 ed KY KY VA County Pauper

Note: Resides on farm of John McGEE along with 28 other paupers.

Marion Twp

SD: 2, ED: 117

sheet 2B; 5 Jun 1900, J.P. Lobbon

31/31 Combs Hugh L. Head WM Dec 18377 62 M25 KY KY KY Farmer
Hellen C. wife WF Mar 1854 46 M24 6/5 MO KY MO
Com son MW Dec 1878 21 S MO KY MO
Ritchard son WM Nov 1879 20 S MO KY MO
Carl son WM Aug 1882 17 S MO KY MO
Cora dau WF Jun 1884 15 SMO KY MO
Elliott son WM Jun 1889 12 S MO KY MO
RITCHARDSON, Charles - MW Jun 1813 66 S MO MO MO

Note: See H Lawson Combs in the 1880 Randolph Co, MO Census

sheet 15A

Combs, Ellyatt W Head WM Sep 1841 38 S KY KY KY Farmer

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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