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Noxubee County was created in 1833 from Choctaw Cession of 1830. The County seat is Macon.

Noxubee Co, MS Births & Deaths

Transcribed by Combs Researcher Cherry May from a hand-written page of old Birth/Death records which was among her great grandmother's papers when she died at age 90 in 1955 (b 1865). The births and deaths are of her grandparents' family:


W. A. Combs was born April 29th 1808 [William A]
Malinda Combs wife of W A was born July 5, 1811
[Malinda's maiden name was GREER]
T A Combs January 9th 1831 [Thomas A]
M G Combs Nov 4th 1834 [Mary GREER]
Wm H Combs born Nov 8 1836
M J Combs born Nov 5 1838 [Martha J]


W A Combs Sept 9 1865
T A Combs Dec 31 1863
Malinda Combs May 13 1881
W Walker BATES June 24 1881 [son of Martha J Combs Bates]
M G THOMPSON Aug 7 1884

1850 Noxubee Co, Census MS

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Cherry May)

(p 237). [CM: Bracketed info is mine]

692/692 William A Combs 41 b GA
Malinda [GREER] 39 b GA
Thomas [A] 19 b GA
Mary [Greer] 16 b GA
William H 14 b GA
Martha [J] 12 b MS

Ed Note: A John L. Combs is also indexed in 1850 Noxubee Co, MS census on p. 235.

CM Notes: Based on the above, the family appears to have moved from GA to MS between Nov 1836 and Nov 1838; however, I have been unable to locate them in the 1840 census in MS, although it appears this is where they were at the time. I have this family and the children's families in the 1860, 1870, 1880 and 1900 censuses in Noxubee and Smith Counties, MS. I also think that the William Combs in the 1830 Monroe Co, GA census (p 194) was probably my Wm A Combs.

William Combs 1 male 20-30 1 female 15-20

This is the only William Combs in the 1830 census whose ages fit those of him and his wife Malinda. I have not found them in the 1840 census in MS which is where they should be. I've also checked AL and GA, but no luck so far.

01 Sep 1846 BLM Land Patent. Combs William A Y N Mississippi 31355 Y September 1, 1846 Columbus 1 E1/2NW 34/ 13 N 15 E N Choctaw Meridian 79.87 Noxubee 0 MS1460_.151

Combs William A Y N Mississippi 33496 Y December 1, 1849 Columbus 1 SESE 23/ 13 N 15 E N Choctaw Meridian 39.96 Noxubee 0 MS1500_.287

Patent Certificates: William A. Combs of Noxumbee Co, MS. (Index to Combs BLM Land of MS)

Other Patents in T13NR15E, Sec 34:

LITTLE, ALEXANDER G 02/01/1841 7919 MS1010__.287
MOORE, PERRY 02/27/1841 16354 MS1150__.468
SIMMONS, HOLIDAY D 09/01/1846 31356 MS1460__.152
WATSON, CHARLES 09/01/1846 31452 MS1460__.221

1860 Noxubee Co MS Census

REEL NO: M653-588

Dist. 4


p. 10; 21 Sep 1860

861/861 Combs Thomas A. 27 M farmer 500 Ga
Sarah 25 F Ms
George 5 M Ms
Laura 3 F Ms
Emily 1 F Ms

p. 16; 22 Sep 1860

908/908 Combs J. T. 42 M farmer 800 350 Ga
J. L. 37 F Ga
J. L. 13 M Ms
W. R. 10 M Ms
R. C. 5 M Ms

1860 Census - Noxubee County, Mississippi Slave Schedule

District 4

Thomas Combs, 1
P. A. CAMS (?), 2

(number next to name is number of slaves owned--names are listed in order of appearance in the 1860 Census) (Christine's Genealogy Websites

1870 Noxubee County, Mississippi Mortality Schedule:

Combs, John T. Jr. 19 Farm Laborer Diptheria AUG MS (Afro-American)

(Christine's Genealogy Websites)

Gholson Cemetery

Submitted to The USGenWeb by Catherine Cooper

Located in Township 13N, Range 15E, and Section 35 in Gholson on a dirt road off of Highway 21.

Laura Thompson Combs
Wife of J.W. Combs
Born: Dec. 8, 1875
Died: Jan. 6, 1903
Age: 27Ys. & 29Ds.

John T. Combs
Co B 11 Miss Cav CSA
Oct 3 1889

[Obituary says he died of cancer.]

Mable R.
Wife of J. W. Combs
Born Sep. 5, 1880

[Tombstone buried in ground. Bottom of tombstone broken. This is Mable Rosser. She married J. W. Combs on Oct. 31, 1882 in Noxubee Co.]

Civilian Registration Cards in 1917-1918

Combs, John Wethers 19 Dec 1882 W Noxubee MS

Combs, Lema Lomar? 12 Dec 1876 W Noxubee MS

Combs, Walter Jehu 28 Dec 1883 W Noxubee MS

Combs, William Edgar 7 Dec 1873 W Noxubee MS