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Tippah County was established in February 9, 1836, and it is one of 10 counties created by the Chickasaw Cession. Descendant counties include Union, Prentiss, Benton, and Alcorn Counties.

1837 Tippah Co, MS Tax List


Submitted by Tim Combs

1845 Tippah Co, MS Census

Sarah COMBS, 3 males, 4 females

Submitted by Tim Combs

1850 Tippah Co, MS Census

USGenWeb Census Project

REEL NO: M432-381

Division 2

p. 405a

168 168 Coombs John 40 M Farmer 1,000 SC
Catharine 37 F SC
Mary 16 F SC
William 12 M SC sch
Jane 8 F SC sch
John 5 M SC
Nancy 3/12 F MS

p. 435a

589/589 RIMMER James W. 49 M Farmer 300 NC
Malinda 44 F NC
James 18 M Farmer SC
Avaline 16 F SC
Malinda 11 F SC
Eliza 10 F SC
John 8 M SC
Victoria 4 F MS
Samuel 3 M MS
Constantine 3/12 M MS
William 25 M Farmer SC

Note: Malinda Louise Combs. I think her father is Louis Combs. She married James Wesley RIMMER on 19 Feb 1822 in Caswell Co, NC. I think she was born in NC on 4/12/1805. She died 6/25/1859 in Tippah County, MS.

Jane <>

p. 541b

Division 3

p. 500a

120/120 MANNING Hezekiah 36 M Farmer 300 SC
Elizabeth B. 32 F GA

p. 500a con't

120/120 George W. 10 M GA
William P. 7 M GA
Francis A. 5 M MS
Mary E. 3 F MS
Andrew M. 23 M Blacksmith SC

Note: Mary MANNING marries John Thomas Coombs, 29 Sep 1870 Tippah Co, MS. (Southern Sentinel Obituary)

p. 535a

623/623 ROLAND John 26 M Farmer 200 TN
Cassey 25 F TN
Elinor M. 5 F MS
William R. 2 M MS
Coombes Levi 7 M MS

716/716 Coombes John 20 M Farmer TN
Elizabeth 20 F TN
John W. 2 M MS
Nancy A. 6/12 F MS

717/717 Coombes Sarah 38 F TN
William 5 M MS

p. 548b

812/812 Martin Benagee 30 M Farmer 450 NC
Matilda 30 F NC
Martha 4 F TN
Leonard 2 M TN
Lucinda 1 F MS
George 1/12 M MS
Elisha 34 M Farmer NC
Coombes Mary 17 F TN

March 1852, State v. John COOMBS, Selling liquors, dismissed.

Submitted by Tim Combs

1856 Tippah Co, MS Tax List

Davenport's District


Submitted by Tim Combs

1860 Tippah Co, MS Census

942 John Coombs 50 M Farm 1000/3000 SC
Catherine 47 F SC
William W. 22 M Farm SC
Eliza J. 17 F SC
John T. 15 M SC
Nancy C. 10 F MS
Sarah E. 5 F MS

1866 Tippah Co, MS State Census

Tippah Co, MSGenWeb

1460 Coombs, John 010001000 - 2210010000
1 m10-20; 1 m 50-60
2 f0-10; 2 f10-20; 1 f 20-30; 1 f50-60

1870 Tippah Co, MS Census

Tippah Co, MSGenWeb

Salem Post Office

Jane Coombs 21 F (B) Domestic Servant MS
Chas. 2 M (B) MS


John Coombs 60 M Farmer 800/900 SC
Catharine 58 F Keeps House SC
Jno. 24 M Wks. on Farm SC
N.C. 20 F At Home MS
Sarah 15 F At School MS


Nancy Coombs 40 F (B) Domestic Servant SC 131
Saml. 16 M (B) Wks. on Farm MS

1900 Tippah Co, MS Census

Tippah Co, MSGenWeb

Coombs, John T. Head wh Jul. 1845 54 M30 MS MS MS farmer
Mary E. W. wh Aug. 1848 51 M30 MS MS MS
John H. son wh Jul. 1875 24 s MS MS MS
George W. son wh Jul. 1877 22 s MS MS MS
James E. son wh Jan. 1881 19 s MS MS MS
Sallie E. d. wh Feb. 1881 19 s MS MS MS
Frank E. d. wh Dec. 1883 16 s MS MS MS
Thomas Y. son wh Jul. 1886 13 s MS MS MS

WALKER, Charley D. Head wh Dec. 1853 46 M23 GA SC SC farmer
Sallie C. W. wh Nov. 1855 44 M23 MS SC SC
John M. son wh Oct. 1877 22 s MS GA MS
William E. son wh May 1880 20 s TX GA MS
James 0. son wh May 1880 20 s TX GA MS
Annie E. d. wh Mar. 1883 17 s TX GA MS
Mollie C. d. wh Oct. 1886 13 s MS GA MS
Charley S. son wh Dec. 1889 10 s MS GA MS

Note: Sarah E Coombs d/o John & Catherine WALLACE Coombs married C.D. WALKER 04 Jan 1877, Tippah Co, MS.

1910 Tippah Co, MS Census

Tippah Co, MSGenWeb

p. 116

187 COOMBS, J. V. head MW 65 M1 40 SC SC SC
M. E. wife FW 61 M1 40 12/9 MS SC GA
Willie dau FW 36 S MS SC MS
T. J. son MW 24 S MS SC MS
RUCKER, Annie dau FW 38 wd 0/0 MS SC MS

Note: John Thomas Coombs, son of John Coombs & Mary MANNING, daughter of Hezikiah MANNING. (Southern Sentinel Obituary)

p. 119

212 COOMBS, J. E. head MW 29 M1 3 MS US MS
Lilly wife FW 27 M1 3 1/1 MS MS MS
Flora Belie dau FW 1 S MS MS MS

213 COOMBS, John H. head MW 35 M1 9 MS US MS
Maggie wife FW 29 M1 9 3/2 MS MS AL
Hezzie son MW 8 S MS MS MS
Roy son MW 3 S MS MS MS

Transcribed from County books by Tim Combs

4 Aug. 1922, Book 1, Pg. 471, Last Will and Testament of Mrs. Mary E. COOMBS
Children: Thomas Y. COOMBS, does not name other children
Executors: John H. COOMBS and Mrs. Annie WILSON

Heritage of Tippah County Mississippi by: Tippah County Historical and Genealogical Society

Pg. 580

James Wesley RIMMER wed Malinda Louise COMBS in Caswell Co., N.C. 1822. They are in S.C. by 1830, in Tippah by 1846. Malinda died 1859.

Tippah Co, MS Deeds

Transcribed from County books by Tim Combs

Book I, Pg. 320, 8 Jan. 1848, John COOMBS "from" Abel MURRY

Book J, Pg. 114, 8 Jan. 1850, John and Catherine COOMBS "to" Robert C. HILL

Book P, Pg. 353, ________?, John COOMBS "from" Mark HEDEY and Benj. WHITNEY

Book S, Pg. 474, _____1859, John and Catherine COOMS "to" Joseph PEARCE

Cemetery Index (Extracted by Combs Researcher Bob George from link from Tippah County MS GenWeb page with alphabetical index links to surnames, cemetery, and tombstone inscription).

Campground Cemetery

RAY, Clarence Ruben 8/31/1876, 6/10/1946

RAY, Frankie Coombs 2/23/1883, 10/04/1973 [d/o John and Mary MANNING Coombs; 1900 Census has Dec 1883 for birth; married R C <sic> RAY 17 Mar 1904, Tippah Co, MS]

Ripley Cemetery

RUCKER, A. C. Jr. 2/28/1866, 3/26/1903 [Abbott C. RUCKER, Jr. h/o Annie J. Coombs, d/o John and Mary MANNING Coombs]

Ross Chapel Cemetery

COOMBS, John 7/17/1810, 2/21/1898

COOMBS, Catherine 11/22/1813, 9/20/1883,wife of John

COOMBS, William W. 2/04/1838, 12/14/1861

Shady Grove Cemetery

(Combs Researcher Barbara Mathews)

COOMBS, B. H. (Hez) 1/24/1902 10/02/1975 doubl mkr Neil H.

COOMBS, Flora Belle 9/06/1908 5/24/1987

COOMBS, George Wesley 7/03/1877 12/27/1912

COOMBS, James E. 1/31/1881 6/05/1935

COOMBS, John H. 1875 1943

COOMBS, John Thomas 7/11/1845 2/08/1911

COOMBS, Johnnie C. 11/05/1928 4/28/1934

COOMBS, Lillie G. 5/10/1883 9/12/1969

COOMBS, Lillie Irene 9/ /1969

COOMBS, Maggie A. 1880 1952

COOMBS, Mallie Bennett 3/14/1904 8/06/1848

COOMBS, Mary Elizabeth 8/25/1848 2/10/1848

COOMBS, Neil H. 10/13/1910 doubl mkr B. H.

COOMBS, Thomas Young 1886 1963

COX, John A. 1877, 1959 [h/o Trauna Coombs]

COX, Trannie C. 1879, 1967 [d/o John and Mary MANNING Coombs w/o John A. COX]

WALKER, Charles D. 12/22/1853, 4/01/1937

WALKER, Sallie E. 11/14/1855, 1/01/1944 [d/o John and Mary MANNING Coombs w/o Charles D. WALKER]

Tippah Memorial Gardens

COOMBS, T. L. (Ray) 7/21/1906, 10/24/1970

Tippah Co, MS Obituaries

Obituaries from Ripley's SOUTHERN SENTINEL and Other Sources 1836 - 1936 Tippah Co, MSGenWeb

COOMBS, GEORGE WESLEY (Obit. SENTINEL Jan. 23, 1913) died Dec. 27, 1912
born July 3, 1877.

COOMBS, JIM E. (060635) died Wednesday, age 52
buried at Shady Grove
brother to John, Tom, Mrs. Annie Wilson of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Mrs. Lon Cox, Mrs. Clarence Ray, Mrs. L.E. Stroupe
father of Flora Belle, Irene, Frances, Mrs. Russell Allison.

COOMBS, JOHN THOMAS, dec. (Obit, SENTINEL March 9, 1911) died Feb. 8 with burial in Shady Grove Cemetery
born Yorkville District, South Carolina, July 11, 1845, youngest Son of John and Catherine (Wallace) Coombs
moved to Tippah County 1848
his uncle, Alex S. Wallace, was a Congressman from Yorkville, married Mary MANNING, Sept. 29, 1870
C.S.A. veteran
leaves 12 children.

COOMBS, JOHNNY (Obit. SENTINEL March 3, 1898) died Feb. 21, wtth burial in Ross Chapel Cemetery
born York District, South Carolina, July 17, 1810.

COOMBS, MRS. M.E. (082328) died Feb. 15
widow of C.S.A. vet. J.T. Coombs.

COOMBS, NORA LEE (Obit. SENTINEL July 5, 1906) died June 12
daughter of John Coombs.

COOMBS. W. W., dec. (Admin. Bond, Jan. 24, 1862) Bondsmen: John Coombs (Admin.), E. B. Blackwell.

Tippah Co, MS Marriages

Tippah Co, MSGenWeb

GroomBrideDateBkPgCRG Notes
COOMBS, JMANNING, Marie29 Sep 18703159John Thomas Coombs s/o John & Catherine WALLACE Coombs
COOMBS, J EGODWIN, Lillie03 Nov 19078536James E. Coombs s/o John Thomas & Mary E. MANNING Coombs
COOMBS, J HGODWIN, Maggie25 Dec 19007391John H. Coombs s/o John Thomas & Mary E. MANNING Coombs
COOMBS, SamHOYLE, Amanda26 May 18842257?
COOMBS, Annie JRUCKER, A C Jr07 Jul 18966394d/o John Thomas & Mary E. MANNING Coombs
COOMBS, E JNORTON, J N18 Dec 1867346Eliza Jane Coombs d/o John & Catherine WALLACE Coombs
COOMBS, EttaSTROUP, L E23 Mar 19027523d/o John Thomas & Mary E. MANNING Coombs
COOMBS, Frankye ERAY, R C17 Mar 19048158d/o John Thomas & Mary E. MANNING Coombs
COOMBS, LizzieWRIGHT, J C10 Feb 18956273
COOMBS, Nannie CDEAN, W S28 Feb 18723199
COOMBS, S EWALKER, C D04 Jan 18773312d/o John & Catherine WALLACE Coombs
COOMBS, TraunaCOX, J R__ ___ 18987199d/o John Thomas & Mary E. MANNING Coombs
COOMBS, WillieNORTON, W M30 Sep 19141090

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