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Wayne County, was established from Dobbs in 1779.

18 Mar 1781 At some point after this date, John & Winnifred COMBS Purvis removed from the Rich Square Quaker MM in Northampton Co, NC to Wayne Co NC where they are recorded in the minutes of the Contentnea Meeting as follows:

Wineford PERVIS
Moses b. 10/20/1783
John b. 1/3/1785
Susanna b. 1/17/1782
John PERVIS d. 3/19/1809 in his 68th year (b abt 1741)

(Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol. 1, North Carolina, W. W. Hinshaw)

1790 Wayne Co, NC Census

Newbern District

BUNDY, William 1-3-2-0-0
COLEY, Gabriel 1-5-5-0-0
BRANCH, Edy 1-0-2-0-0
Combs, John 1-0-2-0-0
POWEL, Eli 2-0-2-0-0
FORT, Benjamin 1-1-6-3-24

[the above in consecutive order]

HOLLAWELL, Silas 3-1-4-0-0
PERVIS, John 1-0-0-0-0
LOVIN, William 1-1-2-0-0

[the above in consecutive order]

(Heads of Families, North Carolina)

Notes: It is not known if John COMBS & Winnifred COMBS Purvis were related. See also the 1830 Jefferson Co, KY marriage of Jonas COMBS to Nancy, widow of Benjamin FORT. Not known if significant, let alone related.

27 Oct 1790 (Wayne Co NC Marriages) COMBS, John married PEACOCK, Elizabeth (Dodd, Jordan R, et. al. Early American Marriages: North Carolina to 1825. Bountiful, UT: Precision Indexing Publishers, 19xx, Ancestry Library)

1800 NC Census Index, Wayne Co, NC

Page 849

COMB, Ebenezer 11010-01000-00

(Census Index CD, Source Unreliable)

Notes: See Ebenezer Combs of Dobbs Co NC in 1790

p. 849
Ebenezer Comb 10010-01000-00

Images at NCGenWeb Archives

1810 Wayne Co, NC Census Index

COMBES, John 2-2-0-0-1 3-1-0-0-1-0-0

(Extracted by Combs-Stacy Researcher Barbara Stacy Mathews)

1820 Wayne Co, NC Census Index

No Combs Found

Lauri D Ivey

1820 Wayne Co, NC Census

p. 481

REASONS, George 2-0-0-1-0-0 0-0-1-0-0 0-1-0-0 0-0-0-0 0-0-0-0 0-0-0-0 0-0-0-0

Note: Father of Mary Ann “Polly” REASONS who married Alfred Combs, 25 Sep 1838 in Madison Co, TN.

Images at NCGenWeb Archives

1830 US Census, Wayne Co NC

Capt. Hamilton Dist

Page 514
Ebonizar COMBS
Josiah COMBS

(US Census Index)

1830 Wayne Co, NC Census

p. 514

Combs, Ebonizar 0000100000000-2000100010000

Combs, Josiah 0000100000000-2100100000000

p. 524a

REASONS, George 1110010000000-1100100000000

Images at NCGenWeb Archives

1840 US Census Index, Wayne Co NC

Waynesborough Dist

Page 210

Ebenezer COMBS 0000001000000-0020010000000-000000-000000

Josiah COMBS 1300001000000-1010010000000-000000-000000

p. 211

Elizabeth COMBS 0100010000000-0010000010000-000000-000000

p. 213

Bennet COMBS 0000010000000-0000100000000-000000-000000

Needham COMBS 0000010000000-0000010000000-000000-000000

Saul District

p. 252

Robert COMBS 0100010000000-1000100000000-000000-000000

Images at NCGenWeb Archives

1850 Wayne Co, NC Census

(transcribed by Combs Researcher Debi Houser who adds: The census doesn't list the birthplace for anyone on these pages except the person on line one. It reads North Carolina).

The North Side of Neuse

pg 154a/30 3Aug1850

96/96 Josiah COMBES 47 M Day Laborer
Molly 32 F
Smitha 20 F
Isaac 15 M
Benjamin 14 M
Clarkey 13 F
John 10 M
Crisa 9 F
Robert 8 M
Jerry 6 M

Submitted Lauri D Ivey

p. 169a

342/342 Ebeneazer COMBS 56 M farmer $100 cannot read or write
Margaret 48 F cannot read or write
Woodard DUNKIN 16 M farm hand

p. 182b

551/551 Robert COMBS 39 M Farmer 800 cannot read or write
Harriett 36 F cannot read or write
James 17 M Farmhand sch
Sarah 14 F sch
Arsula 3 F

Submitted Lauri D Ivey

p. 212a

1011/1011 Needham COMBS 49 M farmer
Ecey 45 F cannot read or write
Irvin? 8 M sch
Patsy 6 F sch
Litha 4 F sch

LDI-Note: Irvin? is Ervin Ethelred Combs m. Susan Combs d/o Robert & Harriett FOREHAND Combs 11 Nov 1858

p. 212b

1017/1017 Bennett COMBS 45 M farmer $600
Gatsey 40 F
William 16 M Farmhand sch
Elizabeth 65 F

1860 Wayne Co, NC Census

Saulston District

Pikeville PO

Pg 37/434a

308/283 Robert COMBS 49 M Farmer 2000 800 cannot read or write
Harriet 47 F cannot read or write
Ursula 12 F sch
James 26 M

Note: Harriet FOREHAND

Pg 38/434b

322/297 Benjamin COMBS 25 M distiller 50 cannot read or write
Louisa 15 F

Note: Louisa COMER

Goldsboro PO

Pg 39/435a

329/304 Haywood ROBINSON 60 M Farmer 300 100 cannot read or write
Polly 58 F
Jesse 26 M Farmer 100
Henry 24 M "
Wm. 18 M Farm Laborer
Betsey 20 F
Penny 16 F
Burwell GINN 27 M Farm Laborer 800 cannot read or write
Levy COMBS 15 M "

Note: Levi Combs, could have been called “Jerry” in 1850 census of Josiah Combes, but not proven

350/305 James H. Smith 26 M Farmer 316 200
Appa 24 F cannot read or write
Wm. 1 M
Crissy COMBS 18 F

Note: Crissy Combs, daughter of Josiah Combs

Pg 43/437a

362/334 Elizabeth Newsom 64 F Farmer 700 500
Jane 27 F cannot read or write
Isaac COMBS 22 M Farm Laborer cannot read or write

Note: Isaac Combs, son of Josiah Combs

Stony Creek District

Pg 49/440a

408/379 E. E. COMBS 18 M Farmer 100
Sarah 24 F

Note: Ervin Etheldred Combs & Sarah COMBS

Pg 50/440b

412/383 Wm. COMBS 26 M Farm Laborer 40 cannot read or write
Jane 24 F cannot read or write
Deems H. 1/12 M

Pg 56/443b

467/431 Wm. COMBS 26 M Laborer 50 cannot read or write
Nancy J. 24 F cannot read or write
James H. 1/12 M

Newhope District

Pg 59/445a

494/455 Sally Herring 54 F Farmer 1000 600
Joseph R. 30 M Farm Laborer 1400
Salathel B. 27 M " " 490 20
Martha 25 F
Sally 21 F
Aby 23 M Farm Laborer
Edith 16 F
Smithy 15 F
Nancy 70 F cannot read or write
Robert COMBS 18 M Farm Laborer

Note: Robert Combs, son of Josiah Combs

Pg 76/453b

614/564 Clarky COMBS 23 F cannot read or write
Elbert 9/12 M
John Cotton 22 M Farm Laborer cannot read or write

Note: Clarky Combs, daughter of Josiah Combs.

616/566 Molly COMBS 35 F cannot read or write
Betsey Bayett 24 F cannot read or write
Mack W. 10 M sch
Hozey COMBS 2 M

Note: Molly Combs, probably wife of Josiah Combs, however age is inconsistant with 1850 Census.

617/567 John Herring 35 M Farmer 3000 5610
Sarah 31 F
Elcy A. 7 F
John F. 2 M
Ira COOMBS 21 M Farm Laborer cannot read or write

Note: Ira COOMBS has also been seen transcribed as “CombsSHGNote: looks like Combs to me (see digital image).

Stony Creek District

p. 3/482a

29/30 Ebenezer COMBS 66 M Farmer cannot read or write
Peggy 58 F Midwifery cannot read or write

All birth locations listed as North Carolina.

Notes on parentage derived from previous census records. Josiah Combs possibly deceased prior to 1860 census. Submitted Lauri D Ivey. Also: Images are online at NCGenWeb Archive; second number in the page corresponds with the image name (example for Ebenezer COMBS just above click image 482a.gif to see the Census page.

1870 Wayne Co, NC Census

Submitted Lauri D Ivey


Pg 32

249/249 James COMBS 37 F[sic] W Farmer 250 300
Nancy 25 F W [Wife]
Sallie Bedford 24 F W [Sister-in-Law]


Pg 40

367/359 Bennett COMBS 65 M W Farmer 1000 200
Gatsey 60 F W [Wife]
Elizabeth Peacock 70 F W

368/360 Needham COMBS 65 M W Farmer 700 200
Achsah 64 F W
Gatsey A 24 F W
Marinda 22 F W

Pg 42

390/382 David Davis 50 M W Farmer 400 200
Lucinda 43 F W [Wife]
Dewitt 21 M W [son of Lucinda & 1st husband, Cullen Howell]
John D 9 M W
Deams D 7 M W
George W 5 M W
Labilia 2 F W
Garling COMBS 38 M W Farm Laborer

Pg 43

394/386 William Ham 32 M W Farmer 325 300
Polly 32 F W [Wife]
William 14 M W
James 12 M W
Theophilus 9/12 M W
Levi COMBS 25 M W Farm Laborer

Pg 46

418/410 Robert COMBS 59 M W - 1100 400
Harriett 56 F W
Sarah 34 F W
Bryant 9 M W

1877 Wayne Co, NC WB-1/109 North Carolina State Archives, Raleigh. Needham COMBS (Provided by Combs Researcher Denise Mortorff from "North Carolina Wills: A Testator Index, 1776-1900 by Thornton W. Mitchell)

1880 Wayne Co, NC Census

Submitted Lauri D Ivey


Pg 11

95/102 James COMBS W M 47 Farmer NC
Nancy W F 37 Wife
Sallie Bedford W F 35 Sister-in-Law

Note: Nancy BEDFORD; daughter of Council & Delila (Harris) Bedford

99/106 Thomas B Lancaster W M 28 Farmer NC
Gatey A W F 31 Wife
Delitha COMBS W F 29 Sister-in-Law

Stony Creek

Pg 14

122/122 Garling COMBS W M 49 Farmer NC
Noah W M 2 Son

126/126 Bennett COMBS W M 74 Farmer NC
Gatsey W F 69 Wife
Elizabeth W F 84 Sister

Pg 20

181/181 Sarah COMBS W F 48 Farmer NC
L R B W M 19 Son
Chelly W F 22 Wife

Notes: Sarah Combs was the widow of CW Soldier Ervin Etheldred COMBS; Chelly HERRING, daughter of James & Elizabeth DAVIS Herring. See Confederate papers pertaining to Sarah below.

184/184 Robert COMBS W M 70 Farmer NC widower


Pg 13

123/123 Louisa Head W F 36 Farmer NC
Wright W M 33 Husband
Laney B COMBS W F 18 Daughter
James COMBS W M 13 Son
Wm. H. Head W M 8 Son
Ella W F 6 Daughter
Zeb Vance W M 3 Son
Pat Exum W M 1 Son

Notes: Louisa Head is the widow of CW Soldier Benjamin B COMBS; James Combs is born too late to have been a child of Benjamin


Pg 54

-/- Levi COMBS W M 34 Laborer NC
Sarah W F 30 Wife
Ben R. W M 5 Son
Bettie A. W F 3 Daughter
Sallie W F 7m Daughter

1889 Wayne Co, NC WB-1/456 North Carolina State Archives, Raleigh. Bennett COMBS (Provided by Combs Researcher Denise Mortorff from "North Carolina Wills: A Testator Index, 1776-1900 by Thornton W. Mitchell)

1894 Wayne Co, NC WB-2/79 North Carolina State Archives, Raleigh. Gatesy COMBS (Provided by Combs Researcher Denise Mortorff from "North Carolina Wills: A Testator Index, 1776-1900 by Thornton W. Mitchell)

1900 Wayne Co, NC Census

Name-Race-Sex-Birth Date-Age-Marital Status-# Yrs Married-Births/Living-Birthplace-Relation to head

Submitted Lauri D Ivey


175/176 Forehand, Peter W M Sep 1853 46 M 25
Avy J W F Jul 1848 - M 25 0/0 Wife
Scott, Annie W F Mar 1810 89 W 9/7 Mother-in-law
Pate, Fiffie W F - 1820 80 S Aunt
Forehand, Joseph W M Aug 1824 75 W Uncle
COMBS, Rebecca W F Jun 1880 19 S Cousin
Scott, Arthur W M Jan 1892 8 S Nephew


446/459 COMBS, Levi W M Dec 1845 56 W
Bettie W F Oct 1877 22 S 0/0 Daughter
Luda W F Jul 1882 18 S 0/0 Daughter
Annie W F Jun 1884 15 S Daughter
Levi W M Sep 1888 11 S Son

109/109 COMBS, Elbert W M Jan 1860 40 M 19
Smithie W F Apr 1858 42 M 19 8/5 Wife
Eddie W M Jan 1882 18 S Son
Pollie C W F Apr 1894 16 S Daughter
Gerris L W M Feb 1896 14 S Son
Lucy J W F May 1891 9 S Daughter
George W W M Aug 1892 7 S Son

Note: Maiden name - Smithie HINSON

349/362 Earp, James E W M Sep 1853 46 M 6
Sophronia W F Mar 1870 30 M 6 1/1 Wife
Alice L W F Jun 1890 9 S Daughter
James E W M Sep 1892 7 S Son
Hellen O W F Jul 1895 5 S Daughter
COOMBS, Sally W F Nov 1879 20 S 0/0 Boarder

Note: Two oldest children probably by first wife.


364/367 Lane, John E W M Oct 1869 30 W
George W M May 1868 32 S Brother
COMBS, Susan W F Jan 1851 49 W 4/1 Sister
Mary A W F Apr 1886 15 S Niece


30/31 COMBS, James W M Nov 1867 32 M 11
Florence W F Jul 1874 25 M 11 7/5 Wife
William W M May 1891 9 S Son
Elen W F Dec 1895 4 S Daughter
Louiza W F Nov 1896 3 S Daughter
Isaac W M May 1898 2 S Son
Lesley P W M Feb 1900 4/12 S Son

Note: Maiden name - Florence SEYMOUR

Stony Creek

224/225 COMBS, Bryant W M Oct 1860 39 M 21 *
Chelander W F Aug 1857 42 M 21 8/6 Wife **
Harriett C W F May 1882 18 S Daughter ***
Marry L W F Oct 1887 12 S Daughter
James E W M Jun 1891 8 S Son
Nathan A W M Apr 1893 7 S Son
Mattie A W M Nov 1895 4 S Daughter
Ernest W M Mar 1892 2 S Son

Notes: * full name - Leonard R Bryant Combs ** Maiden name - Chelander HERRING. *** Harriet’s line marked through; married to H. C. Futrell 21 Mar 1900. LI-Note: wife's name (Chelander) appears to be a slur of her full name, Chellie Anner (HERRING). Lauri D Ivey See L.R.B. Combs Bible Records.

Wayne County, NC - WWI Registrations

Combs, Ernest Walter, 2 Mar 1898, Pikeville
Combs, James E, 15 Jun 1890, Goldsboro
Combs, Nathan Add, 2 Apr 1893, Goldsboro

Submitted by Lauri D Ivey


  1. Robert Combs m. Harriett Forehand abt 1832
  1. James Henry DAVIS m. Penelopy WORRELL abt 1820
  1. Council BEDFORD m. Delila HARRIS abt 1839

Submitted by Lauri D Ivey

Extracted from FootNotes by Myra Britt

Samuel Combs, Sarah Combs, Confederate Papers Relating to Citizens or Business Firms, 1861-65

    Publication Number: M346
    Publication Title: Confederate Papers Relating to Citizens or Business Firms, 1861-65
    Content Source: NARA
    Document Type: Citizen
    Surname Starts With: C
    Business Name Starts With: [Blank]
    Surname Starts With Two: Co
    Business Name Starts With Two: [Blank]
    Given Name: Samuel
    Surname: Combs
    Business Name: [Blank]
    State: Kentucky
    Document Number: 56

(PAGE 1)
    Combs, S
    See Samuel
    Stienmer, Rufus

(PAGE 2)
    Combs, Saml
    Taken near Scottsville, KY &
    confined in Guard House,

    see P.P. of
    G. H. Nixon, Major.
    Report of Guard.
    Bowling Green, KY

(PAGE 3)
    Combs, Sara
    Widow, Wayne Co. N.C.

    See personal papers of
    Erwin E. Combs
    Pvt, Co I?, 35th Reg't N.C.S.7.

(PAGE 4)
    Voucher No 9
    Abst. B. 2nd Quarter 1862
    Sarah Combs
    Paid 3rd May 1862

    I certify that the within ofc? is correct
    & just. That Mrs Coombs & servants were
    employed in the Howard
    Hospital at Nashville
    Tennefee from February
    14th to March the 20th 1862
    Mrs Coombs as Motnn?
    & servants as nurses
    & that there was no
    transportation in Kind
    to her & servants from
    Nashville here. at the
    time she left Nashville
    March 22d 1862
    J.C. Cummings
    Surgeon ?????
    In charge of Howard Hospital

(Page 6)
    Confederate States
    To Mrs Sarah Combs

    1862 For Expenses incurred for self and
    two Servants while in the employ
    of the Medical Department in
    Travelling from Nashville Tenn
    to Huntsville Alab $90.00

    I certify that the above account is correct & just
    that I have performed the journey on urgent
    Public duty for the purpose of

    and necefsorily incurred the Expenses as Stated
    That I have travelled in the Customary reasonable
    Manner, and that I have not been furnished
    with Public transportation, or Money in lieu
    thereof for any part of the Route.
    Sarah Combs

    Received at Corinth Miss May 3rd 1862
    of Capt F. A. Malone AgmPa?
    3rd Corp & Army Misfs. The Sum of
    Ninety of Dollars in full of the
    above Account.
    $90.00 Sarah Combs


Note: Sarah Combs, widow of Erwin Combs.

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives