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Merrimack County, formed in 1823 from Rockingham and Hillsborough Counties.

1840 Merrimack Co., NH


Abner Combs


Eleanor Combs

1850 Merrimack Co, NH Census


pg 62

HH 914/932 David COOMBS 40 m labour ME
Nancy 40 f ME
Sarah A. 10 f ME attended school
Artemas 8 m ME attended school
Marietta 5 f ME attended school
Alvah 1 m NH


pg 225

HH 55/55 Stephen COMBS 47 f Meth. Clergyman 550 NH
Gertrude 41 f NH
Stephen B. 15 m NH attended school
John 10 m NH attended school
Mary L. 9 f NH attended school
Edwin W. 7 m NH attended school
Marthy H. 5 f NH attended school

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