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Albany County, known originally as Fort Orange, was first settled in 1624 by the Dutch Weat Indies Company. The English took over the region in 1664 and Albany County was established in 1683. It is the parent county for many counties and once covered most of the state. (Albany NYGenWeb)


Extacted from; A MEMORIAL, Records of early burial places on the farms in the town of Guilderland, N.Y. and surrounding towns, Compiled by, WILLIAM A. BRINKMAN, HISTORIAN, Town of Guilderland, Altamont NY RD1, 1940.

On the old Featherly farm, now Max Besser, about 300 foot southwest of the house across the Black Creek there were nine stones in 1914. Now none are standing.
Lucinda, wife of Captain Henry V. Combs, died 1811 aged 28 years. This stone erected by her brother, Josiah Wilson.
Margaret Fetterly, BOR Ano 1730 DEd Ano 1793
I.F. 1773 G B D 19 J N U
Six other field stone markers were lying about here in 1914.

On the old log church Presbyterian burial ground in the corner of or junction of two roads leading to Rynex Corners near the Bradshaw farm.
Jane Combs, wife of James, died June 27, 1818 aged 40 years, 7 months and 19 days

Submitted by Lauraine Syrnick


18 Sep 1738 - Comes, Solomon, and Sarah LEE

23 Jun 1753 - Comes, Mary, and Benjamin CARPENTER

20 Sep 1756 - Combs, John, and Charity YANDINE

05 Jan 1763 - McCombs, James, and Bridget MOTT

10 Dec 1766 - Comes, Gilbert, and Ann BRAINE

01 Jun 1773 - Comes, Sarah, and William BAYLEY

01 Oct 1777 - Coombe, Hanah, and Henry BOEL

19 Feb 1778 - Combs, Henry, and Hanah SMITH

26 Jun 1779 - Coomes, Ann, and John HILTON

10 Aug 1783 - Come, Elizabeth, and Charles de GIRONWURT

27 Feb 1783 - McComb, Sarah, and Jonathan Friend CHILD

(Names of Persons for whom MARRIAGE LICENSES Were issued by the Secretary of the Province of New York Previous to 1784. By E. B. O'Callaghan Printed by order of Gideon J. Ticker, Secretary of State. Albany: Weed, Parsons and Company, 1860. Three Rivers Website)

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