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Oneida County was formed in 1798 from Herkimer County. The County seat is Utica.

April 22, 1805 John Combs elected a pathmaster in first election of officers for Boonville, Oneida Co, NY. (Source: Our County and It's People, Chapter 29, The Town of Boonville,

[Residents list of some kind for Boonville]

John Comb
Mitchell Combs
Solomon Combs


1850 Oneida County, NY Census

(Source: Abs. by SE from original census images,

Note: Not all Combs of Oneida County extracted.


Sept 7, 1850

373/373 William WHEELER 33, M, Farmer, Re=$1300, b NY
Mary Wheeler, 33, F, b NY
Emma Wheeler, 3, F, b NY
Mary Wheeler, 67, F, b NY
Lethic Combs, 5, M, b NY

Sept 13 1850

509/509 Joseph Combs 30, M, Black Smith, RE=$1500, b NY
Theodore Combs 28, M, Wagon Maker, b NY
Charlotta Combs, 28, F, b NY
Selena Combs, 8, F, b NY

512/512 John Combs 76, M, Farmer, RE=$3000, b NY
Betsy Combs 71, F, b Connct
Sarah Combs 50, F, b. NY
Emma Ann Combs 9, F, b NY

Notes: See will below.

520/520 Solomon Combs, 65, M, Farmer, RE=$4500, b NY
Abigail Combs, 64, F, b Mass
Phoebe Combs, 39, F, b. NY
Samuel Combs, 23, M, b. NY
Mary Combs, 15, F, b Ire
Celester, 7/12, F, b. NY

4 Feb 1854 COMBS, Samuel E. - of Boonville, m. Miss Ladotia of Ava in this village on 1st inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes

(Source: Boonville Ledger 4 Feb 1854, Oneida Co, NY Rootsweb/

8 April 1854 COMBS, Abigail 'Miss' - died Boonville age 67 years, wife of the late Solomon Combs, funeral tomorrow at Union Church

(Source: Boonville Ledger 8 April 1854, Oneida Co, NY Rootsweb/

1860 Oneida Co, NY Census

(Source: Abs. by SE from original census images,


p.12 Division 201, June 15 1860

81/85 Peter B SIPPEL 37, M, Farmer, RE=$6000, PP=$1731
Marg 30, F, b NY
William 3, M, b NY
Carlos Combs 21, M, b NY
Elizh MINTURN 16, F, b NY

Notes: Grandson of John Combs per John's 1864 will. Carlos living in 1850 in hh of Dennis & Polly MILLER (b c1811), Leyden, Lewis Co, NY, probably the same Polly MILLER, d/o of John Combs. He may be the same as the Carlos (age 31, b NY) found in 1870 in Humboldt Co, IA, with daughters named Emma and Anna. Parents of Carlos unidentified. His grandfather names no son, living or deceased, in his will.

82/86 Theodore Combs 42, M, Wagon Maker, RE=$1500, PP=$220, b NY
Charlotta, 39, F, Domestic, b NY
Salome 15, F, b NY
Delos 8, M, b NY
Etta 3, F, b NY
Emogene 1, F, b NY

(Source: Abs. by SE from original census images,

83/87 Samuel Combs 32, M, Farmer, RE=$2000, PP=$480, by NY
Ladocia 27, F, b NY

p.69/715 Division 201, July 6 1860

550/543 Joseph Combs 46, M, Farmer, RE=$6000, PP=$580, b NY

p.93/739, Division 201, July 11 1860

739/737 John Combs 86, M, Farmer, RE=$3000 PP=$3000 by NY
Betsy 81, F, b NY
Sally 61, F, b NY

26 Nov 1867 (OC-WBv19-20:403-5) Last Will and Testament of John Combs, late of town of Boonville, Oneida County, State of New York, produced in Surrogate's Court by Daniel SPENCER, Executor. Will proven by witness Job W FISK who stated he was acquainted with John Combs for 10 years and that he witnessed him sign the will, and proven by Milton E FISK who stated same and that he had known John Combs for 12 years. Both witnesses stated John Combs deceased died in September last. Will proved 26 Nov 1867.

LWT of John Combs of the town of Boonville, County of Oneida, State of New York

1) give and bequeath to my wife Betsy Combs for and during her natural life and no longer all my property both real and personal for her use and maintenance…as a life estate only

2) after the death of my wife and the termination of her life estate I give and bequeath to my daughter Sally Combs on condition that she live with my wife Betsy Combs for and during her life the sum of $800

3) after the death of my wife I give and bequeath to my grandchildren Carlos Combs and Jane C UTLEY the wife of Joseph UTLEY the sum of $50 each

4) after the death of my wife and after paying the legacies I give and bequeath to my children Sally Combs, Anna BUCK Polly MILLER Betsy BACON and Esther Ann SPENCER all the rest and residue of my property both real and personal to be divided equally

I appoint Daniel SPENCER of Leyden, Lewis County, New York my executor.

13 May 1864. Signed John Combs S S. Wit: Job W FISH of Boonville, Milton E FISH of Boonville.

(Source: abs. by SE from original images, Oneida Co, NY Will Book Vol 19-20, 1866-1870, FHC Film #0381378)

SE Notes: Executor Daniel SPENCER was married to Esther Ann Combs (b c1816 NY). Anna BUCK (b c1801 NY) may be same as Anna, wife of Eliphlet BUCK living close to Carlos Combs. In 1870, Anna BUCK and Sally Combs are living together.

Oneida Co Cemeteries

Holland Patent Cemetery, Trenton, N.Y.

This large active cemetery is located on Rte. 365 in the town of Trenton. The tombstones were transcribed in September 2005 by Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman. (Copyright©2005, Kathy Last & Virginia Ackerman, All Rights Reserved) Oneida Co, NY USGenweb

Combs, Dorcas died June 1, 1816 age 72 yrs

Combs, Emily Holmes, wife (of Jeremiah Combs), died Nov. 26, 1890 age 72 yrs

Combs, infant son of Joseph & Lucy A. Combs, died Sep. 10, 1846

Combs, Jeremiah died Oct. 22, 1886 age 71 yrs

Combs, Louisa Tyler, wife of Oliver Combs died Aug. 30, 1880 age 57 yrs 1 mo 23 dys

Combs, Lucius died March 20, 1878 age 72 yrs

Combs, Oliver died June 2, 1854 age 73 yrs

Combs, Oliver died Oct. 26, 1875 age 50 yrs11 mos 23 dys

Combs, Sarah C. Holmes, wife (of Lucius Combs), died Feb. 14, 1892 age 81 yrs

Combs, Sarah died Nov. 15, 1873 age 84 yrs 9 mos 7 dys

Combs, Sarah, dau of Oliver & Sally Combs, died Nov. 13, 1830 age 17 yrs

Combs, Stephen, son of Joseph & Lucy Ann Combs, died Feb. 25, 1844 age 2 yrs 2 mos 9 dys

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives