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Lawrence County was established in 1815 from Gallia and Scioto Counties.

Note: All Lawrence Co OH marriages to date were extracted from the Lawrence Co, OH GenWeb Marriages

1817 - 1832 (Lawrence Co OH Marriage Books 1-3, p. 101) Combs Jonas & Peggy KOONS (Lawrence Co, OH Marriages, April 1817 - July 1843)


Notes: Possibly Jonas Combs of the 1834 land (below) except if so, why is Margaret "Peggy" KOONS" Combs on the 1820 census w/o a husband?

1817 - 1832 (Lawrence Co OH Marriage Books 1-3, p. 113) Combs David & Sophire PHILLIPS (Lawrence Co, OH Marriages, April 1817 - July 1843)

1817 - 1832 (Lawrence Co OH Marriage Book 1-3, p. 153) Combs John & Ruth WESTCOTT (Lawrence Co, OH Marriages, April 1817 - July 1843)

1817 - 1843 (Lawrence Co OH Marriage Books 1-3, p. 189) BREDWELL Samuel & Elizabeth Combs (Lawrence Co, OH Marriages, April 1817 - July 1843)

1817-1843 (Lawrence Co OH Marriage Books 1-3, p. 351) WEIR Harvey & Ruth Combs (Lawrence Co, OH Marriages, April 1817 - July 1843)

Notes: Possibly the remarriage of Ruth WESTCOTT Combs (in which case this marriage post-1836)? (See below)

1820 Lawrence Co, OH Census

Burlington Twp

* p. 108A

1 mto10 1 m16-18 1 m16-26 1 m26-45 1 m45up
1 fto10 1 f16-26 1 f26-45 1 in AGR 1 in MFG

Margaret Combs
1 m16-26
1 f26-45 1 in MFG

*Lawrence Co OH GenWeb Census Index shows Fayette Twp. and includes a Jeremh [Jeremiah] WESCOTT on same page.

1830 Lawrence Co, OH Census Indices

No Combs?

July 10, 1834 Combs Jonas (of Lawrence Co, OH) Y N Ohio 2398 Y Chillicothe 1 SESW 30/ 1 N 16 W N Ohio River Survey 42.22 Lawrence OH0190_.379 (Index to Combs BLM Land of Ohio)

10-6-1836 (Lawrence County Ohio-Common Pleas Court Records-Journal 1836-1839, The following records were copied from "Journal 3-4" as found in the office of the Clerk of Court at the court house at Ironton. Pages for original records are given in parenthesis.) Ruth Combs, widow and Rhodes WESTCOTT appointed adms. Of the estate of John Combs, deceased. (281)

11-8-1836 (ibid.) Ruth Combs appointed guardian of John Combs born 1st April 1832, Amanda Combs born 16 March 1834 and Helen Combs born 10 September 1836, children of John Combs, deceased. (298)

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Pat Orton)

1840 Lawrence Co, OH Census

P. 4

Combs Ruth 1 m5-10 1 fto5 1 f5-10 1 f20-30 1 f60-70
WESTCOTT, Rhodes 1 mto5 1 m5-10 1 m20-30 1 m30-40 1 fto5 1 f5-10 2 f20-30
WESTCOTT, Chs. 1 m30-40

P. 21

Combs, Jos. 1 m5-10 1 m60-70 1 f20-30 1 f60-70
CRAWFORD, Milton 1 m5-10 1 m60-40 1 f5-10 1 f20-30

1857 (Lawrence Co, OH Marriage Book 6, p. 2) CYRUS John M. & Combs Amanda (Lawrence Co, OH Marriage Book 6, Apr. 1857 - Jan. 1863)

1857-1863 (Lawrence Co, OH Marriage Book 6, p. 18) POWER Jeffray & Combs Sabina (Lawrence Co, OH Marriage Book 6, Apr. 1857 - Jan. 1863)

Feb. 16, 1860 Probate News, Ironton Register: State of Ohio vs. Abraham Combs, petty larceny (copy on page reads pettit larceny), plead guilty; fined $5 & costs of prosecution

(Combs Researcher Anne B. Musser)

1870 Lawrence Co, OH Census

Series: M593 Roll: 1231

Perry Twp

Ironton PO

p. 458, June 27, 1870

-/128 Combs Harrison, 24, M, W, Works on farm, RE=$0, PP=$400 KY US
John, 40, M, W, Works on farm, RE=$0, PP=$0 KY US
Nancy, 45, F, W, Keeps house KY US
Holdman, 18, M, W, Works on farm KY US
Sarah, 16, F, W, At home VA US
Nelson, 13, M, W, At home VA US
Nancy, 11, F, W VA US
John, 8, M, W VA US
Vardeman, 6, M, W VA US

Notes: Harrison may be the son of John and Nancy. This family next found in adjoining Scioto Co, OH in 1880. Family not located in 1860 but the birth states for the children indicate the family was in Virginia before settling on Ohio. Could they be the same as John and Nancy Combs with son Harrison found in 1850 in adjoining Wayne Co, WV census.

Dec. 9, 1875 Common Pleas, Ironton Register: John Combs vs. A. LAWSON & L. P. ORT. For settlement of business of L. P. ORT & Co.

(Combs Researcher Anne B. Musser)

1890 Lawerence Co, OH Veterans Census

Persons who served in the Army, Navy and Marine Corps of the United States during the war of the rebellion (who are survivors) and widows of such persons


Mason Twp E.D. 130

p. 5

McCOMAS, James
Pvt. | Co. D, 91st Oh Inf. | 6-Aug-62 | 24-Jun-65 | 2-10-18 | heart dis. + rheu.

Rome Twp E.D. 133

p. 6

McCOMAS, Benjamin F.
Pvt. | Co. A, 188th Oh Inf. | 16-Feb-65 | 21-Sep-65 | 0-7-5 | spinal irritation

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives