Beaver County was established in 1890 as original County [Public Lands]. The County seat is located in Beaver, Oklahoma.

1920 Beaver Co, OK Census

Nabisco Twp

SD 8; Ed 38;

S# 4A p. 273; Enumberated January 22, 1920 by Howard M. Drake.

HH# 72/72 COMBS, Claudius G. head 44 M NC US US Farmer
Rhoda wife 33 M TX KY TN
Cleo dau 13 S OK NS TX
Mina M. dau 11 S OK US TX
Zonnia L. dau 10 S OK US TX
Emma I. dau 3 6/12 S OK US TX
Clyde G. son 1 11/12 S OK US TX

SD 8; Ed 33;

S# 6B; Enumberated February 2, 1920 by Howard M. Drake.

HH# 120/120 Ensineger(sp?), Hugh F. head 35 M TN TN TN Farmer
Matilda wife 35 M NC NC NC
Howard son 8 S TX TN NC
Elenora 5 S TX TN NC
COMBS, Matilda J. M-I-L 71 Wd NC NC CN

Transcribed by Birdie McNutt

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