Bryan, County, Oklahoma was established in 1907 as Original County (from the Wichita-Caddo Lands). The County seat is located in Durant.

1920 Census (Soundex)

Durant Ward 2

Robert Coombs abt 1876 TN White


James M Cambs abt 1873 AR White
Mary Cambs abt 1890 AR White
Cerise Cambs abt 1904 AR White
Jesse Cambs abt 1907 AR White
Ethel Cambs abt 1909 AR White


William Combost abt 1907 Oklahoma White


A B Combs abt 1874 OH White
Hattie Combs abt 1877 MO White
Ola Combs abt 1907 MO White
John W Combest abt 1879 KY White
Elizada Combest abt 1887 KY White
William Combest abt 1908 TX White
Mae Combest abt 1914 New Mexico White
Gean Combest abt 1919 TX White
Callie Combest abt 1901 TX White
Thomas Combest abt 1880 KY White
Lee Combest abt 1899 TX White

1930 Census (Soundex)


Cleve Combs abt 1886 KY Head
Minnie abt 1887 Wife
Stanley OK abt 1913 Son
Antha Lee abt 1917 Daughter
Ethel abt 1920 Daughter
J W abt 1923 Son


Charles H Combs abt 1884 TX Head
Mollie B abt 1888 Wife
Susie M abt 1911 Daughter
Ernest abt 1913 Son
Anna B abt 1915 Daughter
Willie G abt 1916 Son
Homer abt 1918 Son
Joe abt 1921 Son
Ray abt 1924 Son


R L Coombs abt 1877 United States of America Head
Minnie abt 1888 Wife


Bill Combest abt 1908 Oklahoma Stepson

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