Canadian County was established in 1889 as Original County (from the Wichita-Caddo Lands. The County seat is located in El Reno, Oklahoma.

1900 Canadian Co, OK Census Soundex

MICR Cop No. 7:1066 Roll 9 C462 Earnest to C622 [Transcribed by Birdie McNutt]

Yukon Twp

Andy B. COMBS Jun 1876 23 OK
Grace Mar 1876 23 KS
Ella Apr 1897 3 OK
Berry? Oct 1898 1 OK
E. W. COLLINS Aug 1846 59 OH

El Reno Twp

Arthur L. COOMBS Jul 1879 29 IL

Frisco Twp

John COMBS Jul 1869 31 KY
Cordie Jul 1881 28 MO
Orville Nov 1895 5 OK
Cecil Dec 1897 3 OK

Kaw Twp

William F. Combs Dec 184? 55 IL
Merinda Jul 1857 MO
Rita? J. Aug 1879 20
Jonie F. dl Feb 1881 19
Alice E. Jan 1887
Edith M. Feb 1889
William B. Dec 1896 8 OK
Rufus S. Mar 1900 OK

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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