Carter County was established in 1907 from Chickasaw Lands. The County seat is located in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

1920 Census Carter County, OK Census

Ardmore twp

Part of Ward 2. 7th Avenue. SD3; ED42;

S#10A p. 201. Enumerated January 12 & 13 1920 by Faries Matthews

Fam HH# 307/184/241 COMBS, Andy head MB OK AL AL Labor Corn Field
Alta M. wife FB OK OK OK
Junior dau FB OK AL OK

Fam HH# 303/185/241 COMBS, Henry head MB OK AL OK Section Gang RR
Mary wife FB OK AL OK Laundry Pvt. Fam
Willie dau FB OK AL OK Laundry Pvt. Fam
Liza dau FB OK AL OK Laundry Pvt. Fam
Ethel dau FB OK AL OK
Geneva dau FB OK AL OK

Ward 3

Bibxey Avenue. SD3; ED45;

S#9A P. 250. Enumerated January 14, 1920 by Walter McLaughlin

Fam HH# 1105/175/193 COMBS, William E. head MW 26 M TX TX TX Manager Lumber Co. Chickasaw Lumber Yard
Bertha L. wife FW 24 M TX TX TX House work Home
Mary L. dau FW 1 S OK TX TX

Ardmore City

D Street Southeast. Ward 4 SD3; ED46;

S# 15B. Enumerated January 12th 1920 by Bessie Parker.

Fam HH# 814/369/398 COMBS, Henry head MW 28 M TX IL TX Mechinest garage
Othro wife FW 23 M TX TX TX
Lester son MW 7 S OK TX TX
Clarence son MW 3 9/12 OK TX TX
Lexie son MW 1 S OK TX TX

Hewitt Twp

SD3; ED54;

S#6B. Enumerated February 21, 1920 by J. W. Bales

Fam HH# 1328/1337 COMBS, Mettie head FW 45 WD KS KY KY none
Thelma dau FW 24 S OK KY KS none
Robert L. son MW 18 S TX KY KS Labor Oil Field
HICKS, Weldon D. gs MW 5 S OK TX KS

Wilson City

E. Street. SD3; ED55;

S#16B. Enumerated -----16 & 17 1920 by William D. Henderson.

Fam HH# 241/253 COMBS, William R. head 23 M AR US US Manager Lumber Co.
Ruby May wife 22 M TX KY KY
Harold B. son 1 3/12 OK AR TX

Transcribed by Birdie McNutt

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