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Note: At this time, the earliest Native American Combs seem to have been born to white fathers and residents of Oklahoma Indian Territory (not fully researched yet).

Dawes Final Rolls: The Dawes Commission was organized in 1893 to accept applications for tribal enrollment between 1899 and 1907 (some were added as late as 1914), mostly from Indians who resided in the Indian Territory which later became the State of Oklahoma. Tribal membership entitled qualified individuals to land allotments from the U.S. Government. These enrollment records were eventually published as the Dawes Commision, also known as The Five Civilized Tribes, which consisted of the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chikasaw, Crow, Creek and Seminole Tribes. (Combs Researcher Debi Houser)

Guion Miller Roll: A Listing of Native Americans who applied for inclusion in 1909 (Combs Researcher Patience Northern).

Note: For a copy of the census info below, Fill out a paper for Inter-Library-Loan to: Ft. Worth District Archives (census), P O BOX 6216, Ft Worth, TX 76115.

Dawes Final Rolls (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Houser)

Format: Page # Surname Given Age Gender Blood Census Card # Tribe
1-1617-512 COMBS [GRAYSON], Katie 22 F 1-4 494 Creeks by Blood
1-1618-512 COMBS, Joseph 1 M 1-8 494 Creeks by Blood
1-1619-512 COMBS, Rena 2 mo. F 1-8 494 Creeks by Blood
1-1620-12 COMBS, Birl 8 mo. M 1-8 494 Creeks by Blood
1-230-564 COMBS, Pearl 2 F 1-8 163 Creeks by Blood (newborn)

Combs Researcher Joyce Winter Kahre Notes: John Wesley "Wes" COMBS (s/o Sterling & Sarah Ann STARK Combs of Taney Co, MO), b Dec 1854, Pleasant Hill, Pike Co, IL; d 6 Mar 1919. Checotah, IT, OK; buried Combs Cemetery, Punkin Hill, Checotah, OK; m (1) pre 1872, Taney Co, MO, Verlina STOCKSTILL; m (2) 30 Jan 1897, Taney Co, MO, Mary MADDEN; m (3) ca 1894 at "Polly HARPER'S house," Checotah, OK, Katie GRAYSON. Checotah became part of McIntosh Co, OK in 1907, but was earlier part of the Chickasaw Nation.

Format: Page # Surname Given Age Gender Blood Census Card # Tribe

1-2317-225 COMBS, Fanny 30 F - 556 Chickasaw Freedmen
1-2318-225 COMBS, Beatrice 8 F - 556 Chickasaw Freedmen
1-2319-225 COMBS, Dorsey 6 M - 556 Chickasaw Freedmen
1-2320-225 COMBS, Edna 3 F - 556 Chickasaw Freedmen

1-29770-418 COMBS, Minnie A. 28 F 1-32 4042 Cherokees by Blood
1-29771-418 COMBS, Ray A. 4 F 1-64 4042 Cherokees by Blood
1-29772-418 COMBS, Vernon R. 2 M 1-64 4042 Cherokees by Blood

1-703-118 COMBS, Edward 47 M I W 1420 Choctaws by Intermarriage
1-3939-24 COMBS [HOLLAND], Sarah 29 [sic] F 1-8 1420 Choctaws by Blood
1-3940-24 COMBS Claude W. 20 M 1-16 1420 Choctaws by Blood
1-3942-24 COMBS Buster 11 M 1-16 1420 Choctaws by Blood
1-3943-24 COMBS Jesse J. 9 M 1-16 1420 Choctaws by Blood
1-3944-24 COMBS Cora E. 6 F 1-16 1420 Choctaws by Blood
1-3945-24 COMBS John 3 M 1-16 1420 Choctaws by Blood

Notes: Edward COMBS (s/o William and Dicey COMBS) m Sarah "Sissy" Spring HOLLAND  (aka HARLIN, HOLLIN). He stated in 1899 (see below) that he was born in 1855.

1-6095-276 COMBS [LaBARGE] Martha 25 F 1-8 2355 Cherokees by Blood
1-6096-276 COMBS Mary E. 5 F 1-16 2355 Cherokees by Blood
1-6097-276 COMBS Edith M. 3 F 1-16 2355 Cherokees by Blood
1-694-567 COMBS John Boyd 1 M 1-8 163 Creeks by Blood (newborn)

Notes: Martha LaBARG m William Albert COMBS (s/o John Wesley "Wes" & Verlina STOCKSTILL). See also Below.

1-8875-293 COMBS Annie 39 F 3-4 3646 Cherokees by Blood
1-978-104 COMBS Thomas L.E. 2 M 1-16 1082 Choctaws by Blood (newborn)

Extracted by Combs Researcher Sharon Burnett from Dawes/Guion Miller Rolls, Volume 2, Western Cherokee Rolls, 1898-1914 by Bob Blankenship:

Family Census 2355:
COMBS [LaBARGE], Martha Dawes 6095, age 25, Female, 1/8 Blood
COMBS, Mary E. Dawes 6096, age 5, Female, 1/16 Blood
COMBS, Edith M. Dawes 6097, age 3, Female, 1/16 Blood

Family Census 3646:
COMBS, Annie Dawes 8875, age 39, Female, 3/4 Blood

Fam. Census 4042:
COMBS, Minnie A. Dawes 29770, age 28, Fem., 1/32 Blood
COMBS, Ray A., Dawes 29771, age 4, Fem., 1/64 Blood
COMBS, Vernon R Dawes 29772, age 2, male, 1/64 Blood

Note: Combs Researcher Patience Northern adds: I found no Combs or any likeness in the Volume 1 Eastern Cherokee Rolls.

Guion Miller Rolls Extracted by Combs Researcher Sharon Burnette from the "Guion Miller Roll "Plus" of Eastern Cherokee, East & West of Mississippi 1909," by Bob Blankenship. SB: Check with: Muskogee Public Library, 801 W. Okmulgee, Muskogee, OK 74401 (918)682-6657. Adult Reference (they should know where to get copies of the Miller Applications from microfilm).

pg. 200 Applicants Not Eligible

COMBS Abber Jane S. Miller Appl. # 4159 Missouri
COMBS Annie M., Miller Appl. # 22640 Missouri
COMBS Mettie M., Miller Appl. # 22378 N.C.
COMBS Minnie A., Miller Appl. # 31430 OK
COMER Celia, Miller Appl. # 16242 OK
COMBS Emma L., Miller Appl. # 28934 OK
COMBS Josephine, Miller Appl. # 28939 TX
COMBS Lucretia, Miller Appl. # 22440 TX
COMBEST Mollie B. Miller Appl.# 21325 Texas
COMBS Jenitty, Miller Appl. # 6116 VA
COMES Bertie Miller Appl. # 6887 VA
COMBES Elvira Miller Appl. # 13328, West Virginia

Edward COMBS (s/o William COMBS & Dicey per Choctaw Roll Census Card #1420), b 9 Oct 1854; d 2 Oct 1914; m Mar 1878, Sarah "Sissy" Springs HOLLIN (HOLLAND, HARLIN ), b 13 Jun 1863; d 16 Feb 1952. Extracted from National Archives, Fort Worth, Tx. Choctaw #1420, microcopy 1301 by Combs Researcher Lynda B. Cane who adds: I typed every page word for word including the mistakes that were made when the application was being done. Also, there are some names printed wrong in this application, which will be brought to their attention later on in an affidavit from Edward COMBS. SPRING was the maiden name of her mother, Lucinda. HOLLIN was her fathers name (On the Choctaw Roll Card her father and mother's last name is shown as HARLIN).

Page 1
The record in the matter of the application for the enrollment as a citizen by
intermarriage of the Choctaw Nation Of -- EDWARD COMBS--------------7 - 1420.

Page 2.
Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes,
Goodland, Indian Territory.

In the matter of the application for enrollment of Edward COMBS, an intermarried citizen of the Choctaw Nation: being sworn and examined by Commissioner McKennon, he testifies:

Q. What is your name? A. Edward COMBS.
Q. How old are you? A. I was born in 1855, I am about 44.
Q. Were you married to Sarah, who has just registered, and claims to be your wife?
A. Yes Sir.
Q. What was her name when, you married her?
A. She was a HOLLAND
Q. Were you married under the Choctaw Law?
A. Yes sir, I got a license of Mr. PEACHLAND here.
Q. What kind of an office did he hold?
A. I don't know. He was the man that issued the license; I don't know whether he was County Clerk; that is where I went to get them.
Q. What was his given name?
Q. He issued your license, and you were married under this license?
A. Mr. SEATON got the license for me and brought them down; it was March, in 1878; Kate EARL went with us.
Q. That is the woman that is living?
A. There was a man told me she was down at his house this spring. (Now Kate O'BRIAN)
Q. What became of your license?
A. Parson CRONK never did give them back to me. He told me that Dock HOPE had them, and I went and called for them, and he said he never gave them to him.
Q. You went to the office of the county clerk here did you?
A. I went to Mr. Will EVERIDGE here just a few days ago.
Q. What kind of an office does he hold?
A. I don't know.

(Edward COMBS, #2)

Q.Is he County Clerk?
A. I don't think he is, but a man told me he must have the book where the license was issued.
Q. Well then you don't know where your license is?
A. No sir.
Q. Have you been living here all the while?
A. Yes sir.
Q. These children whom she has registered this morning are your children?
A. yes sir.

Department of the Interior,
Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes,

I hereby certify, upon my official oath as stenographer to above named Commisson,that this
transcript is a true, just and correct translation of my stenographic notes.
signed by M.D. GREEN

The following is an affidavit given to M.D. GREEN, stenographer for the Dept. of the Interior, from Katie O'BRIAN (RG75 Dawes Card , National Archives, Fort Worth, Texas.M1301)

Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes,
Goodland, Indian Territory

In the matter of the enrollment of Edward COMBS as an intermarried citizen of the Choctaw Nation. Katie O'BRIAN, being sworn and examined by Commissioner McKennon, testifies:

Q. What is your name?
A. Katie O'BRIAN.
Q. What is your age?
A. I will be forty-eight the 18th of November.
Q. Do you know Edward COMBS?
A. Yes sir.
Q. What is his wife's name?
A. Sissy SPRING.
Q. You knew her?
A. Yes sir, all of her life.
Q Do you know anything about the marriage of Edward COMBS to her?
A. Yes sir, I was at the wedding.
Q. Saw them married?
A. Yes sir.
Q Do you know in what manner they were married?
A. Yes sir, they got a license from the County Clerk or Judge, Ebenezer PITCHLYNN, and they were married down on Horse Prairie by a preacher.
Q. What preacher?
A. I cannot call his name now.
Q. You say you were present at the wedding?
A. Yes sir, they were both working for me at the time they were married: I taken them down there and was at the wedding.

Department of the Interior,
Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes.
I herby certify, upon my official oath as stenographer to above named Commission, that this transcript is a true, full and correct translation of stenographic notes.

William Albert COMBS (s/o John Wesley "Wes" COMBS & first wife, Verlina STOCKSTILL), b 23 Jan 1872, Branson, Taney Co, MO; d 9 Mar 1961, Checotah, Muskogee Co, OK; buried Checotah Cemetery;  m ca 1896, Martha LEBARGE, b Oct 1878, Cherokee Nation.  (Combs Researcher Joyce Winter Kahre).

The following transcribed by Combs Researcher Sharon Burnette:

Application for enrollment of Infant child: Mary Ellenor COMBS as a citizen of the Cherokee Nation.
Approved 30 Aug 1900. Car No. 2355 Checotah.
Wife's name: Martha COMBS.
District: Canadian.
year: 1880
page: 31 No.840.
Parents: Dan LEBARGE & Jane.
Names of chidren: Mary E. & Edith M. 1 on 1880 roll as N A LABARGE. 2 and 3 Affidavits of births supplied.

Name: Martha COMBS.
Age: 23
post office: Checotah.
Claim: 1/8 blood.
Live in Canadian District.
Raised in Cherokee Nation, Applying for herself & 2 children.
Martha's father: Don LABARGE & living in Aug 1900
Mother of Martha is Jane (not living in Aug 1900).
Mother was not citizen by blood.
Martha is married to Albert COMBS since about 1896.
Albert is a white man.
Martha's children are: Mary E., age: 3, and Edith M age 1,
and children are living with her.
Application on 1880 roll, page 31, # 841 as M. A. LABARGE (840),
On 1896 roll, page 14, number 391, as COMBS.
The name Martha COMBS appears on the authenticated roll of 1880 as Martha LABARGE & upon census roll as Martha COMBS.
Edith was born 24 Feb 1899 (Verlena? COMBS midwife)
Martha Ann was born 2 Mar 1897 with same midwife.
Dawes Roll numbers 6095, 6096, & 6097.

14 Jul 1901 Hattie COMBS married at her home to Gus FIELDING 14 Jul 1901 in Checotah OK (Extracted by Combs Researcher Joyce Winter Kahre from a microfilm of Checotah OK newspaper, Checotah OK. Newspaper on microfilm in possession of Joyce Kahre)

JK Note: Mary "Hattie" COMBS was the d/o John Wesley "Wes" COMBS and his first wife, Verlina STOCKSTILL

9 Aug 1906 George BRUCE and Maude GABRADGE were wed at the home of Albert COMBS in Checotah OK on Thursday 9 Aug 1906 by Rev. W. C. VANDERPOOL. (ibid.)

JK Note: William Albert COMBS was the s/o John Wesley "Wes" COMBS and his first wife, Verlina STOCKSTILL

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