Greer County, Oklahoma was established in 1890, originally in the State of Texas.

1900 Greer Co, OK Census (Soundex)


Amanda A Combs abt 1882 TX White Daughter
Aulda e Combs abt 1892 OK White Son
James M Combs abt 1851 TX White Head
John V Combs abt 1896 TX White Son
Laura C Combs abt 1858 TX White Wife
Letha I Combs abt 1885 TX White Daughter
Zur d Combs abt 1889 TX White Son


Effie B Combs abt 1894 TX White Daughter
Lewis Combs abt 1889 TX White Son
Mallie A Combs abt 1861 TX White Wife
Marcus B Combs abt 1861 IL White Head
Ruby L Combs abt 1897 TX White Daughter
Stacey Combs abt 1887 TX White Son

1910 Greer Co, OK Census (Soundex)

Tilly Twp

Haward S Combs abt 1888 TX White Male

Granite Twp

Henry Combs abt 1863 AR White Male

Jester Twp

John W Combs abt 1872 IL White Male

Mangum Twp

Lewis Combs abt 1889 TX White Male
Marcus B Combs abt 1860 IL White Male

Jester Twp

Tude Combs abt 1870 IL White Male

1920 Greer Co, OK Census (Soundex)


John W Camba [John W Combs] abt 1871 IL White

1930 Greer Co, OK Census (Soundex)


Azcu H Combs abt 1900 TX Head
Gladys Combs abt 1906 Wife
Elsa Lee Combs abt 1924 Daughter
Laurice W Combs abt 1928 Son
Florence V Combs abt 1908 Daughter
Dortha E Combs abt 1929 Daughter


John W Combs abt 1872 IL Head
Ena Combs abt 1873 Wife
Myrtle Belle Combs abt 1908 Daughter

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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