Payne County was established in 1890 as an Original County. The County seat is located in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

1896 March 25th Marriage License [Marriage license from the Payne County Court House, Payne Co., OK Transcribed by Birdie (Totty) McNutt]
Marriage License  The Territory of Oklahoma Payne County}ss   Office of the County Judge
Dated 25 March 1896
name/age/color/place of birth/residence/father's name/mother's name
Laport M. SUTTER Groom  36  white Illinois    Yates O.T.      George Sutter     C Wimer?
Lillie M. COMBS    Bride    21  white Kansas  Stillwater O.T.  Alford COMBS
Certificate of Marriage dated March 29, 1896 at the Bride's parents in Cherokee Township in said County, according to law and by authority, I duly Joined in Marriage Mr. Laport M. Sutter and Miss Lillie M. COMBS and there were present as witnesses Wilhelm Huntsberry and Louisa May Huntsberry Given under my hand the 29th day of March 1896.
          signed S. H. Huntsberry Minister of the Gospel

1905 June 9th WILL  [Hand Written Copy of Will  from Payne County, Oklahoma Court House Records, Transcribed by Birdie (Totty) McNutt]

   Perkins Okla    June - 9th, 1905
   Last Will and Testament of S. F. COMBS

I S. F. COMBS   Being of Sound Mind and Memory do Make and Publish this my last Will
and Testament in the Manner following.
   1st   i do hereby Bequeath give and Devise to Bertha R. Hyer $25.00 in money.
   2nd  to Jackson COMBS my Grandson i give and Bequeath all the Balance of my Property
- Both - Personal and real that i may be Possessed of at my Death = Provided however that he shall have only the income from Said Property until he shall Become 21 years of Age or be married = in the Event that he should Die Before he Attains his Majority or is the head of a family then all of my property - Both - Personal and Real Shall go to my Brothers and Sisters that are Alive at that time Except the $25.00 to said Bertha R. Hyer.
   3rd i do hereby name and appoint C. W. Kenworthy as Administrator
                                   signed ...........S. F. Combs
Territory of Oklahoma = Payne County } SS.
   The foregoing Instrument in writing was signed By the Testator S. F. COMBS in our Presence and By the said Testator Declared to be his last will and Testament and we at his request - Subscirbed our names hereto as Attesting Witnesses this 9th day of June 1905 and each of us seen the other sign his name as such witness
     J. O. Norwood      Perkins, Okla
     A. J. McLain
Recorded the 9th day of October 1916 in Payne County, Oklahoma Court House
Filed on November 3rd, 1916 at the Payne County, OK Court House by Hazel Shirley, deputy

1900 Payne Co, OK CENSUS

Soundex MICR Cop No. 7:1066 Roll 9 C462 Earnest to C622

Cherokee Twp

Alfred S. COMBS Mar 1825 65 IL
Sarah E. Mar 1846 54 IL

Sterling Eugene COMBS Apr ? 22 KS
living with his b-i-l L. M. SUTTER

Perkins Twp

Samuel COMBS Dec 1848 51 MO living alone

Rose COMBS Apr 1878 22 KS
living with Wm A. Knife (father)

Note: Transcribed by Birdie McNutt

1910 Payne Co, OK Census

1910 Payne and Pittsburg Counties, Microfilm T624, Roll 1269

ED 185

Cimmaron Twp

Sheet #1st, page 14A

261/263 Henry Combs, 2/m, 45 M2 8 years Indiana KY KY
Nellie, wife, b. KS, father TN, mother MO, 3 children/3 living
Mellie, son, 7, b. OK
Henry, Jr., son, 5, OK
Jewel, son, 1, b. OK

Transcribed by Birdie McNutt

BTM: This is William Henry COMBS, son of Peter Anderson Combs (next)

262/262 *ANDERSON, Peter A. head WM 79 wd Kentucky Kentucky Tennessee Own Income COMBS, Marion son, WM 37, Indiana Kentucky Illinois Farmer
George, son, WM 33, Iowa Kentucky Illinois Farm Laborer
Nettie, d/law, WF 28, MO none
Amos, grandson, WM 11, OK Iowa MO Farm Laborer
William, grandson, WM 9, OK Iowa MO Farm Laborer
Ora M., grandson, WF 3, OK Iowa MO none
Georgia, grandson, WM 1 9/12 OK Iowa MO none

**Census taker wrote Anderson as last name in error. His full name was Peter Anderson COMBS, his wife Luanna died sometime between 1900 and the 1910 census. Still looking for place & date of her death.

9 July 1914 Article from Cimarron Valley Clipper dated July 9, 1914:

Old Mr. COMBS, who has been visiting a son three miles north of Coyle, died Saturday from dropsy and a complication of disease brought on by old age. He came here a few weeks ago in apparently fair health, but became suddenly ill a few days before his death. The remains were embalmed and shipped to Kaw City Tuesday morning where interment was made beside the wife of the deceased.

(Provided by COMBS Researcher Birdie Totty McNutt)

1920 Payne Co, OK Census

1920 CNS Clayton Twp, Payne County, Oklahoma. Enumerated 19 & 20 January 1920, SD 5; ED 173 S# 6A

ED 173

Clayton Twp

122/124 William H. COMBS 54 W M IN KY KY head Blacksmith own shop
Nellie N. 40 W F KS TN MO wife
Wallie M. 17 WM OK IN KS son Farmer General Farm
Henry 14 W M OK IN KS son
Jewell J. 10 W M OK IN KS son
Mary M. 7 W F OK IN KS dau
Rosie W. 5 W F OK IN KS dau
Herald S. 3 W M OK IN KS son
Gracie 6/12 W F OK IN KS son

Note: BTM - Wallie M. Combs, which should have been “Mellie M” after looking at the census records more closely.

Transcribed by Birdie McNutt

1923 March 12th WILL [Payne County, Oklahoma Court Record, transcribed by Birdie (Totty) McNutt]


I, Janey Hill Combs, of the City of Yale, County of Payne, State of Oklahoma being now in good strength of body and mind, but sensible of the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death, and desiring to make disposition of my property and affairs while in good strength of body and mind, dom<sic> hereby make publish and declare the following to be my last will and testament, hereby revoking and cancelling all other or former wills by me at any time made.

1. I having this date deeded to myt beloved husband W. F. COMBS, all the real estate belonging to me, ---- located in the City of Yale, Oklahoma, excepting my farm in Lincoln County, Oklahoma, I expect and know that he the said W. F. COMBS will care for my funeral expenses and expenses of my last sickness.

2. I give and devise unto my beloved father and mother C. D. HILL and Mary Jane HILL the life use and estate in and to the following real estate located in the County of Lincoln, State of Oklahoma, to-wit; The Northwest quarter (NW. ¼) of section four (4) Township fourteen (14) North, Range five (5) East of the I. M. to have and to hold during the life of said C. D. HILL and Mary Jane HILL, with a remainder over unto my children.  It being expressly stated that my father and mother shall have a life use only and after their death said property shall be divided equally between my children.  Further conditioned that my father an mother shall pay the taxes thereon and keep the building and premises in a good condition as they now are, the usual wear and tear by the element alone excepted.

3. All the rest of my poperty of which I may be vested at the time of my death shall be divided equally between, my beloved children.

4. I hereby appoint and designate as executors of this my last will Carl Whitman of Sapulpa and Roy Bruce of Tulsa, Oklahoma who shall be joint ex-ecutors, without bond.

signed:   Janey Hill COMBS


Page two (2).

In witness whereof I, Janey Hill COMBS have to this my last will and testment, consisting of two typewritten pages, have subscribed my name on this the of March, 1923.

signed:  Janey Hill COMBS

Subscribed by Janey Hill COMBS in the presence of each of use, the undersigned, and at the same time declared by her to us to be her last will and testament and we, thereupon at the request of the said Janey Hill COMBS, in her presents and in the presents of each other signed our mames hereto as witnesses on this the of March, 1923

signed: Nora E. Burden Yale Okla Mrs. Carl Whitman Sapulpa Okla Dora Lewis Yale Okla

No. 361-W Filed July 2, 1924 Payne County Courthouse, Oklahoma

Note: Transcribed by Birdie (Totty) McNutt

1925 December 30th Probate of Will [Payne County, Oklahoma Court Records, Transcribed by Birdie (Totty) McNutt from original will on file]

PROBATE # 361 }
Estate of Janey Hill COMBS}
Carl Whitman & Roy Bruce }
Executors. }

Executors Carl Whitman and Roy Bruce respectfully show and report:

They received their Letters Testamentary in this cause Dec. 30th 1925,
and on said date filed and published the usual four months notice to all
persons having claims against the estate, and have filed an inventory.

That the files in the cause are missing, but that part of the files
which are recorded show the filing the will of decased, and a contest filed
by the surviving spouse W. F. COMBS, and an alleged journal entry, evidently
fostered by divers persons in an effort to sustain two purported royalty
deeds, described as follows:-

Royalty Deed dated Dec. 28th 1923, by W. F. COMBS, widower to A.E. Patrick;
conveys undivided 1/6 int. in NW ¼ Sec 4 Twp 14 N.R.5E. 160 acres, in
Lincoln County, Oklahoma, recorded Dec. 28th 1923 at Chandler, Lincoln County,
Book 62 page 262.

Royalty Deed dated Sept 23, 1924, by W. F. COMBS, widower, to Eli Bridge;
conveys undivided 1/9 int. in NW¼ Sec 4 Twp 14 N. R. 5 E. 160 acres, in Lincoln
County, Oklahoma, recorded Nov 23-1925 (after grantor's death), in the Book 64
page 640.

The above described 160 acres of land was the separate property of
deceased Janey Hill COMBS, bought outright and acquired by her prior to her
marriage to said W. F. COMBS.

That in March 1923, Janey Hill COMBS resided at Yale Okla, with her hus-
band W. F. COMBS, and their three children Wilma, William & Thomas Combs,
aged 7, 5, and 1 years, respectively; and at that time,

W. F. COMBS, owned, $20,000.00 in cash

The family homestead residence, Lots 17&18 Blk 1 Greens 2nd add'n to Town of Yale. And six lots. viz W½E½ of Lots 1,2,3&4 and all of Lots5&6 Blk 1 original Town of Yale.

Janey Hill COMBS, owned,

NW¼ of Sec 4-14-5 (160 acres) in Lincoln County, Okla. and the improved rental premises, described as Lot 13 in Blk 1 of Harriotts Re-survey of Block 1, Greens Add'n to Town of Yale.

And in said month of March 1923, the said Janey Hill COMBS, was incurably
afflicted with cancer, and she and her husband W.F. COMBS both well knew that
she was in her last illness; and she desired to make disposition of her  separate
estate and property; and thereupon in the presence of the husband W. F. COMBS,
and with his full consent and approval she made and executed her will leaving and
devising to the said children her said farm of 160 acres above described as NW¼
of Sec 4-14-5 in Lincoln County, with a life use thereof in her parents C. D. and
Mary Jane HILL; and with full understanding, and in lieu of any interest in the said
farm, the said W.F. COMBS took from his wife a warranty deed to himself absolutely
of all the other real estate she possessed, to wit

the improved rental premises described as Lot 13 in Blk 1 of Harriotts Re-survey of Blk 1 Greens Addn to Town of Yale.

and recorded the deed, sold the premises to strangers to this estate, and used and
appropriated the sale proceeds to his own use.

That Jane Hill COMBS died Oct. 18th 1923.

That on Sept 23-1924 said W.F. COMBS filed his contest of the will; and on
Nov. 6th 1924 a pretended hearing and trial of the contest was had in the County
Court of Payne County, but in truth and in fact no hearing was had; a fraudlent
xxxxxx having been prepared and presented to the Court for signature as though
it was an agreed matter, and as though all the persons interested in the estate
were represented and consented to the same; said journal entry is entered and
recorded in this cause, and sets aside to said W.F. COMBS an undivided one-
third interest in said farm willed to the children.

That these executors had not then been appointed, and were not in Court,
and the children were not in Court, and the children had neither a guardian
nor guardian ad litem, and one of them nor their kin had any notice of such
pretended hearing; that the attorney who had filed the will originally, had
done nothing in the estate for almost a year; that he had no authority to appear,
and he now states that he did not appear, and that he did not sign or O.K. the
pretended agreed journal entry.

These executors further state that the alleged journal entry should be
set aside and vacated; and they respectfully submit that when a decree of
distribution is made in this cause, the entire above described farm should be
distributed to the three children, as devised under the will.

signed:   Carl Whitman      Roy Bruce
                      Executors of the will of Janey Hill COMBS, Decd.

State of Oklahoma, Payne County ) SS.

Carl Whitman and Roy Bruce, of lawful age, being first duly sworn
on oath state; they have read the foregoing report by them subscribed
and knew the contents thereof and the same is true.

signed: Carl Whitman Roy Bruce

Subscribed and sworn to before me this ....8th....Day of February 1926.

signed: Lilah Burnett Deputy Court Clerk



Note: Transcribed by Birdie (Totty) McNutt

1932 March 12th Letter of Admin [Transcribed by Birdie [Totty] McNutt, Payne County, Oklahma Court Record]
                                            } SS.                   IN COUNTY COURT
To the Honorable..... Henry W. HOEL.........Judge of the County Court of Payne
County, Oklahoma;
   The petition of ....John H. COMBS......, of said Payne County, respectfully shows;
   That ........Robert COMBS.........died, intestate, on or about the .... of
........March, 1932........, in the City of Yale,.........County of Payne, State of Oklahoma.
   That the said deceased, at the time of ....his.....death, was a resident of .....Yale,....
County of Payne, State of Oklahoma.
   That said deceased left estate, real and personal, in said Payne County, and the
value and character of said property, so far as known to your petitioner, are as follows,
to wit:  .......Approximate Value........
....Residence Property, 211 East Chicago Ave., Yale, Oklahoma.........$1000.00
...Cash in the First National Bank, Yale, Oklahoma ...............................$2100.00
...Cash in the Boone County National Bank, Columbia, Missouri.......$..750.00
...1927 Model "T" Ford Coupe Automobile............................................$....50.00
   That the whole estate and effect for and in respect of which letters of administration
are hereby applied for, do not probably exceed the value of ......Four  thousand ----------
   That the names, ages, and residences of the heirs-at-law of the decedent, so far as
known to your petitioner, are as follows;
...John H. COMBS, son.........................., age...65...years, residence... Yale, Oklahoma.
..Nannie B. COX, daughter...................., age ..61...years, residence... Centralia, Missouri.
..William E. COMBS, son......................., age ..60...years, residence... Yale, Oklahoma
..Nina BERRY, daughter........................., age ..56..years, residence... Rfd#2, Hallsvile, Missouri.
..Sarah Jane CAVINS, daughter............, age ..55..years, residence... Box 531, San Jose, Calif.
..Roy COMBS, son................................., age ..52..years, residence ... Rfd#3, Emmett, Idaho.
..Emma Lee BUGG, daughter................., age ..48..years, residence ...213 Husband St. Stillwater, Ok
..Charlie COMBS, son............................, age ..43..years, residence ...Yale, Oklahoma
..Maxine COMBS, granddaughter,......., age ..13..years, residence ...%Mrs. Hazel Hay, 2112
..(she being the only child of Walter..., age..........years, residence...21st. Street, Bakersfield
..Wilson COMBS, a son of Robert......., age..........years, residence...California
..COMBS, who preceeded him in death
     That due search and inquiry have been made to ascertain if said deceased left any will and testament, but none has been found, and according to the best knowledge, information and belief of your petitioner, said deceased died intestate.
     That your petitioner is....the oldest son......of said deceased, and therefore, as your petitioner is advised and believes, entitled to Letters of Administration of said estate.
     Wherefore, your petitioner prays that a day of court may be appointed for hearing this application, that due notice thereof be given by the judge of said court by posting or publishing notices according to law, and that upon said hearing, and proofs to be adduced, Letters of Administration of said estate my be issued to your petitioner, and your petitioner will ever pray, etc.
     DATED.........March 12, 1932.....................
                                     signed......John H. COMBS...........Petitioner

Note: Transcribed by Birdie (Totty) McNutt from original document in my files

Lawson Cemetery Records

Description: Created prior to the start of the twentieth century, Lawson Cemetery is located in Yale, Oklahoma, about thirty miles west of Tulsa.

COLLINSWilliam Combs24 May  191620 Apr 1935
COLLINSJack A.14 Sep 193025 May 1953
COLLINSEthel G.04 Mar 189814 Oct 1973
COLLINSMart A.21 Sep 189519 Jan 196320 Sept 1895 Cpl US Army WWI
COLLINSA. D.18611935Father
COLLINSNancy 1870Nov. 1959Mother
COLLINSRaymond LeroyAug 1940Jan 1941
COLLINSClarence10 Dec 188910 Jan 1973Pvt US Army WW I
COLLINSBilly Dean9 Dec 19297 Jul 1972
COLLINSJoe Dale17 Apr 19344 Jun 1968
COMBSJulia A.10 May 18559 Mar 1913wife of WF Combs
COMBSWilliam French18461925
COMBSJaney Hill20 Sep 187428 Oct 1923
STEWARTCecil Combs1897Jul 1983
COMBSGrace N.1899Jan 1969
COMBSCharlie1889Feb 1955
COMBSCordelia G.18711944Mother
COMBSJohn Harrison1868May 1958Father
COMBSWalter W.11 Jun 189217 Jul 1921
COMBSThomas D.19241981S1 US Navy WWII
COMBSMichael Dale EdwardJul 1961our baby
COMBSFlorence Hazel18991983
COMBSOrville F.11 Nov 189422 Jun 1984MUS 2 CL US Army WWII

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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