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Klamath County was established in 1882 from Lake County. The County seat is Klamath Falls.

Linkville Cemetery A-B surnames, Klamath Basin Cemeteries

BROWN Bessie L. 1910 - daughter - 1981/ our loved ones (bur 3-3-81 CR)
(37-1-31/32) on same stone: Frederick, Frederick W. COMBS

COMBS Bessie Ann, (bur 8-29-38) (20-10-11) NS

COMBS Elias Pierce, California, Pvt. Calif. MTD VOLS, Indian War,
October 24, 1935 (20-10-14)

COMBS Frederick, "father", 1886 - 1916 (bur Dec 1916 CR) (37-1-31)
see: Bessie L. BROWN, Frederick W. COMBS

COMBS Fredrick Wilson, "son", 1913 - 1967, (bur 9-25-67) (37-1-32)

COMBS George Donald (15-1-6/7) CR

COOMBS Charles Henry (bur 6-15-45) (32-2-18) CR

COOMBS Samuel G. (15-2-2) CR

NS = no headstone, infor from temporary marker
CR = cemetery record

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Circuit Court Cases of Klamath County, Oregon County

Combs, Bessie Ann - Guard. 1939

Combs. Bessie - Est. 1940

Combs, Mrs. Vena - Est. 1925

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Volumes 1-16

Combs, Arthur -- Vol. 7, pg 38 (photo).

Combs, William E. -- Vol. 14, pg 53.

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Delayed birth registrations, A-G, Klamath County, Oregon

COMBS, Arthur H., 4 June 1884, Calif., v. 2, p224.

COMBS, Hazel R., (Green), 16 March 1895, Calif., v. 3, p255.

COMBS, Robert L., 16 December 1893, Calif., v. 3, p252.

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