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Washington County was established from ?? in ??.

Washington County Survey and Patent Records

18 Feb. 1785 Warrant No. “Kings Ck 89” Coombs Francis, Survey, 400a, Date of Warrant: 18 Feb 1785, Date of Return: 29 Oct 1794, Name of Patentee: John Lee WEBSTER, Pat Book P-24:147, Survey Book C-28:41

“A Draught of a Survey lying on the waters of obliterated [possibly??] in Washington County called Gibralter Containing 382 Acs & 116 pls with the usual allowance executed Novem..r 22d 1785 in pursuance of a warrant from Phil..D for 400 acs in the name of Francis Combs dated Febr 18th 1785”
(Source: PA State Archives, Digital Documents, Land Records, Warrant Registers 1733-1957 {series #17.88}, Washington Co, “C” surnames (image p. 15); Survey from Copied Surveys, 1681-1912. {series #17.114}, Survey Book C-28:41).

The drawing shows the land was bounded by the State of VIRGINIA (on west side), Samuel CROSS, Thomas HAMPTON, Thos WESTFALL. The survey for Thos Westfall shows King's Creek running through his property (Helicon). It is not known if this Francis Coombs is related to an earlier Francis Coombs who obtained land warrants in Bucks Co.

7 Jan. 1795 Patent issued to John Lee WEBSTER for 383 acres in Washington Co, tract named Gibralter, and warranted (18 Feb 1785) to Francis Combs. On 6 Jan. 1795, Webster also patented land (tract named Helicon) warranted (18 Feb 1785) to Thomas WESTFALL. (Source: Patent Index for “W” surnames, image 347)

There are 5 patentee entries in the Tract Index for a tract named Gibralter: (1) Archibald ELLIOTT for 285a Franklin Co; (2) Benjamin Elliott for 486 & 410 acres Bedford Co; (3) William Elliott for 267 acres Westmoreland Co; and (4) Jacob Zalliker for 80 acres Dauphine Co. Note: The last 3 named patents were for land warranted by others. (Source: PA State Archives, Digital Documents, Land Records, Patent Tract Name Index, undated {series #17.158} Tracts for “G” (Page 93)).

1840 Washington Co, PA Census

Series: M704 Roll: 499

East Bethlehem Twp

Page: 187
Cuthbert Combs 0000010010000 1000100000000

the younger male is William

Source: Thom Carlson; submitted by Matthew Combs

1850 Federal Census, Washington Co, PA

Series: M432 Roll: 833

East Bethlehem Twp

Page: 111

46/46 Cuthbert Combs 85 m farmer VA
Wm 46 m farmer $9000 MD
Mary 43 f MD

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