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?? County, ?? was established on ????? Co, ??. Descendant Counties include ????, ????, ??? [If not known leave blank, can be completed later]

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04 Jun 1675 (Whatever County Deed Book 3, page 24) John COMBS to James JONES, 300 A on Whatever River. s/John COMBS. Wit: Thomas COMBS, Mary SMITH. (Records of Whatever County, Ruth & Sam Sparacio)

[Annotate when add'l info known, always preceding with word Note: or Notes: to ensure that the annotation is not mistaken for a record.]


Note: The parish register of Whatever County includes the marriage of John COMBS to Martha JOHNSON on 24 Jul 1654, and the birth of their son, James on 04 Nov 1655. Witness Thomas COMBS was b/o John COMBS and h/o Mary SMITH.

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