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Henry County was established in 1821 from Western District.

1880 Henry Co, TN Mortality Census

Mar 1880 Death: Combs, Lucy A (ED 73, CD 7, Fam #92), 46, f, w, single, b. Va, Father b. Va, Mother b. Va, Keeping House, cause: congestion, res: 21yrs, attendant: U S Shryer

1920 Henry Co, TN Census

T625 Roll 1747


Page 45 - 20 Jan 1920

245 363 Combs, Frank J Roomer M W 38 S Em 1904 Poland Poland Poland owns and operates Tailor Shop

Page 71 - 12 Jan 1920

427 479 Combs, Jerry Head O F M B 63 M TN TN TN Sweeper Eng. RR
Crockett Wife F B 57 M TN TN TN
Jones L. Son M B 19 S TN TN TN Porter Grocery Store
Blakemore, Jery M Dau. F B 25 Wd TN TN TN Wash
Alberta Lee Gdau. F B 5 S TN TN TN
James Walton Gson M B 14m S TN TN TN

480 Combs, Clara Head R F B 41 S TN TN TN Wash
Davis, Champion Son M B19 S TN TN TN Hauls
Annie May Dau F B 18 S TN TN TN
Tommie Son M B 15 S TN TN TN

9 Jan 1920 - Page 68

428 Combs, Nellie V Head R F B 27 S TN TN TN Cook Private
George Son M B 8 S TN TN TN
Theadore Son M B 6 S TN TN TN

Submitted by Phyllis Combs