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Note: A non-annotated transcription of this list is available as a text file Date: 12/09/97. Transcribed from TSLA Roll No. 9 by Combs Researcher C. Hammett.

Transcriber Notes: (1) Due to fading and style, vowels were sometimes impossible to determine. When the transcriber could not determine specific letters in a name, a question mark was inserted for each indecipherable letter in the name. (2) Numbers on original are to right of name, not left as listed herein. (3) Either these lists were not filmed in original page order, or were inserted in book out of order. They are listed below in original page number order.

Index to the
1812 Warren Co, Tennessee Tax Returns:

Christian Shell - Pages 1 - 2
John B. Perkins - Pages 2
Samuel Colville Pages 3
Thomas Burgess Page 4
James Cooper Pages 4 - 6
Joseph Ellege Pages 6 - 7
Graham Pages 8 - 9
Richd. Cantrell Pages 9 - 10
John Hammons Pages 10 - 11
Alexander Hill Pages 11 - 13
Benjn. Lockhart Pages 13 - 15
Unidentified Pages 15 - 16

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