Texas won its independence in 1836.

Bounty and Donation Land Grants of Texas: 1835-1888. by Thomas Lloyd Miller. The University of Texas Press in Austin. 1967, extracted by S. C. Hefner.

COMBS, James B. The heirs of James B. COMBS received bounty warrant 1359 for 1,280 acres in Hamilton County from AG [Attorney General] on 5 Sep 1853. It was granted for “services from 7 June 1836 and having entered for during the war and while on furlough died.” Land was ptd to the heirs on 20 Oct 1854. Pat 56 Vol 7 Abst 161 GLO File Mil Bty 1058.

C H Note: The above James B. COMBS was probably from Kentucky per Muster Roll below, but see also the Return of Killed and wounded in the actions of the 20 & 21st April, 1836, filed from San Jacinto on Apr 21, 1836, which included James CUMBO (CUNBEY).

(Extracted by C. Hammett from Index to Military Rolls of the Republic of Texas 1835-1845by H. David Maxey, 12/28/98, http://www.tshaonline.org/supsites/military/

"From the Texas State Archives Online Index on the seven Revolution Rolls in their holdings:

"This subseries consists of 7 rolls, representing the companies of 8 captains at the siege of Bexar of 1835, plus Colonel Fannin's division, plus the men at San Jacinto under General Houston, 1836. These lists were compiled sometime after the fact. Information on each soldier includes name, rank, and remarks. They are arranged chronologically.

The researcher should be aware that most of the rolls for the Revolution were destroyed in the [Oct 10,] 1855 fire which swept through the Adjutant General's office. The General Land Office did, however, have copies of most of the original rolls; a positive photostat of the General Land Office Muster Rolls [A3] is available in the Texas State Archives, and each soldier on the G.L.O. Rolls [A3] has been included in the Biographical Index in the search room." [A1]

[A3] MUSTER ROLLS #2 1856/1857, Texas General Land Office, Archives and Records Division, as transcribed in MUSTER ROLLS OF THE TEXAS REVOLUTION, Daughters of the Republic of Texas, Austin, Texas, 1986. "In parentheses will be noted any difference of initials or spelling of surnames that appeared on the Muster Roll Indexes." [T1]

List #1: WOOD, Wm. Company A, 1st Regt. Texan Volunteers, San Jacinto List, Col. Edward BURLESON Command * (Apr 21, 1836) [A3; T1 p211] [list #1]; (Apr 21, 1836) [A3; T1 p53] [list #2]; Time: 3, 6 mo, D.W.; Enlistment from Dec, 1835 [to] Jun 24, 1836 [A3; T1 p48-49] [list #3] * Wm. Gorham list

BURLISON (BURLESON), Edward (Col.), Officers, 1st Regt. Texas Volunteers, after Apr 8 (1836?) [A3; T1 p203-204], [included] [list] WOOD, William (Capt.), Elected Mar 13.

WOOD, Wm., Company A, 1st Regt. Texan Volunteers, San Jacinto List, Col. Edward BURLESON Command, * (Apr 21, 1836) [A3; T1 p211] * Wm. GORHAM list

COMPANY NAMES: Allison, I.(J.) C. (1 Sgt); Armstrong, Irvin; Berryhill, William M.; Blue, Uriah; Bottsford, Seymour; Brown, A.(O.)T. (3 Sgt); Butt, Luke W.; CUMBO, James; Dale, Elijah V.; Davis, Abner C.; Eiler, Jacob; Ford, Simon P.; Garner, _____; Giddings, Giles A.; Greenwood, James; Griffin, Wm.; Haskin, Thomas A.; Hays, Wm. C.; Howell (Hewell), Robert; Lockridge, Wm.; Loderback, John D.; Miles, Edward; Osborn, Benjamin; Peck, Nathaniel (4 Sgt); Pinchback, James M.; Raymond, S.B. (2 Lt); Rhodes, Joseph; Rial, John W.; Sevey, Manassah; Sevey, Ralph E.; Sylvester, James A. (2 Sgt); Taylor, Edward W.; Vinen, John; Waters, George; Welch, James; Westgate, Ezra; Winn, Walter; Wood (Woods), William (Capt).

List #2: WOOD, Wm., Company A; 1st Regt. Texan Volunteers; San Jacinto List; Col. Edward BURLESONS Command; (Apr 21, 1836) [A3; T1 p53]


List #3: WOOD (WOODS), Wm., Company A; 1st Regt. Texas Volunteers; Col. E. BURLESON Command; Time: 3, 6 mo, D.W.; Enlistment from Dec, 1835 [to] Jun 24, 1836 [A3; T1 p48-49]


List #4: PRICE, James Pope, Company of Kentucky Volunteers, T.A.; Col. C.S. HARRISON Command; Period: 6 Mo. or D.W.; Enlistment from Jun 1, 1836 [to] Sep 1, 1836 [A3; T1 p113-115]

COMPANY NAMES: BRASHEAR, Wm. P. (2 Lt);…COMBS, Jas. B. (1 Lt);…DUNCAN, Charles; DUNCAN, Danl. (4 Cpl); EVINS, W.T.;…KENDLE, Peter R.;…PRICE, James Pope (Capt);…RICHARDSON, Henry (1 Cpl);…RUSSELL, Elsy;…


List of Killed and Wounded…(no captain) Return of Killed and wounded in the actions of the 20 & 21st April, 1836. San Jacinto Apr 21, 1836 [A3; T1 p69-70]


Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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