Titus County, Texas, was established in 1846 from Red River and Bowie Counties. Descendent counties include Morris and Franklin Counties, both in 1875. The county seat is Mt. Pleasant.

1860 U.S. Census Index

T.M. COMBS, p. 168, Mt. Vernon

Note: See Franklin County

Confederate Veterans of Titus County (from A History of Titus County, Volume I. reprinted in Historical Records of Franklin County)

1870 U.S. Census

transcribed by S. C. Hefner

Post Office: Mt. Pleasant

p. 54, July

566-566 COMBS, John 24 M W farmer Missouri, married within the year-July

p. 119

1507-1507 CASEY, William 38(?) M W farmer TN
Martha 35 F W TN
Mary 15 F W TN
Julian 4 M W TX
Ada 2 F W TX
COMBS, John 15 M W TX attended school within the year

Note: Martha B. CASEY was the mother of John N. COMBS. See Franklin County, Texas.

1880s (from History of Titus County, Vol's I & II, by Traylor Russell, edited and indexed by Christine Dennis Skelly, published by Franklin County Genealogical Society, Mt. Vernon, Texas.)

p. 255, The Combs-Wray Family in Titus County (The information came from Mr. and Mrs. P. WRAY, of Linden, Texas, and their daughter, Mrs. Lucille Doss, of Mt. Pleasant.)

"John Henry COMBS came to Titus County from Alabama in 1885. Albert COMBS came to Titus County from Alabama in 1889. He stayed here one year and went back to Alabama, and four years later he came back to Titus County. He bought land about 4 miles north of Mt. Pleasant and built his home. He cleared most of this land and put it in fruit orchards, primarily peaches.
For many years he raised and shipped more peaches than perhaps all of the other growers in Titus County combined. [Albert died around 1948.] John Henry COMBS also owned land in the same neighborhood."

"T. C. COMBS, father of Albert and John Henry COMBS, came with them to Texas. He was a well-educated man and was a schoolteacher. After he came to Texas he started a private school that was located about 2 miles east of Mt. Pleasant on lands now owned by the JUSTISS family. He had a one-room log school and charged $1.00 per month tuition for each student."

Children of John Henry COMBS:
1. Oscar COMBS
2. Maggie, wife of Henry WALLACE
3. Annie, wife of Pat WELLS
4. Henry COMBS
5. Watson COMBS
6 & 7. (twins) Bessie, wife of Press HOBBS, and Essie, wife of Denison BRAGG

Children of Albert COMBS:
1. Lillian, wife of W. P. WRAY
2. J. T. COMBS
3. Myrtle, who married Alfred ROGERS
4. Mamie, wife of Homer JACKSON
5. Cecil COMBS
6. Eugene COMBS
7. J. C. COMBS

1920 U.S. Census

Federal Census Soundex Mi1589-62 C500-C512 -Sue, read at the Dallas County Public Library, Dallas Texas, by Birdie Totty McNutt

V149, ED164, S2, L83
COMBS, John F. w 65 Alabama
August E. wife 64 Alabama
Henry son 37 Alabama

V149, ED171, S7, L69
COMBS, Walter w 47 Louisiana
Helen wife 41 Texas

V149, ED155, S17, L8
COMBS, Watson w 26 Texas
West 2nd St. Mt Pleasant, Texas
Bella A. wife 25 Texas
Doris B. dau 3 1/12 Texas

V149, ED173, S11, L29
COMBS, William F. w 50 Tennessee
Lizzie wife 50 Tennessee
Carl son 20 Tennessee
Leland dau 15 Texas
Mildred dau 10 Texas
Bernice dau 6 Texas

Note: Regarding William F. COMBS, see Franklin Co, TX. William F. COMBS is the son of George W. HUSKERSON COMBS and Nancy E. LACY COMBS. George W. began life as "George W. HUSKERSON (see 1850 U.S. Census, Grainger Co. TN ). He was perhaps adopted by Joseph Benjamin Franklin COMBS and Lucinda COMBS (See 1860 and 1870 U.S. Censuses, Grainger Co., TN). Joseph COMBS was the son of Phillip and Rebecca ORE COMBS and the grandson of John and Sarah MABRY COMBS. (from research by Wayne Combs)

1932 (from Titus County, Texas Index to Probate Cases State-wide Records Indexing and Inventory Program, University of Texas, 1942.)

p. 7
Name of deceased: Augustus COMBS
Filed: 7 Sep 1932
Case number: 1064

Texas Death Records: 1964-1998

30 Sep 1964 William Franklin COMBS died. He was a widower.

Note: See Winfiels Cemetery records below.

1 Mar 1976 Tommie B. COMBS died.

22 Mar 1985 Frances Elizabeth COMBS died.

20 Aug 1985 James H. COMBS died.

26 Dec 1989 Hollace H. COMBS died.

29 Mar 1990 Carl C. COMBS died.

Note: Could this be "Carl," age 20, found in the household of William F. COMBS in the 1920 Census? See above.

5 Nov 1990 Anna Lois COMBS died.

25 Aug 1994 Katie Mae COMBS died.

18 Apr 1996 Pearl COMBS died.

Winfield Cemetery

COMBS, Elizabeth 1869 - 1944

COMBS, (W.F.) William "Bill" 16 Jan 1870 - 30 Sep 1964

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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