1830 John Brown &c v Samuel Richardson &c
Index #: 1830-039 Original Case #: None
County: Fauquier
Scanned Images (13 pages)
Case Filed: 1811; Case Dismissed 1830 for want of a Bill

Full list of plaintiffs and defendants:

John BROWN and wife Elizabeth, late RICHARDSON v Samuel RICHARDSON, Fielding RICHARDSON, Sarah Combs, Mary RICHARDSON admr of Wm R RICHARDSON, Richard P RICHARDSON

Case Summary

The cause appears to be between the Richardson heirs. The Sarah Combs mentioned would be the wife of Benjamin Combs, son of John Combs and Seth BULLITT. Sarah was named in her mother Isabella RICHARDSON’s October 15, 1794 Shenandoah Co. will (WBE:81). No complainant’s bill was found in the case file. The suit began in March 1811 and dismissed in 1830 for want of a Bill. A notation says 4 of the defendants are not inhabitants of the county. Benjamin Combs and Sarah Richardson removed to Kentucky.

File Inventory:

[No complainant’s bill or answers found in this case file.]

p. 2 Summons to William P Richardson admr of Mary Richardson and Richard P Richardson, Samuel Richardson, Fielding Richardson, and Sarah Combs to appear in Fauquier County court to answer a Bill in Chancery exhibited against them by John Brown & Elizabeth his wife, late Elizabeth Richardson. Dated 30 May 1818. Note in the above to be served on Samuel Richardson, Fielding Richardson, and Sarah Combs only.
p. 4 Order to summon the above three dated 6 Jan. 1823
p. 13 Chronology listed on the back of the summons. Cause began March 1811 and dismissed 1830 for want of a Bill. States four defendants not inhabitants of county

(Source: Abstracted by Sue Elfving from an original image of deed found in Fauquier Chancery Court Case File: John BROWN &c v Samuel RICHARDSON &c, Index ID:1830-039, Chancery Court Index Database, Library of Virginia Archives).