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Chittenden County was formed in 1787, an original county of Vermont. The county seat is Burlington.

Family History Library Film 0028176 Town records, v. 1-2, 1774-1861, Essex (Vermont). Town Clerk (Main Author) p.88

State of Vermont
To the Constable of Essex in said

Chittenden County
of Chittenden____

You are herby required to summon Oliver Combs and his family now residing in said Essex to depart said town Hereof fail not but of this prompt and your doing herein does return make according to Law Given under our hands at Essex this 16th day of January 1806

Simon Tubbs> Select Men

Abrm Sessons> of Essex

Cittenden Essex January __ 1806 Then served the within by leaving a true copy at the last place of residence of the within named Oliver Comb.

Fees $.41 cents

Attest Andrew Morgan Constable

Recorded by Nathan Castle
Town Clerk

(Mary Marshall)

Family History Library Film # 2217785 Records and indexes of births, marriages, and deaths 1857-1922, Colchester (Vermont). Town Clerk (Main Author)

Birth and death records index 1857-1903 ; birth index 1904-1922 ; birth records index 1857-1922 ; births, marriages, deaths 1857-1865 ; births, marriages, deaths 1866-1883.

(Mary Marshall)

Volume 4 Family History Library Film # 2257122
Records and indexes of births, marriages, and deaths 1857-1922, Colchester (Vermont). Town Clerk (Main Author)

Name, Book, page, line, birth date, father, mother, fathers birth place, mothers birth place

Combs, Halsey Alvah, 1, 40, -, April 11, 1864, Benj., Lucy, Warren Co. NY, Colchester

Combs, Ann O. 3, 170, 37, July 25, 1866, Benj., Lucy, Stoney_______ NY, Colchester

Coombs, male, 3, 180, 84, Dec 22, 1867, Benj. Lucy, ---, Colchester

Combs, George W. 3, 222, 64, May 3 1873, Benjamin, Lucy Wright, Anthol NY, Colchester

Coombs, Lucy Maria 3, 252, 16, Oct 13, 1877, Benj., Lucy Wright, NY, Colchester VT

Combs, Arthur Garfield, 3, 284,---, Nov 12, 1880, Benjamin, Lucy Wright, NY, Colchester

Combs, George H. 4, 32,122, June 11 1885, Halsey, Lucy L Hyde, Winooski, Rutland VT

Combs, Lena L. 4, 58,96 , Dec 18, 1889, Halsey, Lucy Hyde, Winooski, Poultney, VT

Combs, Ada (female) 4, 78,122 , March 3, 1890, William E, Weathy Wescott, Colchester, Per? NY

Combs, male, 5, 26,88 , July 26, 1899, Wm E, Eva J. Girard, Winooski, Jericho VT

1900 Chittendon Co, VT Census


Burlington City, ED:70

Sheet:11B, 8 Jun 1900, Harry B. Joyner

--/271 Combs, Louis Head WM Apr 1844 56 M33 Canada(Fr) Canada(Fr) Canada(Fr) 1866 34 NA Laborer
Mary Wife WF Jun 1852 48 M33 6/3 Canada(Fr) Canada(Fr) Canada(Fr) 1863 37 Dress Maker
OUIMET Louis Grandson WM Mar 1885 15 S VT NY VT Laborer
Dora GrandDaughter WF Apr 1890 10 S VT NY VT Student

Essex Town


Sheet:5A, 20 & 21 Jun 1900, Evelyn L. Garvin

104/105 LAWREWNCE, Moses Head WM May 1861 39 M19 VT Canada(Fr) Canada(Fr) Farmer
Family; including:
Comb, Faford Servant WM Apr 1877 23 S Canada(Fr) Canada(Fr) Canada(Fr) 1898 2 AL Farm Laborer

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