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The Oregon Legislature created Pierce County on December 22, 1852. Tacoma is the county seat. Pierce County, located in southwestern Washington abutting Puget Sound, encompasses an extremely wide range of elevations: from sea level on Puget Sound to 14,410 at the summit of Mount Rainier. The entire footprint of Mount Rainier, an active Cascade volcano encased in more than 35 square miles of snow and glacial ice, lies within the county's boundaries. It is bounded by King County to the north, Yakima County to the east, Lewis County to the south, and the southern portion of Puget Sound to the west.The county's history includes the Puget Sound region's earliest non-Indian settlement at Fort Nisqually. Most of the county's population and economic base is located in the northwest near Tacoma (Source: The Online Encyclopedia of Washington State History,

1890 Pierce Co, WA Census Index


COMBS, A.D. - Ills. M 31
COMBS, Lelia - Oregon - F 21

10 Mar 1913 Pierce Co, WA. Died: Maria Frances COMBS Becker, born 29 Aug 1832 at Three Mile Bay, Jefferson Co, NY.

(Combs Researcher RowanAine adds that Maria Frances married Martin C. BECKER, marriage date & place currently unknown. Her daughter, Mary Francis BECKER, married Lewis Edward WHITFIELD in Braidwood, Will Co, IL in 1882. Maria Francis COMBS Becker died 10 March 1913 at Dutch's Cove, Pierce Co., WA and was buried in Vaughn Cemetary in Pierce Co., WA. Her mother was possibly Mrs. Fannie COMBS who died in 1898, and her grandmother possibly Mrs. Phoebe WHEELER who died in 1856 (research in progress)).

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