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Our own Combs &c. "Research Resources, including census legends, a glossary of terms, names and nicknames, regnal years and more... (nonprofit)Reference
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The American Local History Network (nonprofit)Index
The American History and Genealogy Project (nonprofit)Index
Archaic Medical Terms - The Genealogist's Resource for Interpreting Causes of Death.Index
The USGenWeb Census Project - New URL (nonprofit)Index
Old Handwriting and Printer Ligatures from America Writes Home (nonprofit)Tutorial
GenUKI - Records, Queries, Archives, Research Aids for Great Britain and Ireland (nonprofit)GenUKI
FamilySearch.Org - includes the LDS IGI Database and more (nonprofit) LDS
County Finder - U.S. (for when you know the name of the city, but not the county), Massachussetts Institute of Technology (nonprofit)Finder
Parish Finder - U.K. (for when you know the name of the parish, but not the shire), Gen-UKI (nonprofit)Finder
Day of the Week Calendar (New Style and Old Style), Albion College English Department (nonprofit)

See also Combs &c.'s Calendars: Gregorian vs. Julian

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