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Memoirs of the Archdales With the Descents of Some Allied Families


These pages contain an attempt, historical and genea- logical, to trace every branch of the Archdales, together with the descents of some allied families. Such a work must necessarily be somewhat limited and “parochial” in character, but as this book contains a good many references to con- temporary history and well known personages, it is hoped that it may not be devoid of interest to the general reader.

Every genealogist knows that, even when he has taken the greatest pains to ensure the general accuracy of a line of descent, some errors of detail are almost unavoidable. The writer trusts, therefore, that any mistakes, either of detail or method, may be treated leniently, and that the book—the result of twenty years' indulgence in a most fascinating hobby —may be accepted as an effort to give an accurate record of the families with whom it deals.

With regard to the spelling of the name Archdale, in recent times, a word of explanation is necessary. Care has been taken to give the actual spelling used by each member of the family, even when there has been a variation amongst children of the same generation. In earlier times, of course, there was considerable latitude in the spelling of this, as of most proper names.

The writer is indebted to all who have courteously helped him in his researches ; but he feels that a special acknowledgment is due to Miss Sybil Sherborne Dutton, an accomplished genealogist, without whose help many interesting details might not have come to light, and the account of the Australian branch of the family would certainly not have reached its present completeness. Thanks are also due to the Rev. H. B. Swanzy and the Rev. E. H. Blackwood Price.

H. B. A.

April, 1925.

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by Henry Blackwood Archdale. Printed at the Impartial Reporter Office, Enniskillen, by Wm. Trimble , 1925
2nd Ed. (Rev.), Combs &c. Research Group, Inc., © 2000