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The ARCHDALE (a.k.a. ARCHDALL) surname is found in the records of England as early as 1415 A.D. when John ARCHDALE of Acton Trussel, Staffordshire, appears on the Plea Rolls during the reign of Henry the Fifth. By the mid-1500s, another John ARCHDALE was chandler and bailif of Stafford in Staffordshire, and by the late 1500s, ARCHDALES are found in Oxford, Bucks and the City of London, where ARCHDALE merchants and drapers trade not only throughout England, but in countries such as Spain, France, Portugal, Turkey, India and Ireland. By the 1620s, ARCHDALES had also settled in Ireland, and not long thereafter are found residing in the Bermudas as well. In the late 1600s, yet another John ARCHDALE was the Governor of the Carolina Province, his accomplishments including what are known to this day as the "Archdale Laws."

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Over four centuries ago, on 11 Mar 1587 in St. Antholin's Budge Row, London, Margaret ARCHDALE, daughter of Thomas and Mary CLIFTON Archdale and granddaughter of John and Ann ARCHDALE of Acton, Trussell, Staffordshire, married John COMBE of St. Mary Aldermanbury, London. Both Margaret's father and her husband were Drapers of London, and among those who invested and traded around the world. Little could they and their families know that hundreds of years later, the Archdales and Combes would still be allied, still crossing oceans and continents, and still in search of elusive pots of gold -- only this time our ship is the Internet, and our ancestors the treasure we seek. For going on four years now, Archdale-Archdall &c. researchers have been members of the Combs-Coombs &c. Research Group, a nonprofit organization whose volunteer researchers are descended from not just Combes or Archdales, but numerous allied families, all of us dedicated to freely sharing our research on the Internet.

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