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Note: Additional source data and annotations yet to be added. All [bracketed] words, phrases are those of Combs &c. Research Editors. Other Visitations and/or Burke's Lineages, etc., can be found in other Combs &c. Research Reports under Combs Families, Combs-Associated Families and our English Combs Counties of Record. Except where otherwise noted, all Visitations were transcribed by Combs Researcher Leslie Owens, and all Burke's Lineages by Vince Griffin, to both of whom we offer our Special Thanks.

Also Note: Not included in this report are the Combs-Lovett Visitations. Please see Lovett Families

About the Visitations, a Word of Caution: The Harleian Society published Visitation pedigrees which are based on the rough notes of the Heralds making the Visitation. Many times the finished products are unreliable. Others also published Visitations such as the Visitation of Lancashire in 1613 as published by the Chetham Society in 1871.

The Elizabethan heralds not infrequently forged pedigrees for "upstarts" with little critical faculty. Many times these pedigrees omit or interpolate generations. Generally speaking, according to Donald Lines Jacobus, a Visitation pedigree may be accepted as far as the great-grandfather of the man who entered it. Beyond that they are useful for guides only for further research in original sources. For a more complete discussion of this subject and other gentry and peerage sources, see "Royal Ancestry," by Donald Lines Jacobus, M.A., F.A.S. G., "The American Genealogist [TAG], Volume 9, Page 93, October 1932.

An excellent example of proven errors in the Visitations is that of the CAMMOCK Family of Essex whereby the visitation is obviously in error when compared to the Monument erected by his son and widow. (See Combs &c. Families of Essex)

Index to Combs &c. Visitations

The Visitations of Cambridge, 1575, 1619
Ayloffe/Sterne Families

The Visitations of Cornwall, 1620
Miscellaneous, including Combs

The Visitation of Devonshire, 1620
Bidlake Family

The Visitations of Essex, 1558, 1612, 1634
Ayloffe Family (1634) (See Also Cambridge)
Elrington/Erlington Family (1558)
Camock Family (1612)
Marston Family (1612)
Poyntz Family (1612)
Mott Family (1634)
Rich Family (1612)
Sammes Family (1612)

The Visitations of Gloucestershire, 1623
Stratford Family (See Also Hertfordshire)

The Visitations of Hertfordshire, 1572 & 1634
Combe Family, 1572 & 1634
Brockett Family, 1634 & ???
Ewer Family, 1634
Stratford Family, 1634 (See Also Gloucestershire)
Waterhouse Family, ???

The Visitations of Kent 1619
Combs Miscellanous

The Visitations of London ,1633-35
Archedale Family, 1633-4
Blashford, Family
Comb Family
Manning Family
Palmer Family

The Visitation of Northamptonshire, 1681
Combes Family
Thornton Family

The Visitations of Somersetshire, 1623
Comb Family
LaWarre/Warre Family

The Visitation of Warwickshire, 1619
Bonner Family of Warwickshire - (Lineage) including Bysbie (Busby?) Combs, Harding,
Pyncheon, Savage, Smith, Snead, Willis, Yonge/Young
Combs (2)
Decons Family
Halles/Halls Families (2)
Stoughton Family

Note: No Combs Visitations per se exist for the shires of Buckingham and Herts, but other Visitations from other shires include Combs of those counties and others.

The Visitations of Cambridge
1575 and 1619

STERNE/AYLOFFE Families (pg. 130)

1 Catherine d. & heire of Thomas STERNE of Meldreth in Com. Cambridge. 
  1 wiffe. Vide ante, folio 132.
  + Sr Willm AYLOFFE of Brettaynes in Com. Essex Knt & Baronett 
  2 Sr Benjamin AYLOFFE of Broxted Baronett 1634 mar. to his 1 wiffe Allice d. of 
    Martin ARCHDALE of London.
  + Margarett d. of Thomas FANSHAW of Ware Parke in Com. Hertford.
  2 wiffe 
    3 Allice 
    3 Catherin 
    3 Willm Ayloffe 
    3 Benjiamyn 
    3 Henery 
    3 Margerett 
    3 Anne 

See Also Archdale-Combs Families; Archdale Visitations, London, 1633-4; and 
Ayloffe Visitations, Essex, 1634. Also note that the 1621/22 London EN will of 
Sir Thomas SMITHE of the Virginia Company includes a bequest to his nephew, 

The Visitations of Cornwall 1620 pg. 282 Grampound Seal- a Bridge of two arches over a river,-the dexter end shews the passage, and at the sinister end is a tree. Against the bridge a shield charged with a lion ramp. within a border bezantee, Inscribed Sigilum. Commune. Burgi. Gramponiae. This is the Com'on Seale of ye towne and Boroyghe of Grampound, wch was anciently incorporated by the name of Maior and 8 Burgesses, and at the time of this present Visitac'on, the sixt day of Octob., 1620, was Bennet PERDEW, Maior, John HAWKINS, Rich. HARISON, John SOBYE, Matthew WOLDRIDGE, Thomas COME, John HAWKINS, Junior, Michaell TREGLYNE, & Thomas HANCOCK, Burgesses of the same Towne & Borroughe. B.P., major. John HAWKYNS. Matthew WOULRYDGE. Search Words: Combs HAWKINS WOOLRIDGE HARRISON PURDUE

Visitations of Essex, 1558, 1612, 1634 ELRINGTON/ERLINGTON Family, Essex, 1558 (p. 49) Arms-Quarterly 1 and 4. Argent a fess dancetté charged with seven bezants betwen six storks sable. (ELRINGTON) 2 and 3. Azure, a fret argent. (ECHINGHAM) 1 Sr John ERLINGTON of Shordiche Kt., buried in Shordishe Chruch + Margerett da. & coheire to Sr Thomas ECHINGHAM Knt. renupta Wm. BLUNT L. Mountjoye. buryed in Shordish Church w. her husband ob. 1481. 2 Rowland or Edward ERLINGTON of Thoydon Boyce in Essex, of the privie chamber to K.H. ye 8. + Agnes mar. Edw. COMBES 3 Seymond ERLINGTON cheffe buttler to Edw. 6 buried in St. Peter's Cornehill [London] + Alice da. to John MIDLETON sister & hr. to Tho. MIDLETON. Alice married Sir Gilles ALLINGTON Kt 2 husband. 4 Simond ob. s.p. 4 John ob. s.p. 4 Thomas ERLINGTON de com. Midd. [Middlesex] + Bridgett da. to Sr. Edward BRAY of Surrey knt. 5 Thomas ERLINGTON 2 sonne & of Hackney in Middlesex. + Eliz. da. to George TARBERVYLE [TURBERVILLE?] of Bere Regis in Dorsetshire. 5 Edward ERLINGTON of Wethersfeild in Essex. + Margarett da. to Sr. John SPENCER of Northamptonsh. relicta Sr. Giles ALLINGTON 6 Thomas 3 sonne 6 Edward 2 3 sonne 6 Johannes ERLINGTON + … 6 Maria 5 Maria 5 Bridgita 4 Mary ux. BRAY primogen's [eldest son] Edwardi BRAY Notes: Agnes and Edward COMBES have not yet been identified, and it is unclear why Agnes is shown as having been the wife of Rowland/Edward, yet having married ("mar") Edward Combes as versus having been his daughter. This visitation also appears to conflict with some records not yet collected from the PRO (See Shoreditch, Middlesex). Penelope DEVEREUX, d/o Walter & Lettice KNOLLYS Devereaux, m (1) Robert RICH, 3rd Lord Riche, d 1619; m (2) (following a divorce from RICH) Charles BLUNT, Lord Mountjoy. Robert RICH'S sister, Frances, m Thomas CAMMOCK, gf/o Warwick CAMMOCK of Essex, England and Old Rappa Co VA where found in records with Archdale COMBS I. (See Next) Idle Questions: Is there any possibility that Isaac ALLERTON of Plymouth Colony, uncle of Sarah PRIEST who m John Combs ca1630), was a.k.a. ALLINGTON? Or ERLINGTON a.k.a. ALLINGTON?
CAMOCK Family, Essex, 1612 1 John CAMOCKE of Layer Marney in com. Essex Gentlemen 2 Robart CAMOCKE of Layer Marney in com. Essex gent. sonne and heire. + Elizabeth dau. to BADBY of Layer Marney in com. Essex, first wyfe. 3 Thomas CAMOCKE of the same place gent. sonne and heire. + Ursulay dau. to WYRLEY of Dodford in com. Northampton 3 Dorathe mar. to Richard WHITLOCKE of Totham parva in Essex. + Mary dau. to EVERETT 2nd wyfe (to 2. Robart) Note: Not included above is the second marriage of 3 Thomas CAMOCKE to Francis RICH (d/o Sir Robert & Mary BALDRY Rich), grandparents of Warwick CAMMOCK, close associate of Combs of Old Rappa Co VA (See Also Rich Visitation & See Cammocke Monument). Re Dorathe who married Richard WHITLOCKE, this family has not been researched, but given the Thomas WHITLOCK who is found in the records of both Isle of Wight and Old Rappa. Co VA with land adjacent to the families of Cammock, Combs, Thatcher, Underwood, Upton, etc., then a closer look at the WHITLOCK Family is undoubtedly warranted (Add'l WHITLOCK data will be posted to Combs Research shortly)
POYNTZ Family, Essex, 1612 1 Sr Anthony POYNTZ Kinght sonne and heire, obiit 26 of H. 8. Ao 1534. + Elizabeth, dau. & coh. to Sr William HUDDESFILDE Knight. 2 Sr Nicholas POYNTZ Knight sonne and heire, obiit 3 et 4 of K. Phillip et Mary + Jane. daugh. to Thomas Lord BARKELEY 2 Gyles 2d sonne 2 Fardinando 3d sonne 2 Margarett, mar. to Sr John NEWTON Knight 2 Mary, mar. to Sr Edward GORGES, Knight Notes: See Also ALLERTON-COMBS-GERRARD-PRIEST re John NEWTON of Westmoreland County, VA (Combs Postings). See Archdale-Gorges Families. Searchwords: BERKELEY, HUDDLESFIELD, POINTZ
MARSTON Family, Essex, 1612 A. William MARSTON esquier, sonne and heire. B. John MARSTON of Ascott in com. Shropshire but letheth buryed at Wistanstowe sonne and heire, and father of: 1 Rauffe MARTSON of Ascott, in com. Shropsh. sonne and heire lyeth buried wt his father. + Cesylie, dau. to Tho ADYS, Gentle. 2 Edward MARSTON of Ascott in Shropshir esquier sonne and heir obiit 6th of Ap. ao 1597 wher he lyeth buryed wt his father. + Elizabeth dau. to John JENKES of Wolverton in com. Shrop. 3 John, sonne and heire, obiit ye 9th of Aprell a 1597 mar. wt Margarett dau. to BOWDLER, obiit 1610. 3 Richard 2d sonne mar. Elizabeth dau. & heire to MASON his name was William. 3 Rauffe MARSTON of Writtell in com. Essex, Gentlemen. 3rd sonne obiit 20th of Septem. a 1612. + Joane dau. and sole heire to Owen CADWALADER of Brampton Shropsh. 2 John 2d sonne mar. Mary dau. to BAUGHE of the Court of Aldermen 2 Richard 3d sonne mar first Mary dau. to Roger VAUGHAN of Radnersh. 2dly the dau. to MASON & wydow to BALL. 2 Rauffe, 4th sonne mar. the daugh. to LEWIS 2 Thomas 5th sonne mar. the dau. to GWILLIAMS. 2 mar. to DAVIS of Kente. 2 Alice mar. 1st to ...LEWIS. 2dly to ...NESSE. 2 Margarett, mar. to Hughe PERSE. 1 Richard, 2nd sonne 1 William 3rd sonne Notes: The surname MARTSON appears to have been a.k.a. MARSTON. See PALMER Family of Martson/Marston, Staffordshire. Search Words: PIERCE, PERCY, CADWALLADER, JENKS
AYLOFFE Family, Essex, 1634 1 William AYLOFFE of Brottayns in com. Essex esqr. sonn & heire of William by Anne his wife. + Jane d. of Eustace SULIARD of Flemings in Essex esqr. 2 Sr. Will'm AYLOFFE of Britteins in Essex & Broxted in the same county Knighted 11th of May 1603 & knt. & Baronett. + d. & coheire of Thom STERNE of in com. Cambridg juxta Royston 1st wife 3 Sr Benjamin AYLOFF of Braxsted Baronett 1634 + Allice d. of Martin ARCHDALE of London 1 wiffe. 4 Barbara s.p. + Margerett d. of Thomas FANSHAW of Ware Park com. Hertfford esqr. 2 wiffe (of Sr Benjamin) 4 Will'm AYLOFF aged about 15 yeres. 4 Benjamyn. 4 Henry 4 Allice 4 Catherin 4 Margerett 4 Anne 2 Thomas 2 George Lineage of 2 Sr. Will'm AYLOFFE of Britteins above and his 2nd wife: 2 Sr. Will'm AYLOFFE of Britteins in Essex & Broxted in the same county Knighted 11th of May 1603 & knt. & Baronett. + Barbara d. of ....SEXTON of ...2 wife 3 Thomas AYLOFFE of Brettayns. + Elizabeth WENTWORTH of Bocking. 4 Benjamyn AYLOFFE aged about 3 yeares 1634. 3 John AYLOFFE a Coronell of foote in the voyage with Captaine KIRKE. Note: Barbara SEXTON was the d/o Thomas SEXTON of Lavenham, Co Suffolk, and London; and widow of Martin ARCHDALE whose niece, Margaret ARCHDALE, m John COMBES, merchant of London in 1587 (See Archdale-Combs Families of England) Question: Was Elizabeth WENTWORTH Ayloffe kin to Jane WENTWORTH, w/o William BORROUGHES (a.k.a. BURROUGHS, BORROWES, BURRIS, etc.), d London, 1598, whose niece, Judith (d/o Stephen & Judith OVERYE Borroughes), m (1) Thomas SCOTT of Colchester, Co Essex; (2) John VASSALL of Stepney Parish, Middlesex; with descendants later in Old Rappa. & Westmoreland Cos VA with ties to COMBS, CAMMOCK & GORGES Families? (See Burroughs-Vassall-Ware Families)
MOTT Family, Essex, 1634 (Page 458) Arms- Sable, a crescent argent Crest-An estoile of eight points argent L'res pattents exeplified by Sr Wm. SEGAR Garter principall king of Armes to Marke MOTT of Brayntree in com. Essex gent. son of Tho. MOTT of Bocking gent. dated 10 November 1615 ao 13 King James. 1 Thomas MOTT of Bocking in com. Essex. + Allice d. of MEADE (Arms- Gu. a chevron ermine between 3 treyfoyles arg.) 2 Marke MOTT of Braintree in com. Essex 1634 [2] + Frances GUTTER 3 Adrian MOTT. 3 John MOTT of Neyland & Weston in com. Suffolk + Allice d. & heire of Thom. HARINGTON of Essex. 4 Thomas MOTT + Sarah d. of John BRAND 4 Marke 4 John 4 James 4 Frances ux. Frances FERRAND of Hatfeld Broadoke in com. Essex 4 Allice 4 Dorathey 4 Sarah 4 Dorcus 2 John MOTT of Braintree + sister of Sr Robert GARDINER & heire 3 Mary d. & sole heire ux. John CHURCH of Stanton in com. Suffolk Notes: In Old Rappa. Co VA in the latter part of the 1600s are found George & John MOTT who had a nephew, John VICKERS (More on this family to be posted shortly). George's widow m next James HARRISON; other intermarriages include FOSSAKER, SHIPPEY, UNDERWOOD, REED, POWELL, HACKLEY. Also note Thomas MEADE in Old Rappa. Co VA. The will of Joseph COMBE of Combe St. Nicholas, Somersetshire, dated 21 Mar 1619/20 mentions Edm. MEADE of Crockstreete, hatter (This Combs family intermarried with ROSSITERS who removed to New England). The 1612 will of John COMBE of Warwickshire refers to his god daughter GARDENER and her sister; The 1631 will of Abraham ARCHDALE of Wheatley, Oxfordshire, refers to his cousin Samuel GARDNER of the University of Oxon;" the 1636 London will of William PALMER (h/o Barbara) refers to his "cousin GARDINER," the reference being to Sir. Thomas GARDINER, Recorder of London, brother of the wife of William PALMER'S "cousin William PALMER." GARDINERS are also found in Old Rappahannock Co VA & later in MD; however, relationship, if any, not yet known. Search Words: HARRINGTON GUITER

The Visitation of Gloucestershire, England, 1623 STRATFORD Family 1. Henry STRATFORD + Margarett d. and heire. 2 John STRATFORD + Elizabeth Stenmarsh STAFFORD d. of John of com. 3 John STRATFORD + Catherine d. and heire [nb: the line goes up from here showing her parents who were: Henery EYTON [ETON] of com. Warwick.= Catherine d. and coheire of Thom. LANGLEY sonn of Sr. Hen. LANGLEY Knt.] 4 Rob. STRATFORD Esq. + Anne d. of Nicholas ATWOOD of com. Stafford. 5 Richard STRATFORD + ffrancis d. of Thom. KYRKEBY Esq. 6 John STRATFORD of ffarnecott [Farmcote ftnote 1] in com. Gloc. + Margerett [Christian footnote 1] d. of Richard HOVELL 7 Richard STRATFORD 3 sonn of Hellings + Margaret d. of Will'm COMBE of Cheltenham [Gloucester]. 8 Henry STRATFORD sonn and heire + Abigale d. of Wm COLE of Heyfford. 8 Elianor 8 Richard of London + [Allicia filia CHURCHMAN de London (1)] 9 Henry 24 ann' modo studens. 9 Richard 9 Antonius in Hospitio de Gray's Inn [London] 9 George 8 John [ ux. eius ... filia ... BEDELL de London ftnt. 1] + 9 John 9 Anthony 8 Anthony of London 4 sonn. + 9 Henery [ Mercator in Polonia ftnote. 1] vide Midlesex. (1): According to official record in the Heralds' College. Search Words: HOWELL BEDWELL KIRKEBY Notes: Re Nicholas ATWOOD, see also the WARE Lineage below whereby Joan, d/o John ATWOODE, m Richard WARRE of Hestercombe, Taunton, Somerset, and their son, Richard WARRE, m Joan, dau and heir of John COMBE of Dalwood, Dorset (See also Burroughs-Vassal-Weare Families) Re Margaret COMBE who m Richard STRATFORD, see also next.
From Burke's Family Records by Ashworth P. Burke, 1897, p 559, 560: MORGAN-STRATFORD Lineage Robert STRATFORD, m. Anne, dau. of Nicholas ATWOOD, of the co. of Stafford, and had issue, a son and heir, Richard STRATFORD, m. Frances, dau. of Thomas KERKEBY, and had issue, a son, John STRATFORD, who m. Margaret, dau. of Richard HOWILL, and had issue, I. John, of whom presently. II. William, who m. Joice, dau. of Richard de LAMOT, and had issue, 1. Anthony, of Temple Guiting, who m. 1st Jane, dau. of William ROUSE of Worcestershire family, and had issue, a son, (1) Rouse. He m. 2ndly, Mary, dau. F --WILLIAM Gent, by whom he had issue, (2) William and (3) Anthony. 2. William. 3. Ferdinando, of Walford, m. Ursula, dau. and co-heiress of John HORRIFORD, and had issue, as son, John STRATFORD, of Walford, m. Barbarah, dau. of Edmond ROWS, and had issue, a son, Robert STRATFORD, of Walford, co. Gloucester, m. 1st, Hester, dau. of Robert WILLIAMS, and had issue, (1) William, d. young; (1) Ann, m. John HOOKE, of Crook, co. Gloucester. He m. 2nd.y, Martha, dau. of William STRACHY, by whom he had issue, (2) John; (2) Martha; (3) Hester; (4) Mary; and (5) Elizabeth. III. Richard, m. Margaret, dau. of --COMBE, and had issue, a son, Henry, who m. Abigail, dau. of William COKE. (Provided by Combs Researcher Vince Griffin who adds: "Time frame for the above four generations prior to 1640.") Notes: Richard STRATFORD (III) m Margaret COMBE, d/o William COMBE of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire per STRATFORD Family Visitation of Gloucestershire, 1623. Also note William ROUSE and see John & Mary Combs Rouse of Tachbrook, Warwicks. Was William STRACHY of the STRACHIE-STACY Family? And/or the same who was active in the Virginia Company?

Visitation of Hertfordshire, 1572 (p. 6) COMBE Family of Hemel Hempstead Arms-Ermine, three Lions passant in pale Gules Crest-An arm in armour embowed per pale Or and Sable, holding in the hand proper a broken tiling spear of the first Richard COMBE of Newington, Co. Midd. + 2. John COMBE of Newington + 3. Robert COMBE of Newington + Agnes, da. of John WATERHOUSE 4. Richard COMBE of Hemel Hemsted, Co Hertf. + Elizabeth, da. of William MARSHALL of Edlesborough, Co. Bucks 5 Francis COMBE, son and heir, aged 25 yeres. 5 Elizabeth, ux John SHUKBOROUGH 5 Susan 4 Alice, ux. BAYLY p. me Richardu' COMBE (See Also WATERHOUSE Visitation, Appendix I)
Visitation of Hertfordshire, 1634 (p. 44 ) Combe Family of Hemel Hempsted Arms and Crest as at p. 6 (Visitation of Hertfordshire, 1572) 1. Richard COMBE of [Hemel] Hempsted, Co. Hertf. + Elizabeth, da. of William MARSHALL of Edlesborough, Co. Bucks 2 Francis COMBE, son and heir. + Jane, da. of John POPE of Wroxton, co. Oxford 3 Francis COMBE of Hemel Hempsted, co. Hertf., eldest son, living 1634 + Barbara, da. of Henry EWER of the Midle Temple, Esq. [London] 2 Elizabeth, ux. John SHUKBOROUGH 2 Susan
Visitation of Hertfordshire, 1634 (p. 33) BROCKETT of Codicot Arms-Or, a cross flory Sable Gratis. The diferense to be inserted 1. Edward BROCKETT of Letchworth, Co. Hert. + da. of .MICKLEFIELD 2 Will'm BROCKETT of Wyndhill, co. Hertf. . + Anne, da. of Edmond BARDOLPH 3 Edward BROCKETT, eldest son 3 John BROCKETT of Codicot, 3 son, living 1634 + Dorothey, da. and heir of Rob. PENNE of Codicote, Baly 4 1. Margarett, ux Richard PERKINS 4 2. Anne, ux. John EMPE 4 3. Dorathey 4 4. Ellin 4 [1] William BROCKETT + Mary, da. of Francis COMBES of com. Hertf. 4 2. John BROCKETT of London 4 3. Edward 4 4. Charles 4 5. Richard 4 6. Thomas Notes: According to IGI, Mary COMBES m William BROCKET 11 Oct 1618, Kimpton, Hertfordshire. Also Note: A 2nd Herts BROCKETT Visitation of 1634 (incomplete) shows a Susan BROCKETT as wife of an Edward BOUGHTON, and her sister, Elizabeth, as wife of John POPE of Wroxton, Oxfordshire (p. 32) See (1) marriage of Francis COMBE to Jane POPE, d/o John POPE of Wroxton, Oxfordshire above; (2) and two/three Combs/BOUGHTON marriages in Warwickshire. Visitation of Hertfordshire, 1634 EWER Family of The Lea 1 Thomas EWER of The Lea, eldest son + Anne, da. of Walter WYTHE of Bushie, Co. Hertf. 2 Henry EWER of The Lea, Esq., eldest son, now living, 1634. + Elizabeth, da. of George CLARKE, D. D. 3 Henry EWER, eldest son, 20 years old, 1634 3 Mary, ux. Sir Francis RAINSFORD of Clifford (sic), co. Warwick 3 Barbara, ux. Fra's COMBE of Hemel Hempsted, Co. Hertford 1. William EWER of Aldenham, 2 son. + Joane, da. of Edward BRISCOE 2 William EWER of Cheshunt, co. Hertf., Esq., Sergeant at Arms to King Charles + Elizabeth, da. and heir of William CLARK of Cheshunt 3 William EWER, eldest son 3 2. Richard 3 3. John 3 1. Martha 3 2. Elizabeth 3 3. Millessent 3 4. Sarah Notes: See Also Sir Henry RAYNESFORD who witnessed the 1612/1613 will of John COMBS of Old Stratford, Warwickshire, EN; and that of John's brother, Thomas COMBS, 1608/9, in which he names Sir Henry RAYNESFORD and godson Henry RAYNESFORD. Also note George CLARK, cousin to William and Barbara ARCHDALE Palmer of London and Middlesex.
Visitation of Hertfordshire, 1634 (p. 95) STRATFORD of Meesden Arms-Barry of ten Argent and Azure, over all a lion rampant Gules, membered Or. This descent and Armes is testtified under the hand of Robert COOKE, Clarenceux, down to Henry and Richard STRATFORD of Hawling, w'ch maried with the da's of COLE and CHURCHMAN 1 John STRATFORD of Farncote, co. Glouc. + Margarett, da. of Richard HOWELL 2 John STRATFORD of Farncote, co. Glouc. + Margarett, da. of Robert TRACYE 2 William STRATFORD of Gyting, 2 son + Joyce, da. of Richard De la MOTT 2 Richard STRATFORD of Hawling, Co. Glouc. + Margarett, da. of ... COMBE. 3 1. Henry STRATFORD of Hawling, eldest son, ob. s.p. + Abigale, da. of William COLE 4. [1?] Henry STRATFORD of Hawling, Co. Gloc., heir to his uncle, 1634 4. 2. Richard 4. 3. Anthony STRATFORD of Meeseden, Co. Hertf., 1634 + Abigale, da. of Robert DOVER of Child's Wickham, Co. Gloc. 4. [4?] George STRATFORD of Meeseden, 4 son, living 1634 + Sibilla, da. of Robert DOVER, sister of Abigale 5. Catherin, da., 4 yeres old, 1634 3 2. Richard STRATFORD of London, 2 son + Alice, da. of Robert CHURCHMAN of London Notes: Richard STRATFORD m Margaret COMBS, d/o William COMBS of Cheltenham, Gloucester. (See Also Stratford, Gloucestershire Visitation of 1623) The surname MOTT was originally de la MOTT the same (See Essex, EN)
Visitation of (Hertfordshire?) (Appendix I, p. 120, partial) 1. Constance, dau. of Francis WATERHOUSE and sister of John, ux. Andrew WHADDON 1. John WATERHOUSE who descended of . WATERHOUSE of Ludlow, co. Salop, son of Francis WATERHOUSE. + Anne, da. and heir of .... SPARKE of London 2 Thomas WATERHOUSE, Rector of Ashrugh, co. Hertf, ob. s.p. 2 John WATERHOUSE of Whitchurch, co. Buck., Esq., lyeth bur. at Berkhampsted + Margarett, da. of Henry TURNER of Blunt's Hall in Essex, Esq. 3 1. John WATERHOUSE of Whitchurch, buried at Berkhampsted + Ann, da. of Henry BIRKENHED of Huxley, Co. Chester. Sable, three garbsOr, a bordure engrailed Azure. 4 [1?] Thomas WATERHOUSE of Whitchurch, buried in Acton. + .... da. and heir of Vallentyn PIGGOTT of Bechampton, co. Buck., Esq. 5 John WATERHOUSE of Whitechurch, s.p. + .... da. of ....NUTTING of co. Midd. 5 Anne 4 2. Charles } 4 3. Clifford } s. p. 4 4. John WATERHOUSE of Whitchurch, cozen and heir male + .... da. of .... MUSCHAMPE of .... co. Surry 4 5. Edward 4 6. Henry 4 Katherin.} 4 Susan } s.p. 4 Elizabeth, ux. John BASSETT of Fledborough, co. Nott., Esq. 4 Grace, ux. TUKE of Essex. 4 Anne, ux. Tho's SPICER of .... co. Bedford 3 2. Thomas WATERHOUSE of Berkhampsted, co. Hertf. + Mary, da. of John KIRKBY of Nottingham. Argent, two bars and a canton Gules. 4 Edward WATERHOUSE of Berkhamsted + Elizabeth, da. to Sir William LANE of Horton, co North'ton, Kt. 5. Thomas WATERHOUSE, son and heir, aet. 14 annor. 1618 5. Hennage. 5. Mary. 5. Philipp. 5. Judith. 4 Arthur. 3 3. Sir Edward WATERHOUSE of Woodchurch in Kent, Chauncellor of the Exchequer, and one of the Privie Councell in Ireland, ob. s.p. + Elizabeth VILLIERS, 1 ux. + Margaret, da. of . SPILMAN of Kent, 2 ux + Debora, widow to . HARLAKENDEN of Kent, Esq., 3 ux 3 4. Arthur WATERHOUSE + Grace, da. of John HANSHOTT in co. Hertf., ob. s.p. 3 5. Charles WATERHOUSE of Baltra in Ireland + Ursula, da. of . ANDREWES, cosen to Sir Eusebius ANDREWES, Kt. 4 Edward WATERHOUSE of Baltra in Ireland. 4 Charles 2 Elizabeth, ux. Rich. LANGDALE. Sable, a chevron between three mullets Argent. 2 Agnes, ux. Robert COMBE. Ermine, three lions passant-gardant Sable b?zantée 1. Robert WATERHOUSE, Chaplaine to the King. Notes: See 1572 Hertfordshire Visitation, COMBE. This is Robert COMBE of Newington, Middlesex, father of Richard of Hemel-Hempstead, Herts.

The Visitations of Kent, 1619 DENNEY Family, Kent, 1619 (p. 99) 1 Joh'es DENNE de Denne fil. et hae. + duxit Aliciam filiam Ric' ardi ARDERNE 2 Parnell vx' Wmi KEALE 2 Tho. DENNE de Kingstone fil. 2. duxit Adnetem [Agnes] filiam W'mi ESHEHURST [ASHHURST] 2 Michaell DENNE de Denne p'mus fil. Jo. + Cristiana filia et haeres ... COMBE Notes: The father of Cristiana DENNEY Combs has not yet been identified; however, note the following: 10 Aug 1635 (James City Co - VA Land Patent Book 1:271) John DENNETT, 200 A, N side of Mr. Thomas KINGSTONES land (only a barren ridge between), Nly into the forrest between Martins hundred & Kiskiake by a br. of Capt. John WEST Cr. Trans. of 4 pers: John LEY, Jon. ROWLAND, Susan RICHEY, Ann COMBEY (Cavaliers &Pioneers, Vol. I, p. 30) Search Words: LEE, RITCHIE Thomas KINGSTON was a member of the House of Burgesses from Martin's Hundred in October, 1629. He was surveyor-general of Virginia, and died in 1636. His widow married Thomas LOVING (General Court Records). (Virginia Historical Magazine, Volume #3, pg 280) Notes: If Ann was not a COMBEY, but a COMBE, then might Susan have been a RICHE (as in Robert RICHE, Earl of Warwick & Virginia Colony Proprietor) rather than a RICHEY? And John DENNETT originally a DENNE, a.k.a. DENNEY? And could the following Thomas DANE have been a DENNEY, too? (See Next) The Visitations of Kent, 1619 (p. 101) Sciant p'sentes et futuri qd. ego Thomas DANE de p'rochia de Herne in co' Cantij dedi concessi & hac p'senti Carta mea confirmavi Thomas BLIJSE et Thomae QUEETE de predict p'rochia duas peceas terrae meae iacent seperatim in predict p'rochia in Burgo de Haghe data apud Herne predict. vicesimo 3o Die Mensis Janu. Anno regni Regis Henrici sexti post conquestum Angliae Vicesimo tertio Hijs testibus Johanne NOTTINGHAM Johanne PERCIVALL Johanne DOWNING Jacobo HAMPTON, Willi'mo JOHNSON et multis alijs &c. Sciant p'sentes et fut. qd. ego Johannes de COMBE de Hastinglegh concessi &c. Joh'i Recti et alijs Maneria de Southlegh et Hugha. que Stephanus de COMBE Richardus de COMBE et ego p'dictus Joh'es nuper H'u'im's ex dono et feoffamento Willi'mi TAPELINE et Alior. et que ferunt Matildis filiae et haeredis Waresij de Valoyns Milit. data apud Hastinglegh 4o die Mensis Novembris 10 Regis Ric'di 2di Hijs testibus Willi'mo LOTERICHE Joh'e ALKHAM Hamone EDINGE Willi'mo BREWER et Alijs. A rough translation of the first paragraph provided by Combs Researcher Joe Kendalll; a much rougher translation of the second (partial) by Combs Researcher C. Hamnet: "I Thomas DANE of the Parish of Herne in the county of Kent, by my charter I confirm unto Thomas BLISS and Thomas QUEET of this parish two pieces of land of mine adjacent and separate in this parish in Burgo of Hage near Herne. 23 Jan in the Reign of Henry the sixth after the conquest of England in his reign the 23 year [ca 1445]. His witness John NOTTINGHAM, John PERCIVALLL, John DOWNING, James HAMPTON, William JOHNSON and many others." "...I Johannes de COMBE of Hastingleigh [Kent], concede to Joh'i ... of the manor of Southleigh and Hugha. that Stephanus de COMBE, Richardus de COMBE and I by order of of Joh'es... give and grant to Wiliam TAPELINE et Alior. et que ferunt Matilda daughter and heir of Waresij de Valoyns Milit. (dated near?) Hastinglegh 4th day of the ninth month 10 Richard II [4 Sep 1386]. His witnesses William LOTERICHE Joh'e ALKHAM, Hamone EDINGE, William BREWER and others."

Visitations of London, 1633-4 ARCHEDALE Family, London, 1633-4 1 .John ARCHEDALE of Stafford Town married ? 11 Richard ARCHEDALE (eldest son) married Mary FERNE 12 Matthew ARCHEDALE, s.p. 13 Barnard ARCHEDALE of Oxford married Anne FERNE 14 Thomas ARCHEDALE married ? .111 John ARCHEDALE ) .112 Abraham ARCHEDALE ) all dead without issue .113 Cyprian ARCHEDALE ) .114 Virgill ARCHEDALE ) .115 Mary ARCHEDALE married Robert MOULTON of Hunyborne in co. Worcester, gent 116 Margaret ARCHEDALE 117 Dorothy ARCHEDALE, wife to John STAMP of Houlton, co. Oxon. 118 Frances ARCHEDALE, wife to Rich. LOWE of London, mercer. 119 Bridget ARCHEDALE, wife to ------ HARRIS 120 Barbara ARCHEDALE, wife to Joseph BARNES 131 Richard ARCHDALE of London, merch't, living 1634 married Judith, dau. of Rich. THORPE of London by Eliz. BROOKE 132 Kath., Wife to Edward BROWNE of London, merch't 133 Alice, wife to Arthur ALVEY 134 Audrey, wife to Jas POVEY of Litchfield [Southampton] 141 .John, s.p. 142 .Margaret, wife to John COMBES of London; merch't 143 .Sarah, wife to Ady SAYERS 144 .Barbara, wife to William PALMER of London, merch't 1311 .Thomas ARCHDALE eldest son & heir. 1312 .Richard ARCHDALE of Wadham Coll. in Oxford 1313 .Matthew ARCHDALE 1314 .Robert ARCHDALE 1315 .Eliz. ARCHDALE, wife to John FLEETWOOD, son and heir of Sir William FLEETWOOD of Great Missenden, co. Bucks, knt. (New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 1889, pg 160. ARCHEDALE - The Visitation of London, 1633-4) Notes: A second source, provided by Combs Researcher Joe Kendalll, from "The Visitation of London Anno Domini, 1633,1634, and 1635, made by Sr Henry St. George, Kt Richmond Herald and Deputy Marshal to Sr Richard St. George, Kt," Vol.I ed. Joseph Jack Howard, LL.D., F.S.A., and Joseph Lemual Chester, LL.D., London 1880, is a slightly different transcription from the above, as indicated by Archdale-Combs Researcher, Denise Mortorff: Top of page: "Downegate Ward". 117 Houlton was stated at "Haulton. Co. Oxon." 118 After the name Frances is "ux." 131 Rich. is spelled out as "Richard" 132 Kath. is spelled out as "Katherin" 134 is stated and spelled "Audrey uxor James POUEY* of Lichfeild" 142 is stated "Margaret wife to John COMBES of London marchant" 1315 Great Missenden is spelled "Mussenden" *The old-style letter "u" often indicated "v." Notes: See the Archdale-Combs Families of England; now updated to include additional in regard to both Colonial ARCHDALES and GORGES Families (the latter found with CAMMOCKS). See Also PALMER Family Visitations Also note STAMPS of Essex found with CAMMOCKS.
BLASHFORD Family, London, 1633-5 (p. 80) 1 Richard BLASHFORD of Dorchester + Frances da. of .... COMBS of Ashmore in com. Dorset 2 John BLASHFORD of Dorchester eldest sonne 2 William BLASHFORD who lives in Cayne in Normandy [France] 2 Henry BLASHFORD 4 sonne in Chichester [Sussex] 2 Thomas BLASHFORD 5 sonne in Roane in Normandy 2 Margery uxor John HOZARD of Lime com. Dorset 2 Richard BLASHFORD of London merchant living 1633 + Ellinor da. of Robert WATERTON of Newport in the Isle of Wight 3 Richard [2] 3 Robert BLASHFORD sonne and heire 9 years old 1633 [1] 3 Frances [1] 3 Elinor [2] 2 Frances wife to John SEWARD of Lime 2 Edith wife to Richard CHURCHILL of Dorchester Note: The above Frances COMBS Blashford not yet identified. See Also John SEAWARD [sic] of Isle of Wight Co, VA. Search Words: SAYWARD, SAWARD
MANNING Family, London, 1633-5 (p. 78) 1 Randall of London Esqr + Katherin da. of Nicholas DERING 2 Nicholas MANNING mar. Eliz. da. of John RIKEN of Bremerland 2 John MAN'ING of London mar. for his first wife Anne da. of Wm BOND of London 2 Randall MAN'INGE of Edmondton [Edmonton, Middlesex] + Mary da. of John COMBE first wife 3 wife to DITCHFEILD Notes: The above Mary COMBE was the d/o John and Margaret ARCHDALE Combs (the 1650 will of Barbara ARCHDALE Palmer of Leicestershire refers to "cousin John COMBS," cousin "Mary DITCHFIELD," and land at Page Green, Tottenham, Edmonton, Middlesex. See Also Next. Search Words: DEERING DEARING. See Also the following with additional generations, source follows (under DITCHFIELD): "The Visitation of London" p. 78: MANNING. Colman Street Ward. [1] David MANNING of Cheshire [1] John MANNING of Cheshire = Elenor da. and heire of Walter HAKE [2] Thomas MANYNG of whome came the MANNINGES of Deuonshr [Devonshire] [2] Hugh MANNINGE of Cleyley = in Cheshire .[3] Ralph MANNYNG of Cleyley [4] David MANNING [5] John MANNING [6] Randall MANNING of London Esqr=Katherin da. of Nicholas DERING [7] Nicholas MANNING mar. Eliz. da. of John RIKEN of Bremerland [8] Nicholas [8] Anthony [8] Margarett [8] Jane [8] Randall [8] Elizabeth [7] John MAN'ING of London mar. for his first wife Anne da. of Wm BOND of London [8] John MANYNG of Crall s.p. [8] Elizabeth wife to Robert CAESAR yonger son of Sr. Julius CAESAR [8] Anne wife to Thomas LAWLEY [7] Randall MAN'INGE of Edmonton = Mary da. of John COMBE, 1st wife [8] wife to DITCHFEILD = 2 wife [8] Thomas 1 son [8] Katherin [8] Randall 2 son [6] Elizabeth wife to William SPIGHT of London [6] Sarah wife to Hunfry STILE s.p. [6] Gerson MAN'YNG maried Hellen a gentlewoman of Vtrick in Holland = [7] 1 Randall MAN'YNG maried Mary da. of Ambrose TRATTON of Lewes [Sussex] [8] Randall MANNING & Mary [7] 2 William MAN'YNG maried Prudence GULSTON (No Signature.)
"London Visitation Pedigrees 1664," by J.B. Whitmore, B.A.,F.S.A. and A.W.Hughes Clarke, F.S.A. London, 1940. pp.55/56, transcribed by Denise Mortorff on behalf of Joe Kendalll: Arms: Azure, three pimeapples or. Crest: A bear's [?] gamb erased, holding a stem vert with three pineapples or thereon. [1] Edward DITCHFIELD of London, Ar. and of Edmonton; living 1632; of St. Mary Woolchurch Haw, 1606-31. Will dated 25 Aug. 1640, pr. (P.C.C. 52 Essex) 13 March 1647-8 1st wife ....; bur. St. Mary Woolchurch 24 March 1605-6 [2] Edward DITCHFIELD of Edmonton co. Middx. Sewer to King Charles I; matric. Cambridge 1619;B.A. 1622-3; adm. to the Middle Temple July 1623. Predeceased his father = Mary da. of Randolph MANNING of London, Ar. Mar. 27 March 1631. Will dated 19 Dec. 1658, pr. (P.C.C. 98 Pell) 1 Feb. 1658-9 [3] Thomas DITCHFIELD of London, gent. 1664; aged 26 in 1663; then of St. Bartholomew Exchange, a lawyer; mentions poor of St. Benet Fink. Will dated 25 July 1677, pr. (P.C.C. 97 Hale) 30 Oct. 1677 = Eliz. da. of John HORDEN of London, the King's Hosier. Mar. St. Peter le Poer 29 Dec. 1663, with consent of her mother Mary CARTWRIGHT alias HORDING [See p.36 ante] [3] Elizabeth, 1677 [3] John DITCHFIELD 1677 [3] Mary [3] Sarah [3] Frances (2nd wife) Katherine WHITTINGAM of Allhollows, Honey Lane; mar. there 16 Feb. 1606-7; bur. St. Mary Woolchurch Haw 19 April 1631 [2] Thomas bapt. 21 Dec. 1613 [2] John, bapt. 10 Jan. 1617-8 M.A. Oxford 1645 [2] Humphrey bapt. 23 Oct 1623 [2] Mary bapt. 25 Nov.1609 [2] Deborah bapt.2 Aug. 1620 [2] Sarah, bapt. 26 Apr. 1612;lic. 17 Nov. 1632 aged 20 =Francis MEADE of St. Lawrence Pouontney, salter; aged 35 in mar.lic. [3] Edward MEADE [3] Thomas [3] Maria [3] Catherine
PALMER Family, London, 1633-5 (ibid., p. 141) 1. Thomas PALMER of Martson in Com. Stafford + Joane da. of FOX of Hopton Co. Stafford 2 Robert PALMER of Hill in Co. Bedford 2 John PALMER Rector of the Church of Stafford very aged withough yssue 2 William PALMER of London Merchant liueing a0 1634 (the 0 is small) + Barbara da. of Thomas ARCHDALE of London 3 Archdale PALMER eldt son 3 William 3 John Note: Marston is a township in the parish of Church-Eaton, western division of the hundred of Cuttlestone, county of Stafford, 6 miles west of Penkridge. There is also a chapelry of Marston in the parish of St. Mary, Lichfield, in the southern division of Pirehill Hundred, County of Stafford which is 2¾ miles N of Stafford. (Topographical Dictionary of England, Lewis, Vol. 3, page 261) The 1636 London will of William PALMER, h/o Barbara ARCHDALE, includes a bequest to "my cousin Thomas PALMER of Marston." [sic] Question: It appears possible therefore that Martson and Marston may have been interchangeable (See Visitation of London, 1633-5, Martson Family). See Also Visitation of London, 1633-4, Archdale Family

The Visitation of Northamptonshire 1681 COMBES of Daventry (Pages 58-9) [No arms recorded in this Visitation] 1 John COMBES, of Daventry in co. Northampton Bur. 19 March 1653-4, at Stoke Doyle. M.I. there states that he died 27 March 1654 + Mary dau of Edwd PALMER of Stoke Doily in com: Northton after married to Jno THORNTON, of Brockhole co. Northt. Bap. 11 Oct. 1625, at Stoke Doyle; mar. 12 Oct 1660, at Wadenhoe, to John THORNTON; d. 19, bur. 25 June 1713, at Newnham. Will dated 14 May 1712, pr 26 June 1713 (Arch. North.) 2 Edward COMBES Bap. 1 Jan. 1649-50, at Daventry. Oundle School 1657 2 Richard COMBES Bap. 26 Sept. 1651, at Stoke Doyle; bur. there 26 Aug. 1658 2 Francis COMBES Bap. 16 Dec. 1652, at Daventry; bur. 19 Aug. 1658, at Stoke Doyle 2 John COMBES, of the Middle Temple Barrister at Law. Knight. Chief Justice of Chester. Oundle School, 1657. Bap. 8 Oct. 1646, Daventry; bur. 26 April 1697, at Daventry + Catherine 2d dau of Sam11 THORNTON, of London, Mercht younger brother to Jno THORNTON before mentioned. B 25 March 1660; bur. 21 Oct 1734, at Daventry 3 Grace. Bap. 30 March 1695, at Daventry; m. there 22 Jan. 1722-3; d. 25, bur. 28 March 1740, at Ravensthorpe, aet. 45 M.I. + Edmund BATEMAN. Bap. 24 Feb. 1689-90, at All Saints, Northampton. Magd. Coll., Oxford. M.A. Vicar of Ravensthorpe 1715. D. 1 Sept., bur. 8 Sept. 1742, at Ravensthorpe, aet 53. M.I. Will (P.C. C. 290 Trenley) 3 Katharine. Bap. 1 March 1683-4, at Daventry. Benefactor to Daventry Church and Parish. Bur. 25 June 1741, at Daventry. Will dated 22 Oct. 1739, pr. 15 July 1741 (Arch. North.), by Thomas THORNTON, of Brockhall, Esq., her cousin. 3 Elizabeth Bap. 17 Feb. 1687-8, at Daventry; m. there 11 Oct 1719, as second wife. + William TAYLOR, St. John's Coll., Oxf. M.A. Vicar of Daventry. Died at Bath 11 July 1750. His first wife was Elizabeth IVES, of Northampton. 3 Mary. Bap. 19 June 1680, at Brockhall; bur. 31 Aug. 1720, at Daventry 3 Frances Bur. 18 Dec. 1729, at Daventry 3 Anne Bur. 11 March 1737-8, at Daventry 3 John COMBES Bap. 16 Jan. 1682-3, at Daventry; bur. there 11 April 1715 3 Samuel COMBES. Bap 13 Aug. 1689, at Daventry. Of Daventry, Esq. Bur. there 29 June 1732. Will dated 9 Jan. 1729-30, pr. 26 July 1732, by Katherine COMBES, spin., his sister and res. legatee Notes: Was Edward PALMER of Stoke Doily/Doyle, Northampton, kin to the Archdale-Combs-Palmer Family? See Also John COMBS & Edward PALMER of Isle of Wight Co VA. Also note that the above is apparently an "annotated" Visitation since dates include some after 1681. See Also Cammock Visitation, Essex, 1619. Thomas CAMMOCK m (1) Ursula, daughter of John WYRLEY of Dodford, Northampton; (2) Frances RICH, d/o Robert & Mary BALDRY Rich, Lord Rich, of Essex. Warwick CAMMOCK, grandson of Thomas & Frances RICH Cammock, and Archdale Combs, were close associates in Old Rappahannock Co VA in the later 1600s. Note: Stokes Doily/Doyle not found. Question: Could WYRLEY have been a.k.a. WORLEIGH? See Also Will of Nathaniel WADE, London, dated 02 Jun 1620, which refers to his sist. and bro. PALMER, their son John PALMER, and names friends Richard Combs & Joseph STACEY; Mr. WIGHT of Daintree [Daventry], and witnessed by Richard STOCKE (See Combs Postings) See Also THORNTON/SAVAGE/TAYLOR of Richmond Co VA

Visitation of Somersetshire, 1623 Comb Family, Somersetshire, 1623 (Page 28) Arms - Sable, two bars between six bees argent, 3, 2, 1. Granted 1623 by Wm. Segar. Crest - A demi lion sable, ducally collared argent. 1 Edward COMB of Tisburie co. Com. [Wilts] + Allice sister of Barnaby LEWIS arm. 2 William COMB of Norton Ferrers co. Som. living 1623 + Isabel d. of Tho. SMITH of Bishopston Wilts. 3 Michell aet. 20 [4] 3 Thomas aet. 14 3 Edward COMB s. and h. aet 19, 1623 3 Isabel [3] + Edw. HAYWARD of Crowston in Bishopston. 3 Margaret [1] + Will. HELME Rector of Bishopston and Bachelor in Theology. 3 Jane [2] + Tho. COX of Tisburie. From Burke's Landed Gentry, 1937, pp. 462 & 463: COMBE of Oaklands Park Edward COMBE, of Bridsor, in Tisbury, Wilts, (seated there in the 12th year of Queen Elizabeth), and of Norton Ferrers Manor, Somerset; party to fine of lands at Dynton, Wilts, in 1593; m. (Before 1570) Alice, dau. Of Thomas LEWYS, of Matherne, Mon.[Monmouth, Wales] and sister to Barnaby LEWYS, of Stock Gaylard, Dorset, and Wincanton Manor, Somserset, and had issue, 1 Thomas, of Chicksgrove, in Tisbury, bapt. 21 Aug. 1570; m. 1591, Mary, dau. of John DAVIES, of Tisbury, and sister to Sir John DAVIES, of Englefield, Berks, Attorney-General for Ireland, by whom he had an only dau., Joane; he was bur. 26 Sept. 1593. 2 William, of Norton Ferrers, of whom hereafter. 1 Elinor, m. at Tisbury, 10 May, 1589, William MOORE. Edward COMBE was bur. At Tisbury, 7 Oct. 1607, will proved (P.C.C.) 12 Feb. 1607-8. His younger son, William COMBE, of Norton Ferrers Manor, in Kilmington, and Chicksgrove, in Tisbury, bapt. 6 March, 1577-8; Churchwarden of Kilmington, 1610; recorded his pedigree at the Visitation of Somerset in 1623. He was a noted Royalist, served on the Grand Jury at Salisbury (the so-called "Illegal Assizes") in 1643, and was fined £150 for giving information against the Parliamentary party in 1645. He m. (before 1600) Isabel, dau. of Thomas SMITH, of Knighton Manor, in Bishopston, by Elizabeth his wife, dau. of Sir Edward PENRUDDOCK, of Compton Chamberlayne, Sheriff of Wilts 1597, and had issue, 1 Edward, of whom hereafter. 2 William, bapt. 16 Nov. 1606; d. young. 3 Thomas of Chicksgrove, bapt. 26 Oct. 1609, his estate was sequestered by the Parliamentary Committee in 1646; part to a fine of Norton Ferrers property in 1677. He m. (lic. 11 Oct. 1631) Mary, dau. of William HAYTER, of Teffont Evias, and had a son, Matthew, b. 1636, exor, of his grandfather's will in 1657. 4 John, bapt. 17 Nov. 1619, d. young. 1 Margaret, m. William HELME, B.D., Rector of Bishopston, Wilts. 2 Jane, m. 2 Feb. 1617-18, Thomas COX, of Linley, in Tisbury. 3 Isabel, m. Edward HAYWARD, of Crowston, in Bishopston. 4 Michal, b. 1603; m. 1631, Edward SHOARE, of Maiden Bradley, who served on the Grand Jury at Salisbury Assizes, with his father-in-lawe, in 1643. William COMBE d. 1654. His eldest son, Edward COMBE, of Norton Ferrers Manor, and Netherhampton, Wilts, aged 19 in 1623; m. 1st, 3 Jan. 1627-8, Mary, eldest dau. of John FOYLE, of Shaftesbury, Dorset, and Kimpton Manor, Hauts [Hants], by whom (who was bur. 23 June, 1639) he had three sons, who d. in infancy, and four daus. He m. 2ndly, 28 March, 1641, Rebecca, elder dau. of Francis TOPPE, of Combe Bissett, Wilts, and sister to Sir Francis TOPPE, Bt., of Tormarton Manor, co. Glouc, and by her (d. 16 March, 1644-5) had further issue, 1 Edward, of whom hereafter. 2 William, b. 1643; party to fine of Norton Ferrers estate, with Elizabeth his wife, in 1675; appointed guardian to his two nephews in 1685. Mr. COMBE d. before 1664, and was s. by his eldest surv. son, Edward COMBE, of Norton Ferrers Manor, and Combe Bissett, Wilts, b. 1642; mentioned in the will of his maternal uncle, sir Francis TOPPE, 1668; sold the greater part of the Norton Ferrers estate to John and Richard MADOX, and Sir Stephen FOX, in 1675 and 1677. He m. 1661 Elizabeth, dau. of John HANCOCK, J.P., of Combe Bissett, by Ursula his wife, dau. of William SYDENHAM, of Chilworthy, and by her (who was bur. 31 Dec. 1680) he had issue. Mr. COMBE was bur. 22 Jan. 1684-5. His 4th son, Edmund COMBE, of Grante Court, Lincoln's Inn [Inns of Court], and Hartley wintney, Hants, b. 16 Oct. 1677; m. 14 April, 1702, Katherine, dau. of Rev. Thomas PRETTY, Rector of Winchfield, by Ursula his wife, dau. And co-heir of Nicholas HARVEY, of Whittington, Staffs, by whom he had issue, 1 Matthew, b. 19 April, 1706; m. 1745, Hannah HAHN, widow; d.s.p. 1747. 2 Edmund, of Craven Street, Strand; adm. a Solicitor, Nov. 1733; m. (lic. 26 Dec. 1752) Mary EDWARDS, of Thame, and d.s.p.m. 1793 3 Harvey, of New Inn, of whom hereafter. 1 Ursula, b. 1709; m. - MAYSON; living 1747. Mr. COMBE was bur. 20 June, 1754. His third son, Harvey COMBE ........................................[incomplete] Extracted by Coomes Researcher Patience Northern from "Prominent Families of the United States of America" - Burke ISBN 0-8063-1208-0, p 270: John DELAFIELD (1720-1763) b in London 4-May 1720, son of John DELAFIELD, of Aylesbury [Bucks], and descended from an old Buckinghamshire family, whose arms are inscribed on his tombstone in the chancel of St. John's Church, Aylesbury; m 3 June 1746, Martha, dau. of Jacob DELL, of Aylesbury, and, by her, had issue: - John, Joseph of Campden Hill, Co. Middlesex, b 14 May 1749; a partner in the firm of Combe, Delafield & Co., Brewers; m., 3 June 1790, Frances, dau of Harvey COMBE, of Andover, Hants, and d 3 Sept. 1820, having by her had issue:- l. Joseph, b 14 Jan. 1791; m 6 Jan. 1819, Charlotte, dau of Harvey Christian COMBE (Lord Mayor of London in 1799), and, dying 5 April 1841, left by her, issue;- l. Joseph, b 1-11-1819; m., 10 May 1844, Eloisa dau of the Cavaliere BEVERE, of Naples, and had issue; d 10-Feb. 1869. 2. Edward Thomas, b 6-11-1824, of Christ Church College, Oxford. 1. Charlotte Frances, m, 19 July 1848, Captain Richard PHELIPS, R.A.; d 1889 2. Frances Georgina 3. Emily Maria, m Admiral F. B. MONTRESOR. 2. Edward Harvey, d unm. 23 Jan. 1827 3. John Leopold Ferdinand Casimir (Rev.), b 1797; Vicar of Tortington, Sussex, 1833; Canon of Middleham, 1842; m, 18 March 1828, Cecil JANE (who d 24 April 1888), dau of Edmund, 1st Earl of Limerick; d.s.p. 5 Sept. 1866; d.s.p. 5 Sept. 1866. 4, William; d unm. l. Frances Henrietta; m 14 Oct. 1823, Rev. Thomas RENNELL, Vicar of Kensington. 2. Maria: m., 4 Sept. 1823, Rev. C. Bethell OTLEY, Rector of Welby, Co., Lincoln. 3. William DELAFIELD, b 8-7-1750 1. Martha, b 19 May 1751; m William ARNOLD, of Slatwoods, Isle of Wight, Collector of Customs, by whom she had, with other issue;- Thomas (Rev.), b 13 June 1795; the well-known headmaster of Rugby; m. 11-Aug. 1820, Mary, youngst dau of Rev. John PENROSE; d 9-April 1859, leaving, with other issue, Matthew Arnold (1822-1888), the poet and literary critic. Lydia, m 11-Aug. 1814, Richard, 7th Earl of Cavan; d 7 Feb. 1862 2. Mary, b 6 June 1753; d. unm. 1 Nov. 1804 3. Susanna, b 10 Sept. 1757; d unm. 14 Nov. 1836 He died 9 March 1763, and his will was proved 15 March 1763. Notes: Need outside help with the SMITHS; i.e., SMITH Researchers. Combs still "confused" about Combs, let alone SMITH; however, given the Thomas COMBS- Thomas SMITH of the Virginia Company, and numerous other SMITH Connections. Search Words: MASON, MADDOX, LEWIS
LaWarre/Warre Family, Somersetshire, 1623 (Page 115) 1 Robert LaWARRE + d. of KENTISBEARE 2 Matthew WARRE serviens ad legem + Alice d. of Wm. DENBAULD 3 John WARRE + d. and h. of John MERIET of Hestercombe 4 Richard WARRE + Joane d. and h. of John ATWOOD by Gamilda s. and h. of Hen. PERRYHAYE 5 Richard WARRE + Joane d. and h. of John COMBE of Dalwood in com. Dorset [now Devon] 6 John WARRE + Joane d. of Walt. STAPLETON of Brashford 7 Robert WARRE 6 Robert + Thomazine d. and h. of Tho. CHIPLEY Also, from: Burke's Family Records by Ashworth P. Burke, 1897, p 616: WARE Lineage.--Mathew WARRE, Serjeant-at-Law, was son of Robert LAWARRE, by his wife, the dau. and heir of Kentesbeere. He m. Alice, dau. of William DENBAULD, and left a son and heir, John WARRE, who m. the dau. and heir of John MERIET, of Hestercombe, and by her had a son and heir, Richard WARRE, of Hestercombe, m. Joan, dau. and heir of John ATWOODE, and by her had a son, Richard WARRE, m Joan, dau. and heir of John COMBE, of Dalwood, Dorset, and by her had issue, I. John, m. Joan, dau. of Walter STAPLETON, of Brushwood, and had a son, Robert, living 22 Henry VI, who m. Christian, sister of Richard HANGFORD, and had a son, Richard HANGFORD, and had a son, Richard, was m. Joan, dau. of Lord STURTON, and d.s.p. 22 Edward IV. II. Robert, of whom presently. III. William. Notes: Dalwood is now in Devonshire (was formerly "peculiarly" in Dorset). Re John ATWOOD, see also Nicholas ATWOOD who m Anne STRATFORD above, and the Burroughs-Vassal-Weare Families

Visitations of Warwickshire, 1619 Index: COMBE, 290, 291, Anna, (HALES), 95, 231, 273, 291; Anna = DECONS, 231; Edward, 95, 231, 273, 291; Elizabeth, 291; George, 291; Jocosa= BOUGHTON, 291; Jocosa= CORNWALL, 231; John, 231, 291; Katherine (BOUGHTON), 291, Maria= LANE, 291, 207; Maria (SAVAGE), 291; Maria, 291; Thomas, 231, 291, 307; William, 291
Combs Family, Visitation, Warwickshire, 1619 (Page 291) (1 of 2) Arms- Ermine, three lions passant in pale gules. Crest- a dexter hand and arm embowed in armour sable, garnished or, holding a broken tilting spear of the last and wreathed about the arm gules and argent. 1 Johannes COMBE de Ashley in Com. War. 2 Johannes COMBE de Ashley in Com. Worc. 3 John COMBE de olde Stratford in Comitat. War. + filia BLOUNT in Com. Worcest. 4 Edw. COMBE fil. et haer. Duxit Anna' filiam Steph' i HALES de Newland in Com. Warw [nb: there is an Elizabetha under Edw. but i cannot tell if it is written as his wife or daughter] 4 Thomas COMBE fil. 2 et. haeres fratis per entaile de Old Stratford. + Maria filia SAUAGE [SAVAGE] de Elmeley in Com. Wore. 5 Willm's COMBE de olde Stratford aetat. 31 8 die Decemb. 1619. + Katherina fil. Edw. BOUGHTON. 6 Maria filia unica aetat. decem menses 1619. 5 Thomas COMBE 2 fil. aetat 28. 5 Maria uxor Edri LANE de Bridgtown in Com. War. 5 Jocosa uxor Edri BOUGHTON de Cawson in Com. Warr. 4 John COMBE 3 fil. ob. s.p. 4 George 4 filius. Notes: See Next; See LANE, and See BLUNT-RICH marriage under RICH Family. (Still to be Posted)
Combs Family Visitation, Warwickshire, 1619 (Page 23) (2 of 2) 1 John COMBE 2 Tho. COMBE de Stretford.[nb: a small line with three branches under it, possibly indicating other lines off of Tho. that are also listed in the book since the index also has COMBE, Thomas 231, 291, 307] 2 Edwardus COMBE de Wasperto' + Anna filia Stephi HALES de Newland in Com. Ciutatis Courntriae. 3 Jocosa fil. et Coh. nupta Francisco CORNWALL de Berferd in Com' Salop 3 Anna fil. et Coh Edri COMBE de Wasperton in Com. War. + Rob'tus DECONS de Wasperton in Com. War. fil. et heares iam super-stes 1619. 4 Tho. DECONS fil. primogenitusaet. 14 ann' 1619. 4 Edwardus 4 Robertus 4 Elinora 4 Anna 4 Maria Notes: The Edward Combs are confusing in that the Visitations seem not to agree with those wills found thus far in Warwickshire. Note also that CORNWALL was a.k.a. CORNWELL and possibly same as CORNELL & CORNHILL. Is CORNWALLIS too big a stretch?
The Visitations of Warwickshire 1619 (307) 1 Nicholas LANE de Bridgetowne in parochia de Alueston in Com. War. + filia de Com. Wigorn* 2 Joh'es LANE 2 filius + Francisca filia Tho. NASH de Olde Stratford in Com. Warr. 2 Ric'us LANE de Bridgetowne in Com. War + Johanna fil. Henrici WHITNEY de Micham in Com. Surrey 3 Edwardus LANE fil. et haeres Aetat. 30 annoru' 1619. + Maria fil. Thomae COMBES de Old Stratford in Com. War. 3 Maria nupta Ric'o BISHOP de Cholsey in Com. Berks (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Leslie Owens) Search Words: ALVESTON. *Wigorn, a.k.a. Worcestershire.
The Visitations of Warwickshire 1619 HALLES Family, Warwickshire, 1619 (Page 95) (1 of 2) 1 Thomas HALLES 2 James HALLS 3 John HALLES Alderman of Canterbury [Kent] 4 Thomas HALLS 5 John HALLES of ye Citie of Canterbury 6 Bartholomew HALLS of Chesterford 3 sone. + Mary d. of sol. hey. of Sr Ric. MORISON of Warw. Kt. 7 ux. Recorder of Bristoll. 7 Bridgett ux. WOODHULL of Oxfordsh 7 Mary uxor. KNATESFORD of Stodley in Com. Warw. 7 Tho. [2] 7 Hen. [3] 7 Bartho. HALLES of Chest'ford [Chesterford, Essex?] + Da. of Sr Tho. GRESLEY of Colton in Staff 6 John HALLS Clarke of the Hamper ob. sine p'le 6 Stephen HALLS oldist sonne + Da. of MORISON sist. of Sr Rich. MORISON 7 Robt. 4 sonne 7 Stephen HALLES 3 sonne 7 Anne ux. Edw. COMBE of Stratford upon 7 Sr Charles HALLS of Newland in Com Warw. K. + Suzan Da. of Walt. FISH Citizen of Couentrie [Coventry, Warwicks]. 7 Timothy HALLES 2 sonne. + Elizb. Da. of Sr Tho. ASHLEY of Woluey in War. Kt. 8 John 1 8 Charles 2
The HALES Family, Warwickshire, 1619 (2 of 2) 1 Stephanus HALES de Newland in the County of the Citty of Couentry Armig + Anna filia Ricardi MORISON de Com. Buck 2 Anna nupta Edw. COMBE de Stretford in Com. War. 2 Katherine ux. Edw. BUGGES de Com. Essex. 2 Stephan 2 Rob'tus ob. sine prole 2 Maria nupta Joh'i BUGGES fratri Edwardi BUGGES. 2 Timotheus HALES filius 2 de Exall in Comitatu' Couentrie + Elizab. fil. Thomae ASTLEY de Woluey in Com. War. 3 Johannes HALES filius at haeres 3 Carolus 2 filius 2 Carolus HALES de Newland miles one of his Mates Councell in the North ob. 1618 + Elizab. filia Walteri FISH de London. 3 Stephanus HALES de Newland filius et haeres sup'stes 1619. + Abigall 4 filia Wilmi WALTER de Wimbleton in Com. Surrey Ar. 4 Elizabeth 13 4 Katherina 9 4 Abigall 3 4 Anna 2 4 Carolus HALES fil. at heares aet. 16, 1619 4 Walterus aet. 12 4 Bartholmeus 10 4 Stephanus 1 4 Stephanus ob. s.p. 3 Joh'es HALES miles filius 2 gentleman Pentioner to Kinge James. Note: See Combs Visitation. Also note that the will of a Thomas STACEY, Mercer of London, dated 23 June, 1559, was witnessed by a Stephen HALES. (P.C.C. 18 Mellershe.) Questions: Were ASHLEY and ASTLEY possibly the same? HALE and HALL?
LANE Family, Warwickshire, 1619 (P 307) 1 Nicholas LANE de Bridgetowne in parochia de ALUESTON [ALVESTON?] in Com. War. + filia .... de Com. Wigorn [Worcester] 2 Joh'es LANE 2 filius + Francisca filia Tho. NASH de Olde Stratford in Com. Warr. 2 Ric'us LANE de Bridgetowne in Com. War + Johanna fil. Henrici WHITNEY de Micham in Com. Surrey 3 Edwardus LANE fil. et haeres Aetat. 30 annoru' 1619. + Maria fil. Thomae COMBES de Old Stratford in Com. War. 3 Maria nupta Ric'o BISHOP de Cholsey in Com. Berks
STOUGHTON Family, Warwickshire, 1619 (Page 141) 1 Henricus STOUGHTON de Stough in Comit. Surry. 2 Thomas STOUGHTON de Stoughton in Com. Surry fil. et haeres 3 Gilbert STOUGHTON de Stoughton in Comit. Surregiae fil. et haer + filia Joh'is BEARDSEY de London generosi. 4 Anthonius STOUGHTON 2 filias Groome of the Chamb' to H. 8 + Jana filia et haeres Jones de WHITLEY in Com. Surry 4 Laurenceus STOUGHTON de Stoughton in Com. Surry filias et haeres + .... filias COMES 5 Edward's STOUGHTON 5 filius 5 Anthoniius STOUGHTON 3 filius 5 Johannes STOUGHTON 2 filius ob. sine prole 5 Georgius aet 5 Ricardus pbiere s.p. 5 Willm's STOUGHTON 4 filius 5 Henricus STOUGHTON 7 filius 5 Franciscus STOUGHTON 6 filius 5 Thomas STOUGHTON de Stoughton in Com. Surry filius et haeres Notes: Not identified; however, curious that a STOUGHTON of Surry Family found in Warwickshire Visitations? Search Words: STODDEN WHEATLEY
Bonner Family of Warwickshire - Lineage, including Bysbie (Busby?) Combs, Harding, Pyncheon, Savage, Smith, Snead, Willis, Yonge/Young, &c. From New England Historical & Genealogical Register 1899, pg 222 (Excerpted by Combs Researcher Vince Griffin). Excerpted from nearly eight pages on the WYLLYS (var. sp. WILLIS) family of Connecticut, George WILLIS, h/o Bridget YONGE (var. sp. YOUNG) having become Gov. of that state. The wills of COMBE and Anthony BONNER, the COMBE and WILLYS pedigrees in the "Visitation of Warwickshire,l" suggest the following tabular pedigree: 1. Anthony BONNER Gent. of Camden, co. Gloucester, Will dated 1579, proved 1580, married Bridget [SAVAGE ?] 11. Anthony BONNER married ? 12. George BONNER 13. Anna BONNER 14. Johan BONNER 15. Elizabeth BONNER 16. Mary BONNER married (1) Wm. YOUNG (whose 1st wife was Anna SNEAD); married (2) Thos. COMBE (will 1608) of Stratford on Avon (whose 1st wife was Mary SAVAGE per Visitation of Warwickshire) 111. Anthony BONNER 112. Thomas BONNER 161. Bridget YOUNG, 1st wife, ob. 1620 married George WILLYS, ob. Mcnt, 1644- 5, ad.55 (his second wife was Mary SMITH, widow Alex. BYSBIE and dau. of Francis SMITH) 1611. George WILLYS married Susannah 1612. Hester Willys married Capt. Robt. HARDING 1613. Amy WILLYS married Maj. John PYNEHON 1. Thos. COMBE & MARY SAVAGE 11. William COMBE 12. Thomas COMBE (will 1656), legatee of Shakespeare's sword 13. Mary COMBE 14. Joyce COMBE 1. George WILLYS & Mary SMITH 11. Samuel WILLYS bap. 1631, married Ruth HAYNES, dau. Gov. HAYNES Search Words: PYNCHEON PYNCHON BUSBIE Notes: See Thomas COMBS of Warwickshire, m (1) Mary SAVAGE (ancestry?); (2) Mary BONNER, d/o Anthony & Bridget (SAVAGE?) Bonner, and widow of William YONGE, by whom she had Bridget YONGE who m George WYLLYS (Later Gov. of Connecticut), who m (2) Mary SMITH

The Visitation of Devonshire 1620 BIDLAKE. Arms: Gules, a fess between three birds argent. Rafe, of Combe Bristowe, purchased from WARREN, of Sicaville, whose heire Mr. KELLIE of Kellie now is, all his lands, rents and services in Bidlake Mill, and the wood appertaining to Bidlake, with all its liberties, for it is within Venfield, and other the appurtenances to the same land belonging; and John KELLY, son of Sir John KELLY, Knt., Ao.2 E 2, being Ao 1309, having purchased and seene the lands purchast, decreed, ratified, & confirmed the same by his own deed with warrantise generall to the said Rafe of Combe. Geffere BIDLAKE had from John MAYNARD and Robt. TRECARELL (being his own ffeoffees in trust) a regarnt made to him for time of his life of all his lands in Wester Bidlake, and Thruselton, and after his death to John BIDLAKE, his sonne, and Alice his wife, the da. of Rich. DE COMBE, A. 9, H.44. John BIDLAKE, son of John, had from Wm. of COMBE, son of Rafe of COMBE, a graunt in fee simple of a tenement with the appurtenances in Thruselton, ye wh. tenement ye said Wm. had by ye death of his brother Nicholas made to him the said John by the name of John BIDLAKE my sonne and his heires for ever. And by this it showeth that this Nicholas died without issue, clearly, for the words in the deed be these: - Quod ego Willms de COMBE habui successionem hereditati post morten Nicholai de COMBE fratris mei. Willm, son of Rafe DE COMBE, had a feoffment indented pro Jefferie of Milliton, parson of the church of Lew Trenchard, and Rich. of Lidford, parson of the church of Aisburie, which intailed all their land in Combe within the parish of Bridestow and Asburie in the parish of Thruselton, with common of pasture in all the land marsh of Burley with their appurtenances in this sort, - first, that the same Willm should have it for the terms of his life, the remainder after his death unto his son Willm in tale generall, and if Willm the son of Willm died without issue, then it should go to Rafe, the brother of the said Willm, in tale generall, and if the same Rafe died without issue, then it should remaine to John, brother to the said Willm and Rafe, and if John died without issue, unto the right heirs of the said Rafe of Combe for ever. Ao 5 E. 3. John BIDLAKE had a ratificac'on made by Hen. KELLY, son of Rich. KELLY of Kelly, of the graunt made by the auncester Warren of Sicaville to Rafe of COMBE, whose estate the same John BIDLAKE had in the lands of Wester BIDLAKE, etc., with warrantise against all men. 32 H. 6, Ao 1459. John BIDLAKE had from the pope's legat a dispensac'on to make lafall the marriage betweene him and Jone COMBE, were cosins of ye 4 degree, and on either partie not past, temp. H. 6, 32. 7 Calend Augusti Pontif. Din. Nichi papae 5 Ao. 7. Thomas BIDLAKE, of BIDLAKE in ye countie of Devon, gave to John ROPER, then the King's Atturnie Generall, John WISE, gent., Tho. HAD, gent., John PIKE, all his messuage, lands, tenements, rents, reversions, and services, with all appurtenances in Bidlake, Cafford, Fernworthie, Wodforde, and Burleighe, the manor of Bradstowe Weeke, and Rowden in fee simple, to the use of the same Tho. BIDLAKE and Catherin his wife, which Catherin was the daughter of Tho. HADD, of the countie of Kent, who married Elizab., sister of the said John ROPER of Kent, and to the heires of their bodies lafully begotten, and for default of such issue, of others as appeareth by the indenture. Ao. 1448. Hen. BIDLAKE, son of Thomas, at his age of yeares, or thereabout, was taken ward at Thorne, in the parish of St. Mary Awtin, fro Jo. COKE, Esq., who married Katherin, the widow of Thomas, by Georg ROLL, gent. BIDLAKE [Generation Numbers have been added for clarity] 1 Rad'us DE COMBE Bridstow 2 Nichus DE COMBE fil. et her. s.p. 2 Willmus DE COMBE = 3 Rad'us ob. s.p. 3 Willmus DE COMBE ob. s. p. 3 John DE BIDLAKE = 4 Geffrey DE BIDLAK [sic] = 5 John DE BIDLAKE = Alice d. of Rich. DE COMBE 6 John BIDLAKE = Jone COMBE 7 Thomas BIDLAKE = Catherin d. of Thomas HADD of Kent 8 Henry BIDLAKE ob. 20 Aprilis, 1604 = Anne d. of Roger DENNIS of Sussex 9 John BIDLAKE = Elizab. d. of Roger LONGFORD of German's Wick in Devon 10 John BIDLAKE 2 = Mary, d. of Oliver DINHAM 11 Elizabeth unica filia, aet 3. 10 Willms BIDLAKE of BIDLAKE = Agnes, d. of Ric. STURE of Morley 11 Henry fil. & her., 8; 11 Thomas 2, aet unius anni. 11 Anna, aet. 6. 10 Grace = John DAVY of Sanford by Crediton. 11 John 11 Robert Catherin 11 Anna "Entered, not signed."

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Thom Mont from THE PUBLICATIONS OF THE HARLEIAN SOCIETY, VOLUME VI, FOR THE YEAR MDCCCLXXII, THE VISITATION OF THE COUNTY OF DEVON IN THE YEAR 1620, Edited By Frederic Thomas Colby, B.D., F.S.A., London, 1872)

Note: It appears that the original line was one: some of Bidlake and some of Combe (de Bidlake and de Combe). This line is discussed in the manuscript, "The History of the Coumbe's of Devonshire and Cornwall". See also Combs &c. of Devonshire, and Combs &c. of Cornwall.