Harvey Christian Combe
Harvey Christian Combe, Lord Mayor of London, 1799
Lord Mayor of London, 1799*
son of Harvey and Christian JARMAN Combe
of St. Peter Cornhill, London

*This graphic is Copyright to and Courtesy of the Corporation of the City of London, Guildhall Library, Collage Database (prints created from the original oil (ca 1800) are available at this site).

The City of London is an ancient corporation whose Citizens have been the beneficiaries of special privileges since long before the Conquest (the charter granted the City in 1067 by William, Duke of Normandy having included his agreement to recognize the rights, privileges and laws that the City had enjoyed since the reign of Edward the Confessor (1042-62)).

The City of London is also the centre of Greater London, with the vast majority of parishes lying outside the City, in the ancient counties of Middlesex, Essex, Herts, Kent and Surry, and the incorporated cities of Westminster and Southwark as well as a number of small “liberties”.

Please note that, for research purposes, the ancient boundaries have been kept intact, and only City of London records and City of London parishes are included in this section. See also the Combs &c. Index to Greater London for a list of all parishes within 20 miles of the City of London, including City parishes.

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See also Combs &c. reports for the Archdale and Archdale-Combs families of London.

Chronology of
London Records - Parish Unknown

(No parish named - see also Pre-1500 London)

1506 London. Thomas COMBE, gent. and draper by purchase or gift.

6 Jul 1507 London. Thomas COMBE admitted to Inner Temple

1522 London:. William COMBES and Eliz. WALSYNGHAM: Marriage Lic. (London) i. 2

(Dictionary of English & Welsh Surnames with Special American Instances, by Charles Wareing Bardsley, 1901)

1558 London. Robert COMBE, apprenticed to Agnes ROBARD as a draper. Living in 1576.

1558 London. Thomas ARCHDALE, freed by apprenticeship to Thomas DUFFIELD as a draper

None of the above have been identified thus far, nor their parish been determined, with the exception of Thomas ARCHDALE of St. Antholin Budge Row, the father-in-law of John COMBE, Draper, of St. Virgin the Mary Aldermanbury.

23 Jun 1559 - 26 Feb 1559/60 (PCC 18 Mellershe) Will of Thomas STACEY of London, Mercer. Sole Executrix wife Katherine. Goods etc. to be divided in two parts one for wife and the other equally between children (not named). Overseers: brethren, John COSOWORTHE, Anthony HICKMAN, Richard HILL, George NEDAM, mercers each to have a blacke gowne and a ring of the value of four marks. Wit: Stephen HALES, Henry LOK, --- NORTHROPP, Allyn HILL. Proved 26 Feb., 1559, by John CASTLIN of the city of London, mercer, the relict renouncing.

(P.C.C. 18 Mellershe.)


In early Virginia, and later in North Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky, the Combs & Stacy Families are found together frequently, including several Combs-Stacy Marriages. How early did the association of these two families begin? The Visitation of Warwickshire (1619) includes the marriage (bef 1579?) of Edward COMBS of Wasperton, Warwickshire to Anna HALES, d/o Stephen HALES of Warwickshire and Anna MORRISON, d/o Richard of Buckingham. Possibly the same Stephen HALES as above?

19 Aug 1563 Married: Richard COMBES and Joan PLUMMER, spinster, gen. lic.,19 Aug. 1563. B.

(Extracted by COMBS Researcher Joe Kendalll and Denise Mortorff from Foster. MARRIAGES OF LONDON, London. 1869)

Parish not yet known.

1603 "John COMBS, of London, was granted a coat of arms in July, 1603. The records show that no other COMBS of London was ever an armiger that early… The arms and crest of the armigerous John COMBS, of London, are as follows: Arms: argent on a band raguly gules, a lion pasant sable; Crest: out of a ducal coronet a lion’s gamb argent holding a staff raguly gules. (The Combes Genealogy, p. 5)

The above John COMBS has not been identified as yet. See Combs &c. English Heraldry

15 May 1620 (Records of the Virginia Company Volume III, 1607-1622 pg 61) List of shareholders in the Virginia Company from 6 Mar 1615/16 to 9 June 1623 includes: Thomas HARRIS to Thomas COMBE 1 share

15 May 1620 (Records of the Virginia Company Volume I, 1619-1622 pg 344) Ther was now divers and sundry shares presented to be passed approued by the Auditors one bill of Adventure of 10 shares from my Lord of Dorsett, to Henry MANNERINGE six shares to six seuerall psons by Capt Iohn BARGRAUE [John BARGRAVE], one to Sr Iohn THORBUROUGH, one to Iohn COLLETT gent: one to Tho COLLETT gent, one to Thomas MASTERSON gent, one to Captaine Lawrence MAISTERSON, and one to Augustine LYNSELL Batchellor in Diuinity Tho: MELLINGE one Share to Iohn CUFFE, George PEIRSEY 4 shares to Xo: [Christopher] MARTIN, and lastly Tho HARRIS to Tho: COMBE wch the Court ratefied and Confirmed.

[SW: Christopher, Bargrave, Percy, John, MAISTERSON

The above Thomas COMBS has not yet been identified; however, note that only 5 days after his purchase of shares in the Virginia Company that another COMBS sailed for Virginia:

20 May 1620 - 20Jan 1625/6 Virginia [formerly London] Company, Minutes of the Council and general Court, London, p. 215. 20 Jan, 1625. “…Capt. Natha. BASSE Affirmeth upon his knowledge that John COOMBES and John EWYNE cam over into this County in the good shipp caled Marigold Ano Domini 1620 the 20th of May and were delivered by Capt. LANE to Sir. George YARDLEY to the Company’s use…..”

(VSLA, JHC, p. 9)

The above John COMBES has not been identified. He was not John COMBES (h/o Margaret ARCHDALE), Draper, who held shares in the London Company in 1606, nor his son, John COMBES, the younger (at Trinity College, Oxford University, 1619-1622); however, he may have been an emissary of Virginia Company shareholder, Thomas COMBES. See also Early Combs & of Virginia Colony and Drapers Guild records.

05 Mar 1632/3 - 29 Jun 1650 (Pembroke, 100) Will of Dorothie SCOTT of London, spinster. To my brother Thomas SCOTT esq. a silver spoon. To my friend Mrs. Elizabeth GROVERNOR, widow, with whom I now sojourn, 5. To her dau’r. Elizabeth GROVENOR, 3. Rest of goods to my sister Deborah FLEETE (and she to be) Ex’trix. My friend Sir Robert PHILLMER, knight, to be overseer. Witnes: Thomas DUTTON, Scrivener.

Dorothy SCOTT, d/o Charles and Joan WYATT Scott of Egerton, Kent, and sister of Deborah SCOTT, w/o William FLEET of Chartham, Kent, and mother of Henry FLEET of Old Rappahannock County, Virginia (land adjacent to the Combes). Who was "Thomas DUTTON, Scrivener?" Might he have been the same who married Sarah Susan SARE (d/o Ady and Sarah ARCHDALE Sare of Provender, Norton, Kent) on 3 Nov 1623 at St. James Clerkenwell, Middlesex? Ady SARE’S sister, Susan SARE, married Robert BARHAM and their son, Robert, married (apparently) Elizabeth FILMER. See Combs-Fleet Connections and see 1651/2 Westminster will of Deborah SCOTT Fleet, which includes mention of cousin Paul FLEETWOOD.

04 Oct 1627 - 01 Oct 1632 High Court Admiralty Examinations. Thomas WITHERLEY (or WETHERLEY) of Horseydown, captain of the John and Frances of London, deposes 4 Oct., 1627 (no age stated), and 1 Oct., 1632, aged 30. (Ed Note: He is the Thomas WITHERLEY, mariner, to whom such frequent reference is made in Lechford’s "Note-Book." Savage confounds him with WETHERALL. In 1630 he figured in a sea-drama which brought him into the H. C. A. in the capacity of defendant). Early in that year Sir Ferdinando GORGES, Mr. Isaac ALLERTON of New England, and Mr. Thomas WRIGHT of Bristol, set out the Swift of Bristol, Stephen REEKS of Poole master, for New England, laden with passengers and provisions. These were in due course landed at "Sacho and, Cuscoe," [Maine] where REEKS reloaded with "fishe and trayne oyl" for St. Michael’s, one of the Azores or Western Islands. He could speak a bit of French; so, in accordance with his owners’ instructions, and in order to outwit enemy privateers, he called his ship the St. Peter and himself Phillip ALLEY. The ruse would doubtless have succeeded had not Capt. WITHERLEY, then in command of the Warwick letter of marque, swooped down upon him, while he still lay in Damerell’s Cove, on the New England coast,. and made him a prize. On reaching London REEKS confessed his deception in WITHERLEY’S presence, at the house of Capt. John MASON in Fenchurch Street, but whether he recovered his ship is not apparent. (James NICHOLLS, 18 Oct., Stephen REEKS, 30 Oct., Thomas MILLARD, 1 Nov., 1630.)

(Genealogical Notes from the High Court of Admiralty Examinations, J. R. Hutchinson, p. 182)

Isaac ALLERTON was the brother of Sarah ALLERTON, who married (1) Degory PRIEST; and (2) Cuthbert CUTHBERTSON. Degory & Sarah ALLERTON Priest were the parents of Sarah PRIEST who married ca1630, Plymouth Colony, John COMBS. Isaac ALLERTON, Jr., son of the above Isaac & Feare BREWSTER, later removed to Westmoreland County, VA. Sir Ferdinando GORGES was the grandfather of Sir Ferdinando GORGES who married Mary ARCHDALE 22 May 1660, the latter d/o Thomas & Mary NEVILLE Archdale; thus cousin of Margaret ARCHDALE COMBS. The ship Warwick was owned by Robert RICH, Earl of Warwick, whose cousin, Warwick CAMMOCK was a close associate of Archdale COMBS of Old Rappahannock Co VA. (See Also St. Margarets Westminster as well as The Cammock-Rich Families) Are descendants of John MASON known? (See John COMBS of Richmond VA who named son, Mason COMBS)

13 Oct 1635 (London, England via St. Christopher’s to Virginia) "Licenses to go beyond the seas dated 13 die (sic) Octobris, 1635. Aboard the Amitie, George DOWNES, Master, bound for St. Christophers. John COOMBES age 26" [born ca 1609]

(The Original Lists of Persons of Quality,-..1600-1700, edited by John Camden Hotten, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1968, 1983, p. 135)

The above John COMBS, b ca 1609, has not yet been identified. See Early Combs to Virginia for full passenger’s list.

09 Dec 1656 Greater London Principal Probate Registry, Act. Book, 1656, A-F, 68. Richard BURTON. Administration granted to Anne COOMBE alias BURTON, wife of George COOMBE, daughter of Richard BURTON, late in the Island of Virginia, deceased.

(VSLA Survey Report No. 4336, pp.1-2, Stamp No. 04134, f.314vo) Note: Record (also?) located at Prerogative Court of Canterbury per Oldham)

No marriage record located as yet for George and Anne BURTON Combe. See Burton-Combs Connections.

13 Jan 1648 London, England. Married: Sarah COMBE and Richard TOWNLEY

(IGI, F#: 170682, @, P#: 300, O#: 8631, source not yet viewed)

Not published in Foster as a license. Parish not known.

14 December 1668. Lord Mayor’s court of London. William WILSON of Southwark, Surrey, gent., age 50, and John COX of London, citizen and merchant tailor, age 30, depose at the request of Robert MORRES of London, citizen and skinner that Ezechiel FOGG of London, citizen and skinner, and John GIFFORD of Boston, New England, merchant, by deed 11 September 1667 became bound to Robert MORRIS in respect of goods exported to New England. 25 October 1676. Richard STONEHILL of London, notary public, age 28, deposes at the request of John WRIGHT, Esq., of Wrightsbridge, Essex, that John GIFFORD of New England, merchant, signed a deed 4 June 1673 to the use of the requestant. The deed bound the parties to observe the conditions of an agreement of the same date, between John GIFFORD, Sir Richard COMBE, John WRIGHT, Francis ALLEN, John GODFREY, John WILLIAMS, John EATON, and Ezechiel FOGG.

(Extracted by COMBS Researcher Vince Griffin from Lord Mayor’s Court of London, Depositions Relating to Americans, 1641-1736 by Peter Wilson Coldham, 1980, pg 13, 14, 28, 29, 51, 78, & 81)

25 October 1676 JOHN GIFFORD OF BOSTON: Richard STONEHILL of London, notary public, age 28, deposes at the request of John WRIGHT, Esq., of Wrightsbridge, Essex, that John GIFFORD of New England, merchant, signed a deed 4 June 1673 to the use of the requestant. The deed bound the parties to observe the conditions of an agreement of the same date between John GIFFORD, Sir Richard COMBE, John WRIGHT, Francis ALLEN, John GODFREY, John WILLIAMS, John EATON and Ezechiel FOGG.

(Excerpted by Combs Researcher Thom Mont from LORD MAYOR’S COURT OF LONDON DEPOSITIONS RELATING TO AMERICANS, 1641-1736; Peter Wilson Coldham; National Genealogical Society; Washington, D.C.; 1980:Page 29)

Probably Sir Richard COMBS of Hemel Hempstead, Herts (see next). What was the agreement and where?

07 Dec 1672 Married: Sir Richard COMBE (COOMBE) Knight, of Hempsted, Herts. widower, about 40- and Lady Elizabeth GREENE --at Carshalton, Tooting, Croydon, or Mitcham, Surrey. 7 Dec. 1672. V.

(Extracted by COMBS Researcher Joe Kendalll from Foster. MARRIAGES OF LONDON, London. 1869)

1685 12/02 "The following approved in London, Thomas BAISON, aged 26…….to Gilbert CROUCH of London, gent, 5 years Maryland with the consent of his father and of his uncle, Richard COOMBES, near the temple bar, hatmaker…" (LMWB 14/466,467)

(Extracted from "Complete Book of Emigrants 1661-1699," Genealogical Publishing, Baltimore Peter Wilson Coldham, Page 560 by COMBS Researcher Sharon Natoli)

20 Jan 1675 - 8 Dec 1675 [sic] (Lancaster Co VA Wills, 1674-1689, pp. 19-20) The Will of Robert BECKINGHAM of Lancaster County, Virginia, includes bequests to his father, Mr. Robert BECKINGHAM…(consignment to Capt. Abraham WHERLOCK of London), including cloth bought of Mr. Jno: BOWSHER… and Bills of Exchange upon demand to Mr. Gawin CORBYN; brother-in-law, John BURROUGHS, and sister, Martha BURROUGHS; brother-in-law Jno: CUMES and sister, Elizabeth CUMES, his Wife, brother-in-law Arthur ELMER [ELMORE?], and to his now Wife… brother, Vincent BECKINGHAM… to be sent to him by Mr. BURTON and Mr. WILKES…. kinsman Mr. Gilbert SIMON… my Kinsman, Twenty Shillings to buy him a Ring. Item… to the Poore House Keeprs of St. Edmunds… Capt. Wm. LOMAX and Majr. Samll GRIFFIN, overseers. Wits: Isa: BURTON, Jno: GILFORD, Jno: STRETCHLEY, Isaack ROBINSON.

Beckingham researcher Judy Burke has turned the IGI upside-down trying to find this family without success.

09-10 Jul 1704 (Lancaster County, Virginia Deeds 1701-1715) July ye 9th 1704. Sent my Wife a Bill of six pounds upon Mr. Jno: COMBES next ye Admiralty Office Gate, London from John ELDRIDGE, Leiut & Jno. SHALES, Capt. of hir Majties Fire Ship, "Ye Earl Gally" att Jamaica by Mr. BLACKMAN, Leiut on board ye "Norwich" Man of Warr by ditto/ 1 casque of fine wt. sugr: qut. 135 lbs. Do sent by Mr. COLLINS, Cheife Mate of Capt. LOVE from Guinnyin Sterl: English mony five pound twelve shills: & in Spanish Dollars four pound, ten shilll: Sum total 10: 12: 0. A Copy taken from Capt. Robert TAYLOES Booke for Memrd. /s/Jos: TAYLOE, Clk Ye 10th July 1705 p idem Jos: TAYLOE, Clk.

(Ruth & Sam Sparacio, Antient Press, McLean, VA)

The above John COMBS was apparently a resident of London (or at least had an office there?), but this record also may indicate continuing commercial relationships between the COMBS of London and those of the Virginia Colony. Might he be the same as John CUME of the above 1675 record?

Combe-Delafield record formerly here is now filed under parish of St. Peter Cornhill

3 Mar 1723/4 “John EDGE and Richard OLDNER of Boston. 3 March 1723/4. John PERKINS of London, notary, deposes that he saw Mrs. Martha DARBY, alias COMBY, relict of John DARBY of Deptford, Kent, deceased, and sister and sole administratrix to John EDGE, late of Boston, New England, mariner, sign a letter of attorney to Richard OLDNER, late of London, but now of Boston, merchant.”

(Excerpted by Combs Researcher Thom Mont from LORD MAYOR’S COURT OF LONDON DEPOSITIONS RELATING TO AMERICANS, 1641-1736; Peter Wilson Coldham; National Genealogical Society; Washington, D.C.; 1980:Page 24, indexed as COMBE/COMBY)

No marriage record located yet for Martha to DARBY or COMBE/COMBY.

19 Dec 1754 - 15 Dec 1756. Will of Martha LANE of Blandford, Dorset, spinster, [who died in North Carolina], dated 19 Dec 1754. To my nephew Thomas FITZHERBERT, son of my sister Judith FITZHERBERT, my one- fifth part of houses in London and my houses in Haselbury Bryan, Dorset, and Holwell, Somerset. To my nephew Richard FITZHERBERT my quarter part of a house in Blandford, (Dorset), and my one-third part of a leasehold house in Bryans Piddle, Dorset, during the lives of my two sisters and Susannah HILL. £10 each to my nephew John FITZHERBERT and my niece Susannah HILL. £20 to Henrietta Mary McCULLOCH, daughter of Henry McCULLOCH Esq., with whom I now live. A mourning ring to Rev. Mr. Gilbert BUSHERY of Swaffham, Norfolk, and his wife. All my clothing and linen to my sisters Christian and Mary LANE. Residue to my said nephew Thomas FITZHERBERT who is to be exec. Wits: Daniel TURNER of New Inn, attorney at law, Peter SANDIFORD, clerk to Mr. COMBE, and Edmund COMBE of New Inn, attorney at law. Pr. 15 Dec 1756 by named exec. (PROB 11/826/342)

(Extracted by COMBS Researcher Birdie McNutt from "American Wills Proved in London 1611-1775", compiled by Peter Wilson Coldham, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, MD Copyright ©1992 by Peter Wilson Coldham Surrey, England, p. 209)

Excerpts (paraphrased) from
Archdale, Combs &c. Harleian Visitations
Referencing London:

1558 Visitations of Essex, Elrington/Erlington Family:

Agnes ERLINGTON (d/o Rowland or Edward [sic] ERLINGTON of Thoydon Boyce [Theydon Bois], Essex, of the privie chamber of King Henry the VIII) married Edward COMBES, their son, Seymond [Simon?] ERLINGTON, chief butler to Edward 6, buried St. Peter’s Cornhill, London, married Alice MIDLETON (d/o John MIDDLETON and sister and heir of Thomas MIDDLETON). Alice m 2nd Sir Giles ALLINGTON, Kt.

1572 Visitations of Hertfordshire, Combe and Waterhouse Families:

Richard COMBE of Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire reported that he was the son of Robert COMBE of Newington, Middlesex [sic] and Agnes, da. of John WATERHOUSE. The WATERHOUSE Visitation listed Agnes WATERHOUSE as wife of Robert COMBE [no location] and daughter of John WATERHOUSE who descended from … WATERHOUSE of Ludlow, Salop (son of Francis WATERHOUSE) and Anne, daughter and heir of SPARKE of London.

1634 Visitations of Hertfordshire, Combe Family:

Francis COMBE of Hemel Hempsted, Hertfordshire (eldest son of Francis COMBE of Hemel Hempstead, Herts and Jane POPE of Wroxton, Oxfordshire), living 1634, married Barbara EWER, d/o Henry EWER of the Middle Temple, Esq.

ibid. Ewer Family:

Barbara EWER (d/o Henry EWER of the Lea and Elizabeth CLARKE, d/o Rev. George CLARKE (DD) married Francis COMBE of Hemel Hempsted, Hertfordshire:

ibid., Brockett Family:

William BROCKETT (s/o John and Dorothy PENNE Brocket of Codicot, Herts) married Mary COMBES, d/o Francis COMBES of Hertfordshire, and his brother, John BROCKETT was of London.

1633-34 Visitations of London: Archdale Family:

Of the descendants of John ARCHEDALE of Stafford Town, Staffordshire, the following are identified as later of London:

Martin ARCHDALE (s/o John ARCHDALE I), m Barbara, d/o Thomas SEXTON

Matthew ARCHDALE (s/o John ARCHDALE I), died s.p.

Frances ARCHEDALE (d/o Richard and Mary FERNE Archdale), married Richard LOWE of London, mercer.

Richard ARCHDALE of London, merch’t, living in 1634 (s/o Barnard and Anne FERNE Archdale), married Judith, d/o Richard and Elizabeth BROOKE Thorpe of London

Katherine ARCHDALE (d/o Barnard and Anne FERNE Archdale) married Edward BROWNE of London, merch’t

Thomas ARCHEDALE (s/o John ARCHDALE I), father of Margaret, wife to John COMBES of London; merch’t, and Barbara, wife to William PALMER of London, merch’t

1633-35 Visitations of London, Manning Family:

Randall MANNING of Edmonton, Middlesex (s/o Randall and Katherine DERING Manning, Esq. of London and brother of John MANNING of London, h/o Ann, d/o William BOND of London), married Mary COMBE (d/o John COMBE [and Margaret ARCHDALE]) and their daughter married DITCHFIELD…

1633-35 Visitations of London, Ditchfield Family:

Edward DITCHFIELD of Edmonton, Middlesex (s/o Edward DTICHFIELD of St. Mary Woolchurch Haw, London), Sewer to King Charles I; matriculated Cambridge University, 1619, BA., 1622-3, admitted to the Middle Temple, July 1623; predeceased his father (will 1658), married 27 Mar 1631, Mary MANNING (d/o Randolph MANNING of London, Arm. [and Mary COMBE)

1633-35 Visitation of London, 1633-5, Palmer Family:

William PALMER of London, Merchant (living 1634, s/o Thomas PALMER of Marston, Staffordshire and Joane FOX of Hopton, Staffordshire) married Barbara ARCHDALE (d/o Thomas ARCHDALE of London)

1575-1619 The Visitations of Cambridge, 1575 and 1619, Sterne/Ayloffe Families:

Sir Benjamin AYLOFFE of Braxted [Essex] (s/o Sir William and Katherine STERN Ayloffe) married Alice ARCHDALE (d/o Martin [and Barbara SEXTON] Archdale of London]

1634 Visitations of Essex, Ayloffe Family, 1634:

Sr Benjamin AYLOFF of Braxsted Baronett, 1634, married (1) Alice ARCHDALE, d/o Martin ARCHDALE, by whom Barbara ARCHDALE, died s.p.

1619 Visitations of Warwickshire, Stoughton Family:

Lawrence STOUGHTON of Stoughton, Surry (s/o Gilbert STOUGHTON of Surry and Joh’is BEARDSEY of London) married the daughter of a COMBES

1633-35 Visitations of London, Blashford Family:

Richard BLASHFORD of London, merchant (living in 1634), s/o Richard BLASHFORD of Dorset and Frances COMBS of Ashmore, Dorset, and h/o Ellinor WATERTON of Newport, Isle of Wight

1623 Visitations of Gloucestershire, Stratford Family:

Richard STRATFORD of Hellings, married Margaret, d/o William COMBE of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, and of their children, the following either had London connections or removed to this city:

Richard STRATFORD of London married Alicia CHURCHMAN of London
John STRATFORD married a BEDELL of London
Anthony STRATFORD of London

1634 Visitation of Hertfordshire, 1634, Stratford Family of Meesden:

Richard STRATFORD of London, s/o Richard STRATFORD of Hawling, Gloucestershire (s/o William and Joyce de La MOTT of Guiting, Gloucestershire) and Margarett COMBE, married Alice, d/o Robert CHURCHMAN of London

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